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Aarab, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis and design of dickson charge pump for EEPROM in 180nm CMOS technology
* ASK-modulator design of RFID tag in 180nm CMOS technology
* Object tracking using particle filter based on Lyapunov stability
* review on image mining, A
* Road traffic: Vehicle detection and classification
* study of lesion skin segmentation, features selection and classification approaches, A

Aarab, I. Co Author Listing * Optimizing self-organizing method in traffic lights with PSO algorithm in a single junction modeled with a cellular automaton

Aarabi, P.[Parham] Co Author Listing * FLoSS: Facility location for subspace segmentation
* Fourier-based Rotation Invariant image features
* Hybrid eye center localization using cascaded regression and hand-crafted model fitting
* Localization-Based Sensor Validation Using the Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* Real-Time Deep Hair Matting on Mobile Devices
* Real-Time Face Detection and Lip Feature Extraction Using Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
* Real-Time Object Tracking on iPhone
* Self-localizing dynamic microphone arrays
* Tiny Videos: A Large Data Set for Nonparametric Video Retrieval and Frame Classification
Includes: Aarabi, P.[Parham] Aarabi, P.
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