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7804 * Comments On Circle Generator for Display Devices
* Edge Detection Using Walsh Functions
* Electronic half-tone generating means for facsimile reproduction system
* Enhancement of News Photos
* Estimation of Images Degraded by Film-Grain Noise
* Formation of an Object Concept by Analysis of Systematic Time Variations in the Optically Perceptible Environment
* Graph-Theoretic Approach to Picture Processing, A
* Image Reconstruction from Incomplete and Noisy Data
* Light beam scanning device
* New Shape Factor, A
* Piecewise Approximation of Pictures Using Maximal Neighborhoods
* Reduction Operations for Constraint Satisfaction
* Representation of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Review of Algorithms for Shape Analysis, A
* Sectioned Methods for Image Restoration
* Survey of Threshold Selection Techniques, A
* System for Extracting 3-D Measurements from a Stereo Pair of TV Camera, A
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