Online Pointers for Letter n

=> N-Ary coded structured light-based range scanners using color invariants
=> N-ary Mathematical Morphology
=> N-best maximal decoders for part models
=> N-Candidate methods for location invariant dithering of color images
=> N-d Virtual Notebook About the Basilica of S. Ambrogio in Milan: Information Modeling for the Communication of Historical Phases Subtraction Process, A
=> n-Dimensional Moment Invariants and Conceptual Mathematical Theory of Recognition n-Dimensional Solids
=> N-Dimensional Probablility Density Function Transfer and its Application to Colour Transfer
=> N-Dimensional Tensor Completion for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry
=> N-Dimensional Tensor Voting and Application to Epipolar Geometry Estimation
=> N-dimensional Zonal Algorithms. the Future of Block Based Motion Estimation?
=> N-division output coding method applied to face recognition
=> N-Feature Neural Network Human Face Recognition
=> N-Feature Neural Network Human Face Recognition
=> N-FINDER for Finding Endmembers in Compressively Sensed Band Domain
=> N-Folded Symmetries by Complex Moments in Gabor Space and Their Application to Unsupervised Texture Segmentation
=> N-gram and N-class models for on line handwriting recognition
=> N-Gram Based Image Representation and Classification Using Perceptual Shape Features
=> N-gram inverted index structures on music data for theme mining and content-based information retrieval
=> n-Grams and their implication to natural language understanding
=> n-Grams of Action Primitives for Recognizing Human Behavior
=> N-Grams: A Well-Structured Knowledge Representation for Recognition of Graphical Documents
=> N-ImageNet: Towards Robust, Fine-Grained Object Recognition with Event Cameras
=> N-Ink Printer Characterization With Barycentric Subdivision
=> N-meander scanning trace a method for the on-chip bandwidth reduction
=> N-Phase Local Expansion Ratio for Characterizing Out-of-Phase Lung Ventilation
=> n-PI-method for helical cone-beam CT, The
=> N-Point Hough Transform Derived by Geometric Duality
=> N-Point Hough transform for line detection
=> n-reference Transfer Learning for Saliency Prediction
=> N-ROD: a Neuromorphic Dataset for Synthetic-to-Real Domain Adaptation
=> N-RPN: Hard Example Learning For Region Proposal Networks
=> n-SIFT: n-Dimensional Scale Invariant Feature Transform
=> N-STGAT: Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Network Based Network Intrusion Detection for Near-Earth Remote Sensing
=> N-tier Simultaneous Modelling and Tracking for Arbitrary Warps
=> N-to-SRGB Mapping for Single-Sensor Multispectral Imaging
=> N-tree Disjoint-Set Forests for Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
=> N-tuple Color Segmentation for Multi-View Silhouette Extraction
=> N-Tuple Features for OCR Revisited
=> N-View Human Silhouette Segmentation in Cluttered, Partially Changing Environments
=> N-View point set registration: A comparison
=> N-Way Video Communication over Enterprise Networks Based on Adaptive Bit Stream Extraction in Scalable Video Coding
=> N-YOLO: A SAR Ship Detection Using Noise-Classifying and Complete-Target Extraction
=> n, k, p)-Gray Code for Image Systems
=> NÜWA: Visual Synthesis Pre-training for Neural visUal World creAtion
=> N2C: Neural Network Controller Design Using Behavioral Cloning
=> N2D: (Not Too) Deep Clustering via Clustering the Local Manifold of an Autoencoded Embedding
=> N2V2 - Fixing Noise2void Checkerboard Artifacts with Modified Sampling Strategies and a Tweaked Network Architecture
=> N3M: Natural 3D Markers for Real-Time Object Detection and Pose Estimation
=> N4-Fields: Neural Network Nearest Neighbor Fields for Image Transforms
=> N4ITK: Improved N3 Bias Correction
=> N8(P) detail preserving adaptive filter for impulse noise removal, A
=> naďve Bayes baseline for early gesture recognition, A
=> Naďve Overfitting Index Selection (NOIS): A new method to optimize model complexity for hyperspectral data, The
=> NAAQA: A Neural Architecture for Acoustic Question Answering
=> NABS: Novel Approaches for Biometric Systems
=> Nadir-Dependent GNSS Code Biases and their Effect on 2D and 3D Ionosphere Modeling
=> Nadir Detection of Lunar Lava Tube by Kaguya Lunar Radar Sounder
=> NADS-Net: A Nimble Architecture for Driver and Seat Belt Detection via Convolutional Neural Networks
=> NAFSSR: Stereo Image Super-Resolution Using NAFNet
=> NAG: Network for Adversary Generation
=> NaGAN: Nadir-like Generative Adversarial Network for Off-Nadir Object Detection of Multi-View Remote Sensing Imagery
=> Naive-Student: Leveraging Semi-supervised Learning in Video Sequences for Urban Scene Segmentation
=> naive approach to compose aerial images in a mosaic fashion, A
=> Naive bayes face/nonface classifier: a study of preprocessing and feature extraction techniques
=> Naive Bayes Image Classification: Beyond Nearest Neighbors
=> Naive Bayes Mystery: A classification detective story, The
=> Naive Bayes Super-Resolution Forest
=> Naive random subspace ensemble with linear classifiers for real-time classification of fMRI data
=> naive relevance feedback model for content-based image retrieval using multiple similarity measures, A
=> Nakagami-Based AdaBoost Learning Framework for Detection of Anatomical Landmarks in 2D Fetal Neurosonograms
=> Nakagami-Fuzzy imaging framework for precise lesion segmentation in MRI
=> Naked image detection based on adaptive and extensible skin color model
=> Naked Truth: Estimating Body Shape Under Clothing, The
=> NAM: Non-Adversarial Unsupervised Domain Mapping
=> Name-It: Association Of Face And Name In Video
=> Name block location in facsimile images using spatial/visual cues
=> Name that sculpture
=> Named Entity Identification Based Translation Disambiguation Model
=> Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction with Graph Neural Networks in Semi Structured Documents
=> Named Entity Recognition Method Based on Deep Learning For Chinese Legal Documents, A
=> Names and faces in the news
=> Names and shades of color for intrinsic image estimation
=> Naming Countermeasures of Administrative Division in Sight of Chinese Naming View
=> Naming of Image Regions for User-Friendly Image Retrieval
=> Naming People in News Videos with Label Propagation
=> Naming persons in video: Using the weak supervision of textual stories
=> Naming TV characters by watching and analyzing dialogs
=> NAN: Noise-Aware NeRFs for Burst-Denoising
=> Nanjing's Intracity Tourism Flow Network Using Cellular Signaling Data: A Comparative Analysis of Residents and Non-Local Tourists
=> Nano-imaging and Its Applications to Biomedicine
=> Nano-level 3-D shape measurement system using 3-wavelength LED light interference fringes
=> Nano-scale context-sensitive semantic segmentation
=> Nano-scale particle classification using image histogram maximum value index of Rayleigh scattered images
=> NanoMap: A GPU-Accelerated OpenVDB-Based Mapping and Simulation Package for Robotic Agents
=> Nanometer-scale Height Measurements in Micromachined Picoliter Vials Based on Interference Fringe Analysis
=> Nanostructures Transform Tiny Cameras: Thin Semiconductor Metalenses are Finally Moving into Consumers' Hands
=> Nanyang Technological University
=> NAPReg: Nouns As Proxies Regularization for Semantically Aware Cross-Modal Embeddings
=> NAPS: Non-adversarial polynomial synthesis
=> Narration: Integrated System for Management and Curation of Digital Content and Production of Personalized and Collaborative Narratives
=> Narrative Approach to Assess Fear of Heights in Virtual Environments
=> Narrative Cognition in Mixed Reality Systems: Towards an Empirical Framework
=> Narrative Geospatial Knowledge in Ethnographies: Representation and Reasoning
=> Narrative structure analysis with education and training videos for e-learning
=> Narrow-Band Based Radial Basis Functions Implicit Surface Reconstruction
=> Narrow-Band Clutter Mitigation in Spectral Polarimetric Weather Radar
=> Narrow-Band Interference Mitigation for SAR Using Independent Subspace Analysis
=> Narrow-Band Interference Suppression for SAR Based on Independent Component Analysis
=> Narrow-Band Level-Set Method with Dynamic Velocity for Neural Stem Cell Cluster Segmentation, A
=> Narrow-to-Broadband Conversion for Albedo Estimation on Urban Surfaces by UAV-Based Multispectral Camera
=> narrow band graph partitioning method for skin lesion segmentation, A
=> Narrow band region-based active contours and surfaces for 2D and 3D segmentation
=> Narrow Baseline GLSL Multiview Stereo
=> Narrow directional steerable filters in motion estimation
=> Narrow Fingerprint Template Synthesis by Clustering Minutiae Descriptors
=> Narrow Gap Detection in Microscope Images Using Marked Point Process Modeling
=> Narrow passage RRT*: a new variant of RRT*
=> Narrowband-to-Broadband Conversions for Top-of-Atmosphere Reflectance from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR)
=> Narrowband and Wideband Channel Sounding of an Antarctica to Spain Ionospheric Radio Link
=> Narrowband Bio-Indicator Monitoring of Temperate Forest Carbon Fluxes in Northeastern China
=> Narrowband Bio-Indicator Monitoring of Temperate Forest Carbon Fluxes in Northeastern China
=> Narrowband Magnetic Particle Imaging
=> Narrowband Notch Filter Using Feedback Structure Tips & Tricks
=> Narrowband RFI Suppression for SAR System via Efficient Parameter-Free Decomposition Algorithm
=> Narrowband RFI Suppression for SAR System via Fast Implementation of Joint Sparsity and Low-Rank Property
=> Narrowing Attention in Capsule Networks
=> Narrowing the Gap: Improved Detector Training With Noisy Location Annotations
=> NAS-Count: Counting-by-density with Neural Architecture Search
=> NAS-DIP: Learning Deep Image Prior with Neural Architecture Search
=> NAS-EOD: an end-to-end Neural Architecture Search method for Efficient Object Detection
=> NAS-FAS: Static-Dynamic Central Difference Network Search for Face Anti-Spoofing
=> NAS-FCOS: Efficient Search for Object Detection Architectures
=> NAS-FCOS: Fast Neural Architecture Search for Object Detection
=> NAS-FPN: Learning Scalable Feature Pyramid Architecture for Object Detection
=> NAS-Guided Lightweight Multiscale Attention Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> NAS-OoD: Neural Architecture Search for Out-of-Distribution Generalization
=> NAS For efficient mobile eyebrow biometrics
=> NASA's Early Adopter Program Links Satellite Data to Decision Making
=> NASA's Earth Science Use of Commercially Available Remote Sensing Datasets
=> NASA's L-Band Digital Beamforming Synthetic Aperture Radar
=> NASA's MODIS/VIIRS Global Water Reservoir Product Suite from Moderate Resolution Remote Sensing Data
=> Nasa's Planetary Geologic Mapping Program: Overview
=> NASA Global Satellite and Model Data Products and Services for Tropical Meteorology and Climatology
=> NASA Goddard's LiDAR, Hyperspectral and Thermal (G-LiHT) Airborne Imager
=> NASA High-Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler, The
=> NASA ICESat-2: Space-Borne LiDAR for Geological Education and Field Mapping of Aeolian Sand Dune Environments
=> NASA MODIS-VIIRS Continuity Cloud Optical Properties Products, The
=> NASA Neural Articulated Shape Approximation
=> NASA Team 2 Sea Ice Concentration Algorithm Retrieval Uncertainty
=> Nasa Webworldwind: Multidimensional Virtual Globe For Geo Big Data Visualization
=> Nasadem Global Elevation Model: Methods And Progress
=> Nasal Patches and Curves for Expression-Robust 3D Face Recognition
=> Nasal Region-Based 3D Face Recognition under Pose and Expression Variations
=> Nasal Region Contribution in 3D Face Biometrics Using Shape Analysis Framework
=> Nasal similarity measure of 3D faces based on curve shape space
=> NashAE: Disentangling Representations Through Adversarial Covariance Minimization
=> NASOA: Towards Faster Task-Oriented Online Fine-Tuning with a Zoo of Models
=> Nastalique segmentation-based approach for Urdu OCR
=> Nation-Wide Clear-Cut Mapping in Sweden Using ALOS PALSAR Strip Images
=> Nation-wide mapping and classification of ground deformation phenomena through the spatial clustering of P-SBAS InSAR measurements: Italy case study
=> National-Scale 1-km Resolution PM2.5 Estimation Model over Japan Using MAIAC AOD and a Two-Stage Random Forest Model, A
=> National-Scale Cropland Mapping Based on Phenological Metrics, Environmental Covariates, and Machine Learning on Google Earth Engine
=> National-Scale Estimates of Ground-Level PM2.5 Concentration in China Using Geographically Weighted Regression Based on 3 km Resolution MODIS AOD
=> National-scale greenhouse mapping for high spatial resolution remote sensing imagery using a dense object dual-task deep learning framework: A case study of China
=> National-scale imperviousness mapping and detection of urban land changes
=> National-Scale Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Austria Using Fuzzy Best-Worst Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
=> National-Scale Variation and Propagation Characteristics of Meteorological, Agricultural, and Hydrological Droughts in China
=> National-Standards- and Deep-Learning-Oriented Raster and Vector Benchmark Dataset (RVBD) for Land-Use/Land-Cover Mapping in the Yangtze River Basin
=> National and Regional Scale DEMs Created from Airborne InSAR
=> National Assessment of Wetland Status and Trends for Canada's Forested Ecosystems Using 33 Years of Earth Observation Satellite Data, A
=> National BDS Augmentation Service System (NBASS) of China: Progress and Assessment
=> National Commitment Towards Conserving the Heritage (Documentation of Historical and Cultural Sites in GCC Countries), The
=> National Conference on Communications
=> National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics
=> National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics
=> National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics
=> National Crop Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Time Series: A Knowledge-Based Descriptive Algorithm
=> National Examination of the Spatial Extent and Similarity of Offenders' Activity Spaces Using Police Data, A
=> National Forest Aboveground Biomass Mapping from ICESat/GLAS Data and MODIS Imagery in China
=> national geographic characteristics of online public opinion propagation in China based on WeChat network, The
=> National group of New Zealand in Image and Vision Computing
=> National Guidelines For Digital Camera Systems Certification
=> National ICT Australia
=> National ICT Australia
=> National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Intelligent Systems Division
=> National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Intelligent Systems Division
=> National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Intelligent Systems Division
=> National Instruments
=> National Land Cover And Resource Statistics
=> National Library of Kosovo PjetËr Bogdani Rapid Condition Assessment And Documentation, The
=> National Map - A Continuing, Critical Need for the Nation, The
=> National Map: From Geography to Mapping and Back Again, The
=> National Mapping of New Zealand Pasture Productivity Using Temporal Sentinel-2 Data
=> National Scale 3D Mapping of Soil pH Using a Data Augmentation Approach
=> National Scale Land Cover Classification for Ecosystem Services Mapping and Assessment, Using Multitemporal Copernicus EO Data and Google Earth Engine
=> National Scale Maize Yield Estimation by Integrating Multiple Spectral Indexes and Temporal Aggregation
=> National Scale Spatial Variation in Artificial Light at Night
=> National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan: the Turkey's Smart Cities Approach
=> National Taiwan Normal University
=> National Technical University of Athens
=> National Technical University of Athens
=> National University of Singapore
=> National University of Singapore
=> National wetland mapping in China: A new product resulting from object-based and hierarchical classification of Landsat 8 OLI images
=> National, Detailed Map of Forest Aboveground Carbon Stocks in Mexico, A
=> Nationwide Determination of Required Total Lengths of Multiple Borehole Heat Exchangers under Variable Climate and Geology in Japan
=> Nationwide Flood Monitoring for Disaster Risk Reduction Using Multiple Satellite Data
=> Nationwide Hybrid Change Detection Of Buildings
=> Nationwide Natural Resource Inventory Of The Philippines Using Lidar: Strategies, Progress, And Challenges
=> Nationwide Point Cloud: The Future Topographic Core Data
=> Nationwide Projection of Rice Yield Using a Crop Model Integrated with Geostationary Satellite Imagery: A Case Study in South Korea
=> Nationwide urban tree canopy mapping and coverage assessment in Brazil from high-resolution remote sensing images using deep learning
=> Nationwide, Operational Sentinel-1 Based InSAR Monitoring System in the Cloud for Strategic Water Facilities in Hungary
=> Native Smartphone Single- and Dual-Frequency GNSS-PPP/IMU Solution in Real-World Driving Scenarios
=> NATS-Bench: Benchmarking NAS Algorithms for Architecture Topology and Size
=> Natura 2000 Grassland Habitats Mapping Based on Spectro-Temporal Dimension of Sentinel-2 Images with Machine Learning
=> Natura 2000 Habitat Identification and Conservation Status Assessment with Superresolution Enhanced Hyperspectral (CHRIS/PROBA) Imagery
=> Natural- and Human-Induced Influences on Terrestrial Water Storage Change in Sichuan, Southwest China from 2003 to 2020
=> Natural-Rule-Based-Connection (NRBC) Method for River Network Extraction from High-Resolution Imagery, A
=> Natural 3D Object Manipulation for Interactive Laparoscopic Augmented Reality Registration
=> Natural Action Recognition Using Invariant 3D Motion Encoding
=> Natural Adversarial Examples
=> Natural Afforestation on Abandoned Agricultural Lands during Post-Soviet Period: A Comparative Landsat Data Analysis of Bordering Regions in Russia and Belarus
=> Natural and Effective Obfuscation by Head Inpainting
=> Natural and Political Determinants of Ecological Vulnerability in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: A Case Study of Shannan, China
=> Natural and Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution With Explicit Natural Manifold Discrimination
=> Natural and Seamless Image Composition With Color Control
=> natural and synthetic corpus for benchmarking of hand gesture recognition systems, A
=> Natural Approach in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Rotating Neighbourhood Technique, Self-Adapting Threshold, Segmentation and Shape Recognition, A
=> Natural Basis Functions and Topographic Memory for Face Recognition
=> Natural color image enhancement and evaluation algorithm based on human visual system
=> Natural color image segmentation
=> Natural Color Reproduction System for Telemedicine and Its Application to Digital Camera
=> Natural Contrast Statistics and the Selection of Visual Fixations
=> Natural DCT statistics approach to no-reference image quality assessment
=> Natural Disaster Building Damage Assessment Using a Two-encoder U-net
=> Natural Disaster Classification Using Aerial Photography Explainable for Typhoon Damaged Feature
=> Natural Enhancement of Color Image
=> Natural Facial and Head Behavior Recognition using Dictionary of Motion Primitives
=> Natural facial expression recognition using differential-AAM and manifold learning
=> Natural Facial Expression Recognition Using Dynamic and Static Schemes
=> Natural Gas Leakage Detection: A Deep Learning Framework on IR Video Data
=> Natural Gradient Improvement Methods in Blind Source Separation
=> Natural gradients for deformable registration
=> Natural hand gestures for human identification in a Human-Computer Interface
=> Natural Human-Machine Interface using an Interactive Virtual Blackboard
=> Natural Human-Robot Interface Using Adaptive Tracking System with the Unscented Kalman Filter
=> natural human hand model, A
=> Natural Image Character Recognition Using Oriented Basic Image Features
=> Natural Image Composition with Inhomogeneous Boundaries
=> Natural image correction by iterative projections to eigenspace constructed in normalized image space
=> Natural Image Denoising Using Sparse ICA Based on 2-D Gabor Wavelet
=> Natural image denoising: Optimality and inherent bounds
=> Natural image illuminant estimation via deep non-negative matrix factorisation
=> Natural Image Matting Based on Neighbor Embedding
=> Natural image matting for multiple wide-baseline views
=> Natural Image Matting Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Natural image matting via adaptive local and nonlocal sample clustering
=> Natural Image Matting with Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
=> Natural Image Matting with Shifted Window Self-Attention
=> Natural Image Matting with Total Variation Regularisation
=> Natural image noise level estimation based on local statistics for blind noise reduction
=> Natural image noise removal using nonlocal means and hidden Markov models in transform domain
=> Natural Image Segmentation Based on Tree Equipartition, Bayesian Flooding and Region Merging
=> Natural Image Segmentation with Adaptive Texture and Boundary Encoding
=> Natural image segmentation with non-extensive mixture models
=> Natural Image Statistics and Low-Complexity Feature Selection
=> Natural Image statistics and neural representation
=> Natural Image Statistics for Natural Image Segmentation
=> Natural Image Statistics for Natural Image Segmentation
=> Natural Image Statistics: A Probabilistic Approach to Early Computational Vision
=> Natural image statistics: Energy-based models estimated by score matching
=> Natural Image Stitching With Layered Warping Constraint
=> Natural Image Stitching with the Global Similarity Prior
=> Natural image utility assessment using image contours
=> Natural Images Enhancement Using Structure Extraction and Retinex
=> Natural Images Pre-Trained Deep Learning Method for Seismic Random Noise Attenuation, A
=> Natural images scale invariance and high-fidelity image restoration
=> Natural interaction synthesizing in virtual teleconferencing
=> Natural Interactive System for Hemispatial Neglect Rehabilitation
=> Natural Interface for Sign Language Mathematics, A
=> Natural Interface for the Training of Medical Personnel in an Immersive and Virtual Reality System, A
=> Natural Landmarks Extraction Method from Range Image for Mobile Robot
=> Natural Language-Based Vehicle Retrieval with Explicit Cross-Modal Representation Learning
=> Natural Language Description of Human Activities from Video Images Based on Concept Hierarchy of Actions
=> Natural language grammar induction with a generative constituent-context model
=> Natural language letter based visual cryptography scheme
=> Natural Language Object Retrieval
=> Natural language processing approach for appraisal of passenger satisfaction and service quality of public transportation
=> Natural Language Processing of Patents and Technical Documentation
=> Natural language understanding by a robot: A pattern recognition problem
=> Natural Language Understanding by Combining Statistical Methods and Extended Context-Free Grammars
=> Natural Language Video Localization: A Revisit in Span-Based Question Answering Framework
=> Natural Language Video Moment Localization Through Query-Controlled Temporal Convolution
=> Natural Language Watermarking Using Semantic Substitution for Chinese Text
=> Natural Material Recognition with Illumination Invariant Textural Features
=> Natural Material Segmentation and Classification Using Polarisation
=> Natural Matting for Degraded Pictures
=> Natural Metamers
=> Natural metrics and least-committed priors for articulated tracking
=> Natural Mouse: A Novel Human Computer Interface
=> Natural neighbor sorting on the n-dimensional sphere
=> Natural neighbor: A self-adaptive neighborhood method without parameter K
=> Natural Numerical Networks on Directed Graphs in Satellite Image Classification
=> Natural Object Categorization
=> Natural Object Recognition Using the Combination of Gaussian Model and Region Growing
=> Natural Object/Artifact Image Classification Based on Line Features
=> Natural Optimization Algorithms for the Cross-Dock Door Assignment Problem
=> Natural Pose Generation from a Reduced Dimension Motion Capture Data Space
=> Natural Rendering of Color Image based on Retinex
=> Natural Representations for Straight Lines and the Hough Transform on Discrete Arrays
=> Natural resonance-based feature extraction with reduced aspect sensitivity for electromagnetic target classification
=> Natural Revocability in Handwritten Signatures to Enhance Biometric Security
=> Natural scene-illuminant estimation using the sensor correlation
=> Natural scene category recognition based on multiple channels of PHOW
=> Natural Scene character recognition using Markov Random Field
=> Natural Scene Classification Based on Integrated Topic Simplex
=> Natural scene classification using overcomplete ICA
=> Natural Scene Image Modeling Using Color and Texture Visterms
=> Natural Scene Recognition Using Locus Search
=> Natural Scene Retrieval Based on a Semantic Modeling Step
=> Natural Scene Statistics and CNN Based Parallel Network for Image Quality Assessment
=> Natural Scene Statistics for Noise Estimation
=> Natural scene statistics of color and range
=> Natural scene synthesis using multiple eigenspaces
=> Natural scene text detection based on SWT, MSER and candidate classification
=> Natural Scene Text Detection with Multi-channel Connected Component Segmentation
=> Natural scene text detection with multi-layer segmentation and higher order conditional random field based analysis
=> Natural scenes categorization by hierarchical extraction of typicality patterns
=> Natural Sound Rendering for Headphones: Integration of signal processing techniques
=> Natural Statistics of Network Activations and Implications for Knowledge Distillation
=> Natural stereo images from a glasses-free, 3D display
=> Natural Synthetic Anomalies for Self-supervised Anomaly Detection and Localization
=> Natural User Interface for Children: From Requirement to Design
=> Natural User Interface Sensors for Human Body Measurement
=> Natural User Interfaces in Volume Visualisation Using Microsoft Kinect
=> Natural Vectorial Total Variation Which Arises from Geometric Measure Theory, The
=> Natural Versus Artificial Scene Classification by Ordering Discrete Fourier Power Spectra
=> Natural Visible and Infrared Facial Expression Database for Expression Recognition and Emotion Inference, A
=> Natural Vision Data File Format as a New Spectral Image Format for Biological Applications
=> Natural vs. Artificial Face Classification Using Uniform Local Directional Patterns and Wavelet Uniform Local Directional Patterns
=> Natural, salient image patches for robot localization
=> Natural/Man-Made Object Classification Based on Gabor Characteristics
=> Naturalistic data sets for image and behavior analysis: normal versus anomalous events
=> Naturalistic Driver Intention and Path Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks
=> Naturalistic Driving Study of Feedback Timing and Financial Incentives in Promoting Speed Limit Compliance, A
=> Naturalistic Open Source Movie for Optical Flow Evaluation, A
=> Naturalistic Physical Adversarial Patch for Object Detectors
=> Naturalistic Recognition of Activities and Mood Using Wearable Electronics
=> Naturalization Module in Neural Networks for Screen Content Image Quality Assessment
=> Naturally combined shape-color moment invariants under affine transformations
=> Naturally Constrained Online Expectation Maximization
=> Naturalness- and information-preserving image recoloring for red-green dichromats
=> Naturalness-Aware Deep No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
=> Naturalness-preserved tone mapping in images based on perceptual quantization
=> Naturalness Preserved Enhancement Algorithm for Non-Uniform Illumination Images
=> Naturalness Preserved Image Enhancement Using a Priori Multi-Layer Lightness Statistics
=> Naturalness Preserved Nonuniform Illumination Estimation for Image Enhancement Based on Retinex
=> Naturalness preserving image recoloring method for people with red-green deficiency
=> NaturaSat: A Software Tool for Identification, Monitoring and Evaluation of Habitats by Remote Sensing Techniques
=> Nature-Inspired BASIS Feature Descriptor for UAV Imagery and Its Hardware Implementation, The
=> Nature-inspired color-filter array for enhancing the quality of images
=> Nature-Inspired Distributed Robust Control Design for Ground-Aerial Vehicle Cooperation, A
=> Nature-Inspired Framework for Hyperspectral Band Selection
=> Nature Conservation Drones for Automatic Localization and Counting of Animals
=> Nature of the Ny-Alesund Wind Field Analysed by High-Resolution Windlidar Data, The
=> nature of the visual field, a phenomenological analysis, The
=> Nature versus Humans in Coastal Environmental Change: Assessing the Impacts of Hurricanes Zeta and Ida in the Context of Beach Nourishment Projects in the Mississippi River Delta
=> Nature vs. Nurture: Feature vs. Structure for Graph Neural Networks
=> Nature vs. Nurture: The Role of Environmental Resources in Evolutionary Deep Intelligence
=> NaturePix: Visual Cognitive Modeling Research
=> Nautical Scene Segmentation using Variable Size Image Windows and Feature Space Reclustering
=> Naval Postgraduate School
=> NAVIDOMASS: Structural-based Approaches Towards Handling Historical Documents
=> Navier-Stokes formulation for modelling turbulent optical flow
=> Navier-Stokes, Fluid Dynamics, and Image and Video Inpainting
=> Navigating a Graph of Scenes for Exploring Large Video Collections
=> Navigating a Mobile Robot by a Traversability Field Histogram
=> Navigating Diverse Salient Features for Vehicle Re-Identification
=> Navigating in Manhattan: 3D orientation from video without correspondences
=> Navigating in virtual environments with 360deg omnidirectional rendering
=> Navigating Robots in Dynamic Environment with Deep Reinforcement Learning
=> Navigating the GAN Parameter Space for Semantic Image Editing
=> Navigating the Landscape for Real-Time Localization and Mapping for Robotics and Virtual and Augmented Reality
=> Navigating through Logic-Based Scene Models for High-Level Scene Interpretations
=> Navigating through Triangle Meshes Implemented as Linear Quadtrees
=> Navigation-Oriented Topological Model Construction Algorithm for Complex Indoor Space
=> Navigation and Mapping in Forest Environment Using Sparse Point Clouds
=> Navigation and Remote Sensing Payloads and Methods of the Sarvant Unmanned Aerial System
=> Navigation and Search in 3D Visualizations of Large Unstructured Photo Collections: An Empirical Study
=> Navigation Based on a Network of 2D Images
=> Navigation by Optical Flow
=> Navigation Domain Representation For Interactive Multiview Imaging
=> Navigation Engine Design for Automated Driving Using INS/GNSS/3D LiDAR-SLAM and Integrity Assessment
=> Navigation in AR based on digital replicas
=> Navigation in birds and other animals
=> Navigation in GEO, HEO, and Lunar Trajectory Using Multi-GNSS Sidelobe Signals
=> Navigation in Indoor Environments: Does the Type of Visual Learning Stimulus Matter?
=> Navigation of a Fuzzy-Controlled Wheeled Robot Through the Combination of Expert Knowledge and Data-Driven Multiobjective Evolutionary Learning
=> Navigation of a UAV Network for Optimal Surveillance of a Group of Ground Targets Moving Along a Road
=> Navigation of Three Cooperative Object-Transportation Robots Using a Multistage Evolutionary Fuzzy Control Approach
=> Navigation parameter estimation from sequential aerial images
=> Navigation Recommendations for Exploring Hierarchical Graphs
=> Navigation Regimes for Off-Road Autonomy
=> Navigation system for handheld scanner
=> navigation system for vision-guided mobile robots, A
=> Navigation Technologies for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
=> Navigation toward Non-static Target Object Using Footprint Detection Based Tracking
=> Navigation using a spherical camera
=> Navigation Using Affine Structure from Motion
=> Navigation with Time Limits in Transportation Networks: A Fourth Moment Approach
=> Navigational Affordance Cortical Responses Explained by Scene-Parsing Model
=> Navigational Functionalities
=> Navigational Functionalities
=> Navigator-Free EPI Ghost Correction With Structured Low-Rank Matrix Models: New Theory and Methods
=> NaviGaze: enabling access to digital media for the profoundly disabled
=> Navitar Machine Vision
=> NBD-GAP: Non-Blind Image Deblurring without Clean Target Images
=> NBNet: Noise Basis Learning for Image Denoising with Subspace Projection
=> NBNN kernel, The
=> NBP-MS: Malware Signature Generation Based on Network Behavior Profiling
=> NC-PDNet: A Density-Compensated Unrolled Network for 2D and 3D Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction
=> NCA-based hybrid convolutional neural network model for classification of cervical cancer on gauss-enhanced pap-smear images
=> NCC-Net: Normalized Cross Correlation Based Deep Matcher with Robustness to Illumination Variations
=> NCC-RANSAC: A Fast Plane Extraction Method for 3-D Range Data Segmentation
=> NCKU-VTF Dataset and a Multi-scale Thermal-to-Visible Face Synthesis System, The
=> NCM: Neutrosophic c-means clustering algorithm
=> NCMS: Towards accurate anchor free object detection through L2 norm calibration and multi-feature selection
=> NCNet: Neighbourhood Consensus Networks for Estimating Image Correspondences
=> nCREANN: Nonlinear Causal Relationship Estimation by Artificial Neural Network; Applied for Autism Connectivity Study
=> NCTR: Neighborhood Consensus Transformer for Feature Matching
=> nD generalized map pyramids: Definition, representations and basic operations
=> nD Quasi-Affine Transformations
=> nD Variational Restoration of Curvilinear Structures With Prior-Based Directional Regularization
=> NDDR-CNN: Layerwise Feature Fusing in Multi-Task CNNs by Neural Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction
=> NDDR-LCS: A Multi-Task Learning Method for Classification of Carotid Plaques
=> NDEI-based Mapping of Land Surface Changes
=> NDF: Neural Deformable Fields for Dynamic Human Modelling
=> NDFT-based Audio Watermarking Scheme with High Security
=> Ndist2vec: Node with Landmark and New Distance to Vector Method for Predicting Shortest Path Distance along Road Networks
=> NDMP: An emerging MPEG standard for network distributed media processing
=> NDN-MMRA: Multi-Stage Multicast Rate Adaptation in Named Data Networking WLAN
=> NDNet: Narrow While Deep Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation
=> NDSRGAN: A Novel Dense Generative Adversarial Network for Real Aerial Imagery Super-Resolution Reconstruction
=> NDVI-Based Analysis on the Influence of Climate Change and Human Activities on Vegetation Restoration in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Region, Central China
=> NDVI-Based Long-Term Vegetation Dynamics and Its Response to Climatic Change in the Mongolian Plateau
=> NDVI-Based Vegetation Phenology Is Improved to be More Consistent with Photosynthesis Dynamics through Applying a Light Use Efficiency Model over Boreal High-Latitude Forests, An
=> NDVI-Net: A fusion network for generating high-resolution normalized difference vegetation index in remote sensing
=> NDVI Analysis for Monitoring Land-Cover Evolution on Selected Deglaciated Areas in the Gran Paradiso Group (Italian Western Alps)
=> NDVI as a Proxy for Estimating Sedimentation and Vegetation Spread in Artificial Lakes: Monitoring of Spatial and Temporal Changes by Using Satellite Images Overarching Three Decades
=> NDVI Dynamics and Its Response to Climate Change and Reforestation in Northern China
=> NDVI from Active Optical Sensors As A Measure Of Canopy Cover And Biomass
=> NDVI from Landsat 8 Vegetation Indices to Study Movement Dynamics of Capra Ibex in Mountain Areas
=> NDVI Identification and Survey of a Roman Road in the Northern Spanish Province of Álava
=> NDVI Indicates Long-Term Dynamics of Vegetation and Its Driving Forces from Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors in Mongolian Plateau
=> NDVI Response to Satellite-Estimated Antecedent Precipitation in Dryland Pastures
=> NDVI Retrieval Method Based on a Double-Attention Recurrent Neural Network for Cloudy Regions, An
=> NDVI time series and Markov chains to model the change of fuzzy vegetative drought classes
=> Near- and Far- Infrared Imaging for Vein Pattern Biometrics
=> Near-Automatic Detection of Arrow-Shaped Markers for CT/MRI Fusion
=> Near-Circular Corner and Edge Detection Operators
=> Near-Coast Tide Model Validation Using GNSS Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), a Case Study in the Pertuis Charentais (France)
=> Near-computation-free image encoding scheme based on adaptive decimation
=> Near-Constant Time Bilateral Filter for High Dimensional Images
=> Near-Convex Archetypal Analysis
=> Near-convex decomposition of 2D shape using visibility range
=> Near-duplicate detection and alignment for multi-view videos
=> Near-Duplicate Detection Using a New Framework of Constructing Accurate Affine Invariant Regions
=> Near-duplicate document image matching: A graphical perspective
=> Near-Duplicate Image Recognition and Content-based Image Retrieval using Adaptive Hierarchical Geometric Centroids
=> Near-Duplicate Image Retrieval Based on Contextual Descriptor
=> Near-Duplicate keyframe identification based on color and affine invariant features
=> Near-Duplicate Keyframe Identification With Interest Point Matching and Pattern Learning
=> Near-duplicate keyframe retrieval with visual keywords and semantic context
=> Near-Duplicate Subsequence Matching Between the Continuous Stream and Large Video Dataset
=> Near-Duplicate Video Clip Detection Using Model-Free Semantic Concept Detection and Adaptive Semantic Distance Measurement
=> Near-duplicate video detection exploiting noise residual traces
=> Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval by Aggregating Intermediate CNN Layers
=> Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval Through Toeplitz Kernel Partial Least Squares
=> Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval with Deep Metric Learning
=> Near-duplicate video retrieval: Current research and future trends
=> Near-Earth Remote Sensing Images Used to Determine the Phenological Characteristics of the Canopy of Populus tomentosa B301 under Three Methods of Irrigation
=> Near-Field 3D Sparse SAR Direct Imaging with Irregular Samples
=> Near-Field Imaging of Infinite Rough Surfaces in Dielectric Media
=> Near-Field IPO for Analysis of EM Scattering from Multiple Hybrid Dielectric and Conductor Target and High Resolution Range Profiles
=> Near-Field Multiple Target Localization in Frequency Diverse Array Based on Tensor Decomposition
=> Near-Field Perception for Low-Speed Vehicle Automation Using Surround-View Fisheye Cameras
=> Near-Field Phase Cross Correlation Focusing Imaging and Parameter Estimation for Penetrating Radar
=> Near-Field Photometric Stereo in Ambient Light
=> Near-field photometric stereo using a ring-light imaging device
=> Near-Field Remote Sensing of Surface Velocity and River Discharge Using Radars and the Probability Concept at 10 U.S. Geological Survey Streamgages
=> Near-Field Source Localization via Symmetric Subarrays
=> Near-global Bare-earth Dem From Srtm, A
=> Near-Infrared-Based Nighttime Pedestrian Detection Using Grouped Part Models
=> Near-Infrared Coloring via a Contrast-Preserving Mapping Model
=> Near-infrared composite pattern projection for continuous motion hand-computer interaction
=> Near-Infrared Depth-Independent Image Dehazing using Haar Wavelets
=> Near-infrared disguise detection
=> Near-Infrared Fusion Scheme for Automatic Detection of Vehicle Passengers, A
=> Near-Infrared Fusion via Color Regularization for Haze and Color Distortion Removals
=> Near-infrared guided color image dehazing
=> Near-infrared Image Based Face Recognition System, A
=> Near-Infrared Image Colorization with Weighted UNet++ and Auxiliary Color Enhancement GAN
=> near-infrared imaging method for capturing the interior of a vehicle through windshield, A
=> Near-Infrared Imaging Photoplethysmography During Driving
=> Near-Infrared Ink Differentiation in Medieval Manuscripts
=> Near-infrared method and system for use in face detection
=> Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Mode Cloning (NIR-MC) for In-Situ Analysis of Crude Protein in Bamboo
=> Near-lighting Photometric Stereo for unknown scene distance and medium attenuation
=> Near-linear Time Algorithm for Binarization of Fingerprint Images Using Distance Transform, A
=> Near-Linear Time Guaranteed Algorithm for Digital Curve Simplification Under the Fréchet Distance, A
=> Near-Linear Time Guaranteed Algorithm for Digital Curve Simplification Under the Fréchet Distance, A
=> Near-lossless and lossy compression of imaging spectrometer data: comparison of information extraction performance
=> Near-lossless and scalable compression for medical imaging using a new adaptive hierarchical oriented prediction
=> Near-Lossless Coding of Plenoptic Camera Sensor Images for Archiving Light Field Array of Views
=> Near-Lossless Color Image Compression with No Error Accumulation in Multiple Coding Cycles
=> Near-Lossless Compression for Large Traffic Networks
=> Near-lossless compression of 3-d optical data
=> Near-lossless Compression of Coherent Image Data
=> Near-lossless Compression of Coherent Image Data
=> Near-Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Images
=> Near-Lossless Image Compression Based on Maximization of Run Length Sequences
=> Near-Lossless Image Compression by Relaxation Labeled Prediction
=> Near-Lossless Image Compression: Minimum-Entropy, Constrained-Error DPCM
=> Near-Lossless Image Compression: Minimum-Entropy, Constrained-Error DPCM
=> Near-Lossless PCA-Based Compression of Seabed Surface with Prediction
=> Near-Lossless Transform and Wavelet Compression or Transient DPCM
=> Near-Lossless Trellis-Searched Predictive Image Compression System, A
=> Near-lossless/lossless compression of error-diffused images using a two-pass approach
=> Near-Miss Event Detection at Railway Level Crossings
=> Near-ML MIMO Subspace Detection Algorithm, A
=> Near-Online Multi-Pedestrian Tracking via Combining Multiple Consistent Appearance Cues
=> Near-Online Multi-target Tracking with Aggregated Local Flow Descriptor
=> Near-optimal algorithm for dimension reduction
=> Near-Optimal Compressed Sensing Guarantees for Total Variation Minimization
=> Near-Optimal Concentric Circles Layout
=> Near-Optimal Connectivity Encoding of 2-Manifold Polygon Meshes
=> Near-Optimal Cross-Layer Forward Error Correction Using Raptor and RCPC Codes for Prioritized Video Transmission Over Wireless Channels
=> Near-Optimal Mosaic Selection for Rotating and Zooming Video Cameras
=> Near-Optimal MST-Based Shape-Description Using Genetic Algorithm
=> Near-optimal multipath streaming of H.264 using reference frame selection
=> near-optimal non-myopic active learning method, A
=> Near-optimal regularization parameters for applications in computer vision
=> Near-Optimal Selection of Views and Surface Regions for ICP Pose Estimation
=> Near-Optimal Time Function for Secure Dynamic Visual Cryptography
=> Near-Optimal Tracking Control of Mobile Robots Via Receding-Horizon Dual Heuristic Programming
=> Near-Optimal Watermark Estimation and Its Countermeasure: Antidisclosure Watermark for Multiple Watermark Embedding
=> Near-Real-Time Application of SEVIRI Aerosol Optical Depth Algorithm
=> Near-Real-Time Automatic Orbit Determination System for COSMIC and Its Follow-On Satellite Mission: Analysis of Orbit and Clock Errors on Radio Occultation, A
=> Near-Real-Time Detection of Tephra Eruption Onset and Mass Flow Rate Using Microwave Weather Radar and Infrasonic Arrays
=> Near-Real-Time Estimation of Water Vapor Column From MSG-SEVIRI Thermal Infrared Bands: Implications for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval
=> Near-Real-Time Flood Detection Method Based on Deep Learning and SAR Images, A
=> Near-Real-Time Flood Forecasting Based on Satellite Precipitation Products
=> Near-Real-Time Flood Mapping Using Off-the-Shelf Models with SAR Imagery and Deep Learning
=> Near-Real-Time Image Matting with Known Background
=> Near-Real-Time OGC Catalogue Service for Geoscience Big Data
=> Near-real-time stereo matching with slanted surface modeling and sub-pixel accuracy
=> Near-Real-Time Tephra Fallout Assessment at Mt. Etna, Italy
=> Near-Real Time Automatic Snow Avalanche Activity Monitoring System Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data in Norway
=> Near-real time forecasting and change detection for an open ecosystem with complex natural dynamics
=> Near-realtime Flood Detection From Multi-temporal Sentinel Radar Images Using Artificial Intelligence
=> Near-recursive optical flow from weighted image differences
=> Near-Regular BTF Texture Model
=> Near-Regular Texture Synthesis
=> Near-Sensor Image Processing: A New Paradigm
=> Near-Space Microwave Radar Remote Sensing: Potentials and Challenge Analysis
=> Near-Space Vehicle-Borne SAR With Reflector Antenna for High-Resolution and Wide-Swath Remote Sensing
=> Near-Space Wind and Temperature Sensing Interferometer: Forward Model and Measurement Simulation, The
=> Near-Surface Air Temperature Retrieval Using a Deep Neural Network from Satellite Observations over South Korea
=> Near-Surface and High-Resolution Satellite Time Series for Detecting Crop Phenology
=> near-surface current velocity determined from image sequences of the sea surface, The
=> Near-Surface NO2 Concentration Estimation by Random Forest Modeling and Sentinel-5P and Ancillary Data
=> Near-Surface Soil Moisture Characterization in Mississippi's Highway Slopes Using Machine Learning Methods and UAV-Captured Infrared and Optical Images
=> Near-Surface Structure Investigation Using Ambient Noise in the Water Environment Recorded by Fiber-Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing
=> Near-threshold perceptual distortion prediction based on optimal structure classification
=> Near-Ultraviolet to Near-Infrared Band Thresholds Cloud Detection Algorithm for TANSAT-CAPI
=> Near-UV Pulsations in the Aurora Region Measured by Orbital Telescope TUS during High-Intensity and Long-Duration Continuous AE Activity
=> Near and far distance gesture tracking for 3D applications
=> Near Constant Acceleration Gaussian Process Kernel for Tracking, The
=> Near Convex Region Adjacency Graph and Approximate Neighborhood String Matching for Symbol Spotting in Graphical Documents
=> Near Duplicate Identification With Spatially Aligned Pyramid Matching
=> Near Duplicate Image Detection: min-Hash and tf-idf Weighting
=> Near Duplicate Image Discovery on One Billion Images
=> Near duplicate image identification with patially Aligned Pyramid Matching
=> near effective and efficient model in recognition, A
=> Near Exact Image Expansion Scheme for Bi-level Images, A
=> Near Field Photometric Stereo with Point Light Sources
=> Near Hue-Preserving Reversible Contrast and Saturation Enhancement Using Histogram Shifting
=> Near Infrared Face Based Biometric Key Binding
=> Near Infrared Face Image Quality Assessment System of Video Sequences
=> Near InfraRed Imagery Colorization
=> Near laser-scan quality 3-D face reconstruction from a low-quality depth stream
=> near least squares method for image decimation, A
=> Near Lossless JPEG Compression Based on Masking Effect of Non-predictable Energy of Image Regions
=> Near lossless reversible data hiding based on adaptive prediction
=> near optimal acceptance-rejection algorithm for exact cross-correlation search, A
=> near optimal coder for image geometry with adaptive partitioning, A
=> Near optimum estimation of local fractal dimension for image segmentation
=> Near Orthogonal Oversampled Graph Filter Banks
=> Near Perfect Correlation Functions Based on Zero-Sum Projections
=> Near Real-Time 3D Reconstruction from InIm Video Stream
=> Near Real-Time and Free Tool for the Preliminary Mapping of Active Lava Flows during Volcanic Crises: The Case of Hotspot Subaerial Eruptions, A
=> Near Real-Time Automatic Marine Vessel Detection on Optical Satellite Images
=> Near Real-Time Automatic Sub-Pixel Registration of Panchromatic and Multispectral Images for Pan-Sharpening
=> Near Real-Time Browsable Landsat-8 Imagery
=> Near Real-Time Change Detection System Using Sentinel-2 and Machine Learning: A Test for Mexican and Colombian Forests
=> Near Real-Time Characterization of Spatio-Temporal Precursory Evolution of a Rockslide from Radar Data: Integrating Statistical and Machine Learning with Dynamics of Granular Failure
=> Near real-time detection and forecasting of within-field phenology of winter wheat and corn using Sentinel-2 time-series data
=> Near Real-time Determination Of Earthquake Source Parameters For Tsunami Early Warning From Geodetic Observations
=> Near Real-Time Extracting Wildfire Spread Rate from Himawari-8 Satellite Data
=> Near real-time face parsing
=> Near real-time Fast Bilateral Stereo on the GPU
=> Near Real-Time Fire Detection and Monitoring in the MATOPIBA Region, Brazil
=> Near Real-Time Flood Detection in Urban and Rural Areas Using High-Resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
=> Near Real-Time Flood Mapping with Weakly Supervised Machine Learning
=> Near Real-Time Freeway Accident Detection
=> Near Real-Time Freeze Detection over Agricultural Plots Using Sentinel-1 Data
=> Near Real-Time Fuel-Optimal En Route Conflict Resolution
=> Near Real-Time Ground-to-Ground Infrared Remote-Sensing Combination and Inexpensive Visible Camera Observations Applied to Tomographic Stack Emission Measurements
=> Near Real-Time Irrigation Detection at Plot Scale Using Sentinel-1 Data
=> Near Real-Time Method for Forest Change Detection Based on a Structural Time Series Model and the Kalman Filter, A
=> Near Real-Time Monitoring of the Christmas 2018 Etna Eruption Using SEVIRI and Products Validation
=> Near Real-Time Motion Segmentation Using Graph Cuts
=> Near Real-Time Orthorectification and Mosaic of Small UAV Video Flow for Time-Critical Event Response
