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Alhichri, H.[Haikel] Co Author Listing * Deep Open-Set Domain Adaptation for Cross-Scene Classification based on Adversarial Learning and Pareto Ranking
* Domain Adaptation Network for Cross-Scene Classification
* Multiple Object Scene Description for the Visually Impaired Using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks
* Simple Yet Effective Fine-Tuning of Deep CNNs Using an Auxiliary Classification Loss for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* SSDAN: Multi-Source Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation Network for Remote Sensing Scene Classification

Alhichri, H.S.[Haikel S.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Registration Using Virtual Circles
* Image registration using collinear virtual circles
* Image Registration Using the Hausdorff Fraction and Virtual Circles
* Image registration using virtual circles and edge direction
* Multi-resolution image registration using multi-class Hausdorff fraction
* Tackling the Problem of Invariant Texture Retrieval Using Multiple Strategies
* Virtual circles: a new set of features for fast image registration
Includes: Alhichri, H.S.[Haikel S.] Alhichri, H.S.[Haikel Salem]
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