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Alkim, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Model-Based Optimization Control Approach for Cooperative Merging by Connected Automated Vehicles, A

Alkinani, M.H.[Monagi H.] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence-Empowered Logistic Traffic Management System Using Empirical Intelligent XGBoost Technique in Vehicular Edge Networks
* Denoising Multi-view Images Using Non-local Means with Different Similarity Measures
* Detecting brain tumors using deep learning convolutional neural network with transfer learning approach
* Non-local Means for Stereo Image Denoising Using Structural Similarity

Alkis, A. Co Author Listing * Material identification by surface reflection analysis in combination with bundle adjustment technique

Alkis, Z. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling of the Weary Herakles statue with a coded structured light system
* Developing a registration entry and query system within the scope of harmonizing of the orthophoto metadata with the international standards

Alkishriwo, O.A.S.[Osama A.S.] Co Author Listing * Image compression using adaptive multiresolution image decomposition algorithm

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