=> Near real-time parallel processing and advanced data management of SAR images in grid environments
=> Near real-time point cloud processing using the PCL
=> Near Real-Time Reliable Stereo Matching Using Programmable Graphics Hardware
=> Near real-time SAR-based processing to support flood monitoring
=> Near Real-Time Semantic View Analysis of 3D City Models in Web Browser
=> Near real-time shadow detection and removal in aerial motion imagery application
=> Near real-time stereo based on effective cost aggregation
=> Near Real-time Stereo for Weakly-Textured Scenes
=> Near Real-Time Stereo Matching Using Geodesic Diffusion
=> Near real-time stereo vision system
=> Near Real-Time Stereo With Adaptive Support Weight Approaches
=> Near real time airborne monitoring system for disaster and traffic applications
=> Near real time enhancement of geospatial imagery via systolic implementation of neural network-adapted convex regularization techniques
=> Near Real Time Enhancement of Remote Sensing Imagery Based on a Network of Systolic Arrays
=> Near Relation-Based Indoor Positioning Method under Sparse Wi-Fi Fingerprints
=> Near Standard Soil Samples Spectra Enhanced Modeling Strategy for Cd Concentration Prediction, A
=> Near surface light source estimation from a single view image
=> Near Surface Velocity Estimation Using GPR Data: Investigations by Numerical Simulation, and Experimental Approach with AVO Response
=> Nearest-Manifold Classification with Gaussian Processes
=> nearest-neighbor approach to relevance feedback in content based image retrieval, A
=> Nearest-Neighbor based Metric Functions for indoor scene recognition
=> nearest-neighbor chain based approach to skew estimation in document images, A
=> Nearest-neighbor intra prediction for screen content video coding
=> Nearest-neighbor search algorithms on non-Euclidean manifolds for computer vision applications
=> Nearest-neighbour classifiers in natural scene analysis
=> Nearest-neighbour ensembles in lasso feature subspaces
=> Nearest-prototype relevance feedback for content based image retrieval
=> Nearest-Regularized Subspace Classification for PolSAR Imagery Using Polarimetric Feature Vector and Spatial Information
=> Nearest-Subspace Patch Matching for face recognition under varying pose and illumination
=> Nearest Archetype Hull Methods for Large-Scale Data Classification
=> Nearest Feature Space Analysis for Classification
=> Nearest First Traversing Graph for Simultaneous Object Tracking and Recognition
=> Nearest intra-class space classifier for face recognition
=> Nearest Kronecker Product Decomposition Based Generalized Maximum Correntropy and Generalized Hyperbolic Secant Robust Adaptive Filters
=> Nearest manifold approach for face recognition
=> nearest neighbor-based active learning method and its application to time series classification, A
=> Nearest Neighbor Algorithm of Local Probability Centers, The
=> Nearest Neighbor Classification Based on Activation Space of Convolutional Neural Network
=> Nearest neighbor classification in infinite dimension
=> Nearest Neighbor Classification of Remote Sensing Images With the Maximal Margin Principle
=> Nearest neighbor classifier generalization through spatially constrained filters
=> Nearest neighbor ensemble
=> Nearest Neighbor Matching for Deep Clustering
=> Nearest Neighbor Median Filter: Some Deterministic Properties and Implementations, The
=> nearest neighbor method for efficient ICP, A
=> Nearest Neighbor Queries in Shared-Nothing Environments
=> Nearest neighbor search for relevance feedback
=> Nearest Neighbor Search using Additive Binary Tree
=> Nearest neighbor weighted average customization for modeling faces
=> Nearest Neighboring Self-Supervised Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Nearest Neighbors by Neighborhood Counting
=> Nearest Neighbors Meet Deep Neural Networks for Point Cloud Analysis
=> Nearest Neighbour Classification on Laser Point Clouds to Gain Object Structures from Buildings
=> Nearest neighbour estimators of density derivatives, with application to mean shift clustering
=> Nearest neighbour group-based classification
=> Nearest Regularized Subspace for Hyperspectral Classification
=> Nearest Subclass Classifier: A Compromise between the Nearest Mean and Nearest Neighbor Classifier, The
=> nearly optimal algorithm for covering the interior of an Art Gallery, A
=> nearly optimal sensor placement algorithm for boundary coverage, A
=> Nearly Zero Inclination Geosynchronous SAR Mission Analysis With Long Integration Time for Earth Observation
=> Nearness to Local Subspace Algorithm for Subspace and Motion Segmentation
=> Nearshore Bathymetry from ICESat-2 LiDAR and Sentinel-2 Imagery Datasets Using Deep Learning Approach
=> Nearshore Bathymetry Retrieval from Wave-Based Inversion for Video Imagery
=> Nearshore Benthic Habitat Mapping Based on Multi-Frequency, Multibeam Echosounder Data Using a Combined Object-Based Approach: A Case Study from the Rowy Site in the Southern Baltic Sea
=> Nearshore Benthic Mapping in the Great Lakes: A Multi-Agency Data Integration Approach in Southwest Lake Michigan
=> Nearshore Sandbar Classification of Sabaudia (Italy) with LiDAR Data: The FHyL Approach
=> NEAT: Neural Attention Fields for End-to-End Autonomous Driving
=> NEATER: Filtering of Over-sampled Data Using Non-cooperative Game Theory
=> NeatVision
=> Nebula feature: A space-time feature for posed and spontaneous 4D facial behavior analysis
=> NEC Animal Dataset
=> NEC
=> Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Generalized Demixing, A
=> Necessary and sufficient conditions for a unique solution of plane motion and structure
=> Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Existence of Robust Whitening Matrices
=> Necessary and Sufficient Contractivity Condition for the Fractal Transform Operator, A
=> Necessary and Sufficient Convergence Conditions for Algebraic Image Reconstruction Algorithms
=> Necessary and Sufficient Polynomial Constraints on Compatible Triplets of Essential Matrices
=> Necessary Condition of Affine Moment Invariants
=> Necessary Conditions to Attain Performance Bounds on Structure and Motion Estimates of Rigid Objects
=> Necessary Views for a Coarse Representation of a Scene
=> Necklaces: Inhomogeneous and Point-Enhanced Deformable Models
=> Nederlandse Vereniging voor Patroonherkenning en Beeldverwerking
=> Need And Keys For A New Generation Network Adjustment Software, The
=> Need for a Standardized Methodology for Quantitative Assessment of Natural and Anthropogenic Land Subsidence: The Agosta (Italy) Gas Field Case, The
=> Need for Accuracy Verification of Machine Vision Algorithms and Systems, The
=> Need for Accurate Geometric and Radiometric Corrections of Drone-Borne Hyperspectral Data for Mineral Exploration: MEPHySTo: A Toolbox for Pre-Processing Drone-Borne Hyperspectral Data, The
=> Need for Reliable Sensor Calibration from the Perspective of a National Mapping Agency
=> Need for Speed: A Benchmark for Higher Frame Rate Object Tracking
=> Need for Universal Design of eXtended Reality (XR) Technology in Primary and Secondary Education, The
=> Need Of Nested Grids For Aerial And Satellite Images And Digital Elevation Models, The
=> Need Only One More Point (NOOMP): Perspective Adaptation Crowd Counting in Complex Scenes
=> need to integrate geospatial & research data policy activities, The
=> Needle-Match: Reliable Patch Matching under High Uncertainty
=> Needle map recovery using robust regularizers
=> Needle map recovery using robust regularizers
=> Needles in a Haystack: Tracking City-Scale Moving Vehicles From Continuously Moving Satellite
=> NeeDrop: Self-supervised Shape Representation from Sparse Point Clouds using Needle Dropping
=> Needs and challenges in human computer interaction for processing social emotional information
=> Needs and Seeds in Character Recognition
=> Nefertiti: a query by content system for three-dimensional model and image databases management
=> NeFSAC: Neurally Filtered Minimal Samples
=> NeFSAC: Neurally Filtered Minimal Samples
=> Negation of the Quantum Mass Function for Multisource Quantum Information Fusion With its Application to Pattern Classification
=> Negational symmetry of quantum neural networks for binary pattern classification
=> Negative-Aware Attention Framework for Image-Text Matching
=> Negative Air Ion (NAI) Dynamics over Zhejiang Province, China, Based on Multivariate Remote Sensing Products
=> Negative Binomial Additive Models for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting in Urban Areas
=> Negative Binomial Matrix Factorization
=> Negative Binomial Process Count and Mixture Modeling
=> Negative Determinant of Hessian Features
=> Negative Effects of Alcohol Establishment Size and Proximity on the Frequency of Violent and Disorder Crime across Block Groups of Victoria, British Columbia, The
=> Negative Evidences and Co-occurences in Image Retrieval: The Benefit of PCA and Whitening
=> Negative Latency Recognition Method for Fine-Grained Gestures Based on Terahertz Radar
=> Negative Margin Matters: Understanding Margin in Few-Shot Classification
=> Negative Pseudo Labeling Using Class Proportion for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology
=> Negative results in computer vision: A perspective
=> Negative Samples are at Large: Leveraging Hard-Distance Elastic Loss for Re-identification
=> neglected background cues can facilitate finger vein recognition, The
=> Negotiated Decentralized Aircraft Conflict Resolution
=> Negotiating Corners With Teleoperated Mobile Robots With Time Delay
=> Negotiating the semantic gap: from feature maps to semantic landscapes
=> negotiation-based right-of-way assignment strategy to ensure traffic safety and efficiency in lane changes, A
=> Negotiation Between Vehicles and Pedestrians for the Right of Way at Intersections
=> Negro Tower: Documentation, Conservation, and Restoration
=> Neighbor-Aided Localization in Vehicular Networks
=> Neighbor-Based Label Distribution Learning to Model Label Ambiguity for Aerial Scene Classification
=> Neighbor-constrained active contours without edges
=> Neighbor-Constrained Segmentation With Level Set Based 3-D Deformable Models
=> Neighbor-Guided Consistent and Contrastive Learning for Semi-Supervised Action Recognition
=> Neighbor-rank densities for non-metric data
=> Neighbor-to-Neighbor Search for Fast Coding of Feature Vectors
=> Neighbor combination for atmospheric turbulence image reconstruction
=> Neighbor Distance Ratios and Dynamic Weighting in Multi-biometric Fusion
=> Neighbor embedding based super-resolution algorithm through edge detection and feature selection
=> Neighbor Finding in Images Represented by Octrees
=> Neighbor Finding Techniques for Images Represented by Quadtrees
=> Neighbor Gray Levels as Features in Pixel Classification
=> Neighbor insentive pixel deletion method for printing high resolution image
=> Neighbor number, valley seeking and clustering
=> Neighbor Pixel Mixture
=> Neighbor2Neighbor: A Self-Supervised Framework for Deep Image Denoising
=> Neighbor2Neighbor: Self-Supervised Denoising from Single Noisy Images
=> Neighborhood-Adaptive Multi-Cluster Ranking for Deep Metric Learning
=> Neighborhood-based credibility anchor learning for universal domain adaptation
=> Neighborhood-based Neural Implicit Reconstruction from Point Clouds
=> Neighborhood-Based Recovery of Phase Unwrapping Faults
=> Neighborhood-consensus message passing as a framework for generalized iterated conditional expectations
=> Neighborhood-level learning techniques for nonparametric scene models
=> Neighborhood-uniform NLC grammars
=> Neighborhood Adaptive Loss Function for Deep Learning-Based Point Cloud Coding With Implicit and Explicit Quantization
=> Neighborhood Aided Implicit Active Contours
=> Neighborhood Characteristics, Alcohol Outlet Density, and Alcohol-Related Calls-for-Service: A Spatiotemporal Analysis in a Wet Drinking Country
=> Neighborhood coherence and edge based approaches to film scene extraction
=> Neighborhood Collective Estimation for Noisy Label Identification and Chiorrection
=> Neighborhood Contrastive Learning for Novel Class Discovery
=> Neighborhood Cooperative Multiagent Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Traffic Signal Control in Epidemic Regions
=> Neighborhood Counting Measure and Minimum Risk Metric
=> Neighborhood Decomposition of 3D Convex Structuring Elements for Morphological Operations
=> Neighborhood Dependent Approximation by Nonlinear Embedding for Face Recognition
=> Neighborhood Dependent Nonlinear Technique for Color Image Enhancement, A
=> Neighborhood Discriminant Hashing for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
=> Neighborhood Discriminant Projection for Face Recognition
=> Neighborhood Discriminant Projection for Face Recognition
=> neighborhood elimination approach for block matching in motion estimation, A
=> neighborhood evaluated adaptive vector filter for suppression of impulse noise in color images, A
=> Neighborhood Feature Line Segment for Image Classification
=> Neighborhood Filters and the Decreasing Rearrangement
=> Neighborhood kinship preserving hashing for supervised learning
=> Neighborhood linear discriminant analysis
=> Neighborhood linear embedding for intrinsic structure discovery
=> Neighborhood Matching for Image Retrieval
=> Neighborhood Normalization for Robust Geometric Feature Learning
=> Neighborhood preserving embedding on Grassmann manifold for image-set analysis
=> Neighborhood Preserving Embedding
=> Neighborhood Preserving Hashing for Scalable Video Retrieval
=> Neighborhood Preserving Kernels for Attributed Graphs
=> Neighborhood Preserving Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
=> Neighborhood Pyramid Preserving Hashing
=> Neighborhood Region Smoothing Regularization for Finding Flat Minima in Deep Neural Networks
=> Neighborhood Relations between Fields with Applications to Cellular Networks
=> Neighborhood repulsed correlation metric learning for kinship verification
=> Neighborhood Repulsed Metric Learning for Kinship Verification
=> Neighborhood Repulsed Metric Learning for Kinship Verification
=> Neighborhood Selection for Dimensionality Reduction
=> Neighborhood Sequences and Their Applications in the Digital Image Processing
=> Neighborhood Sequences in the Diamond Grid: Algorithms with Four Neighbors
=> Neighborhood sequences in the diamond grid: Algorithms with two and three neighbors
=> Neighborhood Sequences on nD Hexagonal/Face-Centered-Cubic Grids
=> Neighborhood size selection in the k-nearest-neighbor rule using statistical confidence
=> Neighborhood Supported Model Level Fuzzy Aggregation for Moving Object Segmentation
=> Neighborhood Topologies in Fully Informed and Best-of-Neighborhood Particle Swarms
=> Neighborhoods for Distance Transformations Using Ordered Propagation
=> Neighboring block based disparity vector derivation for 3D-AVC
=> Neighboring Discriminant Component Analysis for Asteroid Spectrum Classification
=> Neighboring Gray Level Dependence Matrix for Texture Classification
=> Neighboring Image Patches Embedding for background modeling
=> Neighboring Sample Prediction Coding for HEVC Screen Content Coding
=> Neighbors-buffering-based video-on-demand architecture
=> Neighbors Based Discriminative Feature Difference Learning for Kinship Verification
=> Neighbour-based Domain Adaptation for Investigation of Transferable Ability of Previously Labeled Data for Land-cover Classification Of Aerial Images
=> Neighbourhood-blocks motion vector estimation technique using pyramidal data structure
=> Neighbourhood Context Embeddings in Deep Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Predicting Pedestrian Motion Over Long Time Horizons
=> Neighbourhood decision based impulse noise filter
=> Neighbourhood preserving discriminant embedding in face recognition
=> Neighbourhood sensitive preserving embedding for pattern classification
=> Neighbourhood Species Richness Reduces Crown Asymmetry of Subtropical Trees in Sloping Terrain
=> Neighbourhood Structure Preserving Cross-Modal Embedding for Video Hyperlinking
=> Neighbourhood Watch: Referring Expression Comprehension via Language-Guided Graph Attention Networks
=> Neighbourhood weighted fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm for image segmentation
=> Neighbouring Color Dependence Matrix for Image Analysis: Application to homogeneous and heterogeneous areas detection and characterization
=> NEIL: Extracting Visual Knowledge from Web Data
=> NeILF: Neural Incident Light Field for Physically-based Material Estimation
=> Neither Global Nor Local: Regularized Patch-Based Representation for Single Sample Per Person Face Recognition
=> NELasso: Group-Sparse Modeling for Characterizing Relations Among Named Entities in News Articles
=> Nemo: An Open-Source Transformer-Supercharged Benchmark for Fine-Grained Wildfire Smoke Detection
=> Neo-3DF: Novel Editing-oriented 3d Face Creation and Reconstruction
=> Neo Euclide: A Low-Cost System for Performance Animation and Puppetry
=> Neocognitron: A new algorithm for pattern recognition tolerant of deformations and shifts in position
=> NEOCR: A Configurable Dataset for Natural Image Text Recognition
=> Neonatal Pain Scales and Human Visual Perception: An Exploratory Analysis Based on Facial Expression Recognition and Eye-tracking
=> Neotectonics of the Western Suleiman Fold Belt, Pakistan: Evidence for Bookshelf Faulting
=> NeoUNet: Towards Accurate Colon Polyp Segmentation and Neoplasm Detection
=> Neovascularization Detection on Optic Disc Region Using Deep Learning
=> nepDroid: an intelligent mobile music player
=> NephCNN: A deep-learning framework for vessel segmentation in nephrectomy laparoscopic videos
=> Neptec
=> Neptec
=> NeRD: A Neural Response Divergence Approach to Visual Saliency Detection
=> NeRD: Neural 3D Reflection Symmetry Detector
=> NeRD: Neural Reflectance Decomposition from Image Collections
=> NeRF-Editing: Geometry Editing of Neural Radiance Fields
=> Nerf c-means: Non-Euclidean relational fuzzy clustering
=> NeRF for Outdoor Scene Relighting
=> NeRF in the Dark: High Dynamic Range View Synthesis from Noisy Raw Images
=> NeRF in the Wild: Neural Radiance Fields for Unconstrained Photo Collections
=> NeRF: Representing Scenes as Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis
=> NeRF: Representing Scenes as Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis
=> Nerfels: Renderable Neural Codes for Improved Camera Pose Estimation
=> Nerfies: Deformable Neural Radiance Fields
=> NerfingMVS: Guided Optimization of Neural Radiance Fields for Indoor Multi-view Stereo
=> NeRFReN: Neural Radiance Fields with Reflections
=> NeRFusion: Fusing Radiance Fields for Large-Scale Scene Reconstruction
=> NERNet: Noise estimation and removal network for image denoising
=> NEROvideo: a general-purpose CNN-UM video processing system
=> Nerual ID
=> NeRV: Neural Reflectance and Visibility Fields for Relighting and View Synthesis
=> Nerve Contour Tracking for Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia
=> Nerve Detection in Ultrasound Images Using Median Gabor Binary Pattern
=> Nerve Localization by Machine Learning Framework with New Feature Selection Algorithm
=> Nerve Structure Segmentation from Ultrasound Images Using Random Under-Sampling and an SVM Classifier
=> NEST: Neural Event Stack for Event-Based Image Enhancement
=> Nesta: A Fast And Accurate First-Order Method For Sparse Recovery
=> Nesta: A Fast And Accurate First-Order Method For Sparse Recovery
=> Nested-multilevel Redundancy Exploitation for Fast Block Matching, A
=> Nested Alignment Graph Kernel Through the Dynamic Time Warping Framework, A
=> Nested Array Processing for Distributed Sources
=> Nested Attention U-net: A Splicing Detection Method for Satellite Images
=> Nested auto-regressive processes for MPEG-encoded video traffic modeling
=> Nested Collaborative Learning for Long-Tailed Visual Recognition
=> Nested conformal prediction and quantile out-of-bag ensemble methods
=> Nested Conjugate Gradient Algorithm With Nested Preconditioning for Non-Linear Image Restoration
=> Nested convolutional-turbo codes for the binary Wyner-Ziv problem
=> Nested Deformable Multi-head Attention for Facial Image Inpainting
=> Nested Dichotomies Based on Clustering
=> nested drone-satellite approach to monitoring the ecological conditions of wetlands, A
=> Nested Fabric Adaptation to New Urban Heritage Development
=> Nested Graph Cut for Automatic Segmentation of High-Frequency Ultrasound Images of the Mouse Embryo
=> Nested Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
=> Nested Hyper-Rectangle Learning Model for Remote Sensing: Land Cover Classification
=> Nested Hyperbolic Spaces for Dimensionality Reduction and Hyperbolic NN Design
=> Nested interleaving transcoder for MPEG-4 simple profile bitstream
=> Nested Iterative Algorithms For Convex Constrained Image Recovery Problems
=> Nested Local Symmetry Set
=> Nested motion descriptors
=> Nested Multi-view Image Classification
=> Nested Network With Two-Stream Pyramid for Salient Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images
=> Nested Normalizations for Decoupling Global Features
=> Nested partitions using texture segmentation
=> Nested Pictorial Structures
=> Nested polygonal chain mapping of omnidirectional video
=> Nested QR Code, The
=> Nested random phase sequence sets: a link between AM-FM demodulation and increasing operators with application to cardiac image analysis
=> nested recursive approach to MAP estimation based on Gauss-Markov random fields, A
=> Nested Scale-Editing for Conditional Image Synthesis
=> Nested Shallow CNN-Cascade for Face Detection in the Wild
=> Nested Shape Descriptors
=> Nested Sparse Quantization for Efficient Feature Coding
=> Nested spatial data structures for optimal indexing of LiDAR data
=> Nested state indexing in pairwise Markov networks for fast handwritten document image rule-line removal
=> Nested structures of control: An intuitive view
=> Nested U-Net With Self-Attention and Dense Connectivity for Monaural Speech Enhancement, A
=> nested U-shape network with multi-scale upsample attention for robust retinal vascular segmentation, A
=> NestedNet: Learning Nested Sparse Structures in Deep Neural Networks
=> NestedVAE: Isolating Common Factors via Weak Supervision
=> Nesti-Net: Normal Estimation for Unstructured 3D Point Clouds Using Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Nesting-structured nuclear norm minimization for spatially correlated matrix variate
=> Nesting Patterns of Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta): Development of a Multiple Regression Model Tested in North Carolina, USA
=> NeSVoR: Implicit Neural Representation for Slice-to-Volume Reconstruction in MRI
=> NESZ Estimation and Calibration for Gaofen-3 Polarimetric Products by the Minimum Noise Envelope Estimator
=> net-structure learning system for pattern description, A
=> Net Cloud Thinning, Low-Level Cloud Diminishment, and Hadley Circulation Weakening of Precipitating Clouds with Tropical West Pacific SST Using MISR and Other Satellite and Reanalysis Data
=> Net Primary Productivity Estimation of Terrestrial Ecosystems in China with Regard to Saturation Effects and Its Spatiotemporal Evolutionary Impact Factors
=> Net Surface Shortwave Radiation from GOES Imagery: Product Evaluation Using Ground-Based Measurements from SURFRAD
=> net work of chaotic elements for information processing, A
=> Net2Vec: Quantifying and Explaining How Concepts are Encoded by Filters in Deep Neural Networks
=> net4Lap: Neural Laplacian Regularization for Ranking and Re-Ranking
=> NetAdapt: Platform-Aware Neural Network Adaptation for Mobile Applications
=> NetAdaptV2: Efficient Neural Architecture Search with Fast Super-Network Training and Architecture Optimization
=> NetCalib: A Novel Approach for LiDAR-Camera Auto-calibration Based on Deep Learning
=> NetClust: A Framework for Scalable and Pareto-Optimal Media Server Placement
=> NetLogo implementation of an ant colony optimisation solution to the traffic problem
=> NETNet: Neighbor Erasing and Transferring Network for Better Single Shot Object Detection
=> NeTra-V: Toward An Object-Based Video Representation
=> NETRA: A Toolbox for Navigating Large Image Databases
=> NETRA: A Toolbox for Navigating Large Image Databases
=> NetRAD: Monostatic and Bistatic Sea Clutter Texture and Doppler Spectra Characterization at S-Band
=> NetScore: Towards Universal Metrics for Large-Scale Performance Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Practical On-Device Edge Usage
=> NetTailor: Tuning the Architecture, Not Just the Weights
=> NetTimeView: Applying Spatio-temporal Data Visualization Techniques to DDoS Attack Analysis
=> NetTraj: A Network-Based Vehicle Trajectory Prediction Model With Directional Representation and Spatiotemporal Attention Mechanisms
=> NetVLAD: CNN Architecture for Weakly Supervised Place Recognition
=> NetVLAD: CNN Architecture for Weakly Supervised Place Recognition
=> Network-Adaptive Image and Video Transmission in Camera-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
=> Network-Adaptive Low-Latency Video Communication Over Best-Effort Networks
=> Network-adaptive Scalable Video Streaming Over 3g Wireless Network
=> Network-adaptive transport of motion-compensated fine granularity scalability video using multiple asymmetric paths
=> Network-Aware Approach for Video and Metadata Streaming, A
=> Network-aware identification of video clip fragments
=> network-based air traveling model of 2009 global H1N1 outbreaks, A
=> Network-Based Approach to Online Cursive Script Recognition
=> Network-Based Classification Using Cortical Thickness of AD Patients
=> Network-Based Correlated Correspondence for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation of Hyperspectral Satellite Images
=> Network-Based Enhanced Spectral Diversity Approach for TOPS Time-Series Analysis, A
=> Network-Based H.264/AVC Whole-Frame Loss Visibility Model and Frame Dropping Methods
=> Network-Based Line-of-Sight Path Tracking of Underactuated Unmanned Surface Vehicles With Experiment Results
=> Network-Based Modeling for Characterizing Human Collective Behaviors During Extreme Events
=> Network-based sparse Bayesian classification
=> Network-based stabilization of time-delay systems with actuator saturation via anti-windup design
=> Network-based structure flow estimation
=> Network-Coding-Assisted Data Dissemination via Cooperative Vehicle-to-Vehicle/-Infrastructure Communications
=> Network-Dependent Image Annotation Based on Explicit Context-Dependent Kernel Maps
=> Network-dependent kernels for image ranking
=> Network-driven low complexity coding for wireless multi-view video system
=> Network-Driven Motion Estimation for Wireless Video Terminals
=> Network-embedded FEC for optimum throughput of multicast packet video
=> Network-Flow-Based Efficient Vehicle Dispatch for City-Scale Ride-Hailing Systems
=> Network-Guided Group Feature Selection for Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder
=> Network-Level Coordinated Speed Optimization and Traffic Light Control for Connected and Automated Vehicles
=> Network-Level Traffic Signal Cooperation: A Higher-Order Conflict Graph Approach
=> Network-Matched Trajectory-Based Moving-Object Database: Models and Applications
=> Network-Wide Link Travel Time and Station Waiting Time Estimation Using Automatic Fare Collection Data: A Computational Graph Approach
=> Network-Wide Link Travel Time Inference Using Trip-Based Data From Automatic Vehicle Identification Detectors
=> Network-Wide Traffic Signal Control Using Bilinear System Modeling and Adaptive Optimization
=> Network-Wide Traffic State Estimation and Rolling Horizon-Based Signal Control Optimization in a Connected Vehicle Environment
=> Network adaptation for color image semantic segmentation
=> Network Adaptive Multiple Description Coding for JPEG2000
=> Network Adjustment of Automated Relative Orientation for A Dual-camera System
=> Network Adjustment: Channel and Block Search Guided by Resource Utilization Ratio
=> Network Adjustment: Channel Search Guided by FLOPs Utilization Ratio
=> Network Amplification with Efficient MACs Allocation
=> Network Analysis of the Stack Overflow Tags
=> Network and Device Aware QoS Approach for Cloud-Based Mobile Streaming, A
=> Network Architecture for Point Cloud Classification via Automatic Depth Images Generation, A
=> Network Attacks Related To Smart Healthcare and Their Impact Evaluation
=> Network Awareness of P2P Live Streaming Applications: A Measurement Study
=> Network Binarization via Contrastive Learning
=> Network Capacity Maximization Using Route Choice and Signal Control With Multiple OD Pairs
=> Network Characteristics and Vulnerability Analysis of Chinese Railway Network under Earthquake Disasters
=> Network Coding and Genetic Algorithm Based Power Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks, A
=> Network Coding Meets Multimedia: A Review
=> Network Coding of Rateless Video in Streaming Overlays
=> Network Collaborative Pruning Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Evolutionary Multi-Task Optimization
=> Network Combining a Transformer and a Convolutional Neural Network for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection, A
=> Network Connectivity via Inference over Curvature-Regularizing Line Graphs
=> Network Consistent Data Association
=> Network Detection In Raster Data Using Marked Point Processes
=> Network Dissection: Quantifying Interpretability of Deep Visual Representations
=> Network Edge Entropy from Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics
=> Network Embedded FEC (NEF) for Video Multicast in Presence of Packet Loss Correlation
=> Network embedding from the line graph: Random walkers and boosted classification
=> Network entropy analysis using the Maxwell-Boltzmann partition function
=> Network Flow Algorithm for Reconstructing Binary Images from Continuous X-rays, A
=> Network Flow Algorithm for Reconstructing Binary Images from Discrete X-rays, A
=> Network Flow Approach to Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle from Two Projections, A
=> Network Flow Formulations for Learning Binary Hashing
=> Network Flow Integer Programming to Track Elliptical Cells in Time-Lapse Sequences
=> Network for Landslide Detection Using Large-Area Remote Sensing Images with Multiple Spatial Resolutions, A
=> Network for Makeup Face Verification Based upon Deep Learning, A
=> Network friendly media security: rationales, solutions, and open issues
=> Network Function Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking: Advancing Multimedia Distribution
=> Network Generalization Prediction for Safety Critical Tasks in Novel Operating Domains
=> Network in network based weakly supervised learning for visual tracking
=> Network interconnected financial document processing devices
=> Network Intrusion Detection Based on Neural Networks and D-S Evidence
=> Network Intrusion Detection by Combining One-Class Classifiers
=> Network intrusion detection in covariance feature space
=> network intrusion detection method using independent component analysis, A
=> Network Mechanism for the Determination of Apparent Orientation, A
=> network of co-operative cameras for visual surveillance, A
=> Network of Dynamic Probabilistic Models for Human Interaction Analysis, A
=> Network of evolutionary binary classifiers for classification and retrieval in macroinvertebrate databases
=> Network of Experts for Large-Scale Image Categorization
=> Network of Stationary Sensors and Mobile Robots for Distributed Ambient Intelligence, A
=> Network of the Italian University Museums for the Diffusion of the Scientific Culture, The
=> Network of X-Band Meteorological Radars to Support the Motorway System (Campania Region Meteorological Radar Network Project), A
=> Network Operation Strategies for Efficient Localization and Navigation
=> Network optimization using defender system in cloud computing security based intrusion detection system withgame theory deep neural network (IDSGT-DNN)
=> Network Partitioning Algorithmic Approach for Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram-Based Hierarchical Traffic Network Management, A
=> Network Patterns of Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration in China Based on Baidu Migration Data
=> Network performance analysis of advanced video coding schemes
=> Network Principles for SfM: Disambiguating Repeated Structures with Local Context
=> Network protocol for interaction and scalable distributed visualization
=> Network Pruning Network Approach to Deep Model Compression, A
=> Network Pruning via Feature Shift Minimization
=> Network Pruning via Performance Maximization
=> Network Quantization with Element-wise Gradient Scaling
=> Network Rebalance and Operational Efficiency of Sharing Transportation System: Multi-Objective Optimization and Model Predictive Control Approaches
=> Network Security Using Biometric and Cryptography
=> Network selection based on Cosine Similarity and Combination of Subjective and Objective Weighting
=> Network Size Estimation Using Distributed Orthogonalization
=> Network Sketching: Exploiting Binary Structure in Deep CNNs
=> Network Snakes-Supported Extraction of Field Boundaries from Imagery
=> Network Snakes For Adapting GIS Roads To Height Data Of Different Data Sources: Performance Analysis Using Als Data And Stereo Images
=> Network snakes: Graph-based object delineation with active contour models
=> Network Space Search for Pareto-Efficient Spaces
=> Network survivability and recoverability in urban rail transit systems under disruption
=> Network Through Centuries: From The Byzantine Era to Present Days
=> Network Tomography Approach for Traffic Monitoring in Smart Cities, A
=> Network traffic demand patterns for video over relative differentiated services networks
=> Network Uncertainty Informed Semantic Feature Selection for Visual SLAM
=> Network Update Compression for Federated Learning
=> Network Vision
=> Network visualization algorithms to evaluate students in online discussion forums: A simulation study
=> Networked automated document processing system and method
=> Networked Computer Vision: The Importance of a Holistic Simulator
=> Networked Document Imaging with Normalization and Optimization
=> Networked Heterogeneous Camera System for High Resolution Face Images
=> Networked High-Speed Vision System for 1,000-FPS Visual Feature Communication, A
=> Networked multi-sensor fusion estimation with delays, packet losses and missing measurements
=> Networked predictive control method of multi-vehicle cooperative control at communication-constrained unsignalized multi-intersection
=> Networked state estimation of MIMO Systems
=> networked video jukebox, The
=> Networking digital document images
=> Networking Layer for the Evolution of Maritime Ports Into a Smart Environment
=> Networks Effectively Utilizing 2D Spatial Information for Accurate 3D Hand Pose Estimation
=> Networks for Joint Affine and Non-Parametric Image Registration
=> Networks for Nonlinear Diffusion Problems in Imaging
=> NeuFlow: A runtime reconfigurable dataflow processor for vision
=> Neugebauer Model of a Four-Color Inkjet Printer
=> NeuMan: Neural Human Radiance Field from a Single Video
=> NeuMesh: Learning Disentangled Neural Mesh-Based Implicit Field for Geometry and Texture Editing
=> Neural-based Architectures for the Segmentation of Textures
=> neural-based method for optical flow estimation using phase correlation, A
=> Neural-based navigation of a differential-drive mobile robot
=> neural-based segmentation of cursive words using enhanced heuristics, The
=> Neural-edge-based vehicle detection and traffic parameter extraction
=> neural-evolutionary approach for feature and architecture selection in online handwriting recognition, A
=> Neural-Fuzzy Gap Control for a Current/Voltage-Controlled 1/4-Vehicle MagLev System
=> Neural-GIF: Neural Generalized Implicit Functions for Animating People in Clothing
=> Neural-Guided RANSAC: Learning Where to Sample Model Hypotheses
=> Neural-Inspired Architecture for EEG-Based Auditory Attention Detection, A
=> Neural-like thinning processing
=> Neural-net classification for spatio-temporal descriptor based depression analysis
=> Neural-Network-Based Adaptive Singularity-Free Fixed-Time Attitude Tracking Control for Spacecrafts
=> Neural-Network-Based Beamformer for Phased Array Weather Radar, A
=> Neural-network-based cooperative adaptive identification of nonlinear systems
=> Neural-Network-Based Equalization and Detection for Underwater Acoustic Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Communications: A Low-Complexity Approach
=> Neural-Network-Based Inspection of Solder Joints Using a Circular Illumination
=> Neural-Network-Based Models for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using a Hybrid Exponential Smoothing and Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
=> Neural-Network Approach for Solving the Maximal Common Subgraph Problem
=> Neural-Network Approach to CSG-Based 3-D Object Recognition, A
=> Neural-Network Approach to CSG-Based 3-D Object Recognition, A
=> Neural-Network Approach to Off-Line Signature Verification Using Directional PDF, A
=> neural-network based autonomous navigation system using mobile robots, A
=> Neural-Network Capable of Learning and Inference for Visual-Pattern Recognition, A
=> Neural-Network Classifier for OCR Using Structural Descriptions, A
=> Neural-network Enhanced Video Coding Framework beyond VVC, A
=> Neural-Network Time-Series Analysis of MODIS EVI for Post-Fire Vegetation Regrowth
=> Neural-networks-based edges selector for boundary extraction problems
=> Neural-Sim: Learning to Generate Training Data with NeRF
=> Neural-Statistical Approach to Multitemporal and Multisource Remote-Sensing Image Classification, A
=> Neural-Symbolic Architecture for Inverse Graphics Improved by Lifelong Meta-learning, A
=> Neural 3-D Object Recognition Architecture Using Optimized Gabor Filters, A
=> Neural 3D Mesh Renderer
=> Neural 3D Morphable Models: Spiral Convolutional Networks for 3D Shape Representation Learning and Generation
=> Neural 3D Scene Reconstruction with the Manhattan-world Assumption
=> Neural 3D Video Synthesis from Multi-view Video
=> Neural Abstract Style Transfer for Chinese Traditional Painting
=> Neural Acoustic-Phonetic Approach for Speaker Verification With Phonetic Attention Mask
=> Neural Activation Constellations: Unsupervised Part Model Discovery with Convolutional Networks
=> Neural Adaptive Algorithm for Feature Selection and Classification of High Dimensionality Data, A
=> Neural Adaptive Command Filtered Control for Cooperative Path Following of Multiple Underactuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Along One Path
=> Neural Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control for High Speed Trains Considering Actuation Notches and Antiskid Constraints
=> Neural adaptive stereo matching
=> Neural aesthetic image reviewer
=> Neural Agent Car-Following Models
=> Neural Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
=> Neural Algebra of Classifiers
=> Neural and Stochastic Methods in Image and Signal Processing II
=> Neural and Stochastic Methods in Image and Signal Processing III
=> Neural and Stochastic Methods in Image and Signal Processing
=> Neural Approach for Single- and Multi- Image Camera Calibration, A
=> Neural Approach to Blind Motion Deblurring, A
=> neural approach to optical image reconstruction, A
=> neural approach to zoom-lens camera calibration from data with outliers, A
=> Neural Approximations of Analog Joint Source-Channel Coding
=> Neural Architects
=> Neural Architects
=> Neural Architecture Adaptation for Object Detection by Searching Channel Dimensions and Mapping Pre-trained Parameters
=> neural architecture for fast and robust face detection, A
=> Neural Architecture of Brightness Perception: Nonlinear Contrast Detection and Geometry Driven Diffusion, A
=> Neural Architecture Performance Prediction Using Graph Neural Networks
=> Neural Architecture Search for Convolutional Neural Networks with Attention
=> Neural Architecture Search for Dense Prediction Tasks in Computer Vision
=> Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Uncalibrated Deep Photometric Stereo
=> Neural Architecture Search for Fracture Classification
=> Neural Architecture Search for Image Super-Resolution Using Densely Constructed Search Space: DeCoNAS
=> Neural Architecture Search for Joint Human Parsing and Pose Estimation
=> Neural Architecture Search for Lightweight Non-Local Networks
=> Neural Architecture Search for Spiking Neural Networks
=> Neural Architecture Search of Deep Priors: Towards Continual Learning without Catastrophic Interference
=> Neural Architecture Search via Proxy Validation
=> Neural architecture search via reference point based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm
=> Neural Architecture Search with Random Labels
=> Neural Architecture Search with Representation Mutual Information
=> Neural Architecture Search: Lightweight NAS Challenge (NAS)
=> Neural Architecture Searching for Facial Attributes-based Depression Recognition
=> Neural Architecture Transfer
=> Neural Articulated Radiance Field
=> Neural Attention-Driven Non-Maximum Suppression for Person Detection
=> Neural Attentive Network for Cross-Domain Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification
=> Neural Auto-Exposure for High-Dynamic Range Object Detection
=> Neural Autoregressive Approach to Attention-based Recognition, A
=> Neural Baby Talk
=> Neural Background Subtraction for Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
=> Neural Bag-of-Features learning
=> Neural Based Approach for Fast Retrieval of Symbolic Images in Database
=> Neural Based Architecture for Spot-Noisy Logo Recognition, A
=> Neural based binarization techniques
=> Neural Batch Sampling with Reinforcement Learning for Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection
=> Neural Belief Propagation for Scene Graph Generation
=> Neural Best Fit Void Filling Scheduler in fixed time for optical burst switching
=> Neural Blind Deconvolution Using Deep Priors
=> Neural Body Fitting: Unifying Deep Learning and Model Based Human Pose and Shape Estimation
=> Neural Body: Implicit Neural Representations with Structured Latent Codes for Novel View Synthesis of Dynamic Humans
=> Neural Cages for Detail-Preserving 3D Deformations
=> Neural Camera Simulators
=> Neural Capture of Animatable 3D Human from Monocular Video
=> Neural Cell Segmentation in Large-Scale 3D Color Fluorescence Microscopy Images for Developemental Neuroscience
=> Neural Cellular Automata Manifold
=> Neural class-specific regression for face verification
=> Neural classifier for micro work piece recognition
=> Neural Classifiers and Statistical Pattern-Recognition: Applications for Currently Established Links
=> Neural Clustering Approach for High-Resolution Radar Target Classification, A
=> Neural Codes for Image Retrieval
=> Neural Collaborative Graph Machines for Table Structure Recognition
=> Neural Color Operators for Sequential Image Retouching
=> Neural Compatibility Modeling With Probabilistic Knowledge Distillation
=> Neural component search for single image super-resolution
=> Neural Compression-Based Feature Learning for Video Restoration
=> Neural Compression and Filtering for Edge-assisted Real-time Object Detection in Challenged Networks
=> neural contextual model for detecting perceptually salient contours, A
=> Neural Contourlet Network for Monocular 360° Depth Estimation
=> Neural Contours: Learning to Draw Lines From 3D Shapes
=> Neural Contrast Enhancement of CT Image
=> Neural Convolutional Surfaces
=> Neural Correspondence Field for Object Pose Estimation
=> Neural Ctrl-F: Segmentation-Free Query-by-String Word Spotting in Handwritten Manuscript Collections
=> Neural Data-Dependent Transform for Learned Image Compression
=> Neural Data Server: A Large-Scale Search Engine for Transfer Learning Data
=> Neural Decision Forests for Semantic Image Labelling
=> Neural Decoding Using Kernel-Based Functional Representation of ECoG Recordings
=> Neural Deformable Voxel Grid for Fast Optimization of Dynamic View Synthesis
=> Neural Deformation Graphs for Globally-consistent Non-rigid Reconstruction
=> Neural Dense Non-rigid Structure from Motion with Latent Space Constraints
=> Neural Density-Distance Fields
=> Neural Density-Distance Fields
=> Neural Descent for Visual 3D Human Pose and Shape
=> Neural Design Network: Graphic Layout Generation with Constraints
=> Neural Discriminant Analysis For Fine-Grained Classification
=> Neural disparity computation for dense two-frame stereo correspondence
=> Neural Disparity Refinement for Arbitrary Resolution Stereo
=> Neural Distributed Image Compression with Cross-Attention Feature Alignment
=> Neural Dynamics of Surface Perception: Boundary Webs, Illuminants, and Shape-from-Shading
=> Neural edge enhancer for supervised edge enhancement from noisy images
=> Neural Emotion Director: Speech-preserving semantic control of facial expressions in in-the-wild videos
=> Neural encoding of binocular disparity: Energy model, position shifts and phase shifts
=> Neural Ensemble Decoding of Rat's Motor Cortex by Kalman Filter and Optimal Linear Estimation
=> Neural EPI-Volume Networks for Shape from Light Field
=> Neural Face Editing with Intrinsic Image Disentangling
=> Neural Face Identification in a 2D Wireframe Projection of a Manifold Object
=> Neural Face Identification in a 2D Wireframe Projection of a Manifold Object
=> Neural Face Video Compression using Multiple Views
=> Neural Feature Search for RGB-Infrared Person Re-Identification
=> Neural Fields as Learnable Kernels for 3D Reconstruction
=> Neural Fields as Learnable Kernels for 3D Reconstruction
=> Neural Fields Models of Visual Areas: Principles, Successes, and Caveats
=> Neural Full-Rank Spatial Covariance Analysis for Blind Source Separation
=> Neural Geometric Level of Detail: Real-time Rendering with Implicit 3D Shapes
=> Neural Geometric Parser for Single Image Camera Calibration
=> Neural Global Shutter: Learn to Restore Video from a Rolling Shutter Camera with Global Reset Feature
=> Neural Granger Causality
=> Neural graph embeddings as explicit low-rank matrix factorization for link prediction
=> Neural Graph Matching Network: Learning Lawler's Quadratic Assignment Problem With Extension to Hypergraph and Multiple-Graph Matching
=> Neural Graph Matching Networks for Fewshot 3D Action Recognition
=> Neural gray edge: Improving gray edge algorithm using neural network
=> Neural guided visual SLAM system with Laplacian of Gaussian operator
=> Neural Hair Rendering
=> Neural Head Avatars from Monocular RGB Videos
=> Neural Head Reenactment with Latent Pose Descriptors
=> Neural Human Deformation Transfer
=> Neural Illumination: Lighting Prediction for Indoor Environments
=> Neural Image Compression for Gigapixel Histopathology Image Analysis
=> Neural Image Compression via Attentional Multi-scale Back Projection and Frequency Decomposition
=> Neural Image Parts Group Search for Person Re-Identification
=> Neural Image Recolorization for Creative Domains
=> Neural Image Representations for Multi-Image Fusion and Layer Separation
=> Neural Image Thresholding Using SIFT: A Comparative Study
=> Neural implementation of ARMA type filters for image restoration
=> neural implementation of the Hough transform and the advantages of explaining away, A
=> Neural Implicit Embedding for Point Cloud Analysis
=> Neural Implicit Representations for Physical Parameter Inference from a Single Video
=> Neural Inertial Localization
=> Neural Inter-Frame Compression for Video Coding
=> Neural Inverse Rendering of an Indoor Scene From a Single Image
=> Neural KEM: A Kernel Method With Deep Coefficient Prior for PET Image Reconstruction
=> Neural Kinematic Networks for Unsupervised Motion Retargetting
=> Neural learning-based image quality metric without reference
=> Neural Light Field Estimation for Street Scenes with Differentiable Virtual Object Insertion
=> Neural Lip-Sync Framework for Synthesizing Photorealistic Virtual News Anchors, A
=> Neural Lumigraph Rendering
=> Neural Machine Registration for Motion Correction in Breast DCE-MRI
=> Neural Machine Translation with Deep Attention
=> Neural machine translation with Gumbel Tree-LSTM based encoder
=> Neural Mean Discrepancy for Efficient Out-of-Distribution Detection
=> Neural Mechanisms for Form and Motion Detection and Integration: Biology Meets Machine Vision
=> Neural mechanisms for segregation and recovering of intrinsic images features
=> Neural Mechanisms of Visual Flow Integration and Segregation: Insights from the Pinna-Brelstaff Illusion and Variations of It
=> Neural Mesh-based Graphics
=> Neural mesh ensembles
=> Neural Mesh Simplification
=> Neural minor component analysis approach to robust constrained beamforming
=> Neural MoCon: Neural Motion Control for Physically Plausible Human Motion Capture
=> Neural Model for Attentional Modulation of Lateral Interactions in the Visual Cortex, A
=> Neural Model for Category Learning, A
=> neural model for text localization, transcription and named entity recognition in full pages, A
=> Neural Model of Human Texture Processing: Texture Segmentation vs. Visual Search, A
=> Neural Modeling of Piecewise Linear Classifiers
=> Neural Module Networks
=> Neural Motifs: Scene Graph Parsing with Global Context
=> Neural Multi-scale Image Compression
=> Neural Multi-sequence Alignment TeCHnique (NeuMATCH), A
=> Neural Multimodal Cooperative Learning Toward Micro-Video Understanding
=> neural net algorithm for maximum entropy image reconstruction, A
=> Neural net vector quantizers for discrete HMM-based on-line handwritten whiteboard-note recognition
=> Neural netwok based X-ray tomography for fast inspection of apples on a conveyor belt system
=> Neural Network-Based Active Fault-Tolerant Control Design for Unmanned Helicopter with Additive Faults
=> Neural network-based adaptive noise cancellation for enhancement of speech auditory brainstem responses
=> Neural Network-Based Algorithm for 3-D Multispectral Scanning Applied to Multimedia, A
