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Abbeel, P. Co Author Listing * Learning the Dynamics of Arterial Traffic From Probe Data Using a Dynamic Bayesian Network
* Optimization-Based Artifact Correction for Electron Microscopy Image Stacks
* Path Inference Filter: Model-Based Low-Latency Map Matching of Probe Vehicle Data, The
Includes: Abbeel, P. Abbeel, P.[Pieter]

Abbeloos, W. Co Author Listing * Detecting and Grouping Identical Objects for Region Proposal and Classification
* Four-point-algorithm for the recovery of the pose of a one-dimensional camera with unknown focal length
* Point Pair Feature Based Object Detection for Random Bin Picking
Includes: Abbeloos, W. Abbeloos, W.[Wim]

Abbes, Y. Co Author Listing * Tractable framework for modeling and analyzing Joint CoMP Transmission and eICIC technology in two-tier heterogeneous cellular networks

Abbey, C.K. Co Author Listing * Accuracy assessment of layer decomposition using simulated angiographic image sequences
* Adaptive Filter to Approximate the Bayesian Strategy for Sonographic Beamforming, An
* Classification images for simple detection and discrimination tasks in correlated noise
* Derivation of an Observer Model Adapted to Irregular Signals Based on Convolution Channels
* Detection Performance Theory for Ultrasound Imaging Systems
* Foveated Model Observers for Visual Search in 3D Medical Images
* Human linear template with mammographic backgrounds estimated with a genetic algorithm
* Mass detection on mammograms: Influence of signal shape uncertainty on human and model observers
* Objective Assessment of Image Quality: III, ROC Metrics, Ideal Observers, And Likelihood-Generating Functions
* Objective Assessment of Sonographic Quality I: Task Information
* Objective Assessment of Sonographic: Quality II Acquisition Information Spectrum
* Observer Efficiency in Discrimination Tasks Simulating Malignant and Benign Breast Lesions Imaged With Ultrasound
* Optimal Joint Detection and Estimation That Maximizes ROC-Type Curves
* Optimal shifted estimates of human-observer templates in two-alternative forced-choice experiments
Includes: Abbey, C.K. Abbey, C.K.[Craig K.]
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Abbey, R.[Roshani] Co Author Listing * Classification of origin with feature selection and network construction for folk tunes

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