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Aggoun, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 3D-DCT Compression Algorithm for Continuous Parallax 3D Integral-Imaging
* Analytical model of a three-dimensional integral image recording system that uses circular- and hexagonal-based spherical surface microlenses
* Baseline and Triangulation Geometry in a Standard Plenoptic Camera
* Baseline of virtual cameras acquired by a standard plenoptic camera setup
* Coherent grouping of pixels for faster shadow cache in 3D holoscopic computer graphics
* Computer Generated Content for 3D TV
* Data Compression of Integral Images for 3D TV
* Distributed pixel mapping for refining dark area in parallax barriers based holoscopic 3D Display
* ES Based Effecient Motion Estimation Technique for 3D Integral Video Compression, An
* Generating stereoscopic 3D from holoscopic 3D
* Immersive 3D Holoscopic Video System
* Multi-Resolution Local Histogram Analysis for Edge Detection
* PlenoptiCam v1.0: A Light-Field Imaging Framework
* Pre-processing of holoscopic 3D image for autostereoscopic 3D displays
* Reference based holoscopic 3D camera aperture stitching for widening the overall viewing angle
* refocusing distance of a standard plenoptic photograph, The
* Scene depth extraction from Holoscopic Imaging technology
* Speaker identification using multimodal neural networks and wavelet analysis
* Super depth-map rendering by converting holoscopic viewpoint to perspective projection
* Wavelet-based compression algorithm for still omnidirectional 3d integral images
Includes: Aggoun, A. Aggoun, A.[Amar]
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Aggoune Mtalaa, W. Co Author Listing * Solving new urban freight distribution problems involving modular electric vehicles
Includes: Aggoune Mtalaa, W. Aggoune-Mtalaa, W.

Aggoune, H. Co Author Listing * Envelope Level Crossing Rate and Average Fade Duration of Nonisotropic Vehicle-to-Vehicle Ricean Fading Channels

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