=> Neural Network-Based Algorithm to Detect Dominant Points from the Chain-Code of a Contour, A
=> Neural network-based arithmetic coding of intra prediction modes in HEVC
=> Neural Network-Based Cloud Classification on Satellite Imagery Using Textural Features
=> Neural Network-Based Enhancement to Inter Prediction for Video Coding
=> Neural Network-Based Error Concealment for VVC
=> Neural Network-Based Estimation of Distortion Sensitivity for Image Quality Prediction
=> Neural Network-Based Face Detection
=> Neural Network-Based Face Detection
=> Neural network-based ideation learning for intelligent agents: e-brainstorming with privacy preferences
=> neural network-based image processing system for detection of vandal acts in unmanned railway environments, A
=> Neural network-based image quality comparator without collecting the human score for training
=> Neural network-based image restoration using scaled residual with space-variant regularization
=> Neural Network-based In-Loop Filter for CLIC 2022
=> Neural Network-Based Moving Window Iterative Nonlinear System Identification
=> Neural Network-Based Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Canceller, A
=> Neural Network-Based Nonlinear Filter for Image Enhancement, A
=> Neural Network-Based Novelty Detector for Image Sequence Analysis, A
=> Neural Network-Based Passivity Control of Teleoperation System Under Time-Varying Delays
=> Neural network-based prediction of the stopping moment for text recognition in a video stream
=> Neural network-based proper names extraction in fax images
=> Neural Network-Based Rain Effect Correction Method for HY-2A Scatterometer Backscatter Measurements, A
=> Neural Network-Based Spectral Approach for the Assignment of Individual Trees to Genetically Differentiated Subpopulations, A
=> neural network-based stochastic active contour model (NNS-SNAKE) for contour finding of distinct features, A
=> Neural Network-Based TEC Model Capable of Reproducing Nighttime Winter Anomaly, A
=> Neural Network-based Text Location for News Video Indexing
=> Neural network-based text location in color images
=> Neural Network-Based Urban Change Monitoring with Deep-Temporal Multispectral and SAR Remote Sensing Data
=> neural network-based video bit-rate control algorithm for variable bit-rate applications of versatile video coding standard, A
=> Neural Network-Hidden Markov Model Hybrid for Cursive Word Recognition, A
=> Neural network acceleration methods via selective activation
=> Neural Network Adaptive Switching Median Filter for the Restoration of Impulse Noise Corrupted Images
=> Neural Network AEROsol Retrieval for Geostationary Satellite (NNAeroG) Based on Temporal, Spatial and Spectral Measurements
=> neural network aided attuned scheme for gun detection in video surveillance images, A
=> Neural network analysis of MINERVA scene analysis benchmark
=> Neural Network and Statistical Perspectives of Classification
=> neural network approach-decision neural network (DNN) for preference assessment, A
=> Neural Network Approach for Hand Gesture Recognition in Virtual Reality Driving Training System of SPG, A
=> Neural Network Approach for Joint Optimization of Predictors In Lifting-Based Image Coders, A
=> neural network approach for reconstructing surface shape from shading, A
=> Neural Network Approach for Video Object Segmentation in Traffic Surveillance, A
=> Neural Network Approach to Automated Classification of Elementary Mathematics Instructional Activities, A
=> Neural Network Approach to Color Constancy, A
=> Neural Network Approach to Forecast Hourly Intense Rainfall Using GNSS Precipitable Water Vapor and Meteorological Sensors
=> Neural Network Approach to Interactive Content-Based Retrieval of Video Databases, A
=> Neural Network Approach to Real-Time Discrete Tomography, A
=> Neural Network Approach to Recognition of Structural Aberrations in Chromosomes, A
=> Neural Network Approach to Robust Shape Classification, A
=> neural network approach to visual tracking, A
=> Neural network approaches to dynamic collision-free trajectory generation
=> Neural Network Approaches to Reconstruct Phytoplankton Time-Series in the Global Ocean
=> Neural Network Approaches to Reconstruct Phytoplankton Time-Series in the Global Ocean
=> Neural network architectures for rotated character recognition
=> neural network based application for remote monitoring of human behaviour, A
=> Neural Network Based Cascaded Classifier for Face Detection in Color Images with Complex Background, A
=> Neural Network Based Classifier for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition, A
=> Neural network based detection of local textile defects
=> Neural Network Based Face Detection from Pre-scanned and Row-Column Decomposed Average Face Image
=> Neural Network Based Face Recognition with Moment Invariants
=> Neural Network Based Feature Space Generation for Multiple Databases of Handwritten Numerals
=> Neural Network Based Image Modification for Shape from Observed SEM Images
=> Neural Network Based Kalman Filters for the Spatio-Temporal Interpolation of Satellite-Derived Sea Surface Temperature
=> Neural Network Based Methodology for Automatic Detection of Whale Blows in Infrared Video
=> Neural Network Based Minutiae Filtering in Fingerprints
=> Neural network based modeling and color rendering for mixed reality
=> Neural network based motion vector computation and application to MPEG coding
=> Neural network based non-invasive method to detect anemia from images of eye conjunctiva
=> Neural Network Based on SPD Manifold Learning for Skeleton-Based Hand Gesture Recognition, A
=> Neural Network Based Pavement Condition Assessment with Hyperspectral Images
=> Neural Network Based Quality Control of CYGNSS Wind Retrieval
=> Neural network based reinforcement learning for audio-visual gaze control in human-robot interaction
=> neural network based scheme for unsupervised video object segmentation, A
=> Neural network based skin color model for face detection
=> Neural Network Based Systems for Handprint OCR Applications
=> Neural Network Boundary Detection for 3D Vessel Segmentation
=> Neural Network Classification of Photogenic Facial Expressions Based on Fiducial Points and Gabor Features
=> Neural Network Classifier for Junk E-Mail, A
=> neural network classifier for LANDSAT image data, A
=> neural network classifier for occluded images, A
=> Neural Network Classifiers for Optical Chinese Character Recognition
=> Neural Network Combination by Fuzzy Integral for Robust Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Imagery
=> Neural Network Compression Using Higher-Order Statistics and Auxiliary Reconstruction Losses
=> Neural Network Compression via Low Frequency Preference
=> Neural Network Control of Mobile Robot Formations Using RISE Feedback
=> Neural Network Decision-Making Criteria Consistency Analysis via Inputs Sensitivity
=> Neural Network Decision Directed Edge-Adaptive Kalman Filter for Image Estimation
=> Neural Network Encapsulation
=> neural network energy minimization approach to approximation of 2-dimensional shapes, A
=> Neural Network Ensemble Based CAD System for Focal Liver Lesions from B-Mode Ultrasound
=> Neural Network Ensembles from Training Set Expansions
=> Neural network ensembles
=> Neural network experiences between perceptrons and support vectors
=> neural network for breast cancer detection using fuzzy entropy approach, A
=> Neural Network for Denoising and Reading Degraded License Plates
=> Neural Network for Detailed Human Depth Estimation From a Single Image, A
=> Neural Network for Egomotion Estimation from Optical Flow, A
=> neural network for fusing the MR information into PET images to improve spatial resolution, A
=> Neural network for locating and recognizing a deformable object
=> Neural Network for Nonuniformity and Ghosting Correction of Infrared Image Sequences, A
=> Neural network for ordinal classification of imbalanced data by minimizing a Bayesian cost
=> neural network for recovering 3D shape from erroneous and few depth maps of shaded images, A
=> Neural network for region detection
=> Neural Network for Simultaneously Reconstructing Transparent and Opaque Surfaces, A
=> Neural Network for the Recognition of Handwritten Tunisian City Names
=> Neural Network Fragile watermarking With No Model Performance Degradation
=> Neural Network Fusion of Color, Depth and Location for Object Instance Recognition on a Mobile Robot
=> Neural Network Guided Perceptually Optimized Bit-Allocation for Block-Based Image and Video Compression
=> Neural Network Implementation Using CUDA and OpenMP
=> Neural Network Initialization by Combined Classifiers
=> Neural Network Knowledge Transfer using Unsupervised Similarity Matching
=> Neural network language models for off-line handwriting recognition
=> Neural Network Lifting Based Secondary Transform for Improved Fully Scalable Image Compression in Jpeg 2000, A
=> Neural Network Maximizing Ordinally Supervised Multi-View Canonical Correlation for Deterioration Level Estimation
=> Neural Network Method for Classification of Sunlit and Shaded Components of Wheat Canopies in the Field Using High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery, A
=> Neural Network Method for Drought Modeling Using Satellite Data
=> Neural Network Method for Retrieving Sea Surface Wind Speed for C-Band SAR, A
=> Neural Network Model for a View Independent Extraction of Reach-to-Grasp Action Features, A
=> Neural Network Model for Image Change Detection Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, A
=> Neural Network Model for Lead Optimization of MMP12 Inhibitors, A
=> Neural Network Modeling of Spectral Embedding
=> Neural Network Modelling of Tehran Land Subsidence Measured by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
=> Neural network models for illusory contour perception
=> Neural Network Panning: Screening the Optimal Sparse Network Before Training
=> Neural Network Perception for Mobile Robot Guidance
=> Neural Network Pruning Through Constrained Reinforcement Learning
=> Neural Network Pruning With Residual-Connections and Limited-Data
=> Neural Network Reflectance Prediction Model for Both Open Ocean and Coastal Waters
=> Neural Network String Matcher, A
=> neural network system for matching dental radiographs, A
=> Neural network technique for image compression
=> Neural network techniques for object orientation detection. Solution by optimal feedforward network and learning vector quantization approaches
=> Neural Network Training for the Detection and Classification of Oceanic Mesoscale Eddies
=> Neural network trigger algorithms for heavy quark event selection in a fixed target high energy physics experiment
=> Neural network use in maximum entropy image restoration
=> Neural network vector predictors with application to image coding
=> Neural network vowel-recognition jointly using voice features and mouth shape image
=> Neural network with multiple connection weights
=> Neural network with saliency based feature selection ability
=> Neural networks-based terrain acquisition of unmarked area for robot mowers
=> Neural Networks and Semi-Closed-Loop Predictive Vector Quantization for Image Compression
=> Neural Networks Approach to Clustering of Activity in fMRI Data
=> Neural Networks Approach to Detecting Lost Heritage in Historical Video, A
=> Neural Networks Are More Productive Teachers Than Human Raters: Active Mixup for Data-Efficient Knowledge Distillation From a Blackbox Model
=> Neural networks classifiers based on geocoded data and multispectral images for satellite image interpretation
=> Neural Networks Compression for Language Modeling
=> Neural networks for active sonar classification
=> Neural networks for classification: a survey
=> Neural Networks for Exudate Detection in Retinal Images
=> Neural Networks for Oil Spill Detection Using ERS-SAR Data
=> Neural Networks for Real-Time Traffic Signal Control
=> Neural Networks for Shape Recognition By Medial Representation
=> Neural Networks for the Prediction of Species-Specific Plot Volumes Using Airborne Laser Scanning and Aerial Photographs
=> Neural networks for the recognition and pose estimation of 3D objects from a single 2D perspective view
=> Neural Networks for the Reconstruction and Separation of High Energy Particles in a Preshower Calorimeter
=> Neural Networks for the Texture Classification of Segmented Regions of Forward Looking Infrared Images
=> Neural networks for the texture classification of temporally consistent segmented regions of FLIR sequences
=> Neural Networks in Human Motion Tracking: An Experimental Study
=> Neural networks method for identification of the objects behind the screen
=> Neural Networks vs. Logistic Regression: A Comparative Study on a Large Data Set
=> Neural networks with enhanced outlier rejection ability for off-line handwritten word recognition
=> Neural networks with hybrid morphological/rank/linear nodes: a unifying framework with applications to handwritten character recognition
=> Neural Object Learning for 6d Pose Estimation Using a Few Cluttered Images
=> Neural Object Recognition by Hierarchical Learning and Extraction of Essential Shapes
=> Neural Opacity Point Cloud
=> Neural operator search
=> Neural Optimization Framework for Zoom Lens Camera Calibration, A
=> Neural Ordinary Differential Equations for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Neural Parts: Learning Expressive 3D Shape Abstractions with Invertible Neural Networks
=> Neural Person Search Machines
=> Neural Photofit: Gaze-based Mental Image Reconstruction
=> Neural Plenoptic Sampling: Learning Light-field from Thousands of Imaginary Eyes
=> Neural Point-based Graphics
=> Neural Point Cloud Rendering via Multi-Plane Projection
=> Neural Point Light Fields
=> Neural Points: Point Cloud Representation with Neural Fields for Arbitrary Upsampling
=> Neural Pose Transfer by Spatially Adaptive Instance Normalization
=> Neural Pose Transfer by Spatially Adaptive Instance Normalization
=> Neural Predictor for Neural Architecture Search
=> Neural Prior for Trajectory Estimation
=> Neural Procedural Reconstruction for Residential Buildings
=> Neural Prototype Trees for Interpretable Fine-grained Image Recognition
=> Neural Puppet: Generative Layered Cartoon Characters
=> Neural Puppeteer: Keypoint-based Neural Rendering of Dynamic Shapes
=> Neural Radiance Fields Approach to Deep Multi-View Photometric Stereo
=> Neural Radiance Fields for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Novel View Synthesis
=> Neural Radiance Fields From Sparse RGB-D Images for High-Quality View Synthesis
=> Neural Radiance Flow for 4D View Synthesis and Video Processing
=> Neural Radiance Transfer Fields for Relightable Novel-View Synthesis with Global Illumination
=> Neural random subspace
=> Neural Ray Surfaces for Self-Supervised Learning of Depth and Ego-motion
=> Neural Rays for Occlusion-aware Image-based Rendering
=> Neural Re-rendering of Humans from a Single Image
=> Neural Re-Simulation for Generating Bounces in Single Images
=> Neural Recognition of Dashed Curves with Gestalt Law of Continuity
=> Neural recurrent estimator to gray scale image restoration based on 2D Kalman filtering
=> Neural Reference Synthesis for Inter Frame Coding
=> Neural Reflectance for Shape Recovery with Shadow Handling
=> Neural Registration and Segmentation of White Matter Tracts in Multi-modal Brain MRI
=> Neural Rejuvenation: Improving Deep Network Training by Enhancing Computational Resource Utilization
=> Neural Rendering for Game Character Auto-Creation
=> Neural Rendering Framework for Free-Viewpoint Relighting, A
=> Neural Reprojection Error: Merging Feature Learning and Camera Pose Estimation
=> Neural Rerendering in the Wild
=> Neural Residual Flow Fields for Efficient Video Representations
=> Neural Response Interpretation through the Lens of Critical Pathways
=> Neural RGB-D Surface Reconstruction
=> Neural RGB(r)D Sensing: Depth and Uncertainty From a Video Camera
=> Neural Scene De-rendering
=> Neural Scene Decomposition for Multi-Person Motion Capture
=> Neural Scene Decoration from a Single Photograph
=> Neural Scene Decoration from a Single Photograph
=> Neural Scene Flow Fields for Space-Time View Synthesis of Dynamic Scenes
=> Neural Scene Graphs for Dynamic Scenes
=> Neural Scheme for Procedural Motor Learning of Handwriting, A
=> Neural Segmentation of Seeding ROIs (sROIs) for Pre-Surgical Brain Tractography
=> Neural Sensors: Learning Pixel Exposures for HDR Imaging and Video Compressive Sensing With Programmable Sensors
=> Neural sentence embedding using only in-domain sentences for out-of-domain sentence detection in dialog systems
=> Neural Sequential Phrase Grounding (SeqGROUND)
=> Neural shape codes for 3D model retrieval
=> Neural Shape Mating: Self-Supervised Object Assembly with Adversarial Shape Priors
=> Neural Shape Parsers for Constructive Solid Geometry
=> Neural Side-By-Side: Predicting Human Preferences for No-Reference Super-Resolution Evaluation
=> Neural Sign Language Synthesis: Words Are Our Glosses
=> Neural Sign Language Translation by Learning Tokenization
=> Neural Sign Language Translation
=> Neural Space-Filling Curves
=> Neural Space-Filling Curves
=> Neural Splines: Fitting 3D Surfaces with Infinitely-Wide Neural Networks
=> Neural stem cell segmentation using local complex phase information
=> Neural Stereoscopic Image Style Transfer
=> Neural Strands: Learning Hair Geometry and Appearance from Multi-view Images
=> Neural Strokes: Stylized Line Drawing of 3D Shapes
=> Neural Structures for Visual-Motion Tracking
=> Neural Style Palette: A Multimodal and Interactive Style Transfer From a Single Style Image
=> Neural Style Transfer for image within images and conditional GANs for destylization
=> Neural Style Transfer via Meta Networks
=> Neural Style Transfer With Adaptive Auto-Correlation Alignment Loss
=> Neural substrates in secondary somatosensory area for the perception of different tactile sensations
=> Neural Surface Maps
=> Neural System Identification With Spike-Triggered Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
=> Neural Tangent Link Between CNN Denoisers and Non-Local Filters, The
=> Neural Task Graphs: Generalizing to Unseen Tasks From a Single Video Demonstration
=> Neural Task Planning With AND-OR Graph Representations
=> Neural Template: Topology-aware Reconstruction and Disentangled Generation of 3D Meshes
=> Neural Temporal Model for Human Motion Prediction, A
=> Neural Texture Extraction and Distribution for Controllable Person Image Synthesis
=> Neural texture transfer assisted video coding with adaptive up-sampling
=> Neural TMDlayer: Modeling Instantaneous flow of features via SDE Generators
=> Neural Topological SLAM for Visual Navigation
=> neural tree for classification using convex objective function, A
=> Neural Turtle Graphics for Modeling City Road Layouts
=> neural video codec with spatial rate-distortion control, A
=> Neural Video Coding Using Multiscale Motion Compensation and Spatiotemporal Context Model
=> Neural Video Compression Using GANs for Detail Synthesis and Propagation
=> Neural Video Portrait Relighting in Real-time via Consistency Modeling
=> Neural vision-based semantic 3D world modeling
=> Neural Voice Puppetry: Audio-driven Facial Reenactment
=> Neural Volumetric Object Selection
=> Neural Voxel Renderer: Learning an Accurate and Controllable Rendering Tool
=> Neural vs. statistical classifier in conjunction with genetic algorithm based feature selection
=> Neural Watermarking Method Including an Attack Simulator against Rotation and Compression Attacks
=> Neural Weight Search for Scalable Task Incremental Learning
=> Neural Window Fully-connected CRFs for Monocular Depth Estimation
=> Neural Wireframe Renderer: Learning Wireframe to Image Translations
=> Neural Word Embeddings Approach for Multi-Domain Sentiment Analysis, A
=> NeuralAnnot: Neural Annotator for 3D Human Mesh Training Sets
=> NeuralBF: Neural Bilateral Filtering for Top-down Instance Segmentation on Point Clouds
=> NeuralBlox: Real-Time Neural Representation Fusion for Robust Volumetric Mapping
=> NeuralDiff: Segmenting 3D objects that move in egocentric videos
=> NeuralFP: Out-of-distribution Detection using Fingerprints of Neural Networks
=> NeuralFusion: Online Depth Fusion in Latent Space
=> NeuralHDHair: Automatic High-fidelity Hair Modeling from a Single Image Using Implicit Neural Representations
=> NeuralHOFusion: Neural Volumetric Rendering under Human-object Interactions
=> NeuralHumanFVV: Real-Time Neural Volumetric Human Performance Rendering using RGB Cameras
=> Neurally-based algorithms for image processing
=> Neurally-Guided Shape Parser: Grammar-based Labeling of 3D Shape Regions with Approximate Inference, The
=> Neurally informed assessment of perceived natural texture image quality
=> Neurally Optimized Decoder for Low Bitrate Speech Codec
=> NeuralNetwork-Viterbi: A Framework for Weakly Supervised Video Learning
=> NeuralPlan: Neural floorplan radiance fields for accelerated view synthesis
=> NeuralRecon: Real-Time Coherent 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video
=> NeuralScale: Efficient Scaling of Neurons for Resource-Constrained Deep Neural Networks
=> NeuralSI: Structural Parameter Identification in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
=> NeuRIS: Neural Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes Using Normal Priors
=> Neurite Tracing With Object Process
=> NeurMiPs: Neural Mixture of Planar Experts for View Synthesis
=> Neuro-Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Approach for Active Suspension Control of High-Speed Trains
=> Neuro-beta-Elliptic Model for Handwriting Generation Movements, A
=> Neuro-curvelet-based image compression technique for noisy images
=> Neuro-Fuzzy-AHP (NFAHP) Technique for Copper Exploration Using Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) and Geological Datasets in the Sahlabad Mining Area, East Iran
=> Neuro-fuzzy Based Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery
=> Neuro-Fuzzy Control for MPEG Video Transmission Over Bluetooth
=> Neuro-Fuzzy Data Mining Mexico's Economic Data
=> Neuro-fuzzy fusion in a multimodal face recognition using PCA, ICA and SIFT
=> Neuro-Fuzzy Gust Front Detection Algorithm With S-Band Polarimetric Radar
=> Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Through Integration of Fuzzy Logic and Extreme Learning Machines, A
=> Neuro-fuzzy localization in wireless sensor networks
=> Neuro-Fuzzy Method for Automated Defect Detection in Aluminium Castings
=> Neuro-Fuzzy Scheme for Integrated Input Fuzzy Set Selection and Optimal Fuzzy Rule Generation for Classification, A
=> Neuro-Fuzzy Shadow Filter
=> Neuro-fuzzy synergism to the intelligent system for edge detection and enhancement
=> Neuro-fuzzy systems for computer-aided myocardial viability assessment
=> Neuro-Inspired Autoencoding Defense Against Adversarial Attacks, A
=> Neuro-Inspired Deep Neural Networks with Sparse, Strong Activations
=> Neuro-Inspired Eye Tracking With Eye Movement Dynamics
=> Neuro-Inspired Quantization
=> Neuro-levelset system based segmentation in dynamic susceptibility contrast enhanced and diffusion weighted magnetic resonance images
=> Neuro-visually inspired figure-ground segregation
=> Neuro-wavelet based intelligent medical image fusion
=> Neuro Fuzzy Model for Image Compression in Wavelet Domain, A
=> Neuro Script
=> Neuro semantic thresholding using OCR software for high precision OCR applications
=> Neuroadaptive Output Tracking of Fully Autonomous Road Vehicles With an Observer
=> Neuroadaptive Robots
=> Neuroaesthetics in fashion: Modeling the perception of fashionability
=> Neuroanatomy Registration: An Algebraic-Topology Based Approach
=> Neurobiological Evaluation Metric for Neural Network Model Search, A
=> Neurobiological hypothesis of color appearance and hue perception
=> Neurobiologically Motivated Stochastic Method for Analysis of Human Activities in Video, A
=> Neurocalibration: A Neural Network That Can Tell Camera Calibration Parameters
=> NeuroCheck GmbH
=> Neurocomputations in relational systems
=> Neurocontroller for Power Electronics-Based Devices
=> Neurodata Lab's approach to the Challenge on Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement
=> neurodynamical retinal network based on reaction-diffusion systems, A
=> Neurodynamics-driven supervised feature selection
=> Neuroevolution for Sentiment Analysis in Tweets Written in Mexican Spanish
=> Neurofeedback fMRI-mediated learning and consolidation of regional brain activation during motor imagery
=> Neurofeedback Training With an Electroencephalogram-Based Brain-Computer Interface Enhances Emotion Regulation
=> Neurofeedback using functional spectroscopy
=> Neurofilament tracking by detection in fluorescence microscopy images
=> Neurofuzzy Approach To Active Learning Based Annotation Propagation for 3D Object Databases, A
=> NeuroGrasp: Real-Time EEG Classification of High-Level Motor Imagery Tasks Using a Dual-Stage Deep Learning Framework
=> Neuroimage-based clinical prediction using machine learning tools
=> Neuroimaging computer-aided diagnosis systems for Alzheimer's disease
=> Neuroinspired Architecture for Robust Classifier Fusion of Multisensor Imagery
=> NeuroIV: Neuromorphic Vision Meets Intelligent Vehicle Towards Safe Driving With a New Database and Baseline Evaluations
=> neuromagnetic source distribution estimation using MRI information, A
=> Neuromaters, LLC
=> Neuromathematical Model for Geometrical Optical Illusions, A
=> Neuromathematics of Vision
=> Neuromimetic Indicators for Visual Perception of Motion
=> NeuroMorph: Unsupervised Shape Interpolation and Correspondence in One Go
=> Neuromorphic Adaptable Ocular Dominance Maps
=> Neuromorphic Approach to Object Detection and Recognition in Airborne Videos with Stabilization, A
=> Neuromorphic Architecture for Cortical Multilayer Integration of Early Visual Tasks, A
=> Neuromorphic Bayesian Surprise for Far-Range Event Detection
=> Neuromorphic Camera Guided High Dynamic Range Imaging
=> Neuromorphic Data Augmentation for Training Spiking Neural Networks
=> Neuromorphic Event-based Face Identity Recognition
=> Neuromorphic Fringe Projection Profilometry
=> Neuromorphic Hardware Accelerated Lane Detection System
=> Neuromorphic Vision-Based Fall Localization in Event Streams With Temporal-Spatial Attention Weighted Network
=> Neuromuscular-System-Based Tuning of a Haptic Shared Control Interface for UAV Teleoperation
=> Neuromuscular Control of the Face-Head-Neck Biomechanical Complex with Learning-Based Expression Transfer from Images and Videos
=> Neuromuscular disease detection based on feature extraction from time-frequency images of EMG signals employing robust hyperbolic Stockwell transform
=> Neuromuscular Studies of Handwriting Generation and Representation
=> Neuron-based Network Pruning Based on Majority Voting
=> Neuron-Based Spiking Transmission and Reasoning Network for Robust Image-Text Retrieval
=> Neuron-Network-Based Mixture Probability Model for Passenger Walking Time Distribution Estimation
=> Neuron Coverage-Guided Domain Generalization
=> Neuron geometry extraction by perceptual grouping in ssTEM images
=> Neuron matching in C. elegans with robust approximate linear regression without correspondence
=> Neuron Pruning for Compressing Deep Networks Using Maxout Architectures
=> Neuron Segmentation Based on CNN with Semi-Supervised Regularization
=> Neuron Segmentation With High-Level Biological Priors
=> Neuronal Population Reconstruction From Ultra-Scale Optical Microscopy Images via Progressive Learning
=> NEURONAV: A Tool for Image-Guided Surgery - Application to Parkinson's Disease
=> Neurons That Confuse Mirror-Symmetric Object Views
=> Neurophysiological Evaluation of Haptic Feedback for Myoelectric Prostheses
=> neurophysiology-inspired steady-state color appearance model, A
=> Neurophysiology of shape processing
=> neuroprotective effect of a traditional herbal (kyung-ok-ko) on transient middle cerebral artery occlusion-Induced ischemic rat brain, The
=> Neuropsychiatric Disorders Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network
=> Neurora: Neural Robust Rotation Averaging
=> Neurosymbolic Hybrid Approach for Landmark Recognition and Robot Localization, A
=> NeuroTechnologija
=> Neuroticism, Extraversion, Conscientiousness and Stress: Physiological Correlates
=> Neurovision with Resilient Neural Networks
=> NeurReg: Neural Registration and Its Application to Image Segmentation
=> NeuSpike-Net: High Speed Video Reconstruction via Bio-inspired Neuromorphic Cameras
=> NeuTex: Neural Texture Mapping for Volumetric Neural Rendering
=> Neutral Cross-Entropy Loss Based Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation
=> Neutral Face Classification Using Personalized Appearance Models for Fast and Robust Emotion Detection
=> Neutral offspring controlling operators in genetic programming
=> Neutro-Connectedness Cut
=> Neutrosophic approach of MRI denoising, A
=> Neutrosophic C-means clustering with local information and noise distance-based kernel metric image segmentation
=> neutrosophic filter for high-density Salt and Pepper noise based on pixel-wise adaptive smoothing parameter, A
=> Never Get Lost Again: Vision Based Navigation Using StreetView Images
=> New 1' × 1' Global Seafloor Topography Model Predicted from Satellite Altimetric Vertical Gravity Gradient Anomaly and Ship Soundings BAT_VGG2021, A
=> new 1D FFT-based algorithm for computing the MD FFT on arbitrary lattices, A
=> New 2-D Spectrum Estimate Using Multichannel AR Approach of 2-D Fast RLS Algorithms, A
=> new 2-D world representation system for mobile robots, A
=> New 2-Dimensional Block Adaptive Fir Filtering Algorithm and Its Application to Image-Restoration, A
=> New 2D Parallel Thinning Algorithms Based on Critical Kernels
=> new 2D shape retrieval scheme based on phase congruency and histogram of oriented gradients, A
=> New 3-D Geometry Reconstruction Method of Space Target Utilizing the Scatterer Energy Accumulation of ISAR Image Sequence, A
=> New 3-D Minimum Cost Flow Phase Unwrapping Algorithm Based on Closure Phase, A
=> New 3-D Model Retrieval System Based on Aspect-Transition Descriptor, A
=> New 3-D Pattern Recognition Technique With Application to Computer Aided Colonoscopy, A
=> New 3-D Surface Measurement System Using a Structured Light, A
=> New 32-Day Average-Difference Method for Calculating Inter-Sensor Calibration Radiometric Biases between SNPP and NOAA-20 Instruments within ICVS Framework, A
=> New 3D-Matching Method of Nonrigid and Partially Similar Models Using Curve Analysis, A
=> New 3D CNN-based CAD System for Early Detection of Acute Renal Transplant Rejection, A
=> New 3D Fourier Descriptors for Genus-Zero Mesh Objects
=> New 3D Imaging System Using a Portable Two-Camera Omni-Imaging Device for Construction and Browsing of Human-Reachable Environments, A
=> new 3D model retrieval approach based on the elevation descriptor, A
=> new 3D paradigm for metal artifact reduction in dental CT, A
=> New 3D Watermarking Algorithm, A
=> New 4-D Nonlocal Transform-Domain Filter for 3-D Magnetic Resonance Images Denoising, A
=> New A Contrario Approach for the Robust Determination of the Fundamental Matrix, A
=> new ab initio reconstruction method from unknown-direction projections of 2D binary set, A
=> New accelerated graph-based method of image segmentation applying minimum spanning tree
=> new accelerated proximal gradient technique for regularized multitask learning framework, A
=> New access modes of parallel memory subsystem for sub-pixel motion estimation
=> New Accordion based video compression approach
=> New Accumulator-Based Approach to Shape Recognition, A
=> New Accuracy Assessment Method for One-Class Remote Sensing Classification, A
=> New Accurate and Fast Homography Computation Algorithm for Sports and Traffic Video Analysis, A
=> new accurate and flexible model based multi-corner detector for measurement and recognition, A
=> new accurate and precise 3-D segmentation method for skeletal structures in volumetric CT data, A
=> New Accurate Image Denoising Method Based on Sparse Coding Coefficients, A
=> new accurate noise-removing approach for non-cooperative iris recognition, A
=> New Active Contour Algorithm for Tracking Vibrating Vocal Folds
=> New Active Contour Method Based on Elastic Interaction, A
=> new active contour model-based segmentation approach for accurate extraction of the lesion from breast DCE-MRI, A
=> new active contour model and its application on cell segmentation, A
=> new active contour model based on the Conscience, Archiving and Mean-Movement mechanisms and the SOM, A
=> new active contour model for tumor segmentation, A
=> New Active Contour Model: Curvature Gradient Vector Flow, A
=> New Active Convex Hull Model for Image Regions, A
=> New Active Learning Approach for Seabed Segmentation
=> New Active Visual System for Humanoid Robots, A
=> New Adaptable All-in-One Strategy for Estimating Advanced Tropospheric Parameters and Using Real-Time Orbits and Clocks
=> new adaptive boosting total generalized variation (TGV) technique for image denoising and inpainting, A
=> new adaptive coefficient scanning based on local and global prediction, A
=> New Adaptive Combination Approach to Score Level Fusion for Face and Iris Biometrics Combining Wavelets and Statistical Moments, A
=> New adaptive complex IIR filters and their application in OFDM systems
=> New Adaptive Component-Substitution-Based Satellite Image Fusion by Using Partial Replacement, A
=> new adaptive coupled diffusion PDE for MRI Rician noise, A
=> new adaptive diffusion equation for image noise removal and feature preservation, A
=> new adaptive filter and quality evaluation index for image restoration, A
=> new adaptive filtering method for removing salt and pepper noise based on multilayered PCNN, A
=> New Adaptive Focus Measure for Shape From Focus, A
=> new adaptive framework for unbiased orientation estimation in textured images, A
=> New adaptive histogram equalisation heuristic approach for contrast enhancement
=> New Adaptive Image Interpolation Method to Define the Shoreline at Sub-Pixel Level, A
=> new adaptive interframe transform coding using directional classification, A
=> New adaptive iterative image restoration algorithm
=> new adaptive Kalman filtering method for block-based motion estimation, A
=> new adaptive method to filter terrestrial laser scanner point clouds using morphological filters and spectral information to conserve surface micro-topography, A
=> new adaptive nonlinear anisotropic diffusion for noise smoothing, A
=> New Adaptive Partial Distortion Search Using Clustered Pixel Matching Error Characteristic
=> New Adaptive Pixel Decimation for Block Motion Vector Estimation
=> New Adaptive Remote Sensing Extraction Algorithm for Complex Muddy Coast Waterline, A
=> new adaptive search strategy for fast block based motion estimation algorithms, A
=> New Adaptive Segmental Matching Measure for Human Activity Recognition, A
=> New adaptive steganographic method using least significant-bit substitution and pixel-value differencing
=> New Adaptive Structural Signature for Symbol Recognition by Using a Galois Lattice as a Classifier, A
=> New Adaptive Switching Median Filter, A
=> New Adaptive Thresholding Technique for Retinal Vessel Segmentation Based on Local Homogeneity Information, A
=> new adaptive vertex-based binary shape coding technique, A
=> New Adaptive Video Super-Resolution Algorithm With Improved Robustness to Innovations, A
=> New Adaptive Weighted Mean Filter for Removing Salt-and-Pepper Noise, A
=> new adaptive window-based guided filtering and interpolation for polarization image demosaicing, A
=> New Adaptive Zoning Technique for Handwritten Digit Recognition, A
=> New addressing scheme for vector quantization of images
=> New Advancements in Zoning-Based Recognition of Handwritten Characters
=> New advances for haptic rendering: state of the art
=> New advances in imaging polymers at near-atomic resolution
=> New Advances of the Extended Minimum Cost Flow Phase Unwrapping Algorithm for SBAS-DInSAR Analysis at Full Spatial Resolution
=> New Advances of the Multiscale Approach for the Analyses of InSAR Ground Measurements: The Yellowstone Caldera Case-Study
=> New Affine Invariant Curve Normalization Technique Using Independent Component Analysis, A
=> New Affine Invariant Fitting Algorithm for Algebraic Curves, A
=> New Affine Invariant Image Transform Based on Ridgelets, A
=> New Affine Registration Algorithm for Matching 2D Point Sets, A
=> New Affine Transformation: Its Theory and Application to Image Coding, A
=> New Agent-Based Methodology for the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Areas, A
=> New aggressive way to search for the best base in wavelet packets
=> New Airborne Sensors and Platforms for Solving Specific Tasks In Remote Sensing
=> New Algorithm and System for the Characterization of Handwriting Strokes with Delta-Lognormal Parameters, A
=> New Algorithm Based on Saturation and Desaturation in the xy Chromaticity Diagram for Enhancement and Re-rendition of Color Images, A
=> new algorithm based on wavelet theory for diffraction tomography, A
=> new algorithm for 3D object representation and its application for human face verification, A
=> new algorithm for 3D profilometry based on phase measurement, A
=> New Algorithm for 3D Reconstruction from Support Functions, A
=> New Algorithm for 3D Shape Recognition by Means of the 2D Point Distance Histogram, A
=> new algorithm for ball recognition using circle Hough transform and neural classifier, A
=> new algorithm for bit rate allocation in JPEG2000 tile encoding, A
=> new algorithm for border description of polarized light surface microscopic images of pigmented skin lesions, A
=> New Algorithm for Calculating an Invariant of 3D Point Sets from a Single View
=> New Algorithm for Calculating the Flow Path Curvature (C) from the Square-Grid Digital Elevation Model (DEM), A
=> new algorithm for calibrating a combined camera and IMU sensor unit, A
=> New Algorithm for Cartographic Simplification of Streams and Lakes Using Deviation Angles and Error Bands, A
=> new algorithm for collusion resistant video watermarking, A
=> new algorithm for computing the 2-dimensional matching distance between size functions, A
=> New Algorithm for Cortical Bone Segmentation with Its Validation and Applications to In Vivo Imaging, A
=> New Algorithm for Daily Sea Ice Lead Identification in the Arctic and Antarctic Winter from Thermal-Infrared Satellite Imagery, A
=> New Algorithm for Distorted Fingerprints Matching Based on Normalized Fuzzy Similarity Measure, A
=> New Algorithm for Dominant Point Detection by Quasi-collinear Break Points Supression, A
=> new algorithm for dominant points detection and polygonization of digital curves, A
=> New Algorithm for Edge Detection, A
=> new algorithm for ellipse detection by curve segments, A
=> New Algorithm for Error Tolerant Subgraph Isomorphism Detection, A
=> New Algorithm for Extracting the Interior of Bounded Regions Based on Chain Coding, A
=> new algorithm for fast and accurate moving object detection based on motion segmentation by clustering, A
=> New Algorithm for Fitting a Gaussian Function Riding on the Polynomial Background, A
=> new algorithm for fitting a rectilinear x-monotone curve to a set of points in the plane, A
=> New Algorithm for Handwritten Character Recognition, A
=> New Algorithm for High Quality Video Format Conversion, A
=> New Algorithm for Identifying Possible Epidemic Sources with Application to the German Escherichia coli Outbreak, A
=> New Algorithm for Ill-Posed Problem of GNSS-Based Ionospheric Tomography, A
=> new algorithm for image indexing and retrieval using wavelet correlogram, A
=> new algorithm for image noise reduction using mathematical morphology, A
=> New Algorithm for Image Segmentation via Watershed Transformation, A
=> new algorithm for inexact graph matching, A
=> new algorithm for initial cluster centers in k-means algorithm, A
=> New Algorithm for Inverse Consistent Image Registration, A
=> new algorithm for labeling connected-components and calculating the Euler number, connected-component number, and hole number, A
=> New Algorithm for Labeling of Human Motion, A
=> New Algorithm for Large-Scale Geographically Weighted Regression with K-Nearest Neighbors, A
=> New Algorithm for Line Image Vectorization, A
=> New Algorithm for Local Blur-Scale Computation and Edge Detection, A
=> New Algorithm for Lossless Still Image Compression, A
=> new algorithm for machine printed Arabic character segmentation, A
=> New Algorithm for MLS-Based DBH Mensuration and Its Preliminary Validation in an Urban Boreal Forest: Aiming at One Cornerstone of Allometry-Based Forest Biometrics, A
=> New algorithm for modulated complex lapped transform with symmetrical window function
=> New Algorithm for N-Dimensional Hilbert Scanning, A
=> new algorithm for non-linear mapping with applications to dimension and cluster analyses, A
=> New Algorithm for Non-Rigid Point Matching, A
=> new algorithm for number of holes attribute filtering of grey-level images, A
=> new algorithm for object oriented ray tracing, A
=> New Algorithm for Optimizing TV-Based PolSAR Despeckling Model, A
=> New Algorithm for Pattern Optimization in Protein-Protein Interaction Extraction System, A
=> New Algorithm for Polygonal Approximation Based on Ant Colony Optimization, A
=> New Algorithm for Probabilistic Relaxation Based on the Baum Eagon Theorem, A
=> New Algorithm for Processing Interferometric Data-Stacks: SqueeSAR, A
=> New Algorithm for Real Data Convolutions With j -Circulants, A
=> New Algorithm for Removal of High-Density Salt and Pepper Noises, A
=> New Algorithm for Revising Noise Covariance Matrix Disturbance in the Presence of Coherent Sources, A
=> New Algorithm for Robust Estimation of the Signal Subspace in Hyperspectral Images in the Presence of Rare Signal Components, A
=> New Algorithm for Robust Pedestrian Tracking Based on Manifold Learning and Feature Selection, A
=> New algorithm for searching minimum bit rate wavelet representations with application to multiresolution-based perceptual audio coding
=> New Algorithm for Segmentation of Images Represented as Hypergraph Hexagonal-Grid
=> new algorithm for signal emitter recognition, A
=> new algorithm for skew detection and correction, A
=> New Algorithm for Skew Detection in Images of Documents, A
=> New Algorithm for Solid Texture Synthesis, A
=> new algorithm for static camera foreground segmentation via active coutours and GMM, A
=> New Algorithm for Sub-Pixel Boundary Mapping
=> New Algorithm for Subgraph Optimal Isomorphism, A
=> New Algorithm for Super-Resolution from Image Sequences, A
=> new algorithm for support vector regression with automatic selection of hyperparameters, A
=> new algorithm for surface deformation monitoring based on small baseline differential SAR interferograms, A
=> new algorithm for target tracking using fuzzy-edge-hased feature matching and robust statistic, A
=> new algorithm for texture segmentation based on edge detection, A
=> New Algorithm for the Characterization of Thermal Infrared Anomalies in Tectonic Activities, A
=> new algorithm for the embedding of a prediction mechanism into the JPEG2000 coding chain, A
=> new algorithm for the estimation of leaf unfolding date using MODIS data over China's terrestrial ecosystems, A
=> New Algorithm for the Merging of Geometric Entities Towards the Correct Generation of Semantic GBXML Models
=> New Algorithm for the On-Board Compression of Hyperspectral Images, A
=> New Algorithm for the Retrieval of Atmospheric Profiles from GNSS Radio Occultation Data in Moist Air and Comparison to 1DVar Retrievals, A
=> New Algorithm for the Retrieval of Sun Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence of Water Bodies Exploiting the Detailed Spectral Shape of Water-Leaving Radiance, A
=> New Algorithm for the Satellite-Based Retrieval of Solar Surface Irradiance in Spectral Bands, A
=> New Algorithm for Time Series Prediction by Temporal Fuzzy Clustering, A
=> New Algorithm for Training Multi-layered Morphological Networks, A
=> New Algorithm for Training SVMs Using Approximate Minimal Enclosing Balls, A
=> New Algorithm For Triangulation From Cross Sections and Its Application To Surface Area Estimation, A
=> new algorithm for unsupervised global and local color correction, A
=> New Algorithm for Water Information Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
=> New Algorithm Framework for Image Inpainting in Transform Domain, A
=> New Algorithm of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height Determined from Polarization Lidar, A
=> New Algorithm of Face Detection Based on Color Information and Face Contour, A
=> New Algorithm of Projection onto Narrow Quantization Constraint Set for Postprocessing of Quantized Images, A
=> New Algorithm of Straight or Curved Baseline Detection for Short Arabic Handwritten Writing
=> New Algorithm of the FPAR Product in the Heihe River Basin Considering the Contributions of Direct and Diffuse Solar Radiation Separately, A
=> New Algorithm on MPEG-2 Target Bit Number Allocation at Scene Changes, A
=> new algorithm predicting the end of growth at five evergreen conifer forests based on nighttime temperature and the enhanced vegetation index, A
=> New Algorithm to Compute the Distance Between Multi-dimensional Histograms, A
=> New Algorithm to Correct Fish-eye- and Strong Wide-angle-lens-distortion from Single Images, A
=> New Algorithm to Estimate Chlorophyll-A Concentrations in Turbid Yellow Sea Water Using a Multispectral Sensor in a Low-Altitude Remote Sensing System, A
=> New Algorithm to Extract Centerline of 2D Objects Based on Clustering
=> New Algorithm to Retrieve Wave Parameters From Marine X-Band Radar Image Sequences, A
=> New Algorithmic Approach for Contrast Enhancement, A
=> New Algorithms for 2D and 3D Point Matching: Pose Estimation and Correspondence
=> New Algorithms for Computing Directional Discrete Fourier Transforms
=> New Algorithms for Controlling Active Contours Shape and Topology
=> New algorithms for euclidean distance transformation of an n-dimensional digitized picture with applications
=> New Algorithms for Example-Based Super-Resolution
=> New Algorithms for Fast and Accurate AM-FM Demodulation of Digital Images
=> New Algorithms for Fixed and Elastic Geometric Transformation Models
=> New algorithms for geometric transformations of digital images and patterns
=> New algorithms for multidimensional discrete Hartley transform
=> New Algorithms for Reconstruction of a 3-D Depth Map from One or More Images
=> New algorithms for solving the fuzzy clustering problem
=> New algorithms for special cases of the hidden line elimination problem
=> New Algorithms for Two-Frame Structure from Motion
=> New Algorithms of Stroke Generation Considering Geometric and Structural Properties of Road Network, A
=> New Alternating Minimization Algorithm For Total Variation Image Reconstruction, A
=> New Analysis for Support Recovery With Block Orthogonal Matching Pursuit, A
=> New Analysis Framework for Relevance Feedback-Driven Similarity Measure Refinement in Content-Based Image Retrieval, A
=> New Analysis Method for Magnetic Disturbances Possibly Related to Earthquakes Observed by Satellites, A
=> New Analysis of Caldera Unrest through the Integration of Geophysical Data and FEM Modeling: The Long Valley Caldera Case Study, A
=> New Analysis on PVL Model Reduction Using Solutions of Linear Systems by the Lanczos Method, A
=> New Analytical Approach to Evaluate the Critical-Event Probability Due to Wireless Communication Errors in Train Control Systems, A
=> New Analytical Method for Estimating Antarctic Ice Flow in the 1960s From Historical Optical Satellite Imagery, A
=> New Analytical Method for Relative Camera Pose Estimation Using Unknown Coplanar Points, A
=> New Analytical Model to Study the Ionospheric Effects on VHF/UHF Wideband SAR Imaging, A
=> New and Efficient Algorithm for Detecting the Corners in Digital Images, A
=> New and Efficient Cellular Algorithms for Image Processing
=> New and efficient DCA based algorithms for minimum sum-of-squares clustering
=> New and Efficient Iterative Approach to Image Matching, A
=> New and Fast Algorithm for Estimating the Perimeter of Objects for Industrial Vision Tasks, A
=> new and fast approach for DPIV using an incompressible affine flow model, A
=> new and fast contour-filling algorithm, A
=> new and fast implementation for null space based linear discriminant analysis, A
=> new and fast real-time implementation of 2-D DCT, A
=> new and reliable Poisson noise estimator for radiographic images, A
=> new and simple shape descriptor based on a non-parametric multiscale model, A
=> New and Simplified Approach for Estimating the Daily River Discharge of the Tibetan Plateau Using Satellite Precipitation: An Initial Study on the Upper Brahmaputra River, A
=> New Angle-Based Spatial Modeling for Query by Visual Thesaurus Composition, A
=> new angle on imaging, A
=> New Anthropomorphic Retina-Like Visual Sensor, A
=> New Anti-aliasing Algorithm for Computer Graphics Images, A
=> New Anticorrelation-Based Spectral Clustering Formulation, A
=> New antiscatter grid design by optimization of strip thickness and height
=> New appearance models for natural image matting
=> New Application for PolSAR Imagery in the Field of Moving Target Indication/Ship Detection, A
=> New Application for Saliency Maps: Synthetic Vision of Autonomous Actors, A
=> New Application of MEG and DTI on Word Recognition, A
=> New application of MV- and 3D-HEVC for multi-intensity illuminated infrared video coding
=> New Application of Photogrammetry in the Underground Pipe Network Survey, A
=> New Application of Random Forest Algorithm to Estimate Coverage of Moss-Dominated Biological Soil Crusts in Semi-Arid Mu Us Sandy Land, China, A
=> New Application of Smart Walker for Quantitative Analysis of Human Walking, A
=> new application of texture unit coding to mass classification for mammograms, A
=> New Application of the Disturbance Index for Fire Severity in Coastal Dunes, A
