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Adithan, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the surface finish of ground components and study on lighting conditions in machine vision system

Adithyan, R. Co Author Listing * Multi class Support Vector Machines classifier for machine vision application

Aditya, A.L.G.N. Co Author Listing * Implementation of low power Successive Approximation ADC for MAV's

Aditya, S.[Subhrangsu] Co Author Listing * Effect of combining Muller-Lyer and horizontal vertical illusions
* Image Understanding using vision and reasoning through Scene Description Graph
* Spatial Knowledge Distillation to Aid Visual Reasoning
* Survey on the Impact of Multipath on Wideband Time-of-Arrival Based Localization, A
Includes: Aditya, S.[Subhrangsu] Aditya, S.[Somak] Aditya, S.

Aditya, T.[Trias] Co Author Listing * Aim4GDI: Facilitating the Synthesis of GDI Resources through Mapping and Superimpositions of Metadata Summaries
* Usability Evaluation of A 3D Map Display for Pedestrian Navigation, A
Includes: Aditya, T.[Trias] Aditya, T.

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