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Alazab, A.[Ammar] Co Author Listing * Energy Efficient and Delay Aware 5G Multi-Tier Network

Alazab, M.[Mamoun] Co Author Listing * AFFIRM: Provably Forward Privacy for Searchable Encryption in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System
* Ant-Inspired Recurrent Deep Learning Model for Improving the Service Flow of Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme With User Anonymity and Untraceability for 5G-Enabled Softwarized Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
* Data Security Through Zero-Knowledge Proof and Statistical Fingerprinting in Vehicle-to-Healthcare Everything (V2HX) Communications
* Deep Learning-Based Traffic Safety Solution for a Mixture of Autonomous and Manual Vehicles in a 5G-Enabled Intelligent Transportation System
* DisBezant: Secure and Robust Federated Learning Against Byzantine Attack in IoT-Enabled MTS
* Joint Optimal Quantization and Aggregation of Federated Learning Scheme in VANETs
* Novel UAV-Enabled Data Collection Scheme for Intelligent Transportation System Through UAV Speed Control, A
* PPVF: Privacy-Preserving Protocol for Vehicle Feedback in Cloud-Assisted VANET
* RSSI Map-Based Trajectory Design for UGV Against Malicious Radio Source: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Smart Cloud Service Management Algorithm for Vehicular Clouds, A
* Threat Analysis for Automotive CAN Networks: A GAN Model-Based Intrusion Detection Technique
* Trajectory Data Acquisition via Private Car Positioning Based on Tightly-coupled GPS/OBD Integration in Urban Environments
* Vision Transformer Approach for Traffic Congestion Prediction in Urban Areas, A
Includes: Alazab, M.[Mamoun] Alazab, M.
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Alazawi, E. Co Author Listing * Distributed pixel mapping for refining dark area in parallax barriers based holoscopic 3D Display
* Generating stereoscopic 3D from holoscopic 3D
* Pre-processing of holoscopic 3D image for autostereoscopic 3D displays
* Scene depth extraction from Holoscopic Imaging technology
* Super depth-map rendering by converting holoscopic viewpoint to perspective projection

Alazemi, H.M.K. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Delay Analysis of a Retransmission-Based Bundle Delivery Scheme for Intermittent Roadside Communication Networks

Alazmi, H.S.[Huda S.] Co Author Listing * Applying GIS and Text Mining Methods to Twitter Data to Explore the Spatiotemporal Patterns of Topics of Interest in Kuwait

Alazrai, R.[Rami] Co Author Listing * Anatomical-plane-based representation for human-human interactions analysis

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