=> New Application: A Hand Air Writing System Based on Radar Dual View Sequential Feature Fusion Idea
=> New Applications of Omega-K Algorithm for SAR Data Processing Using Effective Wavelength at High Squint
=> New Approach Based on Predictive Maintenance Using the Fuzzy Classifier in Pantograph-Catenary Systems, A
=> New Approach Based on TensorFlow Deep Neural Networks with ADAM Optimizer and GIS for Spatial Prediction of Forest Fire Danger in Tropical Areas, A
=> New Approach Based on Texture and Geometric Features for Text Detection
=> New Approach Combining a Multilayer Radiative Transfer Model with an Individual-Based Forest Model: Application to Boreal Forests in Finland, A
=> New Approach for Active Stereo Camera Calibration, A
=> New Approach for Adaptive GPR Diffraction Focusing, A
=> New Approach for Aggregating Edge Points into Line Segments, A
=> New Approach for an Incremental Orientation of Micro-UAV Image Sequences, A
=> new approach for automatic analysis of 3D low dose CT images for accurate monitoring the detected lung nodules, A
=> New Approach for Automatic Detection of Buildings in Airborne Laser Scanner Data Using first Echo only
=> New Approach for Biometric Template Storage and Remote Authentication, A
=> New Approach for Calculating the Effective Dielectric Constant of the Moist Soil for Microwaves
=> New Approach for Cervical Vertebrae Segmentation, A
=> New Approach for Character Recognition of Multi-Style Vehicle License Plates, A
=> New Approach for Classification of Autistic vs. Typically Developing Brain Using White Matter Volumes
=> new approach for classification skin lesion based on transfer learning, deep learning, and IoT system, A
=> New Approach for Co-Operative Bus Priority at Traffic Signals, A
=> new approach for color image segmentation based on color mixture, A
=> New Approach for Cylindrical Steel Structure Deformation Monitoring by Dense Point Clouds, A
=> New Approach for Defect Detection in X-ray CT Images, A
=> New Approach for Detecting DDoS Attacks Based on Wavelet Analysis, A
=> New Approach for Detecting Urban Centers and Their Spatial Structure With Nighttime Light Remote Sensing, A
=> New Approach for Documentation, Conservation and Preservation of the Monolithic Statues in San Agustín as Pilot for Outdoor Cultural Heritage Documentation in Colombia, A
=> New Approach for Error Resilience in Video Transmission Using ECC, A
=> New Approach for Estimating Soil Salinity Using A Low-Cost Soil Sensor In Situ: A Case Study in Saline Regions of China's East Coast, A
=> new approach for face hallucination based on a two-dimensional direct combined model, A
=> new approach for fast line detection based on combinatorial optimization, A
=> New Approach for Fingerprint Verification Based on Wide Baseline Matching Using Local Interest Points and Descriptors, A
=> New Approach for forest inventory estimation and timber harvesting planning in mountain areas: the Slope project
=> New Approach for Fractal Image Compression on a Virtual Hexagonal Structure, A
=> New Approach for Hand Augmentation Based on Patch Modelling, A
=> new approach for high density saturated impulse noise removal using decision-based coupled window median filter, A
=> New approach for human detection in spherical images
=> New Approach for Identification of Potential Rockfall Source Areas Controlled by Rock Mass Strength at a Regional Scale, A
=> New approach for identifying hereditary relation using primary fingerprint patterns
=> New Approach for Image-content Adaptive Mesh Generation, A
=> new approach for image enhancement applied to low-contrast-low-illumination IC and document images, A
=> New Approach for Improving GNSS Geodetic Position by Reducing Residual Tropospheric Error (RTE) Based on Surface Meteorological Data, A
=> New Approach for In-Vehicle Camera Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition, A
=> New Approach for Intelligent Object Picking in Line Drawing Images, A
=> New Approach for Interpreting the Morisita Index of Aggregation through Quadrat Size, A
=> new approach for iris segmentation, A
=> New Approach for Lighting Effect Rendering, A
=> New Approach for Line Extraction and its Integration in a Multi-Scale, Multi-Abstraction-Level Road Extraction System, A
=> New Approach for Line Extraction and its Integration in a Multi-Scale, Multi-Abstraction-Level Road Extraction System, A
=> new approach for line recognition in large-size images using Hough transform, A
=> New Approach for Model-Based Adaptive Region Growing in Medical Image Analysis, A
=> New Approach for Monitoring the Terra Nova Bay Polynya through MODIS Ice Surface Temperature Imagery and Its Validation during 2010 and 2011 Winter Seasons, A
=> new approach for multi-view gait recognition on unconstrained paths, A
=> new approach for multiclass motor imagery recognition using pattern image features generated from common spatial patterns, A
=> new approach for multiphase piecewise smooth image segmentation, A
=> New Approach for Nitrogen Status Monitoring in Potato Plants by Combining RGB Images and SPAD Measurements, A
=> new approach for nonlinear distortion correction in endoscopic images based on least squares estimation, A
=> New Approach for Optimal Multiple Watermarks Injection, A
=> new approach for optimal offline time-series segmentation with error bound guarantee, A
=> new approach for optimal time-series segmentation, A
=> New Approach for Overlay Text Detection and Extraction From Complex Video Scene, A
=> New Approach for Pass-point Generation from Aerial Video Imagery, A
=> New Approach for Photogrammetric Rock Slope Premonitory Movements Monitoring
=> new approach for predicting drought-related vegetation stress: Integrating satellite, climate, and biophysical data over the U.S. central plains, A
=> new approach for real-time target tracking in videos, A
=> New Approach for Realistic 3D Reconstruction of Planar Surfaces from Laser Scanning Data and Imagery Collected Onboard Modern Low-Cost Aerial Mapping Systems, A
=> new approach for recognition multifont Chinese characters used in a special application, A
=> new approach for recognizing handwritten mathematics using relational grammars and fuzzy sets, A
=> New Approach for Reducing Embedding Noise in Multiple Bit Plane Steganography, A
=> new approach for reduction of attributes based on stripped quotient sets, A
=> New Approach for Relative Orientation of Non-Calibrated Historical Photos of Baalbek/Libanon, A
=> new approach for relevance feedback through positive and negative samples, A
=> New Approach for Restoring Block-Transform Coded Images with Estimation of Correlation Matrices, A
=> New Approach for Road Extraction from High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images Using the Quaternionic Wavelet
=> New Approach for Robust Segmentation of the Noisy or Textured Images, A
=> new approach for rotation-invariant and noise-resistant texture analysis and classification, A
=> New Approach for SA-Based Fractal Image Compression, A
=> New Approach for Segmentation-Based Texturing of Laser Scanning Data, A
=> New Approach For Segmentation And Extraction Of Single Tree From Point Clouds Data And Aerial Images
=> New Approach for Segmentation and Recognition of Arabic Handwritten Touching Numeral Pairs, A
=> New Approach for Skew Correction of Documents Based on Particle Swarm Optimization, A
=> New Approach for Soil Moisture Downscaling in the Presence of Seasonal Difference, A
=> New Approach for Subset 2-D AR Model Identification for Describing Textures, A
=> New Approach for Subway Tunnel Deformation Monitoring: High-resolution Terrestrial Laser Scanning, A
=> New Approach for Symbol Recognition Combining Shape Context of Interest Points with Sparse Representation
=> New Approach for Synthesis and Recognition of Large Scale Handwritten Chinese Words, A
=> New Approach for Temporal Stability Evaluation of Pseudo-Invariant Calibration Sites (PICS)
=> new approach for terrain analysis of lunar surface by Chandrayaan-1 data using open source libraries, A
=> new approach for text-independent speaker recognition, A
=> New Approach for the Analysis of Hyperspectral Data: Theory and Sensitivity Analysis of the Moment Distance Method, A
=> New Approach for the Camera Motion Extraction from Texture Images with Spatio-Temporal Slice Analysis, A
=> New approach for the detection of noise-distorted signals based on the method of S-preparation
=> New Approach for the Development of Grid Models Calculating Tropospheric Key Parameters over China, A
=> New Approach for the Extraction of Aboveground Circular Structures From Near-Nadir VHR Satellite Imagery, A
=> new approach for the morphological segmentation of high-resolution satellite imagery, A
=> new approach for the registration of images with inconsistent differences, A
=> New Approach For The Semi-automatic Texture Generation Of The Buildings Facades, From Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data, A
=> New approach for the skeletonization of handwritten characters in gray-scale images
=> new approach for tracking lanes by fusing image measurements with map data, A
=> New Approach for Understanding Urban Microclimate by Integrating Complementary Predictors at Different Scales in Regression and Machine Learning Models, A
=> New Approach for Vanishing Point Detection in Architectural Environments, A
=> New Approach for Vehicle Detection in Congested Traffic Scenes Based on Strong Shadow Segmentation, A
=> new approach for very dark video denoising and enhancement, A
=> new approach for video text detection, A
=> New Approach for Wavelet Denoising Based on Training, A
=> New Approach for Wet Blue Leather Defect Segmentation, A
=> New Approach in Reversible Watermarking, A
=> New Approach of 3D Lightning Location Based on Pearson Correlation Combined with Empirical Mode Decomposition, A
=> New Approach of Arc Skeletonization for Tree-like Objects Using Minimum Cost Path, A
=> New Approach of Color Images Segmentation Based on Fusing Region and Edge Segmentations Outputs, A
=> New Approach of Digital Bridge Surface Model Generation, A
=> new approach of geodesic reconstruction for drusen segmentation in eye fundus images, A
=> New Approach of GPU Accelerated Visual Tracking, A
=> new approach of group-based VLC codec system with full table programmability, A
=> new approach of high resolution direction finding using single channel receiver, A
=> New Approach of Matrix Factorization on Complex Domain for Data Representation, A
=> new approach of photometric stereo from linear image representation under close lighting, A
=> New Approach of Skull Fracture Detection in CT Brain Images, A
=> New approach of smoothing to extend language model in Lucene
=> New Approach of the Global Navigation Satellite System Tomography for Any Size of GNSS Network, A
=> New Approach of Vector Quantization for Image Data Compression and Texture Detection, A
=> New Approach of Vector Quantization for Image Data Compression and Texture Detection, A
=> New Approach of Visual Activity Measuring with Background Subtraction Algorithms
=> New Approach on Design of a Digital Phase-Locked Loop, A
=> New Approach on Multimodal Biometrics Based on Combining Neural Networks Using AdaBoost, A
=> New Approach on Spatio-temporal Scene Analysis for Driver Observation, A
=> new approach to 3D reconstruction without camera calibration, A
=> new approach to 3D shape recovery of local planar surface patches from shift-variant blurred images, A
=> New Approach to Aircraft Surface Inspection Based on Directional Energies of Texture, A
=> New Approach to Analyse Neighbourhood Relations in 2D Polygonal Networks, A
=> new approach to aperture synthesis using frequency diversity imaging, A
=> New Approach to Automated Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Multiscale Analysis, A
=> new approach to automatic music video summarization, A
=> New Approach to Automatic Reconstruction of a 3-D World Using Active Stereo Vision, A
=> New Approach to Automatically Detecting Grids in DNA Microarray Images, A
=> new approach to build a geographical taxonomy of adjacency automatically using the latent semantic indexing method, A
=> New Approach to Camera Calibration: GCPS or TLS Data?, The
=> new approach to camera hand-off without camera calibration for the general scene with non-planar ground, A
=> New Approach to Camera Image Indexing, A
=> New Approach to Change Vector Analysis Using Distance and Similarity Measures, A
=> new approach to characterize epileptic seizures using analytic time-frequency flexible wavelet transform and fractal dimension, A
=> new approach to classification of brainwaves, A
=> New Approach to Classifier Fusion Based on Upper Integral, A
=> new approach to clustering data with arbitrary shapes, A
=> new approach to clustering, A
=> new approach to combine texture compression and filtering, A
=> new approach to computation of curvature scale space image for shape similarity retrieval, A
=> New Approach to Computing the Euler Characteristic, A
=> new approach to conic section approximation of object boundaries, A
=> New Approach to Construct Virtual Array With Increased Degrees of Freedom for Moving Sparse Arrays, A
=> new approach to contextual learning using interval arithmetic and its applications for land-use classification, A
=> New Approach to Contour Coding, A
=> new approach to corner matching from image sequence using fuzzy similarity index, A
=> new approach to create 3D fixation density maps for stereoscopic images, A
=> New Approach to Defining Uncertainties for MODIS Land Surface Temperature, A
=> New Approach to Depth Range Detection by Producing Depth-dependent Blurring Effect, A
=> New Approach to Detect Core and Delta of the Fingerprint Using Extended Relational Graph, A
=> New Approach to Detect Ground Clutter Mixed With Weather Signals, A
=> New Approach to Detect Splice-Sites Based on Support Vector Machines and a Genetic Algorithm, A
=> New Approach to Detect Use of Alcohol Through Iris Videos Using Computer Vision, A
=> new approach to detecting the corners in digital images, A
=> new approach to diagnose Sleep Apnea Syndrome using a continuous wavelet transform, A
=> New Approach to Earth's Gravity Field Modeling Using GPS-Derived Kinematic Orbits and Baselines, A
=> new approach to edge detection, A
=> New Approach to Energy Calculation of Road Accidents against Fixed Small Section Elements Based on Close-Range Photogrammetry, A
=> New Approach to Estimate Fractal Dimension of Texture Images, A
=> new approach to estimate fractal dimensions of corrosion images, A
=> New Approach to Estimate Fuel Budget and Wildfire Hazard Assessment in Commercial Plantations Using Drone-Based Photogrammetry and Image Analysis, A
=> new approach to estimate lacunarity of texture images, A
=> new approach to estimating fundamental matrix, A
=> New Approach to Evaluate Drug Treatment Response of Ovarian Cancer Patients Based on Deformable Image Registration, A
=> New Approach to Face Image Coding using Gabor Wavelet Networks, A
=> New Approach to Face Localization in the HSV Space Using the Gaussian Model, A
=> New Approach to Fake Finger Detection Based on Skin Distortion, A
=> New Approach to Fake Finger Detection Based on Skin Elasticity Analysis, A
=> New Approach to Feature Exatraction for Wavelet-Based Texture Classification, A
=> new approach to feature selection based on the Karhunen-Loeve expansion, A
=> New Approach to Fourier Synthesis With Application to Neural Encoding and Speech Classification, A
=> new approach to fuzzy dynamics, A
=> New Approach to Fuzzy Morphology Based on Fuzzy Integral and Its Application in Image Processing, A
=> New Approach to Gaussian Signal Smoothing: Application to ECG Components Separation, A
=> New Approach to Geometrical Feature Assessment for ICP-Based Pose Measurement: Continuum Shape Constraint Analysis, A
=> New Approach to Global Motion Compensation which Reduces Video Encoding Complexity, A
=> new approach to graph analysis for activity based intelligence, A
=> New Approach to Hand-eye Calibration, A
=> new approach to hand-written character recognition, A
=> new approach to high precision 3-D measuring system, A
=> New Approach to Identify Big Rocks with Applications to the Mining Industry, A
=> New Approach to Identify On-Ground Lamp Types from Night-Time ISS Images, A
=> New Approach to Image Copy Detection Based on Extended Feature Sets, A
=> New Approach to Image Feature Detection with Applications, A
=> New Approach to Image Retrieval with Hierarchical Color Clustering, A
=> new approach to image segmentation, A
=> new approach to image sparse decomposition based on MP, A
=> New Approach to Land-Based Cloud Classification, A
=> New Approach to Line Simplification Based on Image Processing: A Case Study of Water Area Boundaries, A
=> New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems, A
=> New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems, A
=> new approach to locate the hippocampus nest in brain MR images, A
=> New Approach To Low-Level Retrieving of Grey Scale Images from Image Data Base, A
=> new approach to machine-based perception of monocular images, A
=> new approach to mathematical morphology on one dimensional sampled signals, A
=> New Approach to Measuring the Similarity of Indoor Semantic Trajectories, A
=> new approach to medical image stitching using minimum average correlation energy filter and peak to side-lobe ratio, A
=> new approach to mixed pixel classification of hyperspectral imagery based on extended morphological profiles, A
=> New Approach to Modeling Emotions and Their Use on a Decision-Making System for Artificial Agents, A
=> new approach to morphological color image processing, A
=> New Approach to Motion Pattern Recognition and Its Application to Optical Flow Estimation, A
=> New Approach to Multi-class Linear Dimensionality Reduction, A
=> new approach to object recognition in textured images, A
=> New Approach to Ocean Wave Parameter Estimates From C-Band ScanSAR Images, A
=> New Approach to Optimal Filtering for ARMA Signals
=> new approach to optimize bandwidth reservation for real-time video transmission with deterministic guarantees, A
=> new approach to outdoor scene description based on learning and top-down segmentation, A
=> New Approach to Performing Bundle Adjustment for Time Series UAV Images 3D Building Change Detection, A
=> New Approach to Personal Identification in Large Databases by Hierarchical Palmprint Coding with Multi-features, A
=> New Approach to Point Pattern Matching, A
=> New Approach to Pose Detection using a Trinocular Stereovision System, A
=> New Approach to Precipitation Monitoring: A critical survey of existing technologies and challenges, A
=> New Approach to Qualitative Stereo, A
=> New Approach To Recognition Of Deformed Patterns, A
=> New Approach to Refining Land Use Types: Predicting Point-of-Interest Categories Using Weibo Check-in Data, A
=> New Approach to Removing Cloud Cover from Satellite Imagery, A
=> New Approach to Robot Location by House Corners, A
=> New Approach to Robot Orientation by Orthogonal Lines, A
=> New Approach to Robust Estimation of Parametric Structures, A
=> New Approach to Robust LiDAR/Optical Imagery Registration, A
=> New Approach to Satellite-Derived Bathymetry: An Exercise in Seabed 2030 Coastal Surveys, A
=> New Approach to Segmentation Based on Fusing Circumscribed Contours, Region Growing and Clustering, A
=> new approach to selecting coherent pixels for ground-based SAR deformation monitoring, A
=> New Approach to Signature-Based Authentication, A
=> new approach to solving Kruppa equations for camera self-calibration, A
=> New Approach to Sparse Image Representation Using MMV and K-SVD, A
=> New Approach to Spatio-Temporal Calibration of Multi-sensor Systems, A
=> new approach to speech-input statistical translation, A
=> new approach to texture coding using stochastic vector quantization, A
=> new approach to the automated mapping of pockmarks in multi-beam bathymetry, A
=> New Approach to the Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts, A
=> new approach to the classification of mammographic masses and normal breast tissue, A
=> New Approach to the Design and Implementation of a Family of Multiplier Free Orthogonal Wavelet Filter Banks, A
=> new approach to the design of biorthogonal triplet half-band filter banks using generalized half-band polynomials, A
=> New Approach to the Design of Low Complexity 9/7 Tap Wavelet Filters With Maximum Vanishing Moments
=> New Approach to the Generation of Orthoimages of Cultural Heritage Objects: Integrating TLS and Image Data, A
=> new approach to the interpolation of sampled data, A
=> New Approach to the Quality Control of Slope and Aspect Classes Derived from Digital Elevation Models, A
=> new approach to the reconstruction of contour lines extracted from topographic maps, A
=> New Approach to the Restoration of an Image Blurred by Linear Uniform Motion, A
=> New Approach to the Template Update Problem, A
=> New Approach to the Use of Edge Extremities for Model-based Object Tracking, A
=> New Approach to the Verification of Chinese Signatures with Variant Orientations and Scales Using Relaxation and State Space Search Methods, A
=> new approach to thinning based on time-reversed heat conduction model, A
=> New Approach to Track Multiple Vehicles With the Combination of Robust Detection and Two Classifiers, A
=> New Approach to Tracking with Active Contours, A
=> new approach to training more interpretable model with additional segmentation, A
=> New Approach to Two-View Motion Segmentation Using Global Dimension Minimization, A
=> New Approach to Underwater Target Recognition, A
=> New Approach to Unsupervised Image Segmentation Based on Wavelet-Domain Hidden Markov Tree Models, A
=> new approach to unwrap a 3-D fingerprint to a 2-D rolled equivalent fingerprint, A
=> New Approach to Urban Pedestrian Detection for Automatic Braking, A
=> New Approach to Urban Road Extraction Using High-Resolution Aerial Image, A
=> new approach to vanishing point detection in architectural environments, A
=> New Approach to Vector Median Filtering Based on Space-Filling Curves, A
=> New approach to vehicle license plate location based on new model YOLO-L and plate pre-identification
=> New Approach to Video-Based Traffic Surveillance Using Fuzzy Hybrid Information Inference Mechanism, A
=> New Approach to Video Sequence Recognition Based On Statistical Methods, A
=> New Approach to Weighted Graph Matching, A
=> new approach to wire-frame tracking for semantic model-based moving image coding, A
=> New Approach to Wireless Video Compression with Low Complexity
=> New Approach Toward a Modular Multimodal Interface for PDAs and Smartphones, A
=> New Approach toward Corner Detection for Use in Point Cloud Registration, A
=> New Approach towards Text Filtering, A
=> New Approach towards Vision Suggested by Biologically Realistic Neural Microcircuit Models, A
=> new approach with enhanced accuracy in zero motion prejudgment for motion estimation in real-time applications, A
=> New approaches for colour histogram adaptation in face tracking tasks
=> New approaches for efficient information hiding-based secret image sharing schemes
=> New Approaches for Monitoring Image Data
=> New Approaches for Real Time Traffic Data Acquisition with Airborne Systems
=> New Approaches for Robust and Efficient Detection of Persistent Scatterers in SAR Tomography
=> New Approaches to Design and Control of Time Limited Search Algorithms
=> New Approaches to Movement Evaluation Using Accurate Truck Ingress Data
=> New Approaches to Processing Ground-Based SAR (GBSAR) Data for Deformation Monitoring
=> New Approximate Distributions for the Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test Detection in Passive Radar
=> New approximated inversion of spherical Radon transform in SAR imaging
=> New Approximation of a Scale Space Kernel on SE(3) and Applications in Neuroimaging
=> New Approximation to Distribution of Positive RVs Applied to Gaussian Quadratic Forms
=> New Aproach to Active Illumination, A
=> New Arabic Printed Text Image Database and Evaluation Protocols, A
=> New Archaeological Discoveries Based on Spatial Information Technology and Cultural Analysis: Taking the Study of the Spatial Relationship between Ancient Chinese Capitals and the Natural Environment as an Example
=> New architecture for dynamic frame-skipping transcoder
=> new architecture for motion-compensated image coding, A
=> New Architecture for MPEG Video Streaming System With Backward Playback Support
=> New Architecture of Densely Connected Convolutional Networks for Pan-Sharpening, A
=> New Area Based Metrics for Automatic Gait Recognition
=> New Area Based Metrics for Gait Recognition
=> new arithmetic coding model for a block-based lossless image compression based on exploiting inter-block correlation, A
=> New Array Pattern Synthesis Algorithm Using the Two-Step Least-Squares Method, A
=> new art-based neural architecture for pattern classification and image enhancement without prior knowledge, A
=> New Asia Dust Storm Detection Method Based on the Thermal Infrared Spectral Signature
=> New Aspect Ratio Invariant Visual Secret Sharing Schemes Using Square Block-Wise Operation
=> New Aspects of InkML for Pen-Based Computing
=> New Aspects of Integrity Levels in Automotive Industry-Cybersecurity of Automated Vehicles
=> New Asymmetric Criterion for Cluster Validation, A
=> new attempt to gait-based human identification, A
=> new attributed relational graph matching algorithm using the nested structure of earth mover's distance, A
=> New Audio Watermarking for Copyright Protection and Content Authentication, A
=> New Augmented Lagrangian Approach for L^1-mean Curvature Image Denoising, A
=> new authentication based cheating prevention scheme in Naor-Shamir’s visual cryptography, A
=> New Auto-focusing Algorithm for Optical Microscope Based Automated System, A
=> New Autocalibration Algorithm: Experimental Evaluation, A
=> new automated delineation method for SPECT lung scans using adaptive dual-exponential thresholding, A
=> New Automated Method for Evaluating Mental Workload Using Handwriting Features, A
=> New Automated Method to Develop Geometrically Corrected Time Series of Brightness Temperatures from Historical AVHRR LAC Data
=> new automated quality assessment algorithm for image fusion, A
=> New Automated Ship Wake Detector for Small and Go-Fast Ships in Sentinel-1 Imagery, A
=> New Automatic Cancer Colony Forming Units Counting Method, A
=> New Automatic Concavity Extraction Model, A
=> new automatic detection approach for hepatocellular, carcinoma using 11C-acetate positron emission tomography, A
=> New Automatic Extraction Method for Glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau under Clouds, Shadows and Snow Cover, A
=> New Automatic Extraction Method of Container Identity Codes, A
=> new automatic framework for document image enhancement process based on anisotropic diffusion, A
=> New Automatic Hyperparameter Recommendation Approach Under Low-Rank Tensor Completion e Framework, A
=> New Automatic Multilevel Thresholding Technique for Segmentation of Thermal Images
=> New Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts by Means of Visual System, A
=> New Automatic Quasar Recognition Technique Based on PCA and the Hough Transform, A
=> New Automatic System Calibration Of Multi-cameras And Lidar Sensors, A
=> New Azimuth Ambiguity Suppression Algorithm for Surface Current Measurement in Coastal Waters and Rivers With Along-track InSAR, A
=> New Backdoor Attack in CNNS by Training Set Corruption Without Label Poisoning, A
=> new bag of visual words encoding method for human action recognition, A
=> New Bag of Words LBP (BoWL) Descriptor for Scene Image Classification, A
=> New Banknote Number Recognition Algorithm Based on Support Vector Machine
=> New Baseline for Image Annotation, A
=> New Baseline Linear Combination Algorithm for Generating Urban Digital Elevation Models With Multitemporal InSAR Observations, A
=> New Basis Selection Paradigm for Wavelet Packet Image Coding, A
=> New Bayesian Algorithm for Sea Ice Detection With QuikSCAT
=> New Bayesian Approach to Image Denoising with a Combination of MRFS and Pixon Method, A
=> New Bayesian Framework for Object Recognition, A
=> New Bayesian Framework for Object Recognition, A
=> New Bayesian Method for Range Image Segmentation, A
=> new bayesian Poisson denoising algorithm based on nonlocal means and stochastic distances, A
=> new belief-based K-nearest neighbor classification method, A
=> new benchmark on the recognition of handwritten Bangla and Farsi numeral characters, A
=> New Biased Discriminant Analysis Using Composite Vectors for Eye Detection, A
=> New Binarization Approach Based on Text Block Extraction
=> new binarization method for non-uniform illuminated document images, A
=> New Binary Encoding Algorithm for the Simultaneous Region-based Classification of Hyperspectral Data and Digital Surface Models, A
=> New binary linear programming formulation to compute the graph edit distance
=> new bio-inspired metric based on eye movement data for classifying ASD and typically developing children, A
=> New Biologically Inspired Color Image Descriptor, A
=> New Biologically Inspired Feature for Scene Image Classification, A
=> new biologically motivated framework for robust object recognition, A
=> New Biomass Estimates for Chaparral-Dominated Southern California Landscapes
=> New Biomass Estimates for Chaparral-Dominated Southern California Landscapes
=> New biometric approach based on geometrical humain brain patterns recognition: Some preliminary results
=> New Blind Channel Estimation Algorithm for OFDM Systems, A
=> new blind color image watermarking based on a psychovisual model and quantization approaches, A
=> new blind image conversion complexity metric for intelligent CMOS image sensors, A
=> new blind image denoising method based on asymmetric generative adversarial network, A
=> new blind robust image watermarking scheme in SVD-DCT composite domain, A
=> New Blind Selection Approach for Lunar Landing Zones Based on Engineering Constraints Using Sliding Window, A
=> New Blind Watermarking Technique Based on Independent Component Analysis, A
=> New Block-Based Method for HEVC Intra Coding, A
=> new block-based motion estimation algorithm, A
=> New Block-Based Motion Estimation for Sequences with Brightness Variation and Its Application to Static Sprite Generation for Video Compression
=> new block-matching criterion for motion estimation and its implementation, A
=> New Block-matching Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Successive Elimination, A
=> new block compressive sensing to control the number of measurements, A
=> New Block Partitioned Text Feature for Text Verification, A
=> New Blockwise Algorithm for Large-Scale Images Robust Watermarking, The
=> New Bouguer Anomaly Map for the Territory of the Slovenia
=> New Bounding Box based Pseudo Annotation Generation Method for Semantic Segmentation, A
=> New bounds on image denoising: Viewpoint of sparse representation and non-local averaging
=> New Box-Counting Method for Estimation of Image Fractal Dimension, A
=> New brain atlas: Mapping the human brain in vivo with 7.0 T MRI and comparison with postmortem histology: Will these images change modern medicine?
=> new braking torque distribution strategy based on braking actuator characteristics and a command signal for a blended braking system, A
=> New Broadband Dielectric Model for Simultaneous Determination of Water Saturation and Porosity, A
=> New Buckling Model for Cloth Simulation, A
=> New Buffer Strategy for Embedded Video-on-Demand System, A
=> New Building Mask Using the Gradient of Heights for Automatic Building Extraction, A
=> New CAD System for Early Diagnosis of Detected Lung Nodules, A
=> New CAD System for Early Diagnosis of Dyslexic Brains, A
=> New calculation method for exact length weighting factor in cone-beam computed tomography
=> New Calibration-free Approach for Augmented Reality based on Parameterized Cuboid Structure
=> New Calibration Method of Airborne Interferometric SAR, A
=> new calibration model of camera lens distortion, A
=> New Calibration Scheme For Panoramic Line Scanner
=> New Camera Calibration Algorithm Based on Rotating Object, A
=> New camera chip captures only what it needs
=> New Camera Projection Model and its Application in Reprojection for Image Based Rendering, A
=> new camera self-calibration method based on CSA, A
=> New Card Authentication Scheme Based on Image Watermarking and Encryption, A
=> New cascade model for hierarchical joint classification of multitemporal, multiresolution and multisensor remote sensing data
=> New Cascade Model for the Hierarchical Joint Classification of Multitemporal and Multiresolution Remote Sensing Data, A
=> new cascaded spatio-temporal noise reduction scheme for interlaced video, A
=> new cast shadow detection method for traffic surveillance video analysis using color and statistical modeling, A
=> New CAVLC design for lossless intra coding
=> New CBAM-P-Net Model for Few-Shot Forest Species Classification Using Airborne Hyperspectral Images, A
=> New CDMA Technique for Digital Image Watermarking, Enhancing Capacity of Insertion and Robustness, A
=> new center-biased search algorithm for block motion estimation, A
=> new CFAR algorithm based on variable window for ship target detection in SAR images, A
=> new chain-code quantization approach enabling high performance handwriting recognition based on multi-classifier schemes, A
=> New Chain-Coding Algorithm for Binary Images Using Run-Length Codes, A
=> new chain code, A
=> New Challenge: Behavioural Analysis of 6-DOF User When Consuming Immersive Media, A
=> new challenging image dataset with simple background for evaluating and developing co-segmentation algorithms, A
=> new change detector in heterogeneous remote sensing imagery, A
=> New Channel Errors Estimation Method for Multichannel SAR Based on Virtual Calibration Source
=> new chaos-based image encryption system, A
=> New Characteristics for the Classification of Burns: Experimental Study
=> new characterization of the trifocal tensor, A
=> new characterization of the trifocal tensor, A
=> New Characterizations of Minimum Spanning Trees and of Saliency Maps Based on Quasi-flat Zones
=> New Characterizations of Simple Points in 2D, 3D, and 4D Discrete Spaces
=> New Characterizations of Simple Points, Minimal Non-simple Sets and P-Simple Points in 2D, 3D and 4D Discrete Spaces
=> new charge structure based on computer modeling and simulation analysis, A
=> new Chebyshev polynomials descriptor applicable to open curves, A
=> New chroma intra prediction modes based on linear model for HEVC
=> New Chromatic Edge Detector Used for Color Image Segmentation, A
=> New Chung-Li Ionosonde in Taiwan: System Description and Preliminary Results
=> New City Air Terminal Service Mode: Urban Mobile Station for Luggage Check-in Service and Evolutionary Approach, A
=> new class of B/W halftoning algorithms, A
=> New Class of Biorthogonal Wavelet Systems for Image Transform Coding, A
=> New Class of Chromatic Filters for Color Image Processing. Theory and Applications, A
=> New Class of Corner Finder, A
=> New Class of Elastic Body Splines for Nonrigid Registration of Medical Images, A
=> New Class of Fast Shape-Adaptive Orthogonal Transforms and Their Application to Region-Based Image Compression
=> New Class of Filters for Image Interpolation and Resizing, A
=> new class of image filters without normalization, A
=> new class of image registration for guaranteeing secure data management, A
=> New Class of Learnable Detectors for Categorisation, A
=> New Class of Low Complexity Low-Pass Multiplierless Linear-Phase Special CIC FIR Filters, A
=> new class of Lp correlation functions and its applications to seismic signal application, A
=> New Class of Median Based Impulse Rejecting Filters, A
=> New Class of Multiple Description Scalar Quantizer and Its Application to Image Coding, A
=> New Class of Non-stationary Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes Based on Exponential Polynomials, A
=> New Class of Optimal Z-Complementary Code Sets
=> new class of sampling theorems for Fourier imaging of multiple regions, A
=> New Class of Similarity Measures for Robust Image Registration, A
=> New Class of Wavelet-Based Metrics for Image Similarity Assessment, A
=> New Class of Wavelet-Based Metrics for Image Similarity Assessment, A
=> New Class Tiling Design for Dot-Diffused Halftoning
=> New Classes of Radiometric and Combined Radiometric-Geometric Invariant Descriptors
=> new classification approach based on source separation and feature extraction, A
=> New Classification Method for LIDAR Data Based on Unbalanced Support Vector Machine, A
=> new classification rule based on nearest neighbour search, A
=> New Classifier Combination Scheme Using Clustering Ensemble, A
=> new classifier simulator for evaluating parallel combination methods, A
=> New Closed-Form Solution for Absolute Orientation, A
=> New Closed-Form Solution for Kinematic Parameter-Identification of a Binocular Head Using Point Measurements
=> new closed loop method of super-resolution for multi-view images, A
=> New Cloud-edge-terminal Resources Collaborative Scheduling Framework For Multi-level Visualization Tasks of Large-scale Spatio-temporal Data, A
=> New Cloud Shadow Detection Algorithm Based on Prior Land Type Database Support, A
=> new cluster-validity for fuzzy clustering, A
=> new cluster isolation criterion based on dissimilarity increments, A
=> New Clustering Algorith for Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images Using Fuzzy C-Mean and Computer Programming, A
=> New Clustering Algorithm Based on K-Means Using a Line Segment as Prototype, A
=> New Clustering Algorithm for Color Image Segmentation, A
=> new clustering algorithm for coordinate-free data, A
=> New Clustering Algorithm for Processing GPS-Based Road Anomaly Reports With a Mahalanobis Distance, A
=> new clustering algorithm with multiple runs of iterative procedures, A
=> New clustering algorithms for the support vector machine based hierarchical classification
=> new clustering approach based on graph partitioning for navigation patterns mining, A
=> New Clustering Approach for Face Identification, A
=> New Clustering Method for Improving Plasticity and Stability in Handwritten Character Recognition Systems, A
=> new clustering method of gene expression data based on multivariate Gaussian mixture models, A
=> new clustering validity index for arbitrary shape of clusters, A
=> new clusterwise similarity for partitions based on quantitative disagreement, A
=> new clutter rejection algorithm for doppler ultrasound, A
=> New CNN-Based Method for Multi-Directional Car License Plate Detection, A
=> New CNN-Based Predictor for Reversible Data Hiding
=> New CNN-Bayesian Model for Extracting Improved Winter Wheat Spatial Distribution from GF-2 imagery, A
=> New CO2 Concentration Predictions and Spectral Estimation Applied to the Vostok Ice Core
=> New Coarse-to-Fine Framework for 3D Brain MR Image Registration, A
=> new coarse-to-fine rectification algorithm for airborne push-broom hyperspectral images, A
=> new coding algorithm for arbitrarily shaped image segments, A
=> New Coding Mode for Hybrid Video Coders Based on Quantized Motion Vectors, A
=> New Coding Tools for Illumination and Focus Mismatch Compensation in Multiview Video Coding
=> New Coeff-Token Decoding Method With Efficient Memory Access in H.264/AVC Video Coding Standard, A
=> new coefficient estimation method when using PCA for spectral super-resolution, A
=> New Coherence Detection Method for Mapping Inland Water Bodies Using CYGNSS Data, A
=> New Coherent Similarity Measure for Temporal Multichannel Scene Characterization, A
=> New Coin Segmentation and Graph-Based Identification Method for Numismatic Application, A
=> New Collusion Attack and Its Performance Evaluation, A
=> new color-based face detection and location by using support vector machine, A
=> New Color Constancy Algorithm Based on the Histogram of Feasible Mappings, A
=> New Color Correction Method for Underwater Imaging, A
=> New Color Filter Array Interpolation Approach for Single-Sensor Imaging, A
=> New Color Filter Array With Optimal Properties for Noiseless and Noisy Color Image Acquisition, A
=> new color filter array with optimal sensing properties, A
=> New color filter arrays of high light sensitivity and high demosaicking performance
=> New color GPHOG descriptors for object and scene image classification
=> New Color Image Database TID2013: Innovations and Results, A
=> new color image encryption scheme based on DNA encoding and spatiotemporal chaotic system, A
=> new color image segmentation algorithm based on watershed transformation, A
=> New Color Representation for Intensity Independent Pixel Classification in Confocal Microscopy Images, A
=> New Color Space Domain for Digital Watermarking in Multimedia Applications, A
=> new color transform for RGB coding, A
=> New colour fusion deep learning model for large-scale action recognition
=> New colour morphological operators on hypergraph
=> new colour space for skin tone detection, A
=> new combination of 1D and 2D filter banks for effective multiresolution image representation, A
=> new combination of local and global constraints for optical flow computation, A
=> New Combination of Local Appearance Based Methods for Face Recognition under Varying Lighting Conditions, A
=> new combination scheme for HMM-based classifiers and its application to handwriting recognition, A
=> New Combined Adjustment Model for Geolocation Accuracy Improvement of Multiple Sources Optical and SAR Imagery, A
=> New Combined Feature Extraction Method for Persian Handwritten Digit Recognition, A
=> new combined method based on curvelet transform and morphological operators for automatic detection of foveal avascular zone, A
=> New Combined Pixel/object-based Technique For Efficient Urban Classsification Using Worldview-2 Data
=> new combining learning method for color constancy, A
=> New Compact Delay, Doppler Stretch and Phase Estimation CRB with a Band-Limited Signal for Generic Remote Sensing Applications, A
=> new competing risks model for predicting prepayment and default using data mining, A
=> new complex-directional wavelet transform and its application to image denoising, A
=> New Complex Basis for Implicit Polynomial Curves and its Simple Exploitation for Pose Estimation and Invariant Recognition, A
=> New Complex Basis for Implicit Polynomial Curves and its Simple Exploitation for Pose Estimation and Invariant Recognition, A
=> New Complex Basis for Implicit Polynomial Curves and its Simple Exploitation for Pose Estimation and Invariant Recognition, A
=> new component based algorithm for newspaper layout analysis, A
=> new composite multi-constrained differential-radon warping approach for digital video affine motion stabilization, A
=> new compression scheme for color-quantized images, A
=> new compressive sensing video coding framework based on Gaussian mixture model, A
=> New Compressor for Measuring Distances among Images, A
=> New Computation of Geometric Moments, A
=> new computation of shape moments via quadtree decomposition, A
=> new computational approach for cortical imaging, A
=> New Computational Approach to Identify Human Social Intention in Action, A
=> new computational framework for 2D shape-enclosing contours, A
=> New Computational Methods for the Construction of Darcyan Biological Coordinate Systems
=> New Computationally Adaptive Formulation of Block-Matching Motion Estimation, A
=> New Computationally Efficient Stochastic Approach for Building Reconstruction from Satellite Data, A
=> New Computer Language for Electron Image Processing, A
=> new computer vision-based system to help clinicians objectively assess visual pursuit with the moving mirror stimulus for the diagnosis of minimally conscious state, A
=> New Concept of Full Ocean Current Vector Retrieval With Spaceborne SAR Based on Intrapulse Beam-Switching Technique, A
=> New Concept of Scattered Radiation Imaging with High Sensitivity
=> New Concept of Soil Line Retrieval from Landsat 8 Images for Estimating Plant Biophysical Parameters, A
=> New concepts in Airborne and Ground Surveillance Systems
=> New concepts of network camera for measuring images
=> New Conditional Sampling Strategies for Speeded-up Ransac
=> New Conditions on Achieving the Maximal Possible Dynamic Range for a Generalized Chinese Remainder Theorem of Multiple Integers
=> New Conflict Resolution Method for Multiple Mobile Robots in Cluttered Environments With Motion-Liveness, A
=> New confocal hyperbola-based ellipse fitting with applications to estimating parameters of mechanical pipes from point clouds
=> New Connected-Component Labeling Algorithm, A
=> New Connected Components Algorithm for Virtual Memory Computers, A
=> New Connected Components Algorithms and Invariant Transformations of Digital Images
=> new constrained parameter estimator for computer vision applications, A
=> new constraint on the imaged absolute conic from aspect ratio and its application, A
=> New Constraints on Data-Closeness and Needle Map Consistency for Shape-from-Shading
=> New Constraints on Slip Behavior of the Jianshui Strike-Slip Fault from Faulted Stream Channel Risers and Airborne Lidar Data, SE Tibetan Plateau, China
=> new construction for motion and speed capture with conical wavelets, A
=> New Construction of Multiple Complete Complementary Codes With Inter-Set Zero Cross-Correlation Zone
=> New Content-based Hybrid Video Transcoding Method, A
=> New Content-Based Image Retrieval Approach Based on Pattern Orientation Histogram, A
=> New content-based image retrieval system based on optimised integration of DCD, wavelet and curvelet features
=> New Content-Based Image Retrieval System Using Deep Visual Features, A
=> New Context-Aware Computing Method for Urban Safety, A
=> new context-sensitive grammars learning algorithm and its application in trajectory classification, A
=> New Contextual Parameterization of Evaporative Fraction to Reduce the Reliance of the Ts-VI Triangle Method on the Dry Edge, A
=> new continuous max-flow algorithm for multiphase image segmentation using super-level set functions, A
=> New Contour Cue-Based Hybrid Sparse Learning for Salient Object Detection
=> New Contour Filling Algorithm Based on 2D Topological Map, A
=> New Contourlet Transform With Adaptive Directional Partitioning, A
=> New Contourlet Transform with Sharp Frequency Localization, A
=> New contributions on line-projections in omnidirectional vision
=> New Contributions on the Dome of the Pantheon in Rome: Comparison Between the Ideal Model and the Survey Model
=> new convex edge-preserving median prior with applications to tomography, A
=> New Convex Loss Function For Multiple Instance Support Vector Machines, A
=> new convex objective function for the supervised learning of single-layer neural networks, A
=> new convex optimization-based two-pass rate control method for object coding in AVS, A
=> New Convex Optimization Model for Multiplicative Noise and Blur Removal, A
=> New Convex Relaxations for MRF Inference With Unknown Graphs
=> new convex variational model for liver segmentation, A
=> New Convexity Measure Based on a Probabilistic Interpretation of Images, A
=> New Convexity Measure for Polygons, A
=> new convexity measurement for 3D meshes, A
=> New Convolution Kernel for Atmospheric Point Spread Function Applied to Computer Vision, A
=> new convolution theorem associated with the linear canonical transform, A
=> New Cooperative Insurance Based On Blockchain Technology: Six Simulations To Evaluate The Model., A
=> new Copy-Move forgery detection method using LIOP, A
=> New Corner Detection Algorithm by Tangent and Vertical Axes and Case Table
=> New Correlation Criterion Based on Gradient Fields Similarity, A
=> New Cost-Effective VLSI Implementation of a 2-D Discrete Cosine Transform and Its Inverse
=> new cost function for spatial image steganography, A
=> New Coupled Elimination Method of Soil Moisture and Particle Size Interferences on Predicting Soil Total Nitrogen Concentration through Discrete NIR Spectral Band Data, A
=> new coupled map car-following model under inter-vehicle communication, A
=> New Coupling Method for PM2.5 Concentration Estimation by the Satellite-Based Semiempirical Model and Numerical Model, A
=> new courtesy amount recognition module of a Check Reading System, A
=> New Covariance Estimate for Bayesian Classifiers in Biometric Recognition, A
=> New Criterion for Automatic Multilevel Thresholding, A
=> New Criterion in Selection and Discretization of Attributes for the Generation of Decision Trees, A
=> new cross-diamond search algorithm for fast block motion estimation, A
=> New Cross-Fusion Method to Automatically Determine the Optimal Input Image Pairs for NDVI Spatiotemporal Data Fusion, A
=> New Cross/Augmented Reality Experiences for the Virtual Museums of the Future
=> New Crossover Operator in Genetic Programming for Object Classification, A
=> new cryptographic primitive for noise tolerant template security, A
=> New Cubic B-Splines Design Method for Pen Input Environment, A
=> New Curve Fitting Method Using a CRT Computer Display, A
=> New Curved Surface Localization Method Using a Single Perspective View, A
=> new curvelet transform based method for extraction of red lesions in digital color retinal images, A
=> new cut detection algorithm with constant false-alarm ratio for video segmentation, A
=> New Cycle-Slip Repair Method for Dual-Frequency BDS Against the Disturbances of Severe Ionospheric Variations and Pseudoranges with Large Errors, A
=> New Dactylology and Interactive System Development for Blind-Computer Interaction, A
=> New Data-Enabled Intelligence Framework for Evaluating Urban Space Perception, A
=> new data coding scheme using contrast-controllable color intersection, A
=> New Data Extrapolation Approach Based on Spectral Partitioning, A
=> New data model for graph-cut segmentation: Application to automatic melanoma delineation
