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7910 * Asymptotic Properties of Discrete Unitary Transforms
* Capacity and Error Estimates for Boolean Classifiers with Limited Complexity
* Coding Method of Chinese Characters, A
* Comments on A Quantitative Study of the Orientation Bias of Some Edge Detector Schemes
* Computer Study of Knots
* Computing the Spatial Structures of Cellular Texture
* Data Structures for Picture Processing: A Survey
* DECA: A Discrete-Valued Data Clustering Algorithm
* Digital Image and Spectrum Restoration by Quadratic Programming and by Modified Fourier Transformation
* Dual Method for Maximum Entropy Restoration, A
* Isotropic Four-Point Interpolation
* Line Skeleton, The
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Markov-Process Blob Boundaries in Noisy Images
* On the Nonseparability of Image Models
* Parallel Local Operations for a New Distance Transformation of a Line Pattern and Their Applications
* Simplified Derivation of Frei's Histogram Hyperbolization for Image Enhancement, A
* Sinusoidal Family of Unitary Transforms, A
* Syntactic Approach to Time-Varying Image Analysis, A
* Terrain Analysis Procedural Guide for Roads and Related Structures
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