=> New Data Normalization Function for Multibiometric Contexts: A Case Study, A
=> New Data Processing System for Generating Sea Ice Surface Roughness Products from the Multi-Angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) Imagery, A
=> New Data Selection Principle for Semi-Supervised Incremental Learning, A
=> New Data Selection Strategy for One-Shot Video-Based Person Re-Identification, A
=> new data structure HC-expression for learning from examples, A
=> New Data Transfer Method via Signal-Rich-Art Code Images Captured by Mobile Devices, A
=> New Data Transformation Method Based on Adaptive Binarization for Bag-of-Features Model, A
=> New Database and Protocol for Image Reuse Detection, A
=> new database for online handwritten Mongolian word recognition, A
=> new database for research on bank-check processing, A
=> new database of confusing characters for testing character recognition algorithms, A
=> New Database of Global and Direct Solar Radiation Using the Eastern Meteosat Satellite, Models and Validation, A
=> New Dataset and Transformer for Stereoscopic Video Super-Resolution, A
=> New Dataset, Poisson GAN and AquaNet for Underwater Object Grabbing, A
=> New Datasets and Models for Contextual Reasoning in Visual Dialog
=> New DCT-domain transcoding using split and merge technique
=> new DCT-PCM method for license plate number detection in drone images, A
=> New DCT Computation Algorithm for Video Quality Scaling
=> new decision fusion technique for image classification, A
=> New Decision Making Approach for Improving the Performance of Automatic Signature Verification Using Multi-sets of Features, A
=> new decision tree pre-pruning method based on nodes probabilities, A
=> new decoder for the optimum recovery of nonadditive watermarks, A
=> new decoding algorithm based on range block mean and contrast scaling, A
=> New Decomposition Algorithm of DCT-IV/DST-IV for Realizing Fast IMDCT Computation, A
=> New Decorrelation Phase Covariance Model for Noise Reduction in Unwrapped Interferometric Phase Stacks, A
=> new deep-learning approach for early detection of shape variations in autism using structural mri, A
=> New Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fast Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
=> New Deep Generative Network for Unsupervised Remote Sensing Single-Image Super-Resolution, A
=> new deep learning architecture for detection of long linear infrastructure, A
=> New Deep Learning Engine for CoralNet, A
=> New Deep Learning Framework for HF Signal Detection in Wideband Spectrogram, A
=> New Deep Learning Network for Automatic Bridge Detection from SAR Images Based on Balanced and Attention Mechanism, A
=> New Deep Learning Neural Network Model for the Identification of InSAR Anomalous Deformation Areas, A
=> new deep representation for large-scale scene classification, A
=> New Deep Wavefront Based Model for Text Localization in 3D Video, A
=> New Definition and Fast Recognition of Digital Straight Segments and Arcs
=> new deformable contour method, A
=> new deformable model-based segmentation approach for accurate extraction of the kidney from abdominal CT images, A
=> new deformable model for 3D image segmentation, A
=> new deformable model for analysis of X-ray CT images in preclinical studies of mice for polycystic kidney disease, A
=> New Deformable Model for Boundary Tracking in Cardiac MRI and Its Application to the Detection of Intra-Ventricular Dyssynchrony, A
=> New Deformation Model of Biological Tissue for Surgery Simulation, A
=> new denoising method of SAR images in curvelet domain, A
=> New Denoising Scheme for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Signals
=> New Denoising System for SONAR Images, A
=> new dense omnidirectional stereo matching approach, A
=> new density kernel in density peak based clustering, A
=> new depth descriptor for pedestrian detection in RGB-D images, A
=> New Descriptor for 2D Depth Image Indexing and 3D Model Retrieval, A
=> New Descriptor for Keypoint-Based Background Modeling, A
=> new descriptor for textured image segmentation based on fuzzy type-2 clustering approach, A
=> new descriptor resistant to affine transformation and monotonic intensity change, A
=> New descriptors' combination for 3D mesh correspondence and retrieval
=> new design and algorithm for lenticular lenses display, A
=> New Design and Implementation of the Butterfly Unit on FPGA, A
=> New Design For Color Screen Sets For High-End Digital Color Press
=> New Design for Compact Color Screen Sets for High-End Digital Color Press
=> new design in iterative image deblurring for improved robustness and performance, A
=> New design of adaptive Gabor wavelet filter bank for medical image retrieval
=> new design of multiple transforms for perceptual video encryption, A
=> New Design of Occlusion-Invariant Face Recognition Using Optimal Pattern Extraction and CNN with GRU-Based Architecture, A
=> New Design of Robust H-inf Filters for 2-D Systems
=> New Design Tool for Feature Extraction in Noisy Images Based on Grayscale Hit-or-Miss Transforms, A
=> New Detail-Preserving Regularization Scheme, A
=> New Detection Algorithm for an Obstacle's Information in Low Speed Vehicles, The
=> New Detection Algorithm for Coherent Scatterers in SAR Data, A
=> New Detection Approach for the Fingerprint Core Location Using Extended Relation Graph, A
=> new detector for contourlet domain multiplicative image watermarking using Bessel K form distribution, A
=> New Developed GIHS-BT-SFIM Fusion Method Based On Edge and Class Data, A
=> New Developments in Image Tampering Detection
=> New Developments on Geometric Hashing for Curve Matching
=> New developments with design and construction of a thermal/vacuum qualified photogrammetric system
=> new device for virtual or augmented underwater diving, A
=> New Devices for 3D Pose Estimation: Mantis Eyes, Agam Paintings, Sundials, and Other Space Fiducials
=> New Devices for 3D Pose Estimation: Mantis Eyes, Agam Paintings, Sundials, and Other Space Fiducials
=> New Diamond Search Algorithm for Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation, A
=> New Diamond Search Algorithm for Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation, A
=> New dictionaries for matching pursuits video coding
=> New dictionary and fast atom searching method for matching pursuit representation of displaced frame difference
=> new differential and lossless Reference Frame Variable-Length Coder: An approach for high definition video coders, A
=> New Differential Geometric Method to Rectify Digital Images of the Earth's Surface Using Isothermal Coordinates, A
=> New Diffusion-Based Variational Model for Image Denoising and Segmentation, A
=> New Diffusion Variable Spatial Regularized QRRLS Algorithm, A
=> New digital camera sensor architecture for low light imaging
=> New Digital Watermarking for Architectural Design Drawing Using LINEs and ARCs Based on Vertex, A
=> New Digital Watermarking for Few-Color Images
=> New direct design method for weighted order statistic filters
=> new direct LDA (D-LDA) algorithm for feature extraction in face recognition, A
=> new direction adaptive scheme for image interpolation, A
=> new direction in Earth observations from space: IKONOS, A
=> New Directional Canopy Emissivity Model Based on Spectral Invariants, A
=> New Directional Weighted Median Filter for Removal of Random-Valued Impulse Noise, A
=> New Directions in Contact Free Hand Recognition
=> New Directions in Navigation and Positioning: Signal processing-enabled technologies pinpoint people, places, and things
=> New discrepancy measures for segmentation evaluation
=> New discretization of total variation functional for image processing tasks
=> new discriminant subspace analysis approach for multi-class problems, A
=> New Display-Capture Based Mobile Watermarking System, A
=> New Dissimilarity Measure for Clustering Seismic Signals, A
=> New Dissimilarity Measure for Trajectories with Applications in Anomaly Detection, A
=> new distance between multivariate clusters of varying locations, elliptical shapes, and directions, A
=> New Distance Criterion for Face Recognition Using Image Sets, A
=> New Distance for Data Sets in a Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Context, A
=> new distance for scale-invariant 3D shape recognition and registration, A
=> New Distance Mapping and Its Use for Shape Measurement on Binary Patterns, A
=> new distance measure based on generalized Image Normalized Cross-Correlation for robust video tracking and image recognition, A
=> New Distance Measure for Model-Based Sequence Clustering, A
=> new distance measure for non-identical data with application to image classification, A
=> New Distance Measure for Probabilistic Shape Modeling, A
=> New Distance Measure for Vectorial Rank-Order Filters Based on Space Filling Curves, A
=> New Distortion Function Design for JPEG Steganography Using the Generalized Uniform Embedding Strategy, A
=> new distortion measure for motion estimation in motion-compensated hybrid video coding, A
=> New distortion model for depth coding in 3DVC
=> New Distortion Model for Strong Inhomogeneity Problems in Echo-Planar MRI, A
=> New Distributed Approach for Range Image Segmentation, A
=> New Distributed Arithmetic Algorithm for Low-Power FIR Filter Implementation
=> New Distributional Ranking Loss With Uncertainty: Illustrated in Relative Depth Estimation, A
=> New Divergence Measure Based on Arimoto Entropy for Medical Image Registration, A
=> New Divergence Measure for Medical Image Registration, A
=> New Document Author Representation for Authorship Attribution, A
=> New Document Clustering Algorithm for Topic Discovering and Labeling, A
=> New Downscaling Approach Using ESA CCI SM Products for Obtaining High Resolution Surface Soil Moisture
=> new driver's ED: Game developers teach Cruise's autonomous vehicles to understand gestures made by people on the street, The
=> New Driver Workload Prediction Using Clustering-Aided Approaches
=> New Drought Index for Soil Moisture Monitoring Based on MPDI-NDVI Trapezoid Space Using MODIS Data, A
=> New Drought Monitoring Index on the Tibetan Plateau Based on Multisource Data and Machine Learning Methods, A
=> New DTM Extraction Approach from Airborne Images Derived DSM
=> new dual wing harmonium model for document retrieval, A
=> New Dynamic Enhancements to the Vertex-Based Rate-Distortion Optimal Shape Coding Framework
=> New Dynamic Finite-State Vector Quantization Algorithm for Image Compression, A
=> New Dynamic Minimal Path Model for Tubular Structure Centerline Delineation, A
=> New Dynamic Programming Method for Stereovision Ignoring Epipolar Geometry, A
=> New Dynamic Stochastic Source Encoding Combined With a Minmax-Concave Total Variation Regularization Strategy for Full Waveform Inversion
=> new dynamical linearization based adaptive ILC for nonlinear discrete-time MIMO systems, A
=> new East African satellite data validation station: Performance of the LSA-SAF all-weather land surface temperature product over a savannah biome, A
=> new easy calibration algorithm for para-catadioptric cameras, A
=> New Easy Camera Calibration Technique Based on Circular Points, A
=> New Easy Camera Calibration Technique Based on Circular Points, A
=> New ECOC Algorithm for Multiclass Microarray Data Classification, A
=> New ECOSTRESS and MODIS Land Surface Temperature Data Reveal Fine-Scale Heat Vulnerability in Cities: A Case Study for Los Angeles County, California
=> new edge-adaptive demosaicing algorithm for color filter arrays, A
=> new edge-based text verification approach for video, A
=> New Edge-directed Image Expansion Scheme, A
=> New edge-directed interpolation
=> New edge-directed interpolation
=> New Edge Detection Algorithm and Its Applications in Picture Processing, A
=> New Edge Detection Algorithm Using Data Fusion Approaches, A
=> new edge detection approach based on image context analysis, A
=> New edge detection methods based on exponential filter
=> new edge detector based on Fresnel diffraction, A
=> New Edge Detector Integrating Scale-Spectrum Information, A
=> new edge feature for head-shoulder detection, A
=> new edited k-nearest neighbor rule in the pattern classification problem, A
=> New Effective Way On Vegetation Mornitoring Using Multi-spectral Canopy Lidar, A
=> New Efficiency-Weighted Strategy for Continuous Human/Robot Cooperation in Navigation, A
=> new efficient active contour model without local initializations for salient object detection, A
=> New Efficient Algorithm for Fitting of Rectangles and Squares, A
=> New Efficient Algorithm for Fitting Rectangular Boxes and Cubes in 3D, A
=> New Efficient Algorithm for Volume-Preserving Parameterizations of Genus-One 3-Manifolds, A
=> New Efficient and Direct Solution for Pose Estimation Using Quadrangular Targets: Algorithm and Evaluation, A
=> New Efficient Approach for the Removal of Impulse Noise from Highly Corrupted Images, A
=> new efficient binarization method: Application to degraded historical document images, A
=> new efficient ellipse detection method, A
=> New Efficient Graphemes Segmentation Technique for Offline Arabic Handwriting, A
=> new efficient measure for accuracy prediction and its application to multistream-based unsupervised adaptation, A
=> New Efficient Method for Producing Global Affine Invariants, A
=> new efficient method to characterize dynamic textures based on a two-phase texture and dynamism analysis, A
=> new efficient nonlinear filter based on support vector machines for image denoising, A
=> New Efficient Octree Construction from Multiple Object Silhouettes with Construction Quality Control
=> New Efficient Regression Method for Local AADT Estimation via SCAD Variable Selection
=> New efficient representation of photographic images with restricted number of gray levels
=> New Efficient Solution to the Absolute Pose Problem for Camera with Unknown Focal Length and Radial Distortion
=> New Efficient Stereo Line Segment Matching Algorithm Based on More Effective Usage of the Photometric, Geometric and Structural Information, A
=> New Efficient SVM-Based Edge Detection Method, A
=> New Efficient SVM-based Image Registration Method, A
=> New Electrical Resistivity Tomography Scheme of Borehole-to-Surface-to-Cliff Detection and Imaging for Grotto Rock Structure, A
=> new EM algorithm for flexibly tied GMMs with large number of components, A
=> New Embedded Chien Search Block for Reed- Solomon (RS) Codes based on Factorization of Error Locator Polynomial, A
=> New Embedded Image CODEC Based on the Wavelet Transform and Binary Position Coding, A
=> New Embedded Lossless/Quasi-Lossless Image Coder Based on the Hadamard Transform, A
=> New Emergency Medicine Paradigm via Augmented Telemedicine
=> New Empirical Estimation Scheme for Daily Net Radiation at the Ocean Surface, A
=> New Empirical Model for Radar Scattering from Bare Soil Surfaces, A
=> New Empirical Model of NmF2 Based on CHAMP, GRACE, and COSMIC Radio Occultation, A
=> New Encoding Algorithm for Distributed Speech Recognition Based on DTFS Transform
=> New Encoding System: Application to On-line Arabic Handwriting, A
=> new encryption-then-compression algorithm using the rate-distortion optimization, A
=> New End-to-End Multi-Dimensional CNN Framework for Land Cover/Land Use Change Detection in Multi-Source Remote Sensing Datasets, A
=> New Endmember Preprocessing Method for the Hyperspectral Unmixing of Imagery Containing Marine Oil Spills, A
=> new energy-based method for 3D motion estimation of incompressible PIV flows, A
=> New Energy Framework With Distribution Descriptors for Image Segmentation, A
=> New Enhanced Nearest Feature Space (ENFS) Classifier for Gabor Wavelets Features-Based Face Recognition, A
=> New enhancement algorithm for fingerprint images
=> New Enhancement Filtering Approach for the Automatic Vector Conversion of the UAV Photogrammetry Output, A
=> New Ensemble-Based Cascaded Framework for Multiclass Training with Simple Weak Learners, A
=> New Entropy for Hypergraphs, A
=> New Equation for Deriving Vegetation Phenophase from Time Series of Leaf Area Index (LAI) Data, A
=> New Equation for Nonlinear Image Registration with Control over the Vortex Structure in the Displacement Field, A
=> New Era for Geo-Parsing to Obtain Actual Locations: A Novel Toponym Correction Method Based on Remote Sensing Images
=> New Era in Elemental Digital Beamforming for Spaceborne Communications Phased Arrays, A
=> new error criterion for block based motion estimation, A
=> New Error Criterion for Near-Lossless Image Compression, A
=> New Error Measures to Evaluate Features on Three-Dimensional Scenes
=> New Error Resilient Video Coding Using Matching Pursuit and Multiple Description Coding, A
=> New Error Sensitivity Model for the Analog Hardware Implementation of Inner Products
=> new estimation of blur in the blind restoration problem, A
=> new estimator of intrinsic dimension based on the multipoint Morisita index, A
=> New Evaluation Approach for Video Processing Algorithms, A
=> new evaluation measure for color image segmentation based on genetic programming approach, A
=> New Event Detection with Nearest Neighbor, Support Vector Machines, and Kernel Regression
=> New Evidence of Mediterranean Climate Change and Variability from Sea Surface Temperature Observations
=> New Evidence Supporting the Pacific Mantle Outflow: Hints from Crustal Magnetization of the Phoenix Plate
=> New Evidence to Support Zephyria Tholus as a Composite Volcano on Mars
=> New Evolutionary-Based Clustering Framework for Image Databases, A
=> new evolutionary learning model for handwritten character prototyping, A
=> new evolving-update-based feedback cancellation scheme for hearing aids, A
=> New Exospheric Temperature Model Based on CHAMP and GRACE Measurements, A
=> New Experiments on ICP-Based 3D Face Recognition and Authentication
=> New Expression Database and Facial Animation, A
=> New Extension of Kalman Filter to Non-Gaussian Priors, A
=> New extensions of the 3-simplex for exterior orientation
=> new extracting algorithm of k nearest neighbors searching for point clouds, A
=> New eyes for the IoT
=> new face descriptor using local un-quantized patterns, A
=> New Face Recognition Algorithm based on Dictionary Learning for a Single Training Sample per Person, A
=> New Face Recognition Algorithm using Bijective Mappings, A
=> New Facial Expression Processing System for an Affectively Aware Robot, A
=> new facial expression recognition technique using 2-D DCT and K-means algorithm, A
=> New Fairness Paradigms for Wireless Multimedia Communication
=> New Fake Iris Detection Method, A
=> New Families of Fourier Eigenfunctions for Steerable Filtering
=> new family of embedded multiple description scalar quantizers, A
=> New family of lapped biorthogonal transform via lifting steps
=> New Family of Nonredundant Transforms Using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks, A
=> new family of order-statistics based switching vector filters, A
=> New Family of Spline-Based Biorthogonal Wavelet Transforms and Their Application to Image Compression, A
=> New Fast Accurate Nonlinear Medical Image Registration Program Including Surface Preserving Regularization, A
=> new fast algorithm based on SATD for HEVC intra prediction, A
=> new fast algorithm for computing prime-Length DCT through cyclic convolutions, A
=> new fast algorithm for effective training of neural classifiers, A
=> New Fast Algorithm for Linearly Unmixing Hyperspectral Images, A
=> New Fast Algorithm for Moment Computation, A
=> new fast algorithm for the unified forward and inverse MDCT/MDST computation, A
=> new fast algorithm to compute continuous moments defined in a rectangular region, A
=> new fast algorithm using an adaptative structuring element applied to a counting device, A
=> New fast algorithms for the estimation of block motion vectors
=> New Fast and Efficient Decision-Based Algorithm for Removal of High-Density Impulse Noises, A
=> New Fast and Efficient Two-Step Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation
=> New Fast and Low-Cost Photogrammetry Method for the Engineering Characterization of Rock Slopes, A
=> New Fast and Robust Circle Extraction Algorithm, A
=> new fast approach for skew estimation using moments and wavelet transform, A
=> new fast approach to nonparametric scene parsing, A
=> New Fast Binary Pyramid Motion Estimation for MPEG2 and HDTV Encoding
=> new fast bit-reversal permutation algorithm based on a symmetry, A
=> New Fast Bit Allocation Procedure for Image Coding Based on Wavelet Transform and Dead Zone Lattice Vector Quantization, A
=> new fast block matching algorithm based on complexity-distortion optimization, A
=> New Fast Chinese Visible Human Brain Skull Stripping Method, A
=> New Fast Encoding Algorithm Based on an Efficient Motion Estimation Process for the Scalable Video Coding Standard, A
=> new fast estimating floor region based on image segmentation for smart rovers, A
=> New Fast Factorized Back-Projection Algorithm with Reduced Topography Sensibility for Missile-Borne SAR Focusing with Diving Movement, A
=> New Fast Hartley Transform with Linear Multiplicative Complexity
=> New Fast Lower-tree Wavelet Image Encoder, A
=> new fast method for computing Legendre moments, A
=> New Fast Method for the Reconstruction of 2-D Microwave Images of Rotating Objects
=> new fast motion estimation algorithm based on search window sub-sampling and object boundary pixel block matching, A
=> new fast motion estimation algorithm based on the loop-epipolar constraint for multiview video coding, A
=> new fast motion estimation algorithm using adaptive size diamond pattern search with early search termination, A
=> new fast motion estimation algorithm using fast mode decision for high-efficiency video coding standard, A
=> New Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Hexagonal Subsampling Pattern and Multiple Candidates Search, A
=> new fast motion estimation and mode decision algorithm for H.264 depth maps encoding in free viewpoint TV, A
=> New Fast Motion Estimation Method for H.264, A
=> new fast multiphase image segmentation algorithm based on nonconvex regularizer, A
=> new fast no search fractal image compression in DCT domain, A
=> new fast normal-based interpolating subdivision scheme by cubic Bézier curves, A
=> New fast normalized neural networks for pattern detection
=> new fast recursive algorithm for computing discrete Hartley transform and its implementation, A
=> new fast reversible method for image safe transfer, A
=> New fast Search Algorithm for Block Matching Motion Estimation
=> New Faulty GNSS Measurement Detection and Exclusion Algorithm for Urban Vehicle Positioning, A
=> New Feasible Approach to Multi-dimensional Scale Saliency, A
=> New feature-based detection of blood vessels and exudates in color fundus images
=> new feature-based method for robust and efficient rigid-body registration of overlapping point clouds, A
=> new feature-preserving mesh-smoothing algorithm, A
=> new feature-preserving nonlinear anisotropic diffusion for denoising images containing blobs and ridges, A
=> New Feature-preserving Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion Method for Image Denoising, A
=> new feature and associated optimal spatial filter for EEG signal classification: Waveform Length, A
=> new feature clustering method for object detection with an active camera, A
=> new feature descriptor and selection method to space image registration, A
=> new feature extraction method for image recognition using structural two-dimensional locality preserving projections, A
=> New Feature Extraction Method Using the ICA Filters for Iris Recognition System, A
=> new feature for image retrieval using ŕ trous wavelet transform and textons, A
=> New Feature Optimization Method Based on Two-Directional 2DLDA for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition, A
=> New Feature Points Based on Geometric Invariants for 3D Image Registration
=> New Feature Presentation of Transition Probability Matrix for Image Tampering Detection
=> New Feature Preserving Noise Removal Algorithm Based on the Discrete Cosine Transform and the a Priori Knowledge of Pixel Type
=> new feature ranking method in a HMM-based handwriting recognition system, A
=> new feature selection algorithm for multispectral and polarimetric vehicle images, A
=> new feature selection method based on a validity index of feature subset, A
=> new feature selection method for Gaussian mixture clustering, A
=> New feature weighting approaches for speech-act classification
=> New features and insights for pedestrian detection
=> New features for affine-invariant shape classification
=> New Features for Authentication by On-Line Handwritten Signatures
=> New features for automatic classification of human chromosomes: A feasibility study
=> New Features for Chinese Character Recognition
=> New features for complex Arabic fonts in cascading recognition system
=> New features for wireless capsule endoscopy polyp detection
=> New Features to Identify Computer Generated Images
=> New features using fractal multi-dimensions for generalized Arabic font recognition
=> New Feedback Topology Designs with Reduced CSI Overhead for MIMO Interference Alignment
=> New Feedforward Hybrid Active Noise Control System, A
=> New Female Body Segmentation and Feature Localisation Method for Image-Based Anthropometry, A
=> New File Format for Decorative Tiles, A
=> new filter for feature extraction of line pattern texture with application to cancer detection, A
=> New Filter for Reducing HALO Artifacts in Tone Mapped Images, A
=> new filter for removal of salt and pepper noise, A
=> new filter to remove salt and pepper noise in color images, A
=> New Filtering Method for Ultrasound Images Incorporating Prior Statistics Concerning Medical Features, A
=> New Financial Group Lending Based on Smart Contracts: An Agent-based Simulation, A
=> New Finding and Unified Framework for Fake Image Detection
=> new fine-grained classification strategy for solar daily radiation patterns, A
=> new fingerprint definition for effective song recognition, A
=> New Fingerprint Indexing Algorithm for Latent and Non-latent Impressions Identification, A
=> New Finite-State Vector Quantizer with Optimized State-Space and Derailment-Free Operation, A
=> New Finsler Minimal Path Model with Curvature Penalization for Image Segmentation and Closed Contour Detection, A
=> new fire detection method based on the centroid variety of consecutive frames, A
=> New Fisher-Based Method Applied to Face Recognition, A
=> New Fitness Based Adaptive Parameter Particle Swarm Optimizer, A
=> New Flat Pattern Oriented Order Statistic Filter for Impulse Noise Reduction from Highly Corrupted Images, A
=> New Flexible Acquisition System of Ray-Space Data for Arbitrary Objects, A
=> New flexible deterministic compressive measurement matrix based on finite Galois field
=> New flexible directional filter bank by tuning Hermite transform parameters for content based medical image retrieval
=> New flexible motion estimation technique for scalable MPEG encoding using display frame order and multi-temporal references
=> New Fluorescence Quantum Yield Efficiency Retrieval Method to Simulate Chlorophyll Fluorescence under Natural Conditions, A
=> New fMRI analysis method for multiple stimuli using reference estimation
=> New Focal Point Localization Algorithm for Fingerprint Registration, The
=> New Focus Assessment Method for Iris Recognition Systems
=> new focus detection criterion in holograms of planktonic organisms, A
=> new focus measure method using moments, A
=> New Force Field Transform for Ear and Face Recognition, A
=> New Foreground Segmentation Method for Video Analysis in Different Color Spaces, A
=> New Forensic Methods for OOXML Format Documents
=> New Forest Aboveground Biomass Maps of China Integrating Multiple Datasets
=> New Forgery Scenario Based on Regaining Dynamics of Signature, A
=> new form of discriminant surfaces using polar coordinates, A
=> New Forming Scheme of Reference of LL Band for In-Band Video Coding with Spatial Scalability
=> New forms of education for engineering professional schools
=> New Forms of Shape Invariants from Elliptic Fourier Descriptors
=> New Formula for Bivariate Hermite Interpolation on Variable Step Grids and Its Application to Image Interpolation, A
=> New Formula of the Radon Transform Inversion, A
=> New Formulation for Design of Digital IIR Band Stop Filters, A
=> New Formulation for Non-Linear Camera Calibration Using Virtual Visual Servoing, A
=> New Formulation for Shape from Shading for Non-Lambertian Surfaces, A
=> New Fourier-Moments Based Video Word and Character Extraction Method for Recognition, A
=> New Fourier-Statistical Features in RGB Space for Video Text Detection
=> new fourth order embedded RKAHeM(4,4) method with error control on multilayer raster cellular neural network, A
=> new fourth order embedded RKAHeM(4,4) method with error control on single layer/raster cellular neural network, A
=> new FPGA-based dynamic partial reconfiguration design flow and environment for image processing applications, A
=> New FPGA/DSP-Based Parallel Architecture for Real-Time Image Processing, A
=> New Fractal Image Coding Scheme Employing Blocks of Variable Shapes, A
=> new Fractal Series Expansion based enhancement model for license plate recognition, A
=> New fractional-order Legendre-Fourier moments for pattern recognition applications
=> New Fractional Random Wavelet Transform for Fingerprint Security, A
=> New Fragile Authentication Watermark for Images
=> new frame-recompression algorithm and its hardware design for MPEG-2 video decoders, A
=> new frame for exemplar-based shape clustering, A
=> new frame interpolation method with pixel-level motion vector field, A
=> new frame interpolation scheme for talking head sequences, A
=> New Frame Rate Up-Conversion Algorithms With Low Computational Complexity
=> New frame type for view access in MVC
=> new framework for 3D face reconstruction for self-occluded images, A
=> New Framework for Approximate Labeling via Graph Cuts, A
=> new framework for automated segmentation of left ventricle wall from contrast enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance images, A
=> New Framework for Automatic Airports Extraction from SAR Images Using Multi-Level Dual Attention Mechanism, A
=> new framework for automatic quality assessment of print media, A
=> New Framework for Automatic Registration of 2D/3D Texture Images, A
=> new framework for autonomic mobile cloud computing, A
=> New Framework for Background Subtraction Using Multiple Cues, A
=> new framework for behavior modeling of organs and soft tissue using the Boundary-Element Methods, A
=> New Framework for Characterization of Halftone Textures, A
=> New Framework for Cognitive Mobility of Visually Impaired Users in Using Tactile Device, A
=> New Framework for Connected Components Labeling of Binary Images, A
=> New Framework for Constructing Accurate Affine Invariant Regions, A
=> new framework for contour tracing using Euclidean distance mapping, A
=> new framework for feature descriptor based on SIFT, A
=> New Framework for FMRI Data Analysis: Modeling, Image Restoration, and Activation Detection, A
=> New Framework for Grayscale and Colour Non-lambertian Shape-from-Shading, A
=> new framework for identifying differentially expressed genes, A
=> new framework for image impulse noise removal with postprocessing, A
=> new framework for incorporating appearance and shape features of lung nodules for precise diagnosis of lung cancer, A
=> New Framework For Interactive Segmentation of Point Clouds, A
=> New Framework for Measuring 2D and 3D Visual Information in Terms of Entropy, A
=> New Framework for Modelling and Monitoring the Conversion of Cultivated Land to Built-up Land Based on a Hierarchical Hidden Semi-Markov Model Using Satellite Image Time Series, A
=> New Framework for Multiclass Classification Using Multiview Assisted Adaptive Boosting, A
=> New Framework for Object Warping: A Semi-Lagrangian Level Set Approach, A
=> new framework for on-line object tracking based on SURF, A
=> new framework for optimal classifier design, A
=> New Framework for Quality Assessment of High-Resolution Fingerprint Images, A
=> New Framework for Recognition of Heavily Degraded Characters in Historical Typewritten Documents Based on Semi-Supervised Clustering, A
=> New Framework for Reconstructing Time Series DMSP-OLS Nighttime Light Data Using the Improved Stepwise Calibration (ISC) Method, A
=> New Framework for SAR Multitemporal Data RGB Representation: Rationale and Products, A
=> New Framework for Stereo Sensor Pose Through Road Segmentation and Registration, A
=> New Framework for Studying Tubes Rearrangement Strategies in Surveillance Video Synopsis, A
=> New Framework for the Formation of Invariants and Multiple-View Constraints in Computer Vision, A
=> New framework for unsupervised universal steganalysis via SRISP-aided outlier detection
=> new framework of action recognition with discriminative parts, spatio-temporal and causal interaction descriptors, A
=> new framework of designing iterative techniques for image deblurring, A
=> New Framework of Invariant Fitting, A
=> New Framework of Moving Target Detection and Tracking for UAV Video Application, A
=> New Framework of Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted JPEG Bitstreams
=> New Framework of Swarm Learning Consolidating Knowledge From Multi-Center Non-IID Data for Medical Image Segmentation, A
=> New Framework of Vehicle Collision Prediction by Combining SVM and HMM, A
=> new framework with multiple tasks for detecting and locating pain events in video, A
=> New Frameworks to Boost Feature Selection Algorithms in Emotion Detection for Improved Human-Computer Interaction
=> New Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition
=> New fully automatic approach for tissue identification in histopathological examinations using transfer learning
=> new fully convolutional neural network for semantic segmentation of polarimetric SAR imagery in complex land cover ecosystem, A
=> New Fully Gap-Free Time Series of Land Surface Temperature from MODIS LST Data, A
=> New Functional Model for Determining Minimum and Maximum Detectable Deformation Gradient Resolved by Satellite Radar Interferometry, A
=> New Fusion Algorithm for Depth Images Based on Virtual Views, A
=> New Fusion Algorithm for Optical Remote Sensing Data, A
=> New Fusion Approach for Extracting Urban Built-up Areas from Multisource Remotely Sensed Data, A
=> new fusion method for remote sensing images based on salient region extraction, A
=> new fusion scheme for multifocus images based on focused pixels detection, A
=> New fusional framework combining sparse selection and clustering for key frame extraction
=> new fuzzy-based decision algorithm for high-density impulse noise removal, A
=> New Fuzzy-Based Wavelet Shrinkage Image Denoising Technique, A
=> New Fuzzy-Cluster-Based Cycle-Slip Detection Method for GPS Single-Frequency Observation, A
=> New Fuzzy Additive Noise Reduction Method, A
=> new fuzzy c-means method with total variation regularization for segmentation of images with noisy and incomplete data, A
=> New Fuzzy Color Correlated Impulse Noise Reduction Method, A
=> New Fuzzy Connectivity Class Application to Structural Recognition in Images, A
=> New Fuzzy Connectivity Measure for Fuzzy Sets: And Associated Fuzzy Attribute Openings, A
=> New Fuzzy Filter for the Reduction of Randomly Valued Impulse Noise, A
=> New Fuzzy Geometric Representation for On-Line Isolated Character Recognition, A
=> New Fuzzy Hierarchical Classification Based on SVM for Text Categorization, A
=> New Fuzzy Impulse Noise Detection Method for Colour Images, A
=> new fuzzy k-nearest neighbor classifier based on the Bonferroni mean, A
=> New Fuzzy Logic Filter for Image Enhancement, A
=> New fuzzy model for morphological colour image processing
=> New Fuzzy Motion and Detail Adaptive Video Filter, A
=> New Fuzzy Multi-channel Filter for the Reduction of Impulse Noise, A
=> new fuzzy segmentation approach based on S-FCM type 2 using LBP-GCO features, A
=> New Fuzzy Skeletonization Algorithm and Its Applications to Medical Imaging, A
=> New Fuzzy Texture Features for Robust Detection of Moving Objects
=> New Gabor Filter Based Kernel for Texture Classification with SVM, A
=> New Gabor Phase Difference Pattern for Face and Ear Recognition, A
=> new gain function for compact exploration, A
=> New Gait-Based Identification Method Using Local Gauss Maps, A
=> New Gait Recognition Method Based on Body Contour, A
=> New GAN-Based Anomaly Detection (GBAD) Approach for Multi-Threat Object Classification on Large-Scale X-Ray Security Images, A
=> new generalised a scale spaces quadrature filters, A
=> New Generalized Computational Framework for Finding Object Orientation Using Perspective Trihedral Angle Constraint, A
=> New Generalized Paraunitary Generator for Complementary Sets and Complete Complementary Codes of Size 2^m, A
=> new generation of hurricane-observing satellites, A
=> new generation of the United States National Land Cover Database: Requirements, research priorities, design, and implementation strategies, A
=> New Generative Feature Set Based on Entropy Distance for Discriminative Classification, A
=> New Generic Texture Synthesis Approach for Enhanced H.264/MPEG4-AVC Video Coding, A
=> new genetic-based technique for matching 3-D curves and surfaces, A
=> new geodesic-based feature for characterization of 3D shapes: application to soft tissue organ temporal deformations, A
=> New Geodetic and Gravimetric Maps to Infer Geodynamics of Antarctica with Insights on Victoria Land
=> New Geographic Context Measure to Similarity Assessment Based on The Shape Context Descriptor, A
=> New Geographical Cluster View on Passenger Vehicle Purchasing in Chinese Cities, A
=> New Geometric Approach for Faster Solving the Perspective-Three-Point Problem, A
=> new geometric approach for three view line reconstruction and motion estimation in Manhattan Scenes, A
=> New Geometric Constraint Solving Formulation: Application to the 3D Pentahedron
=> new geometric descriptor for symbols with affine deformations, A
=> New geometric fourier descriptors for color image recognition
=> New Geometric Interpretation and Analytic Solution for Quadrilateral Reconstruction
=> New Geometric Methods for Computer Vision: An Application to Structure and Motion Estimation
=> New Geometric Metric in the Space of Curves, and Applications to Tracking Deforming Objects by Prediction and Filtering, A
=> New Geometric Transform Based on Stochastic Geometry in the Context of Pattern Recognition
=> new geometrical approach for solving the supervised pattern recognition problem, A
=> New Geospatial Approaches for Efficiently Mapping Forest Biomass Logistics at High Resolution over Large Areas
=> New Geostatistical Solution to Remote Sensing Image Downscaling, A
=> new GIS-based map of villa Adriana, a multimedia guide for ancient paths, A
=> New GIS-Based Model for Karst Dolines Mapping Using LiDAR; Application of a Multidepth Threshold Approach in the Yucatan Karst, Mexico, A
=> new global-based video enhancement algorithm by fusing features of multiple region-of-interests, A
=> new Global-Gabor-Zernike feature descriptor and its application to face recognition, A
=> New Global Alignment Method for Feature Based Image Mosaicing, A
=> New Global Bathymetry Model: STO_IEU2020, A
=> New Global Bi-Directional Motion Compensation Frame Interpolation for Rate Control in H.264/AVC CODEC, A
=> New Global Catalogue of Lunar Craters (=1 Km) with 3d Information And Preliminary Results of Global Analysis, A
=> New Global Climatology of Annual Land Surface Temperature, A
=> New Global fAPAR and LAI Dataset Derived from Optimal Albedo Estimates: Comparison with MODIS Products, A
=> New Global Shape Prior for Level Set Based Segmentation, A
=> New Global Total Electron Content Empirical Model, A
=> New Global View of Above-Cloud Absorbing Aerosol Distribution Based on CALIPSO Measurements
=> New GNSS-Derived Water Vapor Tomography Method Based on Optimized Voxel for Large GNSS Network, A
=> New GNSS Single-Epoch Ambiguity Resolution Method Based on Triple-Frequency Signals, A
=> new GPCA algorithm for clustering subspaces by fitting, differentiating and dividing polynomials, A
=> New GPU Implementation of Support Vector Machines for Fast Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
=> New Gradient-Spatial-Structural Features for video script identification
=> New Gradient Based Character Segmentation Method for Video Text Recognition, A
=> New Grand Challenge for Multimedia Information Retrieval: Bridging the Utility Gap
=> New Graph-Based Fractality Index to Characterize Complexity of Urban Form, A
=> New Graph-Based Method for Automatic Segmentation, A
=> new graph-like classification method applied to ancient handwritten musical symbols, A
=> new graph-theoretic approach to clustering and segmentation, A
=> New Graph Constructor for Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis via Group Sparsity, A
=> new graph cut-based multiple active contour algorithm without initial contours and seed points, A
=> New graph distance for deformable 3D objects recognition based on triangle-stars decomposition
=> new graph matching method for point-set correspondence using the EM algorithm and Softassign, A
=> New Graph Structured Sparsity Model for Multi-label Image Annotations
=> New Greedy Algorithm for Improving b-Coloring Clustering, A
=> New Gridded Product for the Total Columnar Atmospheric Water Vapor over Ocean Surface Constructed from Microwave Radiometer Satellite Data
=> New Ground-Based Stereo Panoramic Scanning System, A
=> New Ground Movement Compensation Approach for Obstacle Detection Using an In-Vehicle Camera, A
=> New grouping and fitting methods for interactive overtraced sketches
=> new GVF-based image enhancement formulation for use in the presence of mixed noise, A
=> New H.264 intra-rate estimation and inter-rate control driven by improved MAD-based Contrast Sensitivity
=> New hand posture classification strategy for finding kinematically-feasible precision grasps
=> new hand representation based on kernels for hand posture recognition, A
=> New Handheld Scanner for 3d Survey of Small Artifacts: The Stonex F6, A
=> new hardware-efficient algorithm and architecture for computation of 2-D DCTs on a linear array, A
=> New Hardware-Efficient Algorithm and Reconfigurable Architecture for Image Contrast Enhancement, A
=> New Hardware-in-the-Loop Traffic Signal Simulation Framework to Bridge Traffic Signal Research and Practice, A
=> New Hardware and Software Co-Design of JPEG2000 Encoder, A
=> New Hardware Architecture for the Ridge Regression Optical Flow Algorithm, A
=> new hardware structure for implementation of soft morphological filters, A
=> New HASM-Based Downscaling Method for High-Resolution Precipitation Estimates, A
=> new Hausdorff distance for image matching, A
=> New Hausdorff distances based on robust statistics for comparing images
=> new head pose tracking method based on stereo visual SLAM, A
=> New Heights of the Highest Peaks of Polish Mountain Ranges
=> New Heights of the Highest Peaks of Polish Mountain Ranges
=> New Hermite orthogonal polynomial kernel and combined kernels in Support Vector Machine classifier
=> new heterogeneous and reconfigurable architecture for image analysis, A
=> new heuristic search for boundary detection, A
=> New HEVC prediction modes for 3D holoscopic video coding
=> new hierarchical approach in robust real-time image feature detection and matching, A
=> New Hierarchical Handwritten Document Layout Extraction Based on Conditional Random Field Modeling, A
=> New Hierarchical Image Segmentation Method, A
=> New Hierarchical Saliency Filtering for Fast Ship Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images
=> New Hierarchical Scheme for Approximating the Continuous Wavelet Transform with Applications to Edge Detection, A
=> New high-performance reversible data hiding method for VQ indices based on improved locally adaptive coding scheme
=> new high precision eye center localization technique, A
=> New Higher-Order Active Contour Energies for Network Extraction
=> New Higher-Order Correction of GNSS RO Bending Angles Accounting for Ionospheric Asymmetry: Evaluation of Performance and Added Value
=> new histogram equalization method for digital image enhancement and brightness preservation, A
=> New Histogram Modification Based Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm Considering the Human Visual System, A
=> new HMM for on-line character recognition using pen-direction and pen-coordinate features, A
=> new HMM training and testing scheme, A
=> New Hole-Filling Method Using Extrapolated Spatio-Temporal Background Information for a Synthesized Free-View
=> new homogeneity-based approach to edge detection using PSO, A
=> New hope for recognizing twins by using facial motion
=> New Horizon of Digitization in Serbia: Improvement of Digitization Through Cooperation with Leading World Institutions and the In-House Development of Digital Tools
=> new Hough transform operated in a bounded cartesian coordinate parameter space, A
=> new HSI based filtering technique for impulse noise removal in images, A
=> New Human Face Expression Tracking
=> New Human Identification Method: Sclera Recognition, A
=> new hybrid-parameter recurrent neural network for online handwritten chinese character recognition, A
=> new hybrid algorithm for speckle noise reduction of SAR images based on mean-median filter and SRAD method, A
=> New Hybrid Algorithm to Image Lightning Channels Combining the Time Difference of Arrival Technique and Electromagnetic Time Reversal Technique, A
=> new hybrid ant colony optimization algorithm for the vehicle routing problem, A
=> New Hybrid Approach for Information Fusion in Multibiometric Systems, A
=> New Hybrid Approach to Handwritten Address Verification, A
=> New Hybrid Approach to Large Vocabulary Cursive Handwriting Recognition, A
=> New Hybrid Architecture for Human Activity Recognition from RGB-D Videos, A
=> New Hybrid DCT-Wiener-Based Interpolation Scheme for Video Intra Frame Up-Sampling, A
=> New Hybrid DCT and Contourlet Transform Based JPEG Image Steganalysis Technique, A
=> New Hybrid Edge Detector, A
=> New Hybrid Firefly-PSO Optimized Random Subspace Tree Intelligence for Torrential Rainfall-Induced Flash Flood Susceptible Mapping, A
=> New Hybrid form of Krawtchouk and Tchebichef Polynomials: Design and Application, A
=> New Hybrid GMM/SVM for Speaker Verification, A
=> New Hybrid Level Set Approach, A
=> New Hybrid Method for Gland Segmentation in Histology Images, A
=> New Hybrid Method for Image Approximation Using the Easy Path Wavelet Transform, A
=> new hybrid method to detect text in natural scene, A
=> New Hybrid Pan-sharpening Method Based On Type-1 Fuzzy-DWT Strategy
=> New Hybrid Snow Light Scattering Model Based on Geometric Optics Theory and Vector Radiative Transfer Theory, A
=> New Hybrid Synthetic Aperture Imaging Model for Tracking and Seeing People Through Occlusion, A
=> New Hybrid Texture-Perceptual Descriptor: Application CBIR, A
=> new hyperchaotic map and its application in an image encryption scheme, A
=> new hyperparameters optimization method for convolutional neural networks, A
=> new hyperspectral band selection and classification framework based on combining multiple classifiers, A
=> New Hyperspectral Procedure to Discriminate Intertidal Macroalgae
=> New Hyperspectral Sensor Desis On The Multi-payload Platform Muses Installed on the ISS, The
=> New Hypothesis Distinctiveness Measure for Better Ellipse Extraction
=> New hypothesis test: a repropagation method to test the applicability of linear ICA to a given problem (highlighted by an EEG case study applied to epilepsy)
=> New ICESat-2 Satellite LiDAR Data Allow First Global Lowland DTM Suitable for Accurate Coastal Flood Risk Assessment
=> New Idea of BIM System for Visualization, Web Sharing and Using Huge Complex 3D Models for Facility Management., A
=> New Identification Method for Surface Cracks from UAV Images Based on Machine Learning in Coal Mining Areas, A
=> New IDL Implementation Of The Jupp Method For Bathymetry Extraction In Shallow Waters, A
=> New Image-Based Method for Event Detection and Extraction of Noisy Hydrophone Data, A
=> New Image-Coding Algorithm Using Variable-Rate Side-Match Finite-State Vector Quantization, A
=> New image-guided method for localisation of an active capsule endoscope in the stomach
=> new image binarization method using iterative partitioning, A
=> new image classification method based on modified condensed nearest neighbor and convolutional neural networks, A
=> New image coding scheme with hierarchical representation and adaptive interpolation
=> new image coding technique unifying fractal and transform coding, A
=> New Image Compression Algorithm Based on Non-Uniform Partition and U-System, A
=> New image compression techniques using multiwavelets and multiwavelet packets
=> New Image Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using Exposure Fusion Framework, A
=> New Image Data Set and Benchmark for Cervical Dysplasia Classification Evaluation, A
=> New Image Database for 3D/2D Registration Based on the Visible Human Data Set, A
=> New Image Dataset on Human Interactions, A
=> new image deblurring algorithm with less ringing artifacts via error variance estimation and soft decision, A
=> New Image Decomposition and Reconstruction Approach: Adaptive Fourier Decomposition, A
=> new image decomposition approach using pixel-wise analysis sparsity model, A
=> New Image Distortion Measure Based on a Data-Driven Multisensor Organization, A
=> new image division for LBP method to improve face recognition under varying lighting conditions, A
=> new image encryption scheme based on a chaotic function, A
=> New Image Enhancement Algorithm for Night Vision
=> new image flux conduction model and its application to selective image smoothing, A
=> new image fusion algorithm based on fuzzy biorthogonal wavelet transform, A
=> New Image Fusion Algorithm Based on PCNN and DMWT, A
=> new image fusion algorithm based on Wavelet Transform and the Second Generation Curvelet Transform, A
=> New Image Fusion Technique Based on Directive Contrast, A
=> New image matching technique based on hyper-vectorisation of grey level sliced binary image
=> New Image Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on the EM Technique, A
=> New image processing challenges for jointly designed electro-optical imaging systems
=> New image processing models for opacity image analysis in chest radiographs
=> New Image Processing Procedure Integrating PCI-RPC and ArcGIS-Spline Tools to Improve the Orthorectification Accuracy of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery, A
=> new image processing strategy for surface crack identification in building structures under non-uniform illumination, A
=> new image quality assessment method to detect and measure strength of blocking artifacts, A
=> New Image Quality Evaluation Metric for Underwater Video
=> New Image Quality Metric for Image Auto-denoising, A
=> New image quality metric using derivative filters and compressive sensing
=> New image quality metric using random projection
=> New Image Quality Metric Using the Harris Response
=> new image rectification algorithm, A
=> new image registration scheme based on curvature scale space curve matching, A
=> New Image Registration Technique with Free Boundary Constraints: Application to Mammography, A
=> New Image Registration Technique with Free Boundary Constraints: Application to Mammography, A
=> New Image Registration Technique with Free Boundary Constraints: Application to Mammography, A
=> New Image Registration Technique with Free Boundary Constraints: Application to Mammography, A
=> New Image Representation Algorithm Inspired by Image Submodality Models, Redundancy Reduction, and Learning in Biological Vision, A
=> new image retrieval model based on monogenic signal representation, A
=> New image retrieval paradigm: logical composition of region categories
=> new image retrieval system supporting query by semantics and example, A
=> New Image Scaling Algorithm Based on the Sampling Theorem of Papoulis, A
=> new image segmentation algorithm based on modified seeded region growing and particle swarm optimization, A
=> New Image Segmentation Method Based on Human Brightness Perception and Foveal Application, A
=> New Image Segmentation Method Based on Modified Intersecting Cortical Model, A
=> New Image Segmentation Method for Removing Background of Object Movies by Learning Shape Priors, A
=> New Image Segmentation Technique Based on Partition Mode Test, A
=> New Image Segmentation Technique Using Maximum Spanning Tree, A
=> new image shape analysis approach and its application to flower shape analysis, A
=> new image sharpening approach for single-sensor digital cameras, A
=> New Image Similarity Measure Based on Ordinal Correlation, A
=> new image size reduction model for an efficient visual sensor network, A
=> New Image Smoothing Method Based on A Simple Model of Spatial Processing in the Early Stages of Human Vision, A
=> New Image Steganography via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly-Reversible Color Transformation
=> New Image Super-Resolution Method in the Wavelet Domain, A
=> new image super resolution by texture transfer, A
=> New Image Transforms Using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks: Analysis and Design
=> new images segmentation method based on modified particle swarm optimization algorithm, A
=> New imaging frontiers: 3D and mixed reality
=> New Imaging Mobile Mapping Device Based on High Resolution Videogrammetry for Large-scale Outdoor 3d Reconstruction
=> New Imaging Model, A
=> New Imaging Technologies to Enhance the Molecular Sensitivity of Positron Emission Tomography
=> New Implementation for the Binary and Minkowski Operators, A
=> new implementation of chaotic S-boxes in CAPTCHA, A
=> new implementation of discrete multiscale filtering, A
=> New implementation of Ogc Web Processing Service in Python programming language. Pywps-4 and issues we are facing with processing of large raster data using Ogc Wps
=> New Implicit Method for Surface Segmentation by Minimal Paths: Applications in 3D Medical Images, A
=> New improvements to range image segmentation by edge detection
=> new impulse detection and filtering method for removal of wide range impulse noises, A
=> new impulse detector for switching median filters, A
=> New In-Camera Imaging Model for Color Computer Vision and Its Application, A
=> new inconsistency measure for linear systems and two applications in motion analysis, A
=> New Incremental Algorithm for Overlapped Clustering, A
=> New Incremental Optimal Feature Extraction Method for On-Line Applications, A
=> New Index Based on Sparsity Measures for Comparing Fuzzy Partitions, A
=> New indices for cluster validity assessment
=> New Individual Tree Crown Delineation Method for High Resolution Multispectral Imagery, A
=> New Individual Tree Species Recognition Method Based on a Convolutional Neural Network and High-Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
=> new information fusion approach for image segmentation, A
=> New Information Theoretic Relation Between Minimum Error Entropy and Maximum Correntropy, A
=> new infrared image fusion method using empirical mode decomposition and inpainting, A
=> new infrared turbulent fuzzy image restoration algorithm based on Gaussian function parameter identification, A
=> New Initialization Method for Frequency-Domain Blind Source Separation Algorithms, A
=> New InSAR Persistent Scatterer Selection Technique Using Top Eigenvalue of Coherence Matrix, A
=> New InSAR Phase Demodulation Technique Developed for a Typical Example of a Complex, Multi-Lobed Landslide Displacement Field, Fels Glacier Slide, Alaska, A
=> New insight at level set and Gaussian mixture model for natural image segmentation
=> New Insight into the Coupled Grain-Disaster-Economy System Based on a Multilayer Network: An Empirical Study in China
=> New Insight on Soil Loss Estimation in the Northwestern Region of the Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt
=> New Insights for Detecting and Deriving Thermal Properties of Lava Flow Using Infrared Satellite during 2014-2015 Effusive Eruption at Holuhraun, Iceland
=> New insights in Huber and TV-like regularizers in microwave imaging
=> New Insights in Regional Climate Change: Coupled Land Albedo Change Estimation in Greenland from 1981 to 2017
=> New Insights Into Ambiguities in Quad-Pol SAR
=> New Insights into Ice Avalanche-Induced Debris Flows in Southeastern Tibet Using SAR Technology
=> New Insights into Image Processing of Cortical Blood Flow Monitors Using Laser Speckle Imaging
=> New insights into Laplacian similarity search
=> New Insights into Long-Term Aseismic Deformation and Regional Strain Rates from GNSS Data Inversion: The Case of the Pollino and Castrovillari Faults
=> New Insights into Multiclass Damage Classification of Tsunami-Induced Building Damage from SAR Images
=> New Insights Into Optimal Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
=> New Insights into Surface Deposits in the Balmer-Kapteyn Cryptomare Region Provided by Chang'E-2 Microwave Radiometer Data
=> New insights into the calibration of ToF-sensors
=> New Insights into the Internal Structures and Geotechnical Rock Properties of the Giant San Andres Landslide, El Hierro Island, Spain
=> New Insights into the Kalman Filter Beamformer: Applications to Speech and Robustness
=> New insights into the normalization of the least mean fourth algorithm
=> New Insights into the Pulang Porphyry Copper Deposit in Southwest China: Indication of Alteration Minerals Detected Using ASTER and WorldView-3 Data
=> New Insights of Geomorphologic and Lithologic Features on Wudalianchi Volcanoes in the Northeastern China from the ASTER Multispectral Data
=> New insights on multi-solution distribution of the P3P problem
=> New Insights on the Optimality Conditions of the L2-L0 Minimization Problem
=> New Insights on Weight Estimation from Face Images
=> New Installation for Geomagnetic Field Monitoring at Talos Dome, a Remote Antarctic Site Away from Permanent Observatories, A
=> new instrumented approach for translating American Sign Language into sound and text, A
=> New Instruments for Survey: On-Line Softwares for 3D Recontruction from Images
=> new integer image coding technique based on orthogonal polynomials, A
=> New Integral Image Structure for Memory Size Reduction, A
=> New Integral Transforms for Generalizing the Wigner Distribution and Ambiguity Function
=> New Integrated Approach for Landslide Data Balancing and Spatial Prediction Based on Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), A
=> New Integrated Approach for Municipal Landfill Siting Based on Urban Physical Growth Prediction: A Case Study Mashhad Metropolis in Iran, A
=> New Integrated Data Structure for 3D GIS, A
=> New Integrated Vegetation Index for the Estimation of Winter Wheat Leaf Chlorophyll Content, A
=> New Integration Scheme with Multi-layer Perceptron Networkrs for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition, A
=> new integrative approach to time varying image interpretation, A
=> new intelligent systems approach to 3D animation in television, A
=> New Intensity-Hue-Saturation Fusion Approach to Image Fusion With a Tradeoff Parameter, A
=> new interactive semi-supervised clustering model for large image database indexing, A
=> New Interactive Services for Digital TV
=> New interface for musical instruments using lip reading
=> new interpolation kernel for SAR interferometric registration, A
=> New Interpolative Subband Coding Algorithm for Lossless Image Compression, A
=> New Interpretation and Improvement for the Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion for Image Enhancement, A
=> New Interpretation of ROMKF, A
=> New Interpretation of the Compass Gradient Edge Operators, A
=> New Intra Luma Prediction Mode in H.264/AVC Using Collocated Weighted Chroma Pixel Value
=> new intra prediction with adaptive template matching through finite state machine, A
=> New Intrinsic-Lighting Color Space for Daytime Outdoor Images, A
=> new invariant representation of facial expressions: Definition and application to blended expression recognition, A
=> New Inventories of Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions through Biomass Burning in 2001-2020
=> New Inversion Method Based on Distorted Born Iterative Method for Grounded Electrical Source Airborne Transient Electromagnetics, A
=> New Investigation of a Tropical Cyclone: Observational and Turbulence Analysis for the Faraji Hurricane
=> New Ionosphere Tomography Algorithm With Two-Grid Virtual Observations Constraints and Three-Dimensional Velocity Profile, A
=> New IR polarimeter for improved detection of oil on water
=> new iris localization method based on the competitive chords, A
=> New Iris Recognition Approach Based on a Functional Representation, A
=> New Iris Recognition Method for Noisy Iris Images
=> New Iris Recognition Method Using Independent Component Analysis, A
=> new iris segmentation method for non-ideal iris images, A
=> new iris segmentation method for recognition, A
=> New irregular sampling coding method for transmitting images progressively
=> new iterated two-band diffusion equation: theory and its application, A
=> new Iterative-Midpoint-Method for video character gap filling, A
=> new iterative algorithm for computing a quality approximate median of strings based on edit operations, A
=> New Iterative Algorithm for Image Restoration, A
=> new iterative algorithm for ionospheric tomography, A
=> new iterative algorithm for VQ codebook generation, A
=> New iterative closest point algorithm for isotropic scaling registration of point sets with noise
=> New Iterative FIR Filter Design Approach Using a Gaussian Approximation, A
=> New Iterative Method for CT Reconstruction with Uncertain View Angles, A
=> New Iterative Triclass Thresholding Technique in Image Segmentation, A
=> New JAXA High-Resolution Land Use/Land Cover Map for Vietnam Aiming for Natural Forest and Plantation Forest Monitoring
=> New Joint Clustering and Diffeomorphism Estimation Algorithm for Non-Rigid Shape Matching, A
=> New Joint Detection Algorithm of Conveyer Belt X-Ray Imaging Using the BP Neural Networks, A
=> New Joint Watermarking-Encryption-JPEG-LS Compression Method for a Priori amp; a Posteriori Image Protection, A
=> New Journey from SDRTV to HDRTV, A
=> New JPEG Image Watermarking Method Exploiting Spatial Jnd Model, A
=> New JPEG Steganographic Scheme with High Security Performance
=> new JPEG2000 region-of-interest image coding method: Partial significant bitplanes shift, A
=> New Kalman-Filter-Based Framework for Fast and Accurate Visual Tracking of Rigid Objects, A
=> New Kernel Based on Weighted Cross-Correlation Coefficient for SVMs and Its Application on Prediction of T-cell Epitopes, A
=> new kernel development algorithm for edge detection using singular value ratios, A
=> New Kernel Direct Discriminant Analysis (KDDA) Algorithm for Face Recognition, A
=> New Kernels for Fast Mesh-Based Motion Estimation
=> New Key Frame Representation for Video Segment Retrieval, A
=> New knowledge in determining the astronomical orientation of Incas object in Ollantaytambo, Peru
=> New label propagation algorithm with pairwise constraints
=> New Landmark-Independent Tool for Quantifying and Characterizing Morphologic Variation, A
=> New Landsat Collection-2 Digital Elevation Model, The
=> new landscape metric for the identification of terraced sites: The Slope Local Length of Auto-Correlation (SLLAC), A
=> New Lane Detection Method Based on Feature Pattern, A
=> New Lane Keeping Method Based on Human-Simulated Intelligent Control, A
=> New Lane Model and Distance Transform for Lane Detection and Tracking
=> New Language-Independent Deep CNN for Scene Text Detection and Style Transfer in Social Media Images, A
=> New Large-Scale Multi-purpose Handwritten Farsi Database, A
=> New Large Scale Dynamic Texture Dataset with Application to ConvNet Understanding, A
=> New Large Urdu Database for Off-Line Handwriting Recognition, A
=> New Laser Based Approach for Measuring Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases, A
=> new latent generalized dirichlet allocation model for image classification, A
=> new LDA-based face recognition system which can solve the small sample size problem, A
=> new LDA-based method for face recognition, A
=> New Learning Based Super-Resolution: Use of DWT and IGMRF Prior
=> New Learning Formulation for Kernel Classifier Design, A
=> new Least Squares based congealing technique, A
=> New Level-Set Based Algorithm for Bimodal Depth Segmentation, A
=> new level set method for inhomogeneous image segmentation, A
=> New LiDAR Filtering Method Based on Multi-Layer Two-Class Segmentation, A
=> New Light-Weight Stereosopic Spectrometric Airborne Imaging Technology for High-Resolution Environmental Remote Sensing: Case Studies in Water Quality Mapping
=> new lightpen for raster displays, A
=> New Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Multi-Scale Land Surface Water Extraction from GaoFen-1D Satellite Images, A
=> new Likelihood Ratio for supervised classification of fully polarimetric SAR data: An application for sea ice type mapping, A
=> New Likelihood Test Methods for Change Detection in Image Sequences
=> New Line Matching Approach for High-Resolution Line Array Remote Sensing Images, A
=> New Line Symmetry Distance Based Automatic Clustering Technique: Application To Image Segmentation, A
=> new linear algorithm for calibrating central catadioptric cameras, A
=> New Linear Algorithm for Intersecting Convex Polygons, A
=> New Linear Calibration Method for Paracatadioptric Cameras, A
=> New Linear Discriminant Analysis Method to Address the Over-Reducing Problem, A
=> New Linear Method for Camera Self-Calibration with Planar Motion, A
=> New Linear Method for Euclidean Motion/structure from Three Calibrated Affine Views, A
=> New Linear Relation for Estimating Surface Broadband Emissivity in Arid Regions Based on FTIR and MODIS Products, A
=> new linearly constrained minimum variance beamformer for reconstructing EEG sparse sources, A
=> New Linguistic-Perceptual Event Model for Spatio-Temporal Event Detection and Personalized Retrieval of Sports Video, A
=> New LMS Adaptive Filtering Algorithm with Variable Step Size
=> New load balancing framework based on mobile AGENT and ant-colony optimization technique
=> New Local-Feature Framework for Scale-Invariant Detection of Partially Occluded Objects, A
=> New local descriptors based on dissociated dipoles
=> New local difference binary image descriptor and algorithm for rapid and precise vehicle visual localisation
=> New local edge binary patterns for image retrieval
=> New Local Transformation Module for Few-shot Segmentation, A
=> new localization method for epileptic seizure onset zones based on time-frequency and clustering analysis, A
=> new log-polar mapping for space variant imaging, A
=> New Look at Filtering Techniques for Illumination Invariance in Automatic Face Recognition, A
=> New Look at Image Fusion Methods from a Bayesian Perspective, A
=> new look at ML step-size estimation for Scalar Costa scheme data hiding, A
=> New Look at Public Services Inequality: The Consistency of Neighborhood Context and Citizens' Perception across Multiple Scales, A
=> New Look at Reweighted Message Passing, A
=> new look at spotlight mode synthetic aperture radar as tomography: imaging 3-D targets, A
=> new look at the statistical model identification, A
=> New Look to Multichannel Blind Image Deconvolution, A
=> New Lookup Tables and Searching Algorithms for Fast H.264/AVC CAVLC Decoding
=> new lossless compression scheme based on Huffman coding scheme for image compression, A
=> new lossless data hiding method based on joint neighboring coding, A
=> new lossless image compression algorithm based on arithmetic coding, A
=> New Low-Complexity Integer Distortion Estimation Method for H.264/AVC Encoder, A
=> new low-complexity patch-based image super-resolution, A
=> New Low-Cost 3D Scanning Techniques for Cultural Heritage Documentation
=> New Low-Cost Device Based on Thermal Infrared Sensors for Olive Tree Canopy Temperature Measurement and Water Status Monitoring, A
=> New Low-Cost HF RFID Loop Antenna Concept for Metallic Environments, A
=> New Low-Light Image Enhancement Algorithm Using Camera Response Model, A
=> new low-mass, low-power hyperspectral imager for the detection of atmospheric species, A
=> New Low-Rank Representation Based Hyperspectral Image Denoising Method for Mineral Mapping, A
=> New Low Level Procedure for Image Segmentation, A
=> new lower bound for evaluating the performances of sensor location algorithms, A
=> New M-Estimator Approach for Global Motion Estimation, A
=> New Machine Learning Approach in Detecting the Oil Palm Plantations Using Remote Sensing Data, A
=> new machine learning based approach to predict Freezing of Gait, A
=> New Macroblock-Layer Rate Control for H.264/AVC Using Quadratic R-D Model, A
=> New magnetic resonance tagging technique for directly measuring the strain tensor of the in vivo human heart
=> New Magnetic Target Localization Method Based on Two-Point Magnetic Gradient Tensor, A
=> New Magnification Method for RGB Color Images Based on Subpixels Decomposition, A
=> New Manifold Representation for Visual Speech Recognition, A
=> New Manifold Representation for Visual Speech Recognition, A
=> New Mapping Function for Spaceborne TEC Conversion Based on the Plasmaspheric Scale Height, A
=> New Marching Cubes Algorithm for Interactive Level Set with Application to MR Image Segmentation, A
=> New Marker-Less 3D Kinect-Based System for Facial Anthropometric Measurements, A
=> New mass description in mammographies
=> New Master Plan for Harran University Based On Geodesign, A
=> New matching pursuit based sinusoidal modelling method for audio coding
=> New Material-Oriented TES for Land Surface Temperature and SUHI Retrieval in Urban Areas: Case Study over Madrid in the Framework of the Future TRISHNA Mission, A
=> New mathematical and algorithmic schemes for pattern classification with application to the identification of writers of important ancient documents
=> New Mathematical Human Vision Model with an Autonomous Image Observing Mechanism and Its Application to Multiple Motion Detection, A
=> New matrix formulation for two-dimensional DCT/IDCT computation and its distributed-memory VLSI implementation
=> New Maximum-Likelihood Change Estimator for Two-Pass SAR Coherent Change Detection, A
=> new maximum-likelihood joint segmentation technique for multitemporal SAR and multiband optical images, A
=> New maximum likelihood motion estimation schemes for noisy ultrasound images
=> new maximum margin algorithm for one-class problems and its boosting implementation, A
=> new maximum relevance-minimum multicollinearity (MRmMC) method for feature selection and ranking, A
=> New Maximum Simplex Volume Method Based on Householder Transformation for Endmember Extraction, A
=> New Measure for Analyzing and Fusing Sequences of Objects, A
=> New Measure for Shape Elongation
=> New Measure of Detail for Triangulated Meshes, A
=> new measure of symmetry and its application to classification of bifurcating structures, A
=> new measurement for assessing polygonal approximation of curves, A
=> New Measurements and Corner-Guidance for Curve Matching with Probabilistic Relaxation
=> New Measures of Similarity between Two Contours Based on Optimal Bivariate Transforms
=> new medical image enhancement algorithm using adaptive parameters, A
=> New medical image sequences segmentation based on level set method
=> New Medical Segmentation Method Based on Voronoi Diagrams and Region Growing, A
=> New memory- and computation-efficient hough transform for detecting lines
=> New Merit Version for MPEG-2 Encoded Files, A
=> New Mesh-Based Motion Compensation Algorithm for Very Low Bit Rate Coding, A
=> new mesh simplification algorithm combining half-edge data structure with modified quadric error metric, A
=> New Method (MINDED-BA) for Automatic Detection of Burned Areas Using Remote Sensing, A
=> New Method and Benchmark for Detecting Co-Saliency Within a Single Image, A
=> New method and circuit for processing of band-limited periodic signals
=> New Method Based on a Multilayer Perceptron Network to Determine In-Orbit Satellite Attitude for Spacecrafts without Active ADCS Like UVSQ-SAT, A
=> new method based on bag of filters for character recognition in scene images by learning, A
=> New Method Based on Graph Transformation for FAS Mining in Multi-graph Collections, A
=> new method based on the BP neural network to improve the accuracy of inversion of the vegetation height, A
=> New Method Based on Treatment of Singular Integration in Computation of Acoustic Scattering, A
=> new method combining enhanced resolution and pattern identification, A
=> New Method Derived from Time-Vector Analysis for Generation of Elevation Information Based on Formation Flying Interferometric SAR Satellites, A
=> new method for 3D individual tree extraction using multispectral airborne LiDAR point clouds, A
=> New Method for Acquiring Time-Sequential Range Images by Integrating Stereo Pairs of Thermal and Intensity Images, A
=> New Method for Acquisition of High-Resolution Seabed Topography by Matching Seabed Classification Images, A
=> New Method for Affine Registration of Images and Point Sets, A
=> new method for analyzing local shape in three-dimensional images based on medial axis transformation, A
=> New Method for Approximating Optimal Parameterization of Polynomial Curves, A
=> New Method for Arabic Text Detection in Natural Scene Image Based on the Color Homogeneity, A
=> New Method for Arabic Text Detection in Natural Scene Images, A
=> New Method for Automated Clearcut Disturbance Detection in Mediterranean Coppice Forests Using Landsat Time Series, A
=> New Method for Automated Measurement of Sand Dune Migration Based on Multi-Temporal LiDAR-Derived Digital Elevation Models, A
=> New Method for Automated Monitoring of Road Pavement Aging Conditions Based on Recurrent Neural Network, A
=> New Method for Automated Quantification of Vertical Spatio-Temporal Changes within Gully Cross-Sections Based on Very-High-Resolution Models
=> New Method for Automatic 3D Face Registration, A
=> new method for automatic date fruit classification, A
=> New Method for Automatic Extraction and Analysis of Discontinuities Based on TIN on Rock Mass Surfaces, A
=> New Method for Automatically Measurement of Vickers Hardness Using Thick Line Hough Transform and Least Square Method, A
=> New Method for Automatically Tracing Englacial Layers from MCoRDS Data in NW Greenland, A
=> New Method for Bar Code Localization and Recognition, A
=> New Method for Boundary-Based Shape Matching and Retrieval, A
=> New Method for Boundary Artifact Reduction in JPEG 2000, A
=> New Method for Calculating Water Quality Parameters by Integrating Space-Ground Hyperspectral Data and Spectral-In Situ Assay Data, A
=> new method for camera motion parameter estimation, A
=> new method for camera stratified self-calibration under circular motion, A
=> New Method for Character Segmentation from Multi-oriented Video Words, A
=> New Method for Characterizing NOAA-20/S-NPP VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands Response Versus Scan Using On-Orbit Pitch Maneuver Data, A
=> New Method for Color Image Equalization, A
=> new method for combined face detection and identification using interest point descriptors, A
=> New Method for Computing Intrinsic Surface Properties, A
=> New Method for Computing Optical Flow, A
=> New Method for Computing Polygonal Masks In Image Processing Pipeline Architectures, A
=> New Method for Computing the Principal Point of an Optical Sensor by Means of Sphere Images, A
=> new method for constructing granular neural networks based on rule extraction and extreme learning machine, A
=> New Method for Continuous Monitoring of Black and Odorous Water Body Using Evaluation Parameters: A Case Study in Baoding, A
=> New Method for Continuous Track Monitoring in Regions of Differential Land Subsidence Rate Using the Integration of PS-InSAR and SBAS-InSAR, A
=> New Method for Correcting ScanSAR Scalloping Using Forests and Inter-SCAN Banding Employing Dynamic Filtering, A
=> New Method for Crop Row Detection Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images, A
=> New Method for Crop Type Mapping at the Regional Scale Using Multi-Source and Multi-Temporal Sentinel Imagery, A
=> new method for data-driven multi-brain atlas generation, A
=> new method for denoising color images, A
=> new method for detecting texture defects based on modified local binary pattern, A
=> new method for detection and prediction of occluded text in natural scene images, A
=> New Method for Determining an Optimal Diurnal Threshold of GNSS Precipitable Water Vapor for Precipitation Forecasting, A
=> New Method for Digital Multitoning using Gray Level Separation, A
=> New Method for Discriminating Printers Based on Contours Qualities of Printed Characters Using Wavelet Decomposition, A
=> New Method for DNA Microarray Image Segmentation, A
=> New Method for Earth Observation Data Analytics Based on Symbolic Machine Learning, A
=> New Method for ECG Signal Feature Extraction, A
=> New Method for Estimating Soil Fertility Using Extreme Gradient Boosting and a Backpropagation Neural Network, A
=> New Method for Estimating the Effective Poisson's Ratio in Ultrasound Poroelastography, A
=> New Method for Estimating the Number of Targets from Radar Returns, A
=> New Method for Estimating Tropospheric Zenith Wet-Component Delay of GNSS Signals from Surface Meteorology Data, A
=> new method for estimation of hidden Markov model parameters, A
=> New Method for Extracting Glacier Area Using SAR Interferometry, A
=> New Method for Extracting Individual Plant Bio-Characteristics from High-Resolution Digital Images, A
=> New Method for Extracting Phase Slowness of Dispersive Waves, A
=> New Method for Extreme Color Detection in Images
=> New Method for Face Alignment under Extreme Poses and Occlusion, A
=> New Method for Fall Detection of Elderly Based on Human Shape and Motion Variation, A
=> New Method for False Alarm Suppression in Heterogeneous Change Detection, A
=> New Method for Fast Detection and Removal of Impulsive Noise Using Fuzzy Metrics
=> New Method for Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery Based on Harmonic Wavelet Filtering, A
=> New method for feature extraction based on fractal behavior
=> New Method for Feature Mining in Remotely Sensed Images, A
=> new method for finding clusters embedded in subspaces applied to medical tomography scan image, A
=> New Method for Fingerprint Antispoofing using Pulse Oxiometry, A
=> new method for fingerprint matching using phase-only auto- and cross-bispectrum, A
=> New method for first-order network design applied to TLS self-calibration networks
=> New Method for Generating an Invariant Iris Private Key Based on the Fuzzy Vault System, A
=> new method for generating statistical classifiers assuming linear mixtures of Gaussian densities, A
=> New Method for Generating the SMOPS Blended Satellite Soil Moisture Data Product without Relying on a Model Climatology, A
=> New Method for Generation of Three-Dimensional Cubes, A
=> New Method for Geometric Quality Evaluation of Remote Sensing Image Based on Information Entropy, A
=> New Method for Gray-Level Picture Thresholding Using the Entropy of the Histogram, A
=> New Method for Hail Detection from the GPM Constellation: A Prospect for a Global Hailstorm Climatology, A
=> New Method for Handwritten Scene Text Detection in Video, A
=> new method for higher-order linear phase FIR digital filter using shifted Chebyshev polynomials, A
=> New Method for Hour-by-Hour Bias Adjustment of Satellite Precipitation Estimates over Mainland China, A
=> New Method for Identifying the Central Business Districts with Nighttime Light Radiance and Angular Effects, A
=> New Method for Image Denoising while Keeping Edge Information
=> new method for image retrieval based on analyzing fractal coding characters, A
=> new method for image segmentation based on Fuzzy C-means algorithm on pixonal images formed by bilateral filtering, A
=> New Method for Image Segmentation, A
=> New Method for Image Segmentation, A
=> New Method for Image Separation of Overlapped Images from a Two-Layered Printed Circuit Board (PCB), A
=> new method for implementing moment functions in a CMOS retina, A
=> New method for increasing matching accuracy and reducing process time of fingerprint data by the fractional Fourier transform
=> new method for inpainting of depth maps from time-of-flight sensors based on a modified closing by reconstruction algorithm, A
=> New Method for InSAR Stratified Tropospheric Delay Correction Facilitating Refinement of Coseismic Displacement Fields of Small-to-Moderate Earthquakes, A
=> New Method For Interfacing 3D Simulation Systems And Object-Oriented Geo Data Sources, A
=> New Method for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiattribute Decision Making, A
=> New Method for Ionospheric Tomography and Its Assessment by Ionosonde Electron Density, GPS TEC, and Single-Frequency PPP, A
=> New Method for Large-Scale Landslide Classification from Satellite Radar, A
=> new method for license plate validation using the orientations algorithm, A
=> new method for linear affine self-calibration of stationary zooming stereo cameras, A
=> new method for linear feature and junction enhancement in 2D images based on morphological operation, oriented anisotropic Gaussian function and Hessian information, A
=> New Method for Long-Term River Discharge Estimation of Small- and Medium-Scale Rivers by Using Multisource Remote Sensing and RSHS: Application and Validation, A
=> new method for mammographic mass segmentation based on parametric active contour model, A
=> New Method for Mapping Aquatic Vegetation Especially Underwater Vegetation in Lake Ulansuhai Using GF-1 Satellite Data, A
=> New Method for Mining Regression Classes in Large Data Sets, A
=> New Method for Modifying Thresholds in the Classification of Tree Models for Mapping Aquatic Vegetation in Taihu Lake with Satellite Images, A
=> New Method for Moving Object Extraction and Tracking Based on the Exclusive Block Matching, A
=> new method for MR grayscale inhomogeneity correction, A
=> new method for multi-oriented graphics-scene-3D text classification in video, A
=> New Method for Multidimensional Optimization and Its Application in Image and Video Processing, A
=> New Method for Object Tracking Based on Regions Instead of Contours, A
=> New Method for Obtaining Optimal Polygonal Approximations
=> new method for occupancy grid maps merging: Application to multi-vehicle cooperative local mapping and moving object detection in outdoor environment, A
=> New Method for Olive Fruits Recognition, A
=> new method for one-dimensional linear feature transformations, A
=> New Method for Passive Millimeter Wave Image Registration by Applying Super Resolution, A
=> New Method for Performance Evaluation of Grayscale Image Denoising Filters
=> New Method for Perspective View Registration, A
=> New Method for Polygon Detection Based on Clustering, A
=> New Method for Polygon Detection Based on Hough Parameter Space and USAN Region, A
=> New Method for Positional Accuracy Analysis in Georeferenced Satellite Images without Independent Ground Control Points, A
=> New Method for Projector Calibration Based on Visual Servoing, A
=> New Method for Quadratic Curve Detection Using K-Ransac with Acceleration Techniques, A
=> new method for quantification of age-related brain changes, A
=> New Method for Quantitative Analysis of Driving Factors for Vegetation Coverage Change in Mining Areas: GWDF-ANN, A
=> New Method for Real Time Abandoned Object Detection and Owner Tracking, A
=> New Method for Recognizing and Locating Objects by Searching Longest Paths, A
=> New Method for Reconstructing Absolute Water Vapor Maps From Persistent Scatterer InSAR, A
=> New Method for Region-Based Depth Ordering in a Video Sequence: Application to Frame Interpolation, A
=> New Method for Region-Based Majority Voting CNNs for Very High Resolution Image Classification, A
=> New Method for Registration-Based Medical Image Interpolation, A
=> New Method for Removal of Edge Artifacts Using a 2d Extrapolated Discrete Wavelet Transform with Biorthogonal Wavelets, A
=> new method for representing and matching shapes of natural objects, A
=> New Method for Retrieving Daily Land Surface Albedo From VIIRS Data, A
=> New Method for Retrieving Electron Density Profiles from the MARSIS Ionograms, A
=> New Method for Robust and Efficient Occupancy Grid-Map Matching, A
=> New Method for Rotation Free Method for Online Unconstrained Handwritten Chinese Word Recognition: A Holistic Approach, A
=> New Method for Segmentation of Images Represented in a HSV Color Space, A
=> New Method for Segmenting Handwritten Chinese Characters, A
=> New Method For Segmenting Unconstrained Handwritten Numeral String, A
=> New Method for Sharpening Color Images Using Fuzzy Approach, A
=> New method for simultaneous moderate bias correction and image segmentation
=> New Method for Skeleton Pruning, A
=> New method for sparse point-sets matching with underlying non-rigidity
=> new method for sparsity control in support vector classification and regression, A
=> new method for spatiotemporal textual saliency detection in video, A
=> new method for stereo matching using pixel cooperative optimization, A
=> New Method for Suomi-NPP VIIRS Day-Night Band On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration, A
=> New Method for Synthetic Face Generation Using Spline Curves, A
=> New Method for Temporal Phase Unwrapping of Persistent Scatterers InSAR Time Series, A
=> New Method for Text-Line Segmentation for Warped Documents, A
=> New Method for Text Verification Based on Random Forests, A
=> New Method for the Assessment of Spatial Accuracy and Completeness of OpenStreetMap Building Footprints, A
=> New Method for the Calibration of Multi-Camera Mobile Mapping Systems
=> new method for the characterization of telecine effect in video sequences, A
=> new method for the detection of singular points in fingerprint images, A
=> New Method for the Discerning of Point Moving Targets' Tracks, A
=> New Method for the Estimation of Broadband Apparent Albedo Using Hyperspectral Airborne Hemispherical Directional Reflectance Factor Values, A
=> New Method for the Estimation of the Image Jacobian for the Control of an Uncalibrated Joint System, A
=> New method for the fusion of complementary information from infrared and visual images for object detection
=> New Method for the In Vivo Identification of Mechanical Properties in Arteries From Cine MRI Images: Theoretical Framework and Validation, A
=> New method for the on-line signature verification based on horizontal partitioning
=> New Method for the Rapid Determination of Fire Disturbance Events Using GEE and the VCT Algorithm: A Case Study in Southwestern and Northeastern China, A
=> new method for the registration of three-dimensional point-sets: The Gaussian Fields framework, A
=> New Method for the Synthesis of Signature Data With Natural Variability, A
=> new method for three-dimensional magnetic resonance images denoising, A
=> New Method for Topology Identification of Complex Dynamical Networks, A
=> New Method for UAV Lidar Precision Testing Used for the Evaluation of an Affordable DJI ZENMUSE L1 Scanner, A
=> New Method for Uncertainty Evaluation of Centroid Detection, A
=> new method for unsupervised linear feature extraction, using fourth order moments, A
=> New Method for Validating and Generating Vehicle Trajectories From Stationary Video Cameras, A
=> New Method for Vanishing Point Detection
=> New Method for Vector Generation, A
=> new method for video data compression by quadratic Bézier curve fitting, A
=> New Method for Volume Segmentation of PET Images, Based on Possibility Theory, A
=> New Method for Winter Wheat Mapping Based on Spectral Reconstruction Technology, A
=> New Method for Word Segmentation from Arbitrarily-Oriented Video Text Lines, A
=> New Method for Writer Identification and Verification Based on Farsi/Arabic Handwritten Texts, A
=> New Method for Writer Identification of Handwritten Farsi Documents, A
=> New Method in Change Detection of Remote Sensing Image, A
=> new method in locating and segmenting palmprint into region-of-interest, A
=> New Method in Map Projection for Indirect Coefficients
=> new method in simultaneous estimation of Kinect-V2 sensor calibration using shuffled frog leaping algorithm, A
=> New method in study disease spread using GIS modeling
=> new method of automatic SCE detection, A
=> new method of camera pose estimation using 2D-3D corner correspondence, A
=> New Method of Color Image Segmentation Based on Intensity and Hue Clustering, A
=> New Method of Color Image Segmentation Based on Intensity and Hue Clustering, A
=> New Method of Correspondence for Multiple Cameras Based on Texture Energy, A
=> New Method of De-Aliasing Large-Scale High-Frequency Barotropic Signals in the Mediterranean Sea, A
=> New Method of Digital Holographic Reconstruction Based on EALCD and CCD, A
=> new method of distortion-invariant character recognition, A
=> New Method of Electron Density Retrieval from MetOp-A's Truncated Radio Occultation Measurements, A
=> new method of equiangular sectorial voxelization of single-scan terrestrial laser scanning data and its applications in forest defoliation estimation, A
=> New Method of Estimating Shape from Shading by Using a Constraint at Zero-Crossings of Image Brightness, A
=> New Method of Estimating Shape Similarity, A
=> new method of extracting closed contours using maximal discs, A
=> New Method of Extracting Invariants under Affine Transform, A
=> New Method of Fast Registration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Images Based-on An Improved Surf Algorithm, A
=> new method of feature fusion and its application in image recognition, A
=> new method of flash image shadow detection and patch-based correction of shadow regions, A
=> New Method of Gold Foil Damage Detection in Stone Carving Relics Based on Multi-Temporal 3D LiDAR Point Clouds, A
=> New Method of Highlight Characteristics Calculation for Underwater Targets, A
=> New Method of Identification of Handwriting Using Volumes of Indentations, The
=> New Method of Illumination Normalization for Robust Face Recognition, A
=> New Method of Image Classification Based on Local Appearance and Context Information, A
=> New Method of Image Encryption/Decryption via Voice Features, A
=> New Method of Image Reconstruction for PET Using a Combined Regularization Algorithm, A
=> new method of information enhancement for hyper-spectrum image covered with thin clouds and realization based on IDL, A
=> new method of MCI extraction with multi-temporal MODIS EVI data, A
=> new method of moving object detection using adaptive filter, A
=> New Method of Multi-Component Source Signal Coding, A
=> New Method of Object Segmentation in the Basketball Videos, A
=> New Method of Probability Density Estimation with Application to Mutual Information Based Image Registration
=> New Method of Probability Density Estimation with Application to Mutual Information Based Image Registration
=> New Method of Rainfall Detection from the Collected X-Band Marine Radar Images, A
=> New Method of Ray-Space Interpolation for Free Viewpoint Video
=> New Method of Robust Image Compression Based on the Embedded Zerotree Wavelet Algorithm, A
=> New Method of Storing Integral Image for Memory Efficiency Using Modified Block Structure, A
=> new method of target recognition based on Rough Set and Support Vector Machine, A
=> new method of television signal deghosting, A
=> new method of texture binarization, A
=> new method of Thangka image inpainting quality assessment, A
=> New Method of Tipping Calibration for Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer in Cloudy Atmosphere, A
=> new method of vegetation mapping by object-based classification using high resolution satellite data, A
=> New Method of Vehicle Positioning Using Bumps and Road Surface Defects, A
=> New Method on the Segmentation and Recognition of Chinese Characters for Automatic Chinese Seal Imprint Retrieval, A
=> New Method to Address Singularity Problem in Multimodal Data Analysis, A
=> new method to analyse mosaics based on Symmetry Group theory applied to Islamic Geometric Patterns, A
=> New Method to Calculate Looming for Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance, A
=> new method to compute the distortion vector field from two images, A
=> New Method to Count Objects Into an Image
=> New Method to Design Steerable First-Order Differential Beamformers, A
=> new method to detect arcs and segments from curvature profiles, A
=> new method to detect nystagmus for vertigo diagnosis system by eye movement velocity, A
=> New Method To Detect Regions Endangered By High Wind Speeds, A
=> New Method to Determine the Optimal Thin Layer Ionospheric Height and Its Application in the Polar Regions, A
=> new method to distinguish between irrigated dry land and rain-fed dry land using multi-temporal MODIS and ancillary data: An application example in China, A
=> New Method to Enhance the Spatial Features of Multitemporal NDVI Image Series, A
=> New Method to Evaluate Gold Mineralisation-Potential Mapping Using Deep Learning and an Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) Model, A
=> New method to find corner and tangent vertices in sketches using parametric cubic curves approximation
=> new method to identify coronary artery disease with ECG signals and time-Frequency concentrated antisymmetric biorthogonal wavelet filter bank, A
=> New Method to Improve Quality of Reconstructed Images in Tomography, A
=> New Method to Map Groundwater Table in Peatlands Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, A
=> New Method to Measure Directional Modulation Transfer Function Using Sphere Phantoms in a Cone Beam Computed Tomography System, A
=> new method to obtain the shift-table in Boyer-Moore's string matching algorithm, A
=> New Method to Predict Gully Head Erosion in the Loess Plateau of China Based on SBAS-InSAR, A
=> New Method to Segment X-Ray Microtomography Images of Lamellar Titanium Alloy Based on Directional Filter Banks and Gray Level Gradient, A
=> new method to separate ground clutter and atmospheric reflections in the case of similar doppler velocities, A
=> New Method to Solve the End Effect of Empirical Mode Decomposition
=> new method to threshold images of flat binary scenes under uneven lighting, A
=> New Methodologies for the Documentation of Fortified Architecture In The State of Ruins
=> New Methodologies for True Orthophoto Generation
=> New Methodology Based on Level Sets for Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
=> New Methodology for Bridge Inspections in Linear Infrastructures from Optical Images and HD Videos Obtained by UAV, A
=> new methodology for computing invariants in computer vision, A
=> New Methodology for Detecting Ice Sheet Surface Elevation Changes From Laser Altimetry Data, A
=> New Methodology for Determination and Correction of Lens Distortion in 3D Measuring Systems Using Fringe Projection, A
=> New Methodology for Estimating the Surface Temperature Lapse Rate Based on Grid Data and Its Application in China, A
=> new methodology for evaluation of edge detectors, A
=> New Methodology for Gray-Scale Character Segmentation and Recognition, A
=> New Methodology for Gray-Scale Character Segmentation and Recognition, A
=> New Methodology for Intertidal Seaweed Biomass Estimation Using Multispectral Data Obtained with Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles
=> new methodology for isolating and diagnosing inconsistencies in image matching, as applied to the analysis of 2-D electrophoretic gels, A
=> New Methodology for Mapping Past Rockfall Events: From Mobile Crowdsourcing to Rockfall Simulation Validation, A
=> New Methodology for the Detection and Extraction of Hyperbolas in GPR Images, A
=> new methodology in constructing no-reference focus quality assessment metrics, A
=> New Methodology of Illumination Estimation/Normalization Based on Adaptive Smoothing for Robust Face Recognition, A
=> New Methodology of Soil Salinization Degree Classification by Probability Neural Network Model Based on Centroid of Fractional Lorenz Chaos Self-Synchronization Error Dynamics, A
=> New Methodology on Noise Equivalent Differential Temperature Calculation for On-Orbit Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A Instrument, A
=> new methodology to automatically segment biomedical images, A
=> New Methodology to Characterise the Radar Bright Band Using Doppler Spectral Moments from Vertically Pointing Radar Observations, A
=> New Methodology to Study Street Accessibility: A Case Study of Avila (Spain), A
=> New Methodology to the Design of Associative Memories Based on Cellular Neural Networks, A
=> New methods and functionalities for railway maintenance through a draisine prototype based on RADAR sensors
=> New methods for analysing colour texture based on the Karhunen-Loeve transform and quantification
=> New Methods for Digital Modeling of Historic Sites
=> New methods for dynamic mosaicking
=> New Methods for Stress Assessment and Monitoring at the Workplace
=> New Methods in Iris Recognition
=> New Methods to Improve the Accuracy of the Pel-Recursive Wiener-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm
=> New Methods to Produce High Quality Color Anaglyphs for 3-D Visualization
=> New Metric for Gray-Scale Image Comparison, A
=> New Metric for Latent Fingerprint Image Preprocessing, A
=> new metric for measuring image-based 3D reconstruction, A
=> new metric for measuring structure-preserving capability of despeckling of SAR images, A
=> New Metric for Quantifying Burn Severity: The Relativized Burn Ratio, A
=> New Metric for Quantifying Burn Severity: The Relativized Burn Ratio, A
=> New metric for stereo image quality assessment based on HVS
=> New Metrics and Experimental Paradigms for Continual Learning
=> New Metrics for Evaluating Performance in Document Analysis Tasks: Application to the Table Case
=> New Metrics to Evaluate Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing Images
=> new micro-objects-based evaluation measure for co-clustering algorithms, A
=> New Microscopic Approach to Traffic Flow Classification Using a Convolutional Neural Network Object Detector and a Multi-Tracker Algorithm, A
=> New Microscopic Traffic Model Using a Spring-Mass-Damper-Clutch System, A
=> New Microslice Technology for Hyperspectral Imaging
=> New Microwave-based Missions Applications For Rainfed Crops Characterization
=> New Miniaturized Embedded Stereo-Vision System (MESVS-I), A
=> new minimal path selection algorithm for automatic crack detection on pavement images, A
=> new minimal solution to the relative pose of a calibrated stereo camera with small field of view overlap, A
=> new mirror-based extrinsic camera calibration using an orthogonality constraint, A
=> New Miscibility Measure Explains the Behavior of Grayscale Texture Synthesized By Gibbs Random Fields
=> New Mixed-Reality-Based Teleoperation System for Telepresence and Maneuverability Enhancement, A
=> New Modality: Emoji Challenges in Prediction, Anticipation, and Retrieval
=> New Model-Based Approach for Industrial Visual Inspection, A
=> New Model-Based Digital Halftoning and Data Hiding Designed With LMS Optimization, A
=> new model-based framework for lung tissue segmentation in three-dimensional thoracic CT images, A
=> New Model-Based Method for Multi-View Human Body Tracking and Its Application to View Transfer in Image-Based Rendering, A
=> New Model-Based Stereo Approach for 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Contours on the Surface Pattern, A
=> new model-based technique for enhanced small-vessel measurements in X-ray cine-angiograms, A
=> New Model and Reconstruction Method for 2D PET Based on Transforming Detector Tube Data into Detector Arc Data, A
=> New Model and Simple Algorithms for Multi-label Mumford-Shah Problems, A
=> New model for aircraft landing scheduling using real time algorithms scheduling
=> New Model for Cloud Tracking and Analysis on Satellite Images, A
=> new model for fingerprint classification by ridge distribution sequences, A
=> New Model for Image Segmentation, A
=> New Model for Sand-Ripple Scattering Based on SSA Method and Practical Ripple Profiles, A
=> New Model for the Segmentation of Multiple, Overlapping, Near-Circular Objects, A
=> New Model for Transfer Learning-Based Mapping of Burn Severity, A
=> New Model of a Solar Wind Airplane for Geomatic Operations
=> New Model of Computation for Learning Vision Modules from Examples, A
=> New model of MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video encoders
=> New Model of Quasigeoid for the Baltic Sea Area, A
=> New Model on Detecting Target Strength: Surface Segmentation and Integral, A
=> new modeling approach for Arabic opinion mining recognition, A
=> New Modeling Approach for Predicting Vehicle-Based Safety Threats, A
=> New Modeling Approach for Spatial Prediction of Flash Flood with Biogeography Optimized CHAID Tree Ensemble and Remote Sensing Data, A
=> New Models for Emergency Evacuation under the Disaster Condition, A
=> New models for region of interest reader classification analysis in chest radiographs
=> New models of image restoration
=> New models of visual saliency: Contourlet transform based model and hybrid model
=> New Modified SLM Scheme for Wireless OFDM Systems Without Side Information, A
=> New MODIS C6 Dark Target and Deep Blue Merged Aerosol Product on a 3 km Spatial Grid, A
=> new moire smoothing method for color inverse halftoning, A
=> new moments based skew estimation technique using pixels in the word for binary document images, A
=> New Moneyball: How Ballpark Sensors Are Changing Baseball, The
=> New Morphological Filtering Algorithm for Image Noise Reduction
=> New Morphological Measure of Histogram Bimodality, A
=> New Morphological Method for Cursive Word Segmentation, A
=> New motherwavelet for pattern detection in IR image
=> New Motion-Compensated Reduced-Order Model Kalman Filter for Space Varying Restoration of Progressive and Interlaced Video, A
=> new motion adaptive PAL-codec, A
=> New Motion Compensation Approach for Error Resilient Video Coding, A
=> new motion compensation method for image sequence coding using hierarchical grid interpolation, A
=> New motion compensation model via frequency classification for fast video super-resolution
=> New Motion Compensation on a Wavelet Transform Domain, A
=> new motion detection algorithm based on Sigma-Delta background estimation, A
=> New Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Adaptative Hybrid Genetic Search and Selective Vector Tracing, A
=> New Motion Estimation Algorithm for Video Coding Using Adaptive Kalman Filter, A
=> New Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Adaptively Quantized Low Bit-Resolution Image and Its VLSI Architecture for MPEG2 Video Encoding
=> New motion estimation and compensation algorithms for video compression combining global and local motions
=> new motion estimation method for motion-compensated frame interpolation using a convolutional neural network, A
=> new Motion Estimation Technique for video compression, A
=> new motion histogram to index motion content in video segments, A
=> new motion model for panoramic video coding, A
=> New Motion Parameter Estimation Algorithm Based on the Continuous Wavelet Transform, A
=> new moving object tracking method using particle filter and probability product kernel, A
=> new moving sound source localization method based on the time difference of arrival, A
=> New MPEG-4/FAMC Standard for Animated 3D Mesh Compression, The
=> New MR Brain Image Segmentation Using an Optimal Semi-supervised Fuzzy C-means and pdf Estimation, A
=> New MRF Model for Robust Estimate of Occlusion and Motion Vector Fields, A
=> New MRF Parameter Estimation Technique for Texture Image Segmentation using Hierarchical GMRF Model Based on Random Spatial Interaction and Mean Field Theory
=> New Multi-Atlas Registration Framework for Multimodal Pathological Images Using Conventional Monomodal Normal Atlases, A
=> New Multi-baseline Stereo by Counting Interest Points
=> New Multi-camera Approach for Lane Departure Warning, A
=> New Multi-camera Based Facial Expression Analysis Concept, A
=> new multi-criteria fusion model for color textured image segmentation, A
=> new multi-expert decision combination algorithm and its application to the detection of circumscribed masses in digital mammograms, A
=> New Multi-Focus Image Fusion Algorithm and Its Efficient Implementation, A
=> New Multi-Hop Clustering Algorithm for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
=> new multi-lateral filter for real-time depth enhancement, A
=> New Multi-Layered Coding Sequence for JPEG2000 with Reduced Memory Requirement, A
=> new multi-level approach to EEG based human authentication using eye blinking, A
=> New Multi-Level Framework for Deformable Contour Optimization, A
=> new multi-modal approach to bib number/text detection and recognition in Marathon images, A
=> New Multi-modal Dataset for Human Affect Analysis, A
=> new multi-purpose audio-visual UNMC-VIER database with multiple variabilities, A
=> New Multi-resolution Affine Invariant Planar Contour Descriptor, A
=> New Multi-Resolution Algorithm To Store and Transmit Compressed DTM, A
=> new multi-resolution based method for estimating local surface roughness from point clouds, A
=> New multi-resolution image stitching with local and global alignment
=> new multi-scale framework for convolutive blind source separation, A
=> New Multi-Scale Sliding Window LSTM Framework (MSSW-LSTM): A Case Study for GNSS Time-Series Prediction, A
=> new multi-secret image sharing scheme based on DCT, A
=> New Multi-set Modulation Technique for Increasing Hiding Capacity of Binary Watermark for Print and Scan Processes, A
=> New Multi-spectral Iris Acquisition Sensor for Biometric Verification and Presentation Attack Detection, A
=> New Multi-Unit Iris Authentication Based on Quality Assessment and Score Level Fusion for Mobile Phones, A
=> New multi-view human motion capture framework
=> New Multichannel Blind Deconvolution Method and its Application to Solar Images, A
=> new multiclass SVM algorithm and its application to crowd density analysis using LBP features, A
=> New Multicomponent Filters for Geophysical Data Processing
=> New Multidimensional Recursive Architecture for Computing The Discrete Cosine Transform, A
=> new multidirectional extrapolation hole-filling method for Depth-Image-Based Rendering, A
=> New Multihypothesis-Based Compressed Video Sensing Reconstruction System, A
=> New Multilevel Line-Based Stereo Vision Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Techniques, A
=> new multimodal RGB and polarimetric image dataset for road scenes analysis, A
=> New Multiobjective Signal Optimization for Oversaturated Networks, A
=> new multiobjective simulated annealing based clustering technique using stability and symmetry, A
=> new multiobjective simulated annealing based clustering technique using symmetry, A
=> New Multiple-Target Tracking Strategy Using Domain Knowledge and Optimization
=> New Multiple-Windows Depth from Stereo Algorithm for 3D Displays, A
=> New Multiple Classifier System Based on a PSO Algorithm for The Classification of Hyperspectral Images, A
=> new multiple description layered coding method over ad-hoc network, A
=> New Multiple Phenological Spectral Feature for Mapping Winter Wheat, A
=> New Multiplication-Free Block Matching Criterion, A
=> New Multiplicative Denoising Variational Model Based on m th Root Transformation, A
=> new multiplicative noise removal model combining cartoon-texture decomposition method, A
=> new multiplicative watermark detector in the contourlet domain using t Location-Scale distribution, A
=> new multiresolution generalized directional filter bank design and application in image enhancement, A
=> new multiscale Bayesian algorithm for speckle reduction in medical ultrasound images, A
=> New Multiscale Bayesian Model Averaging Framework for Texture Segmentation, A
=> New Multiscale Planar Shape Invariant Representation Under a General Affine Transformations
=> New Multiscale Representation for Shapes and Its Application to Blood Vessel Recovery, A
=> New multiscale transforms, minimum total variation synthesis: applications to edge-preserving image reconstruction
=> New Multispectral Data Augmentation Technique Based on Data Imputation, A
=> New Multispectral Method for Face Liveness Detection, A
=> New Multivariate Statistical Model for Change Detection in Images Acquired by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sensors, A
=> new multiview spacetime-consistent depth recovery framework for free viewpoint video rendering, A
=> New Multiwavelet-Based Approach to Image Fusion, A
=> new Mumford-Shah type model involving a smoothing operator for multiphase image segmentation, A
=> New Mutually Orthogonal Complementary Sets With Non-Power-of-Two Lengths
=> New natural gradient algorithm for cyclostationary sources
=> New Near-lossless Image Compression Algorithm Suitable for Hardware Design in Wireless Endoscopy System, A
=> new nearest-neighbor rule in the pattern classification problem, A
=> New Nearest Neighbor Rule for Text Categorization, A
=> New Neighborhood Based Classification Rules for Metric Spaces and Their Use in Ensemble Classification
=> New Neighboring Pixels Method for Reducing Aerosol Effects on the NDVI Images, A
=> new nested ensemble technique for automated diagnosis of breast cancer, A
=> New Nested MIMO Array With Increased Degrees of Freedom and Hole-Free Difference Coarray, A
=> New Network-Based Algorithm for Human Activity Recognition in Videos, A
=> New Neuro-Fuzzy System for Logical Labeling of Documents, A
=> New neutrosophic approach to image segmentation
=> New No-Reference Assessment Metric of Blocking Artifacts Based on HVS Masking Effect, A
=> new no-reference image quality measure to determine the quality of a given image using object separability, A
=> New No-Reference Method for Judder Artifact Assessment, A
=> new no-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment based on ocular dominance theory and degree of parallax, A
=> new node splitting measure for decision tree construction, A
=> New Non-central Model for Fisheye Calibration, A
=> New Non-Linear Hyperbolic-Parabolic Coupled PDE Model for Image Despeckling, A
=> New non-negative sparse feature learning approach for content-based image retrieval
=> New Non Predictive Wavelet Based Video Coder: Performances Analysis
=> new nonlinear classifier with a penalized signed fuzzy measure using effective genetic algorithm, A
=> New Nonlinear Diffusion Method to Improve Image Quality, A
=> New Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Technique for Pose and Lighting Invariant Face Recognition, A
=> New Nonlocal H 1 Model for Image Denoising, A
=> new nonlocal variational bi-regularized image restoration model via split Bregman method, A
=> new nonrigid registration approach for motion correction of cardiac first-pass perfusion MRI, A
=> new normalization technique for cursive handwritten words, A
=> New Normalized Difference Reflectance Indices for Estimation of Soil Drought Influence on Pea and Wheat
=> new normalized method on line-based homography estimation, A
=> new normalized subband adaptive filter under minimum error entropy criterion, A
=> New Normalized Supervised Edge Detection Evaluation, A
=> new numerical integration method using trapezoid formula for 3D virtual clothes animation, A
=> New Numerical Scheme for Anisotropic Diffusion, A
=> New O(Nlogn) Algorithm for Computing the Intersection of Convex Polygons, A
=> New Object-Based Fractal Compression of Monocular and Stereo Video Sequences, A
=> New Object Based Method for Automated Extraction of Urban Objects From Airborne Sensors Data, A
=> new object based quality metric based on SIFT and SSIM, A
=> New Object Level Strategy for Image Fusion Quality Assessment of High Resolution Satellite Imagery
=> New objective criterion for error evaluation of video object contour
=> New Objective Function for Ensemble Selection in Random Subspaces, A
=> new objective function for sequence labeling, A
=> New Objective Quality Metric for Frame Interpolation using in Video Compression, A
=> New Observations From the SWIM Radar On-Board CFOSAT: Instrument Validation and Ocean Wave Measurement Assessment
=> New OFDM Blind Synchronization Algorithm Suitable for PLC, A
=> New Off-line Signature Verification Method based on Graph, A
=> new Omnidirectional Stereovision Sensor, A
=> New On-Board Image Codec Based on Binary Tree With Adaptive Scanning Order in Scan-Based Mode, A
=> New On-Line Model Quality Evaluation Method for Speaker Verification, A
=> new on-line signature verification algorithm using variable length segmentation and hidden Markov models, A
=> New On-Orbit Calibration Approach of SNPP VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands Using the Full Profile of Direct Solar Illumination of Solar Diffuser
=> New one-class classifiers based on the origin separation approach
=> New One-Parametric Fitting Method for Planar Objects, A
=> new one-pass algorithm to detect region boundaries, A
=> New One Class Classifier Based on Ensemble of Binary Classifiers, A
=> New Online Service for the Validation of Multi-GNSS Orbits Using SLR, A
=> New Operational Snow Retrieval Algorithm Applied to Historical AMSR-E Brightness Temperatures, A
=> New Operator for Describing Topographical Image Structure, A
=> new operator for image structure analysis, A
=> New Operator Splitting Method for the Euler Elastica Model for Image Smoothing, A
=> New Operators for Optimized Orientation Estimation
=> New operators of genetic algorithms for traveling salesman problem
=> New ophthalmic device for measuring binocular accommodation responses
=> New Opportunities for Computer Vision-Based Assistive Technology Systems for the Visually Impaired
=> New opportunities in digital imaging systems
=> New Opportunities of Low-cost Photogrammetry for Culture Heritage Preservation
=> New Optical-CT Apparatus for 3-D Radiotherapy Dosimetry: Is Free Space Scanning Feasible?, A
=> New Optical Distortion Model for Multi-camera Calibration, A
=> new optical music recognition system based on combined neural network, A
=> New Optimal Binary Z-Complementary Pairs of Odd Length 2^m+3
=> new optimal seam finding method based on tensor analysis for automatic panorama construction, A
=> New Optimal Subset Selection Method of Partial Ambiguity Resolution for Precise Point Positioning, A
=> New Optimality Property of the Capon Estimator, A
=> new optimised de_Bruijn coding strategy for structured light patterns, A
=> New optimised region-based multi-scale image fusion method for thermal and visible images
=> New Optimization Approach to Sparse Reconstruction of Log-Conductivity in Acousto-Electric Tomography, A
=> New optimization scheme for L2-norm total variation semi-supervised image soft labeling
=> New optimized GPU version of the k-means algorithm for large-sized image segmentation
=> New Optimized RFM Of High-resolution Satellite Imagery, A
=> New optimized spline functions for interpolation on the hexagonal lattice
=> New Optimum-Word-Length-Assignment (OWLA) Multiplierless Integer DCT for Lossless/Lossy Image Coding and Its Performance Evaluation, A
=> New Orbit Determination Method for GEO Satellites Based on BeiDou Short-Message Communication Ranging
=> New Orbiting Deployable System for Small Satellite Observations for Ecology and Earth Observation, A
=> New Orientation-Adaptive Interpolation Method, A
=> New orientation-based elimination approach for accurate line-detection
=> New Orthophoto Generation Strategies from UAV and Ground Remote Sensing Platforms for High-Throughput Phenotyping
=> New Outlier Removal Strategy Based on Reliability of Correspondence Graph for Fast Point Cloud Registration, A
=> New over-relaxed monotone fast iterative shrinkage-thresholding algorithm for linear inverse problems
=> New overlapped block reconstruction for tree-structured decomposition of images
=> new package-group-transmission-based algorithm for human activity recognition in videos, A
=> New Padding Technique for Coding of Arbitrarily-Shaped Image /Video Segments, A
=> new palette histogram similarity measure for mpeg-7 dominant color descriptor, A
=> New Pan-Sharpening Method Using a Compressed Sensing Technique, A
=> new pan-sharpening method using multiobjective particle swarm optimization and the shiftable contourlet transform, A
=> New Pansharpening Method Based on Spatial and Spectral Sparsity Priors, A
=> new pansharpening method using multi resolution analysis framework and deep neural networks, A
=> New Pansharpening Method Using Objectness Based Saliency Analysis and Saliency Guided Deep Residual Network, A
=> New Paper/computer Interface: Two-dimensional Symbologies, A
=> new paradigm for autonomous human motion description and evaluation: Application to the Get Up & Go test use case, A
=> New Paradigm for Content Producers, A
=> New Paradigm for Querying Blobs in Vehicular Networks, A
=> new paradigm for recognizing 3-d object shapes from range data, A
=> New paradigm for segmentation and recognition of handwritten numeral string
=> new paradigm for segmentation, A
=> New Paradigm for Self-embedding Image Watermarking with Poisson Equation
=> new paradigm to compare a subject to a statistical model. Application to the detection of skull abnormalities, A
=> New Paradigms for the Integration of Yaw Stability and Rollover Prevention Functions in Vehicle Stability Control
=> New Parallel Approach to Fuzzy Clustering for Medical Image Segmentation, A
=> New Parallel Binary Image Shrinking Algorithm, A
=> New Parallel Differential Method for Optical Flow Estimation, A
=> new parallel feature-based stereo-matching algorithm with figural continuity preservation, based on hybrid symbiotic genetic algorithms, A
=> new parallel image cryptosystem based on 5D hyper-chaotic system, A
=> new parallel method based on a genetic approach for determination and classification of skin spots, A
=> new parallel particle filter face tracking method based on heterogeneous system, A
=> New Parallel Training Algorithm for Optimum-Path Forest-Based Learning, A
=> new parameter control method for S-GCM, A
=> New Parameter Estimator Based on the Helmholtz Principle, A
=> New Parameter of Speech Character Based on the Bloomfield's Model, A
=> New Parameterization of Digital Straight Lines, A
=> New parametric 3D snake for medical segmentation of structures with cylindrical topology
=> new parsing scheme for plex grammars, A
=> New Partially Occluded Face Pose Recognition, A
=> New Passage Ranking Algorithm for Video Question Answering, A
=> New Passive 3-D Automatic Target Recognition Architecture for Aerial Platforms, A
=> New Passive Microwave Tool for Operational Forest Fires Detection: A Case Study of Siberia in 2019, A
=> new patch based change detector for polarimetric SAR data, A
=> New Path Planning Algorithm for Maximizing Visibility in Computed Tomography Colonography, A
=> New Pattern Representation Scheme Using Data Compression, A
=> New Payload Partition Strategy in Color Image Steganography, A
=> new PDE-based approach for singularity-preserving regularization: application to degraded characters restoration, A
=> New Pedestrian Detection Descriptor Based on the Use of Spatial Recurrences, A
=> new PEE-based reversible watermarking algorithm for color image, A
=> New Penalty Scheme for Optimal Subsequence Bijection
=> New Perceived Motion Based Shot Content Representation, A
=> New Perception-Based Segmentation Approach Using Combinatorial Pyramids, A
=> new perceptive system for the recognition of cursive handwriting, A
=> New Perceptual Edge Detector in Color Images, A
=> new perceptual hashing method for verification and identity classification of occluded faces, A
=> new perceptual model for video sequence encoding, A
=> new perceptual organization approach to 3D measuring system based on the fuzzy integral, A
=> new perceptual quality metric for compressed video based on mean squared error, A
=> New Performance Evaluation Method for Face Identification: Regression Analysis of Misidentification Risk, A
=> New Performance Evaluation Method for Two-Class Imbalanced Problems, A
=> New Performance Measure Using k -Set Correlation for Compressed Sensing Matrices, A
=> New Persistent Scatter Network Construction Algorithm For Persistent Scatter Insar And Its Application To The Detection of Urban Subsidence, A
=> new perspective [on] shape-from-shading, A
=> new perspective for embedding-detection methods with distortion compensation and thresholding processing techniques, A
=> new perspective of modified partition coefficient, A
=> New Perspective on Four Decades of Changes in Arctic Sea Ice from Satellite Observations, A
=> New Perspective on Material Classification and Ink Identification, A
=> new perspective on terahertz image reconstruction based on linear spectral unmixing, A
=> New Perspective on Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo, A
=> New Perspective to Block Motion Estimation for Video Compression: High-Frequency Component Matching, A
=> new perspective to null linear discriminant analysis method and its fast implementation using random matrix multiplication with scatter matrices, A
=> New Perspectives and Improvements on the Symmetric Extension Filter Bank for Subband/Wavelet Image Compression
=> New Perspectives in Landslide Displacement Detection Using Sentinel-1 Datasets
=> New Perspectives of Point Clouds Color Management: the Development Of Tool in Matlab for Applications in Cultural Heritage
=> New perspectives on camera calibration using geometric algebra
=> New Perspectives on Geometric Reflection Theory From Rough Surfaces
=> New Perspectives on Optical-Flow
=> New Perspectives on the Sources of White Matter DTI Signal
=> New Phase-Factor Design Method for Hilbert-Pairs of Orthonormal Wavelets, A
=> New Phase Extraction Algorithm for Phase Profilometry, A
=> New Phase Field Model of a Gas of Circles for Tree Crown Extraction from Aerial Images, A
=> New Photo Consistency Test for Voxel Coloring, A
=> New Photographing Apparatus for Skin Maps of Human Face Rendering, A
=> New Physically Motivated Warping Model for Form Drop-Out, A
=> new piecewise linear classifier, A
=> New Pixel-Based Quality Measure for Segmentation Algorithms Integrating Precision, Recall and Specificity, A
=> new Pixel-Chaotic-Shuffle method for image encryption, A
=> New pixel-decimation patterns for block matching in motion estimation
=> new pixel-level multi-focus image fusion algorithm based on evolutionary strategy, A
=> New pixel based approach for reverse play of MPEG video for streaming system
=> New plane-sweep algorithms for distance-based join queries in spatial databases
=> new plant cell image segmentation algorithm, A
=> new player-enabled rapid video navigation method using temporal quantization and repeated weighted boosting search, A
=> New Plot/character-based Interactive System For Story-based Virtual Reality Applications, A
=> new point matching algorithm for non-rigid registration, A
=> New Point Matching Algorithm Using Sparse Representation of Image Patch Feature for SAR Image Registration
=> New Polarimetric Change Detector in Radar Imagery, A
=> new polarimetric classification approach evaluated for agricultural crops, A
=> New Polarimetric Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Method Using Temporal Coherence Optimization, A
=> New Polarization Image Demosaicking Algorithm by Exploiting Inter-Channel Correlations With Guided Filtering, A
=> New Polygonal Approximation Schemes for Object Shape Representation
=> New Polyphase Down-Sampling-Based Multiple Description Image Coding, A
=> new pose-based representation for recognizing actions from multiple cameras, A
=> New Pose-Detection Method for Self-Calibrated Cameras Based on Parallel Lines and Its Application in Visual Control System
=> New Position Detection Method Using Image Sensor and Visible Light LEDs
=> new possibilistic clustering algorithm for line detection in real world imagery, A
=> New Possibilities in Image Diffusion and Sharpening via High-Order Sobolev Gradient Flows
=> New Possibilities with Sobolev Active Contours
=> New Possibilities with Sobolev Active Contours
=> New Post-processing Method to Detect Brain Tumor Using Rough-Fuzzy Clustering, A
=> New Postprocessing Methods for Remote Sensing Image Classification: A Systematic Study
=> New Potential of Deep Convective Clouds as a Calibration Target for a Geostationary UV/VIS Hyperspectral Spectrometer, The
=> New Potree Shader Capabilities for 3d Visualization of Behaviors Near Covid-19 Rich Healthcare Facilities
=> New Power-Line Extraction Method Based on Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Data, A
=> New Practice Method Based on KNN Model to Improve User Experience for an AR Piano Learning System, A
=> New Prediction Model Search Algorithm for Fast Block Motion Estimation, A
=> New prediction schemes for lossless coding of fullband and subband images
=> new predictive full-search block motion estimation, A
=> new predictive search area approach for fast block motion estimation, A
=> New Prepositioning Technique of a Motion Simulator Platform Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control and Recurrent Neural Network, A
=> New Preprocessing Filter for Digital Mammograms, A
=> New Preprocessing Method for Measuring Image Visual Quality Robust to Rotation and Spatial Shifts, A
=> new primal-dual algorithm for multilabel graph-cuts problems with approximate moves, A
=> New Prior Shape Model for Level Set Segmentation, A
=> new privacy-preserving web metering scheme using third-party-centric analytics, A
=> New privilege-based visual cryptography with arbitrary privilege levels
=> new probabilistic classifier based on decomposable models with application to internet traffic, A
=> new probabilistic Iris Quality Measure for comprehensive noise detection, A
=> new Probabilistic Local Binary Pattern for face verification, A
=> New Probabilistic Model for Recognizing Signs with Systematic Modulations, A
=> New Probabilistic Relaxation Method Based on Probability Space Partition, A
=> New Probabilistic Relaxation Scheme and Its Application to Edge-Detection, A
=> New Probabilistic Representation of Color Image Pixels and Its Applications, A
=> New Probability Distribution for SAR Image Modeling, A
=> New Processing Chain for Real-Time Ground-Based SAR (RT-GBSAR) Deformation Monitoring, A
=> new processing sequence to assess airways using 3D CT-scan, A
=> new programmable VLSI architecture for histogram and statistics computation in different windows, A
=> new progressive coding algorithm of dithered images, A
=> new progressive coding scheme for halftone dithered images using bit-interleaving, A
=> New progressive image transmission based on quadtree and shading approach with resolution control
=> New Projection Space for Separation of Specular-Diffuse Reflection Components in Color Images, A
=> New Prompt Algorithm for Removing the Bowtie Effect of MODIS LIB Data, A
=> New Prompt for Building Extraction in High Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery, A
=> New Proof of the Neyman-Pearson Theorem Using the EEF and the Vindication of Sir R. Fisher, A
=> New Propagation Channel Synthesizer for UAVs in the Presence of Tree Canopies, A
=> new proposal for graph-based image classification using frequent approximate subgraphs, A
=> New Prospects in Line Detection by Dynamic-Programming
=> New Protocol Design for Wordspotting Assistance System: Case Study of the Collaborative Library Model - ARMARIUS
=> new protocol for multi-biometric systems' evaluation maintaining the dependencies between biometric scores, A
=> New Protocol to Evaluate the Resistance of Template Update Systems against Zero-Effort Attacks, A
=> New Pseudoinvariant Near-Infrared Threshold Method for Relative Radiometric Correction of Aerial Imagery, A
=> New Public-Key Authentication Watermarking for Binary Document Images Resistant to Parity Attacks, A
=> new pyramid-based color image representation for visual localization, A
=> New Pyramidal Approach for the Address Block Location Based on Hierarchical Graph Coloring, A
=> new pyramidal opponent color-shape model based video shot boundary detection, A
=> New Quadratic Spacing Policy and Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Platooning With Actuator Saturation, A
=> new quadtree complexity theorem, A
=> New Quadtree Decomposition Reconstruction Method, A
=> new quadtree predictive image coder, A
=> new quality metric for image fusion, A
=> new quality model for object detection using compressed videos, A
=> New Quantitative Approach to Tree Attributes Estimation Based on LiDAR Point Clouds, A
=> New Quaternion-Based Encryption Method for DICOM Images, A
=> New R-D Optimization Criterion for Fast Mode Decision Algorithms in Video Coding and Transrating
=> New Radial Basis Function Neural Network Architecture for Pattern Classification: First Results
=> new radical-based approach to online handwritten Chinese character recognition, A
=> New radiolocation technique for intelligent antennas
=> New Radiometric Correction Method for Side-Scan Sonar Images in Consideration of Seabed Sediment Variation, A
=> New Radon Transform Result, A
=> new random color filter array with good spectral properties, A
=> New Random Forest Method for One-Class Classification, A
=> New Random Variable Normalizing Transformation With Application to the GLRT, A
=> New Randomized Algorithm for Detecting Lines, A
=> New Rank Constraint on Multi-view Fundamental Matrices, and Its Application to Camera Location Recovery, A
=> New rank methods for reducing the size of the training set using the nearest neighbor rule
=> New rank methods for reducing the size of the training set using the nearest neighbor rule
=> new ranking approach and a revisited ratio test for improving content-based image retrieval, A
=> new ranking method for principal components analysis and its application to face image analysis, A
=> New Rate-Complexity-Distortion Model for Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm in HEVC, A
=> New Rate-Distortion Model for Video Transmission Using Multiple Logarithmic Functions, A
=> New rate-distortion modeling and efficient rate control for H.264/AVC video coding
=> new rate-minimizing matching criterion and a fast algorithm for block motion estimation, A
=> new rate control scheme for H.263 video transmission, A
=> new rate control scheme for H.264 video coding, A
=> New Rate Control Scheme Using Quadratic Rate Distortion Model, A
=> New Rate Control Scheme Using Quadratic Rate Distortion Model, A
=> New Rate Distortion Bounds for Natural Videos Based on a Texture-Dependent Correlation Model
=> New rate distortion optimization method for video coding
=> New Re-Ranking Method Using Enhanced Pseudo-Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval, A
=> New real-time watermarking algorithm for compressed video in vlc domain
=> New Realities for Canada's Parliament: a Workflow for Preparing Heritage Bim for Game Engines and Virtual Reality
=> new realization of adaptive weighted median filters using counter propagation networks, A
=> new recognition algorithm for high-voltage lines based on improved LSD and convolutional neural networks, A
=> New Reconstruction Approach for Reflection Mode Diffraction Tomography, A
=> new reconstruction method in gaze estimation with natural head movement, A
=> new rectangular window based image cropping method for generalization of brain neoplasm classification systems, A
=> New Recurrent Neural Network Architecture for Pattern Recognition, A
=> New Recurrent Plug-and-Play Prior Based on the Multiple Self-Similarity Network, A
=> New Recursive Filtering Method of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data to Preserve Ground Surface Information in Steep-Slope Areas, A
=> New reduced-reference objective stereo image quality assessment model based on human visual system
=> New reduced discrete Euclidean nD medial axis with optimal algorithm
=> new reduced reference metric for color plus depth 3D video, A
=> New Reference-Based Edge Map Quality Measure, A
=> New Reference Frame Recompression Algorithm and Its VLSI Architecture for UHDTV Video Codec, A
=> New Reference Point for Fingerprint Recognition, A
=> New Region-Based Active Contour for Object Extraction Using Level Set Method, A
=> New Region-based Active Contour Model for Object Segmentation, A
=> New Region-Based Active Contour Model with Skewness Wavelet Energy for Segmentation of SAR Images, A
=> New Region-Based Minimal Path Selection Algorithm for Crack Detection and Ground Truth Labeling Exploiting Gabor Filters, A
=> New Region Expansion for Quadtrees, A
=> New Region of Interest Medical Image Coding for JPEG2000: Compensation-Based Partial Bitplane Alternating Shift
=> New Regionalization Scheme for Effective Ecological Restoration on the Loess Plateau in China, A
=> new regions matching for color stereo images, A
=> New Regularization for Retinex Decomposition of Low-Light Images, A
=> New Regularized Approach for Contour Morphing, A
=> new relative chain code in 3D, A
=> New Reliable Boresight Calibration Method for Mobile Laser Scanning Applications, A
=> New Remote Hyperspectral Imaging System Embedded on an Unmanned Aquatic Drone for the Detection and Identification of Floating Plastic Litter Using Machine Learning, A
=> New Remote Sensing Approach to Enrich Hydropower Dams' Information and Assess Their Impact Distances: A Case Study in the Mekong River Basin, A
=> New Remote Sensing Data on the Potential Presence of Permafrost in the Deosai Plateau in the Himalayan Portion of Pakistan
=> New Remote Sensing Dryness Index Based on the Near-Infrared and Red Spectral Space, A
=> New Remote Sensing Images and Point-of-Interest Fused (RPF) Model for Sensing Urban Functional Regions, A
=> New Remote Sensing Method to Estimate River to Ocean DOC Flux in Peatland Dominated Sarawak Coastal Regions, Borneo, A
=> new representation for a line, A
=> New Representation for Human Gait Recognition: Motion Silhouettes Image (MSI), A
=> new representation method of head images for head pose estimation, A
=> new representation of character shape and its use in on-line character recognition by a self organizing map, A
=> new representation of shape and its use for high performance in online Arabic character recognition by an associative memory, A
=> New Representation of Skeleton Sequences for 3D Action Recognition, A
=> New Reprocessing towards Life-Time Quality-Consistent Suomi NPP OMPS Nadir Sensor Data Records (SDR): Calibration Improvements and Impact Assessments on Long-Term Quality Stability of OMPS SDR Data Sets
=> New Resolution Independent Measures of Circularity
=> New Resolution Progressive Coding Scheme Using a Sorting Algorithm, A
=> New Restoration Method and Its Application to Speckle Images, A
=> New Restoration Method for Radio Frequency Interference Effects on AMSR-2 over North America, A
=> New Restoration Scheme for Defocus Blurred Image using Multiscale-Decomposition, A
=> New Restricted Isometry Property Analysis for L_1-L_2 Minimization Methods
=> New Results and Measurements Related to Some Tasks in Object-Oriented Dynamic Image-Coding Using GNN Universal Chips
=> New Results from Strapdown Airborne Gravimetry Using Temperature Stabilisation
=> New Results in Fuzzy Clustering Based on the Concept of Indistinguishability Relation
=> New results on connectivity in wireless network
=> New Results on Efficient Optimal Multilevel Image Thresholding
=> New Results on Energy Balance Analysis of Metabolic Networks
=> New Results on Fractional QCQP with Applications to Radar Steering Direction Estimation
=> New Results on Generalized Fractional Programming Problems With Toeplitz Quadratics
=> New Results on Minimum Error Entropy Decision Trees
=> New results on multichannel regularized recovery of compressed video
=> New results on performance analysis of super-resolution image reconstruction
=> New results on robust filtering design for continuous-time nonlinear systems via T-S fuzzy affine dynamic models
=> New Results on the Theory of Morphological Filters by Reconstruction
=> new retexturing method for virtual fitting room using Kinect 2 camera, A
=> New Retinal Recognition System Using a Logarithmic Spiral Sampling Grid, A
=> New Retracking Algorithm for Retrieving Sea Ice Freeboard from CryoSat-2 Radar Altimeter Data during Winter-Spring Transition, A
=> new retraction for accelerating the Riemannian three-factor low-rank matrix completion algorithm, A
=> New Retrieval Algorithm for Deriving Land Surface Temperature From Geostationary Orbiting Satellite Observations
=> New Retrieval Algorithm for Soil Moisture Index from Thermal Infrared Sensor On-Board Geostationary Satellites over Europe and Africa and Its Validation, A
=> New Retrieval of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Water from Ocean Colour Measurements Applied on OLCI L-1b and L-2, A
=> New Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Based on Efficient Prediction, A
=> new reversible data hiding scheme exploiting high-dimensional prediction-error histogram, A
=> New reversible full-embeddable information hiding method for vector quantisation indices based on locally adaptive complete coding list
=> New Reweighted Algorithm With Support Detection for Compressed Sensing, A
=> New RGB-D Gesture Video Dataset for Real-life Scenarios, A
=> New RGB-D SLAM Method with Moving Object Detection for Dynamic Indoor Scenes, A
=> New RHT-Based Ellipsoid Recovery Method
=> New Ridge-Features-Based Method for Fingerprint Image Quality Assessment, A
=> New Riemannian Averaged Fixed-Point Algorithm for MGGD Parameter Estimation, A
=> New Riemannian techniques for directional and tensorial image data
=> New rigorous and flexible Fourier self-calibration models for airborne camera calibration
=> new ring radius transform-based thinning method for multi-oriented video characters, A
=> New Robotics Platform for Neuromorphic Vision: Beobots, A
=> New Robust 3d Motion Estimation Under Perspective Projection, A
=> new robust active shape model formulation for cardiac MRI segmentation, A
=> new robust algorithm for video text extraction, A
=> new robust algorithmic for multi-camera calibration with a 1D object under general motions without prior knowledge of any camera intrinsic parameter, A
=> New Robust Approach to Image Shading Analysis and 3-D Shape Reconstruction, A
=> new robust circular Gabor based object matching by using weighted Hausdorff distance, A
=> new robust context-based dense CRF model for image labeling, A
=> new robust face detection in color images, A
=> New Robust Hausdorff Distance-based Face Detection
=> New robust image operators and applications in automatic facial feature analysis
=> New Robust Kalman Filter With Adaptive Estimate of Time-Varying Measurement Bias, A
=> New Robust Operator for Computer Vision: Application to Range Data, A
=> New Robust Operator for Computer Vision: Theoretical Analysis, A
=> New Robust Quadratic Discriminant Function, A
=> New Robust Real-Time Method for Extracting Human Silhouettes from Color Images
=> New Robust Reversible Blind Watermarking in Wavelet-Domain for Color Images, A
=> new robust semi-blind image watermarking based on block classification and visual cryptography, A
=> New Robust Similarity Measure Based on Lissajous Curves and its Applications in Remote Sensing Image Registration, A
=> New Robust Technique for Stabilizing Brightness Fluctuations in Image Sequences, A
=> New Robust Vital Sign Detection in Complex Environments Using Ultrawideband Radar, A
=> New Robust Watermarking Algorithm Based on DWT, A
=> new robust watermarking scheme based on polynomial decomposition, A
=> new robust watermarking system in integer DCT domain, A
=> New Rotation Feature for Single Tri-axial Accelerometer Based 3D Spatial Handwritten Digit Recognition, A
=> New Rule-based Framework for Post-processing Merging in Video Sequence Segmentation
=> new S-box construction method based on the fractional-order chaotic Chen system, A
=> New Safety Distance Calculation for Rear-End Collision Avoidance, A
=> New Saliency Detection Method for Stereoscopic Images Using Contrast and Prior Knowledge, A
=> New Saliency Model Using Intra Coded High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Frames, A
=> New Saliency Point Detection and Evaluation Methods for Finding Structural Differences in Remote Sensing Images of Long Time-Span Samples
=> New Sammon Algorithm for Sparse Data Visualization, A
=> New Sample Consensus Based on Sparse Coding for Improved Matching of SIFT Features on Remote Sensing Images, A
=> new sampling algorithm for high-quality image matting, A
=> New Sampling Method of Auto Focus for Voice Coil Motor in Camera Modules, A
=> new sampling strategy to improve the performance of mobile robot path planning algorithms, A
=> New sampling theorem and multiplicative filtering in the FRFT domain
=> New SAR Algorithm Based on Orthogonal Projections for MMT Detection and Interference Reduction
=> New SAR Interferogram denoising method via sparse recovery based on L0 norm
=> New SAR: GMTI High-Accuracy Focusing and Relocation Method Using Instantaneous Interferometry, A
=> New Satellite-Based Indicator for Estimation of the Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Current Intensity, A
=> New Satellite-Based Retrieval of Low-Cloud Liquid-Water Path Using Machine Learning and Meteosat SEVIRI Data, A
=> New Satellite Image Fusion Method Based on Distributed Compressed Sensing, A
=> New Scalar Measures for Diffusion-Weighted MRI Visualization
=> New Scaling Coefficients for Biorthogonal Filter to Control Distortion Variation in 3D Wavelet Based Video Coding
=> New scaling technique for direct mode coding in B pictures
=> new scattering mechanism enhancement scheme for polarimetric SAR images, A
=> new scheme for automated 3D PDM construction using deformable models, A
=> New Scheme for Automatic Initialization of Deformable Models, A
=> new scheme for extraction of affine invariant descriptor and affine motion estimation based on independent component analysis, A
=> new scheme for massively parallel image analysis, A
=> new scheme for no reference image quality assessment, A
=> New Scheme for Off-Line Handwritten Connected Digit Recognition, A
=> New Scheme for QoE Management of Live Video Streaming in Cloud Environment, A
=> new scheme for rectifying recognition results of printed Chinese characters, A
=> New Scheme for Robust Gradient Vector Estimation in Color Images, A
=> New Scheme for Training Feedforward Neural Networks, A
=> new scheme for unconstrained handwritten text-line segmentation, A
=> new scheme for urban impervious surface classification from SAR images, A
=> New Scheme for Validating Remote-Sensing Land Surface Temperature Products with Station Observations
=> New scheme of digital watermarking using an adaptive embedding strength applied on multiresolution filed by 9/7 wavelet
=> New Scheme of Distributed Video Coding Based on Compressive Sensing and Intra-Predictive Coding, A
=> new scheme of sharing secrets in stego images with authentication, A
=> New Scoring Method for Directional Dominance in Images, A
=> New Scrambling Evaluation Scheme Based on Spatial Distribution Entropy and Centroid Difference of Bit-Plane, A
=> New Seamless Bitstream Switching Scheme for H.264 Video Adaptation with Enhanced Coding Performance, A
=> New Search Algorithm Based on Muti-Octagon-Grid, A
=> new search algorithm for feature selection in hyperspectral remote sensing images, A
=> New Secret Sharing Scheme for Images Based on Additive 2-Dimensional Cellular Automata, A
=> New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations, A
=> New Security Scheme based on Palmprint Biometrics for Signature, A
=> new segmentation and fuzzy logic based multi-sensor image fusion, The
=> New Segmentation Approach for Ear Recognition, A
=> New Segmentation Approach for Handwritten Digits, A
=> new segmentation approach for iris recognition based on hand-held capture device, A
=> New Segmentation Approach for Old Fractured Pieces, A
=> new segmentation method for MRI images of the shoulder joint, A
=> new segmentation method for phase change thermography sequence, A
=> new segmentation method for very high resolution imagery using spectral and morphological information, A
=> new segmentation technique for brain and head from high resolution MR image using unique histogram features, A
=> new segmentation technique for omnifont Farsi text, A
=> new segmentation technique of Arabic text, A
=> New segmentation techniques for document image analysis
=> New Seismic Inversion Scheme Using Fluid Dispersion Attribute for Direct Gas Identification in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs, A
=> New Self-Organizing Neural Model for Invariant Pattern-Recognition, A
=> New Self-Organizing Neural Network Using Geometric Algebra, A
=> New Self-Recovery Technique for Image Authentication, A
=> New Semi-Analytical MC Model for Oceanic LIDAR Inelastic Signals, A
=> new semi-fragile image watermarking with robust tampering restoration using irregular sampling, A
=> New Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Authentication and Tamper Localization in Remote Sensing Images, A
=> New semi-supervised classification using a multi-modal feature joint L21-norm based sparse representation
=> new semi-supervised EM algorithm for image retrieval, A
=> new semi-supervised method for image co-segmentation, A
=> New Semiautomated Detection Mapping of Flood Extent From TerraSAR-X Satellite Image Using Rule-Based Classification and Taguchi Optimization Techniques, A
=> New Semiblind Deconvolution Approach for Fourier-Based Image Restoration: An Application in Astronomy, A
=> New Sensorized Prodder Device for the Detection of Vibrational Characteristics of Buried Objects, A
=> New separating hyperplane method with application to the optimisation of direct marketing campaigns
=> new sequential classifier using information criterion window, A
=> New sequential exact Euclidean distance transform algorithms based on convex analysis
=> New Sequential Multiple Watermarking Scheme, A
=> New Series of Biorthogonal Wavelet Filters for Image Compression, A
=> New Set of Constraint-Free Character Recognition Grammars, A
=> New Set of Fast Algorithms for Mathematical Morphology: I. Idempotent Geodesic Transforms, A
=> New Set of Fast Algorithms for Mathematical Morphology: II. Identification of Topographic Features on Grayscale Images, A
=> New Set of Generalized Legendre Moment Invariants for Pattern Recognition
=> New Set of Invariant Quaternion Krawtchouk Moments for Color Image Representation and Recognition
=> New Set of MODIS Land Products (MCD18): Downward Shortwave Radiation and Photosynthetically Active Radiation, A
=> new set of moment invariants for handwritten numeral recognition, A
=> New set of multi-channel orthogonal moments for color image representation and recognition
=> New Set of Multiscale Texture Features Based on B-Spline Image Approximation, A
=> New Set of Non-separable Orthogonal Invariant Moments for Image Recognition
=> New Set of Normalized Geometric Moments Based on Schlick's Approximation, A
=> New Set of Quartic Trivariate Polynomial Equations for Stratified Camera Self-calibration under Zero-Skew and Constant Parameters Assumptions, A
=> New Set of Quaternion Moments for Color Images Representation and Recognition
=> new set of texture features based on the Haar transform, A
=> New Set of Topology Preserving Removal Operations in the 3D Space, A
=> new set partitioning method for wavelet-based image coding, A
=> New Sets of Even-Length Binary Z-Complementary Pairs With Asymptotic ZCZ Ratio of 3/4
=> New Sets of Quadriphase Cross Z-Complementary Pairs for Preamble Design in Spatial Modulation
=> New Shadow Removal Method Using Color-Lines, A
=> New shape-based auroral oval segmentation driven by LLS-RHT
=> New Shape-Based Method for Object Localization and Characterization from Scattered Field Data, A
=> New shape-based texture descriptors for rotation invariant texture classification
=> New Shape-Preserving Parallel Thinning Algorithm for 3D Digital Images, A
=> new shape based segmentation framework using statistical and variational methods, A
=> New Shape Benchmark for 3D Object Retrieval, A
=> new shape decomposition scheme for graph-based representation, A
=> New Shape Description Method Using Angular Radial Transform, A
=> New Shape Descriptor Based on a Q-convexity Measure, A
=> new shape descriptor defined on the Radon transform, A
=> new shape descriptor for surfaces in 3D images, A
=> New Shape Factor, A
=> New Shape Feature for Vehicle Classification in Thermal Video Sequences, A
=> new shape from shading technique with application to Mars Express HRSC images, A
=> new shape prior model with rotation invariance, A
=> New Shape Representation Scheme and Its Application to Shape Discrimination Using a Neural Network, A
=> New Shape Segmentation Approach for Active Vision Systems, A
=> New Shape Signature for Fourier Descriptors, A
=> New Shape Space for Second Order 3D-Variations, A
=> new shape transformation approach to handwritten character recognition, A
=> New Sharpness Measure Based on Gaussian Lines and Edges, A
=> new sharpness metric based on local kurtosis, edge and energy information, A
=> New Shielding Functions to Enhance Privacy and Prevent Misuse of Biometric Templates
=> new shifting grid clustering algorithm, A
=> New Ship Detection Algorithm in Optical Remote Sensing Images Based on Improved R3Det, A
=> New Side-Match Finite-State Vector Quantization Using Neural Networks for Image Coding, A
=> New Sidelobe Correction Algorithm for Microwave Radiometers: Application to the Envisat Instrument, A
=> New Signal Processing Technique for ISAR Ranging: The Vernier Ranging Method, A
=> New Signal Representation Using Complex Conjugate Pair Sums, A
=> New Signature-Based Indexing Scheme for Efficient Trajectory Retrieval in Spatial Networks, A
=> New Signature-Based Method for Efficient 3-D Object Recognition, A
=> New SIMD instructions set for image processing applications enhancement
=> new similarity-based classifier with Dombi aggregative operators, A
=> new similarity criterion for retinal image registration, A
=> new similarity measure for histogram comparison and its application in time series analysis, A
=> New Similarity Measure for Identification of Disease Genes, A
=> new similarity measure for multi-modal image registration, A
=> new similarity measure for non-local means filtering of MRI images, A
=> New Similarity Measure for Random Signatures: Perceptually Modified Hausdorff Distance, A
=> new similarity measure of generalized fuzzy numbers and its application to pattern recognition, A
=> new similarity measure using Hausdorff distance map, A
=> New similarity measures of intuitionistic fuzzy sets and application to pattern recognitions
=> New Similarity Metric for Groupwise Registration of Variable Flip Angle Sequences for Improved T 10 Estimation in DCE-MRI, A
=> New simple and efficient color space transformations for lossless image compression
=> new simple and efficient density estimator that enables fast systematic search, A
=> new simple context lossless image coding algorithm based on adaptive context arithmetic coder, A
=> New Simple Direct Computation of Cubic Convolution Spline Interpolation, A
=> New Simple Method to Stitch Images with Lens Distortion, A
=> New Simplification Approach Based on the Oblique-Dividing-Curve Method for Contour Lines, A
=> New Simplified Gravitational Clustering Method for Multi-prototype Learning Based on Minimum Classification Error Training, A
=> New Single-Band Pixel-by-Pixel Atmospheric Correction Method to Improve the Accuracy in Remote Sensing Estimates of LST. Application to Landsat 7-ETM+, A
=> new single-channel method for estimating land surface temperature based on the image inherent information: The HJ-1B case, A
=> New single-ended objective measure for non-intrusive speech quality evaluation
=> New Single-Pass Algorithm for Parallel Thinning
=> New Single-Pass SAR Interferometry Technique with a Single-Antenna for Terrain Height Measurements, A
=> New Single Image Super-resolution Method Using SIMK-based Classification and ISRM Technique, A
=> New Singular Value Decomposition Algorithm for Octonion Signal, A
=> new singularity index, A
=> New Slant-Range Velocity Ambiguity Resolving Approach of Fast Moving Targets for SAR System, A
=> new sliding mode-based learning control for uncertain discrete-time systems, A
=> New Smart Parking System Based on Resource Allocation and Reservations
=> New Smoothing Filter for Directional Detection and Enhancement, A
=> New Smoothing Method for Lexicon-Based Handwritten Text Keyword Spotting, A
=> New Snake Model Robust on Overlap and Bias Problems in Tracking a Moving Target, A
=> new snow bidirectional reflectance distribution function model in spectral regions from UV to SWIR: Model development and application to ground-based, aircraft and satellite observations, A
=> New Soft Variable Length Decoder for Wireless Video Transmission, A
=> new software/hardware architecture for real time image processing of wide area airborne camera images, A
=> New Soil Moisture Agricultural Drought Index (SMADI) Integrating MODIS and SMOS Products: A Case of Study over the Iberian Peninsula, A
=> New Soil Moisture Downscaling Approach for SMAP, SMOS, and ASCAT by Predicting Sub-Grid Variability, A
=> New Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithm from the L-Band Passive Microwave Brightness Temperature Based on the Change Detection Principle, A
=> New Solution for Projective Reconstruction Based on Coupled Line Cameras, A
=> New Solution for Projective Reconstruction Based on Coupled Line Cameras, A
=> New Solution Scheme of Unsupervised Locality Preserving Projection Method for the SSS Problem, A
=> new solution to optimize the time shift TV bandwidth, A
=> New Solution to the Relative Orientation Problem Using Only 3 Points and the Vertical Direction, A
=> New sorting-based lossless motion estimation algorithms and a partial distortion elimination performance analysis
=> new source model and accurate rate control algorithm with QP and rounding offset adaptation, A
=> New Space-Adaptive Regularized Constrained Iterative Image Restoration Algorithms and Analysis of Convergence Condition, A
=> New Space-to-Ground Microwave-Based Two-Way Time Synchronization Method for Next-Generation Space Atomic Clocks, A
=> New Spaceborne Burst Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Mode for Wide Swath Coverage, A
=> New Sparse Blind Source Separation Method for Determined Linear Convolutive Mixtures in Time-frequency Domain, A
=> New Sparse LSSVM Method Based the Revised LARS, A
=> new sparse representation-based object segmentation framework, A
=> New Sparse Representation Framework for Reconstruction of an Isotropic High Spatial Resolution MR Volume From Orthogonal Anisotropic Resolution Scans, A
=> new sparse representation learning of complex data: Application to dynamic clustering of web navigation, A
=> New Sparse Source Separation-Based Classification Approach, A
=> New Sparse Subspace Clustering by Rotated Orthogonal Matching Pursuit, A
=> New spatial-organization-based scale and rotation invariant features for heterogeneous-content camera-based document image retrieval
=> New Spatial-Spectral Feature Extraction Method for Hyperspectral Images Using Local Covariance Matrix Representation, A
=> New Spatial-Temporal Depthwise Separable Convolutional Fusion Network for Generating Landsat 8-Day Surface Reflectance Time Series over Forest Regions, A
=> New Spatial Activity Metric for Film Contents, A
=> New Spatial Approach to Image Restoration, A
=> New Spatial Attraction Model for Improving Subpixel Land Cover Classification, A
=> New Spatial Filtering Algorithm for Noisy and Missing GNSS Position Time Series Using Weighted Expectation Maximization Principal Component Analysis: A Case Study for Regional GNSS Network in Xinjiang Province, A
=> New Spatial Hue Angle Metric for Perceptual Image Difference, A
=> New Spatial Interaction Model for Color Texture, A
=> New Spatial Measure for Dispersed-Dot Halftoning Assuring Good Point Distribution in Any Density
=> new spatial perceptual mask for image watermarking, A
=> New Spatio-Temporal Selection Method for Estimating Upwelling Medium-Wave Radiation, A
=> new spatiotemporal approach for image analysis. Application to motion detection, A
=> New Spatiotemporal Estimator to Downscale GRACE Gravity Models for Terrestrial and Groundwater Storage Variations Estimation, A
=> New spatiotemporal method for assessing video quality
=> New Spectral-spatial Framework for Classification of Hyperspectral Data, A
=> New Spectral-Spatial Sub-Pixel Mapping Model for Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Imagery, A
=> New Spectral Fitting Method for Full-Spectrum Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Retrieval Based on Principal Components Analysis
=> new spectral image assessment based on energy of structural distortion, A
=> New Spectral Transformation Approach and Quantitative Analysis for MarSCoDe Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Data, A
=> New Spectrum Management Scheme for Road Safety in Smart Cities, A
=> New spectrum ratio properties and features for shadow detection
=> new spherical hashing method in a low-dimensional isotropic space, A
=> New Spherical Mixture Model for Head Detection in Depth Images, A
=> New Spline Quasi-Interpolant for Fitting 3-D Data on the Sphere: Applications to Medical Imaging
=> New splitting algorithms for geometric transformations of digital images and their error analysis
=> New Sport Teams Logo Dataset for Detection Tasks, A
=> New Spread Spectrum Watermarking Method with Self-synchronization Capabilities, A
=> New Square-Root Factorization of Inverse Toeplitz Matrices
=> New Square Scan Algorithm
=> new stabilized zero-crossing representation in the wavelet transform domain and signal reconstruction, A
=> New Standardized Extensions of MPEG4-AVC/H.264 for Professional-Quality Video Applications
=> new star identification algorithm based on fuzzy line pattern matching, A
=> New State-Space Approach for Super-Resolution Image Sequence Reconstruction, A
=> new state vector and a map joining algorithm for range-only SLAM, A
=> New Statistical-Based Kurtosis Wavelet Energy Feature for Texture Recognition of SAR Images, A
=> New Statistical Detector for DWT-Based Additive Image Watermarking Using the Gauss-Hermite Expansion, A
=> New Statistical Model Combining Shape and Spherical Harmonics Illumination for Face Reconstruction, A
=> new statistical model for activity discovery and recognition in pervasive environments, A
=> New Statistical Model for Non-Rayleigh Amplitude Signals, A
=> new statistical model for traffic generated by VBR coders for television on the broadband ISDN, A
=> New Statistical Models of the JPEG Lossless Mode Subject to the Super High Definition Images
=> New Statistical Restoration Method for Spatial Domain Images, A
=> New Statistical Similarity Measure for Change Detection in Multitemporal SAR Images and Its Extension to Multiscale Change Analysis, A
=> New Steady-State Analysis Results of Variable Step-Size LMS Algorithm With Different Noise Distributions
=> New Steganalytic Approach for AMR Steganography Based on Block-wise of Pulse Position Distribution and Neighboring Joint Density
=> New Steganalytic Features for Spatial Image Steganography Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization
=> new steganographic method for color and grayscale image hiding, A
=> new steganographic scheme based on vector quantisation and search-order coding, A
=> New Steganography Based on L2 Technic, A
=> New Stereo Algorithm Integrating Luminance, Gradient and Segmentation Informations in a Belief-Propagation Framework, A
=> New Stereo Correspondence Method for Snake-Based Object Segmentation, A
=> New Stereo Dense Matching Benchmark Dataset for Deep Learning, A
=> New Stereo High Dynamic Range Imaging Method Using Generative Adversarial Networks
=> New Stereo Matching Model Using Visibility Constraint Based on Disparity Consistency, A
=> New Stereo Pair Disparity Index (SPDI) for Detecting Built-Up Areas from High-Resolution Stereo Imagery, A
=> New stereo video coding in redundant wavelet domain
=> New Stereo Vision Model Based upon the Binocular Fusion Concept, A
=> new stereomatching algorithm based on linear features and the fuzzy integral, A
=> new stochastic model-based image segmentation technique for MR image, A
=> New Stochastic Optimization Algorithm to Decompose Large Nonnegative Tensors, A
=> new stochastic projection-based image recovery method, A
=> new stochastic simulation algorithm for image-based classification: Feature-space indicator simulation, A
=> New Straight Line Reconstruction Methodology From Multi-Spectral Stereo Aerial Images, A
=> New Strategies for Evaluating the Performance of Typical Testor Algorithms
=> New strategies for integrating photogrammetric and GNSS data
=> New Strategies for Time Delay Estimation during System Calibration for UAV-Based GNSS/INS-Assisted Imaging Systems
=> new strategy based on spatiogram similarity association for multi-pedestrian tracking, A
=> New strategy for CBIR by combining low-level visual features with a colour descriptor
=> New Strategy for Dynamic Weighing in Motion of Railway Vehicles, A
=> New Strategy for Extracting ENSO Related Signals in the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere from GNSS RO Specific Humidity Observations, A
=> New Strategy for Forest Height Estimation Using Airborne X-Band PolInSAR Data, A
=> New Strategy for Individual Tree Detection and Segmentation from Leaf-on and Leaf-off UAV-LiDAR Point Clouds Based on Automatic Detection of Seed Points, A
=> New Strategy for Octree Representation of Three-Dimensional Objects, A
=> New Strategy for Phase Unwrapping in Insar Time Series Over Areas With High Deformation Rate: Case Study On The Southern Tehran Subsidence, A
=> new strategy for selecting working sets applied in SMO, A
=> new strategy for skeleton pruning, A
=> New Strategy for the On-Line Handwriting Modelling
=> new strategy for the suppression of cross-terms in pseudo Wigner-Ville distribution, A
=> New Strategy to Fuse Remote Sensing Data and Geochemical Data with Different Machine Learning Methods, A
=> new stroke-based directional feature extraction approach for handwritten Chinese character recognition, A
=> New Structural Complexity Metrics for Forests from Single Terrestrial Lidar Scans
=> New Structural Constraint and its Application in Wide Baseline Matching, A
=> New Structure-from-Motion Ambiguity, A
=> New Structure-from-Motion Ambiguity, A
=> New Structure-from-Motion Ambiguity, A
=> New Structured Illumination Technique for the Inspection of High-Reflective Surfaces: Application for the Detection of Structural Defects without any Calibration Procedures
=> New Structures Based on Completions
=> New studies on adaptive predictive coding of images using multiplicative autoregressive models
=> New Study On Wood Fibers Textures: Documents Authentication Through LBP Fingerprint, A
=> New Sub-pixel Map for Image Analysis, A
=> New Sub-Pixel Subdivision Location Algorithm for Star Image, A
=> new subaperture approach to high squint SAR processing, A
=> New Subband Geometries for Image Texture Segmentation
=> new subdivision based approach for piecewise smooth approximation of 3D polygonal curves, A
=> new subsampling-based predictive vector quantization for image coding, A
=> new subspace learning method in Fourier domain for texture classification, A
=> New Sufficient Condition for Non-Convex Sparse Recovery via Weighted L_r-L_1 Minimization, A
=> New super-exponential iteration blind equalization algorithm for underwater acoustic communications
=> New Super-Resolution Algorithm Based on Areas Pixels and the Sampling Theorem of Papoulis, A
=> New Super-resolution Reconstruction Method Combining Narrow Quantization Constraint Set and Motion Estimation for H.264 Compressed Video, A
=> New Supervised Evaluation Criterion for Region Based Segmentation Methods, A
=> New Supervised Learning of Neural Networks for satellite image classification
=> New Supervised Method for Blood Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images by Using Gray-Level and Moment Invariants-Based Features, A
=> new support vector machine method for medical image classification, A
=> New Suppression Technology for Low-Frequency Noise in Desert Region: The Improved Robust Principal Component Analysis Based on Prediction of Neural Network
=> New SURE Approach to Image Denoising: Interscale Orthonormal Wavelet Thresholding, A
=> New Surface Interpolation Technique for Reconstructing 3D Objects from Serial Cross-Sections, A
=> New Surface Interpolation Technique for Reconstructing 3D Objects from Serial Cross-Sections, A
=> New Survey on Self-Tuning Integrated Low-Cost GPS/INS Vehicle Navigation System in Harsh Environment, A
=> New SVD based initialization strategy for non-negative matrix factorization
=> new SVM-based relevance feedback image retrieval using probabilistic feature and weighted kernel function, A
=> New SVM + NDA Model for Improved Classification and Recognition, A
=> new symmetric shape from shading algorithm with an application to 3-D face reconstruction, A
=> New Symmetry Based on Proximity of Wavelet-Moments for Text Frame Classification in Video, A
=> New Syntactic Approach to Graphic Symbol Recognition, A
=> New System for Event Detection from Video Surveillance Sequences, A
=> New System for Recognition of Handwritten Persian Bank Checks, A
=> New System for the Real-time Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Formulas, A
=> new system for trademark segmentation and retrieval, A
=> New System Implementation on SIMD Processor for Reliable Fingerprint Singularity Detection by Singular Candidate Method
=> New system performs persistent wide-area aerial surveillance
=> New Systematic Framework for Optimization of Multi-Temporal Terrestrial LiDAR Surveys over Complex Gully Morphology, A
=> New Systems for the Management of Data. The Case Study of the Chapter House of Santa Maria Novella in Florence
=> New systolic array implementation of the 2-D discrete cosine transform and its inverse
=> New Take on Protecting Cyclists in Smart Cities, A
=> New Target Detector Based on Subspace Projections Using Polarimetric SAR Data, A
=> New TCP video streaming proxy design for last-hop wireless networks
=> New TDOA-Based Three-Dimensional Positioning Method for 3GPP LTE System
=> New Technique Based on Mini-UAS for Estimating Water and Bottom Radiance Contributions in Optically Shallow Waters, A
=> new technique for background modeling and subtraction for motion detection in real-time videos, A
=> New Technique for Binary Morphological Shape-Based Interpolation
=> new technique for color image segmentation, A
=> new technique for Face Recognition using 2D-Gabor Wavelet Transform with 2D-Hidden Markov Model approach, A
=> new technique for finding the optical center of cameras, A
=> new technique for generalized learning vector quantization algorithm, A
=> new technique for geometry based visual depth estimation for uncalibrated camera, A
=> New Technique for Global and Local Skew Correction in Binary Documents, A
=> New Technique for Hand Gesture Recognition, A
=> New Technique for Image Magnification, A
=> New Technique for Local Symmetry Estimation, A
=> New Technique for Motion Field Segmentation and Coding for Very Low Bitrate Video Coding Applications, A
=> New Technique for Multi-Oriented Scene Text Line Detection and Tracking in Video, A
=> New technique for online object tracking-by-detection in video
=> new technique for quality scalable video coding with H.264, A
=> New Technique for Region of Interest Tomographic Image Reconstruction and a Comparison of the Related Algorithms, A
=> New Technique for Solving a Jigsaw Puzzle, A
=> New Technique for the Digitization and Restoration of Deteriorated Photographic Negatives, A
=> New Technique for the Estimation of Cardiac Motion in Echocardiography Based on Transverse Oscillations: A Preliminary Evaluation In Silico and a Feasibility Demonstration In Vivo, A
=> New Technique to Estimate Precipitation at Fine Scale Using Multifrequency Satellite Observations Over Indian Land and Oceanic Regions, A
=> New Technique to Extract Range Information from Stereo Images, A
=> New Technique to Extract Range Information from Stereo Images, A
=> New Technique to Obtain Clear Statistical Parametric Map by Applying Anisotropic Diffusion to FMRI, A
=> new technique to threshold the courtesy amount of Brazilian bank checks, A
=> New Technique Using Infrared Satellite Measurements to Improve the Accuracy of the CALIPSO Cloud-Aerosol Discrimination Method, A
=> New Techniques for Automated Architectural Reconstruction from Photographs
=> New techniques for efficient sliding thin-slab volume visualization
=> New techniques for multi-resolution motion estimation
=> New Techniques for Preserving Global Structure and Denoising with Low Information Loss in Single-Image Super-Resolution
=> New Temperature-Vegetation Triangle Algorithm with Variable Edges (TAVE) for Satellite-Based Actual Evapotranspiration Estimation, A
=> new template updating method for correlation tracking, A
=> New Temporal and Spectral Unfiltering Technique for ERBE/ERBS WFOV Nonscanner Instrument Observations
=> New Temporal Deconvolutional Pyramid Network for Action Detection, A
=> New Temporal Error Concealment Method for H.264 using Adaptive Block Sizes, A
=> New Temporal Filtering Scheme to Reduce Delay in Wavelet-Based Video Coding
=> New Tensorial Framework for Single-Shell High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging, A
=> new terrain matching method for estimating laser pointing and ranging systematic biases for spaceborne photon-counting laser altimeters, A
=> New Text-Line Alignment Approach Based on Piece-Wise Painting Algorithm for Handwritten Documents, A
=> New Text Extraction Method Incorporating Local Information, A
=> new textual/non-textual classifier for document skew correction, A
=> New Textural Indicators for Assessing Above-Ground Cotton Biomass Extracted from Optical Imagery Obtained via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
=> New texture descriptor for high-speed web inspection applications
=> new texture descriptor using multifractal analysis in multi-orientation wavelet pyramid, A
=> new texture descriptor using multifractal analysis in multi-orientation wavelet pyramid, A
=> New Texture Descriptor: The Homogeneous Local Binary Pattern (HLBP), A
=> New texture features based on the complexity curve
=> New Texture Generation Method Based on Pseudo-DCT Coefficients, A
=> New Texture Mapping Algorithm for Photorealistic Reconstruction of 3D Objects, A
=> New TGV-Gabor Model for Cartoon-Texture Image Decomposition, A
=> new theoretic framework for cross-layer optimization, A
=> New Theoretical Approach to Relaxation, Application to Edge Detection, A
=> new theory of driver vision pressure energy field and its application in driver behaviour decision-making model, A
=> New Thinking of LULC Classification Accuracy Assessment, A
=> New Thinning Algorithm for Gray Scale Images by the Relaxation Technique, A
=> New Thinning Algorithm, A
=> New Threats Against Object Detector with Non-local Block
=> New Three-Dimensional Connected Components Algorithm, A
=> New Three-dimensional Visualization Method Of Heritage Sites By Lidar Data, The
=> New Three-Step Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation, A
=> New Threshold-Based Method for Extracting Canopy Temperature from Thermal Infrared Images of Cork Oak Plantations, A
=> new threshold function for de-noising partial discharge signal based on wavelet transform, A
=> New Thresholding Algorithm Based on All-Pole Model, A
=> new thresholding approach for automatic generation of polygonal approximations, A
=> new thresholding technique based on random sets, A
=> New Tiling Scheme for 2-D Continuous Wavelet Transform With Different Rotation Parameters at Different Scales Resulting in a Tighter Frame, A
=> New Time Distributed DCT Architecture for MPEG-4 Hardware Reference Model, A
=> New Time Series Mining Approach Applied to Multitemporal Remote Sensing Imagery, A
=> new TLD target tracking method based on improved correlation filter and adaptive scale, A
=> new tomography model for almost optimal detection of anomalies, A
=> new tone-mapped image quality assessment approach for high dynamic range imaging system, A
=> New Tool for Facilitating the Retrieval and Recording of the Place Name Cultural Heritage, A
=> New Tools for Cultural Heritage Tourism: Accessible Virtual Reality For Milan's Basilica Sant'ambrogio
=> New Tools for Gray Level Histogram Analysis, Applications in Segmentation
=> New tools for image interaction
=> New Tools for the Classification and Filtering of Historical Maps
=> New Tools for Urban Analysis: A SLAM-Based Research in Venice
=> new topological classification of points in 3D images, A
=> new topological clustering algorithm for interval data, A
=> new topological descriptor for contextual feature indexing, A
=> New topological operators for segmentation
=> New Total Body Scanning System for Automatic Change Detection in Multiple Pigmented Skin Lesions, A
=> New Total Variation Method For Multiplicative Noise Removal, A
=> new tracking method for small infrared targets, A
=> New Tracking Technique: Object Tracking and Identification from Motion, A
=> New traction motor sizing strategy for an HEV/EV based on an overcurrent-tolerant prediction model
=> new traffic-signal control for modern roundabouts: Method and Application, A
=> New Training Method for Non-Dominant Hand Pitching Motion Based on Reversal Trajectory of Dominant Hand Pitching Motion Using AR and Vibration
=> New training strategies for RBF neural networks for X-ray agricultural product inspection
=> New Trajectory Based Motion Segmentation Benchmark Dataset (UdG-MS15), A
=> new trajectory clustering algorithm using temporal smoothness for motion segmentation, A
=> New Transform For Curve Detection, A
=> New Transforms Tightly Bounded by DCT and KLT
=> New transit signal priority scheme for intersections with nearby bus rapid transit median stations
=> New Translation Matching Method Based on Autocorrelated Normalized Cross-Power Spectrum, A
=> New Traversal Method for Virtual Reality:, A
=> New Tree Cover Percentage Map in Eurasia at 500 m Resolution Using MODIS Data, A
=> New Tree Structure for Weighted Dynamic Programming Based Stereo Algorithm, A
=> New Trends in Digital Scanning Processes
=> New Trends in High-Resolution Imagery Processing
=> New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
=> New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
=> New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
=> New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
=> New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
=> New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
=> New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
7 for New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement => New Trends in mage Analysis and Processing
=> New Trends in Using Augmented Reality Apps for Smart City Contexts
=> New Trends in Using Augmented Reality Apps for Smart City Contexts
=> New Triangular Matching Approach for Latent Palmprint Identification, A
=> New Triangulation-Based Method for Disparity Estimation in Image Sequences, A
=> New Triangulation Algorithm for Positioning Space Debris, A
=> New Triangulation Algorithm for Positioning Space Debris, A
=> New Tropical Peatland Gas and Particulate Emissions Factors Indicate 2015 Indonesian Fires Released Far More Particulate Matter (but Less Methane) than Current Inventories Imply
=> New tuning model for rectangular windowed FIR filter using fractional Fourier transform
=> New TwIST: Two-Step Iterative Shrinkage/Thresholding Algorithms for Image Restoration, A
=> New Two-Dimensional Direction Histogram Based Entropic Thresholding, A
=> New two-phase spatial data structures with applications to binary images
=> new two-stage mesh surface segmentation method, A
=> new two-stage method for single image rain removal, A
=> New Two-Stage Scheme for the Recognition of Persian Handwritten Characters, A
=> New Type of 5G-Oriented Integrated BDS/SON High-Precision Positioning, A
=> new type of feature extraction of patterns using coherent optical system, A
=> New Type of Feature: Loose N-Gram Feature in Text Categorization, A
=> New Type of Gegenbauer-Hermite Monogenic Polynomials and Associated Clifford Wavelets
=> new type of orthonormal wavelet basis having customizable frequency bands, A
=> New Type of Proxy Ring Signature Scheme with Revocable Anonymity and No Info Leaked, A
=> New Type of Red-Green-Blue Composite and Its Application in Tropical Cyclone Center Positioning, A
=> New Typhoon-Monitoring Method Using Precipitation Water Vapor, A
=> New unbiased adaptive IIR filter: it's robust and variable step-size versions and application to active noise control
=> New Understanding of Bar Top Hollows in Dryland Sandy Braided Rivers from Outcrops with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
=> new underwater image enhancing method via color correction and illumination adjustment, A
=> new unequal error protection scheme based on FMO, A
=> new unified method for detecting text from marathon runners and sports players in video (PR-D-19-01078R2), A
=> new uniform parameterization and invariant 3D spherical harmonic shape descriptors for shape analysis of the heart's left ventricle: A pilot study, A
=> New Unsupervised Change Detection Approach Based On DWT Image Fusion And Backtracking Search Optimization Algorithm For Optical Remote Sensing Data, A
=> New Unsupervised Deep Learning Algorithm for Fine-Grained Detection of Driver Distraction, A
=> New unsupervised hybrid classifier based on the fuzzy integral: applied to natural textured images
=> New Unsupervised Learning for Clustering Using Geometric Associative Memories, A
=> new unsupervised model of action recognition, A
=> new Unsupervised Spectral Feature Selection Method for mixed data: A filter approach, A
=> new upsampling method for mobile LiDAR data, A
=> New Upwelling Index for the Moroccan Atlantic Coast for the Period between 1982-2021, A
=> New Urban Functional Zone-Based Climate Zoning System for Urban Temperature Study, A
=> New Urban Index for Expressing Inner-City Patterns Based on MODIS LST and EVI Regulated DMSP/OLS NTL, A
=> New Urban Space Analysis Method Based on Space Syntax and Geographic Information System Using Multisource Data, A
=> New Urban Vitality Analysis and Evaluation Framework Based on Human Activity Modeling Using Multi-Source Big Data, A
=> new use of the ridgelets transform for describing linear singularities in images, A
=> new validated method for improving the audiovisual spatial congruence in the case of stereoscopic-3D video and wave field synthesis, A
=> new validation approach for the growth rate measurement using elastic phantoms generated by state-of-the-art microfluidics technology, A
=> New Validation Method for Establishing Correspondence Between Pairs of X-Ray Mammograms
=> New Validation Method for X-ray Mammogram Registration Algorithms Using a Projection Model of Breast X-ray Compression, A
=> New Variable Size Block Motion Compensation, A
=> New Variable Tap-Length and Step-Size FxLMS Algorithm, A
=> New Variant of the Optimum-Path Forest Classifier, A
=> New variants of a method of MRI scale standardization
=> New Variational Formulations for Level Set Evolution Without Reinitialization with Applications to Image Segmentation
=> New Variational Framework for Multiview Surface Reconstruction, A
=> New Variational Method for Bias Correction and Its Applications to Rodent Brain Extraction, A
=> New Variational Method for Erythrocyte Velocity Estimation in Wide-Field Imaging In Vivo, A
=> New Variational Model for Joint Image Reconstruction and Motion Estimation in Spatiotemporal Imaging, A
=> new variational model for joint restoration and segmentation based on the Mumford-Shah model, A
=> New Variational Model for Shape Graph Registration with Partial Matching Constraints, A
=> New Vector Median Filter Based on Fuzzy Metrics, A
=> new vector median filter for colour image processing, A
=> New vector quantization image coding algorithm based on the extension of the bound for Minkowski metric
=> New Vectorial Signature for Quick Symbol Indexing, Filtering and Recognition, A
=> New Vegetation Index to Detect Periodically Submerged Mangrove Forest Using Single-Tide Sentinel-2 Imagery, A
=> New Vehicle Classification Method Based on Hybrid Classifiers
=> New Vehicle Motion Model for Improved Predictions and Situation Assessment, A
=> new vertex-based binary shape coder for high coding efficiency, A
=> New Vertex Adjustment Method for Polygon-Based Shape Coding, A
=> New Video-object Watermarking Scheme Robust to Object Manipulation, A
=> New Video-object Watermarking Scheme Robust to Object Manipulation, A
=> New Video Codec Based on Compressed Sensing, A
=> new video coder based on second generation wavelets, A
=> New Video Compression Algorithm for Very Low Bandwidth Using Curve Fitting Method, A
=> New Video Dataset for Recognizing Intake Gestures in a Cafeteria Setting, A
=> new video denoising method using texture metric and adaptive structure variance, A
=> New video encryption schemes based on chaotic maps
=> New Video Images Text Localization Approach Based on a Fast Hough Transform, A
=> new video magnification technique using complex wavelets with Radon transform application, A
=> New Video Quality Assessment Dataset for Video Surveillance Applications, A
=> new video segmentation method of moving objects based on blob-level knowledge, A
=> New View at Differential and Tensor-Based Motion Estimation Schemes, A
=> New View Generation with a Bi-centric Camera
=> New View of Fractal Image Compression as Convolution Transform Coding, A
=> New view synthesis for stereo cinema by hybrid disparity remapping
=> New Visibility Walk Algorithm for Point Location in Planar Triangulation, A
=> New Vision Approach for Local Spectrum Features in Cervical Images via 2D Method of Geometric Restriction in Frequency Domain, A
=> New Visual Comfort-Based Stereoscopic Image Retargeting Method, A
=> New Visual Invariants for Obstacle Detection Using Optical Flow Induced from General Motion
=> New Visual Invariants for Terrain Navigation without 3D Reconstruction
=> New visual secret sharing schemes using probabilistic method
=> New Visual Speech Recognition Approach for RGB-D Cameras, A
=> New Visualization Paradigm for Multispectral Imagery and Data Fusion, A
=> New VLSI Architecture of a Hierarchical Motion Estimator for Low Bit-rate Video Coding, A
=> New Volcanic Ash Satellite Retrieval VACOS Using MSG/SEVIRI and Artificial Neural Networks: 1. Development, The
=> New Volcanic Ash Satellite Retrieval VACOS Using MSG/SEVIRI and Artificial Neural Networks: 2. Validation, The
=> New Volcanic Seismic Signal Descriptor and its Application to a Data Set From the Cotopaxi Volcano, A
=> New VVC Chroma Prediction Modes Based on Coloring with Inter-Channel Correlation
=> new warping technique for normalizing likelihood of multiple classifiers and its effectiveness in combined on-line/off-line Japanese character recognition, A
=> New Watermarking Method for Video Authentication with Tamper Localization, A
=> New Watermarking Method Using High Frequency Components to Guide the Insertion Process in the Spatial Domain, A
=> New Watermarking Method with Obfuscated Quasi-Chirp Transform, A
=> new waveform decomposition method for multispectral LiDAR, A
=> New Wavelet-based Approach to Sharpening and Smoothing of Images in Besov Spaces with Applications to Deblurring, A
=> New Wavelet-Based Edge Detector via Constrained Optimization, A
=> new wavelet-based fuzzy single and multi-channel image denoising, A
=> new wavelet-based measure of image focus, A
=> new wavelet-based method for contrast-edge enhancement, A
=> new wavelet-based scheme for watermarking images, A
=> New Wavelet-Based Texture Descriptor for Image Retrieval, A
=> New Wavelet-Domain HMTseg Algorithm for Remotely Sensed Image Segmentation, A
=> new wavelet-Laplacian method for arbitrarily-oriented character segmentation in video text lines, A
=> New Wavelet and Color Features for Text Detection in Video
=> new wavelet based logo-watermarking scheme, A
=> new wavelet domain block matching algorithm for real-time object tracking, A
=> New Wavelet Image Fusion Method Based on Gradient and Energy for Decision-Making, A
=> New Wavelet Lifting Scheme for Image Compression Applications, A
=> New Way for Cartesian Coordinate Transformation and Its Precision Evaluation, A
=> new way of image data fusion: the multi-spectral cooperative segmentation, A
=> New Way to Detect Arrows in Line Drawings, A
=> New Way to Represent the Relative Position between Areal Objects, A
=> new way to use hidden Markov models for object tracking in video sequences, A
=> new weakly supervised approach for ALS point cloud semantic segmentation, A
=> New Weight for Nonlocal Means Denoising Using Method Noise, A
=> new weighted fuzzy c-means based on the collective behaviour of starling birds, A
=> New Weighted Region-based Hough Transform Algorithm for Robust Line Detection in Poor Quality Images of 2D Lattices of Rectangular Objects, A
=> New Weighting Method by Considering the Physical Characteristics of Atmospheric Turbulence and Decorrelation Noise in SBAS-InSAR, A
=> New Wide-Gamut RGB Primary Set and Efficient Color Encoding Methods for Ultrahigh-Definition Television (UHDTV), A
=> New Wildfire Watchdog: Alerts About Forest Fires Shouldn't Depend on Pets Smelling Smoke. We Need Smart Infrastructure, and that Needs Zero-Power Sensors, A
=> New Window-Based Program for Quality Control of GPS Sensing Data, A
=> New windowing techniques for variable-size block motion compensation
=> New Word Extraction From Chinese Financial Documents
=> New Workflow of Plastic-Mulched Farmland Mapping using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 data
=> New Writing Experience: Finger Writing in the Air Using a Kinect Sensor, A
=> new Wronskian change detection model based codebook background subtraction for visual surveillance applications, A
=> New York University
=> new Zernike moments based technique for camera identification and forgery detection, A
=> New Zero-Crossing-Based Discontinuity Detector, A
=> New, Fast, and Efficient Image CODEC Based on Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees, A
=> New, Faster, More Controlled Fitting of Implicit Polynomial 2D Curves and 3D Surfaces to Data
=> new, open standard for 3D imaging data, A
=> New, Satellite NDVI-Based Sampling Protocol for Grape Maturation Monitoring, A
=> New, Score-Based Multi-Stage Matching Approach for Road Network Conflation in Different Road Patterns, A
=> NEWA Ferry Lidar Experiment: Measuring Mesoscale Winds in the Southern Baltic Sea, The
=> Newborn's ear recognition: Can it be done?
=> Newborn and infant footprint crease pattern extraction
=> Newly Built Construction Detection in SAR Images Using Deep Learning
=> Newly Developed Algorithm for Cloud Shadow Detection: TIP Method, A
=> Newly Developed Safety-Critical Computer System for China Metro, A
=> Newly Developed Tool for the Post-Processing of GPR Time-Slices in A GIS Environment, A
=> Newly Developed Tool for the Post-Processing of GPR Time-Slices in A GIS Environment, A
=> Newly Robust Fault Detection and Diagnosis Method for High-Speed Trains, A
=> News Analysis and Tracking System, A
=> News Image Steganography: A Novel Architecture Facilitates the Fake News Identification
=> News sports video shot classification with sports play field and motion features
=> News Story Segmentation in the Fischlar Video Indexing System
=> News Video Classification Based on Multi-modal Information Fusion
=> News Video Mining Method Based on Statistical Analysis and Visualization, A
=> News Video Retrieval by Learning Multimodal Semantic Information
=> News2meme: An Automatic Content Generator from News Based on Word Subspaces from Text and Image
=> NEWSFARM: A Large-Scale Chinese Corpus of Long News Summarization
=> NEWSMAN: Uploading Videos over Adaptive Middleboxes to News Servers in Weak Network Infrastructures
=> Newspaper document analysis featuring connected line segmentation
=> Newspaper headlines extraction from microfilm images
=> Newspaper layout analysis incorporating connected component separation
=> Newspaper page decomposition using a split and merge approach
=> NewsStories: Illustrating Articles with Visual Summaries
=> Newton-Krylov Methods For Polychromatic X-Ray CT
=> Newton-Type Greedy Selection Methods for L_0-Constrained Minimization
=> Newton-Type Methods for Inference in Higher-Order Markov Random Fields
=> Newton Greedy Pursuit: A Quadratic Approximation Method for Sparsity-Constrained Optimization
=> Newton Labs
=> Newton optimization based Congealing for facial image alignment
=> Newton type algorithm on Riemannian manifolds applied to robot vision, and suggestions for improvement of its performance
=> Newtonian clustering: An approach based on molecular dynamics and global optimization
=> Newtonian Image Understanding: Unfolding the Dynamics of Objects in Static Images
=> Newtonian Imperialist Competitve Approach to Optimizing Observation of Multiple Target Points in Multisensor Surveillance Systems
=> NewtonianVAE: Proportional Control and Goal Identification from Pixels via Physical Latent Spaces
=> NeX: Real-time View Synthesis with Neural Basis Expansion
=> NeX360: Real-Time All-Around View Synthesis With Neural Basis Expansion
=> next-best-view algorithm for 3D scene recovery with 5 degrees of freedom, A
=> Next-best-view Method Based On Consecutive Evaluation Of Topological Relations
=> Next-Best-View System for Autonomous 3-D Object Reconstruction, A
=> Next-Best Stereo: Extending Next-Best View Optimisation For Collaborative Sensors
=> Next-Generation 3D Formats with Depth Map Support
=> Next-generation 3D visualization for visual surveillance
=> Next-Generation Augmented Reality Browsers: Rich, Seamless, and Adaptive
=> Next-Generation Automated Vehicle Location Systems: Positioning at the Lane Level
=> Next-Generation Broadcast Television: ATSC 3.0
=> Next-Generation Gravity Missions: Sino-European Numerical Simulation Comparison Exercise
=> Next-Generation Smart Environments: From System of Systems to Data Ecosystems
=> Next-Generation Web Searches from Visual Content
=> Next-Item Recommendation With Deep Adaptable Co-Embedding Neural Networks
=> NExT-QA: Next Phase of Question-Answering to Explaining Temporal Actions
=> Next-state functions for finite-state vector quantization
=> Next Best Underwater View, The
=> Next Best View Algorithms for Interior and Exterior Model Acquisition
=> Next best view planning for active model improvement
=> Next best viewpoint (NBV) planning for active object modeling based on a learning-by-showing approach
=> Next Biometric Challenge: Medical Alterations, The
=> NeXt for neuro-radiosurgery: A fully automatic approach for necrosis extraction in brain tumor MRI using an unsupervised machine learning technique
=> Next Frontier For MPEG-5 LCEVC: From HDR and Immersive Video to the Metaverse, The
=> Next Generation Agricultural Stress Index System (ASIS) for Agricultural Drought Monitoring
=> Next generation DVD: application requirements and technology
=> Next Generation FPGAs and SOCs: How Embedded Systems Can Profit
=> Next Generation Gravity Mission Elements of the Mass Change and Geoscience International Constellation: From Orbit Selection to Instrument and Mission Design
=> Next Generation Image Compression and Manipulation Using CREW
=> Next generation IR focal plane arrays and applications
=> Next Generation Mapping: Combining Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, and Big Remote Sensing Data
=> Next generation of broadcast multimedia services to mobile receivers in urban environments
=> Next Point-of-Interest Recommendation Based on Joint Mining of Spatial-Temporal and Semantic Sequential Patterns
=> Next Road Rerouting: A Multiagent System for Mitigating Unexpected Urban Traffic Congestion
=> Next view planning for a combination of passive and active acquisition techniques
=> NeXT: Towards High Quality Neural Radiance Fields via Multi-skip Transformer
=> Nextgen ID
=> NeXtNow: A Convolutional Deep Learning Model for the Prediction of Weather Radar Data for Nowcasting Purposes
=> NeXtVLAD: An Efficient Neural Network to Aggregate Frame-Level Features for Large-Scale Video Classification
=> Nexus of Health and Development: Modelling Crude Birth Rate and Maternal Mortality Ratio Using Nighttime Satellite Images
=> Neyman-Pearson-Based Early Mode Decision for HEVC Encoding
=> NF-Features: No-Feature-Features for Representing Non-textured Regions
=> NFormer: Robust Person Re-identification with Neighbor Transformer
=> NFV-Based Video Quality Assessment Method over 5G Small Cell Networks, An
=> NGA-Inspired Nanorobots-Assisted Detection of Multifocal Cancer
=> NGC: A Unified Framework for Learning with Open-World Noisy Data
=> NGVF: An improved external force field for active contour model
=> NH-HAZE: An Image Dehazing Benchmark with Non-Homogeneous Hazy and Haze-Free Images
=> NHBS-Net: A Feature Fusion Attention Network for Ultrasound Neonatal Hip Bone Segmentation
=> NHNet: A non-local hierarchical network for image denoising
=> NIC: A Robust Background Extraction Algorithm for Foreground Detection in Dynamic Scenes
=> NICE-SLAM: Neural Implicit Scalable Encoding for SLAM
=> Nice Perspective Projections
=> NICE.I: Noisy Iris Challenge Evaluation - Part I, The
=> NICGSlowDown: Evaluating the Efficiency Robustness of Neural Image Caption Generation Models
=> Niche Modeling of Dengue Fever Using Remotely Sensed Environmental Factors and Boosted Regression Trees
=> Nickel Grade Inversion of Lateritic Nickel Ore Using WorldView-3 Data Incorporating Geospatial Location Information: A Case Study of North Konawe, Indonesia
=> Nico Challenge: Out-of-distribution Generalization for Image Recognition Challenges
=> Nicotine Addiction Decreases Dynamic Connectivity Frequency In Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
=> NID-SLAM: Robust Monocular SLAM Using Normalised Information Distance
=> Night-time dehazing by fusion
=> Night-Time Light Dynamics during the Iraqi Civil War
=> Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Mapping: Construction and Analysis of Ethnic Minority Development Index
=> Night-Time Lights and Levels of Development: A Study Using Dmspols Night Time Images at the Sub-National Level
=> night-time outdoor data set for low-light enhancement, A
=> Night-time pedestrian classification with histograms of oriented gradients-local binary patterns vectors
=> Night-Time Scene Parsing With a Large Real Dataset
=> Night-Time Skyglow Dynamics during the COVID-19 Epidemic in Guangbutun Region of Wuhan City
=> Night-Time Traffic Surveillance: A Robust Framework for Multi-vehicle Detection, Classification and Tracking
=> Night Color Image Enhancement Using Fuzzy Set
=> Night Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on MDIFE-Net Curve Estimation, A
=> night low-illumination image enhancement model based on small probability area filtering and lossless mapping enhancement, A
=> Night on South Korea: Unraveling the Relationship between Urban Development Patterns and DMSP-OLS Night-Time Lights
=> Night Removal by Color Estimation and sparse representation
=> Night Rider: Visual Odometry Using Headlights
=> Night Thermal Unmixing for the Study of Microscale Surface Urban Heat Islands with TRISHNA-Like Data
=> Night Time Vehicle Detection and Tracking by Fusing Vehicle Parts From Multiple Cameras
=> Night video enhancement using improved dark channel prior
=> NightLab: A Dual-level Architecture with Hardness Detection for Segmentation at Night
=> Nightlight as a Proxy of Economic Indicators: Fine-Grained GDP Inference Around Mainland China via Attention-Augmented CNN from Daytime Satellite Imagery
=> Nightlight as a Proxy of Economic Indicators: Fine-Grained GDP Inference Around Mainland China via Attention-Augmented CNN from Daytime Satellite Imagery
=> Nightlight Intensity Change Surrounding Nature Reserves: A Case Study in Orbroicher Bruch Nature Reserve, Germany
=> Nightlights and Subnational Economic Activity: Estimating Departmental GDP in Paraguay
=> NightOwls: A Pedestrians at Night Dataset
=> Nighttime Brake-Light Detection by Nakagami Imaging
=> Nighttime Defogging Using High-low Frequency Decomposition and Grayscale-color Networks
=> Nighttime face recognition at large standoff: Cross-distance and cross-spectral matching
=> Nighttime Face Recognition at Long Distance: Cross-Distance and Cross-Spectral Matching
=> Nighttime haze removal based on a new imaging model
=> Nighttime haze removal using color transfer pre-processing and Dark Channel Prior
=> Nighttime Haze Removal Using Saliency-Oriented Ambient Light and Transmission Estimation
=> Nighttime Haze Removal with Glow and Multiple Light Colors
=> Nighttime image dehazing based on Retinex and dark channel prior using Taylor series expansion
=> Nighttime Image Dehazing Based on Variational Decomposition Model
=> Nighttime image enhancement based on image decomposition
=> Nighttime image enhancement using a new illumination boost algorithm
=> Nighttime Light Derived Assessment of Regional Inequality of Socioeconomic Development in China
=> Nighttime light remote sensing for urban applications: Progress, challenges, and prospects
=> Nighttime Lights and County-Level Economic Activity in the United States: 2001 to 2019
=> Nighttime Lights and Population Migration: Revisiting Classic Demographic Perspectives with an Analysis of Recent European Data
=> Nighttime Mobile Laser Scanning and 3D Luminance Measurement: Verifying the Outcome of Roadside Tree Pruning with Mobile Measurement of the Road Environment
=> Nighttime Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection Based on a Fast Saliency and Multifeature Fusion Algorithm for Infrared Images
=> Nighttime Pedestrian Detection Based on Feature Attention and Transformation
=> Nighttime Pedestrian Detection with Near Infrared using Cascaded Classifiers
=> Nighttime Reflectance Generation in the Visible Band of Satellites
=> Nighttime Road Scene Parsing by Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
=> Nighttime sky/cloud image segmentation
=> Nighttime Stereo Depth Estimation using Joint Translation-Stereo Learning: Light Effects and Uninformative Regions
=> Nighttime Traffic Flow Analysis for Rain-Drop Tampered Cameras
=> Nighttime Vehicle Detection Based on Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement and Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion
=> Nighttime Vehicle Detection for Driver Assistance and Autonomous Vehicles
=> Nighttime Vehicle Detection for Intelligent Headlight Control
=> Nighttime Visibility Analysis and Estimation Method in the Presence of Dense Fog
=> Nighttime Visibility Enhancement by Increasing the Dynamic Range and Suppression of Light Effects
=> Niha Sites (Lebanon) Cultural Landscape: A 3D Model of Sanctuaries and Their Context, The
=> NII-UIT Browser: A Multimodal Video Search System
=> NII-UIT: A Tool for Known Item Search by Sequential Pattern Filtering
=> NIIRS and Objective Image Quality Measures
=> NILC: A two level learning algorithm with operator selection
=> Nilpotent Approximations of Sub-Riemannian Distances for Fast Perceptual Grouping of Blood Vessels in 2D and 3D
=> NIM-Nets: Noise-Aware Incomplete Multi-View Learning Networks
=> NIMA: Neural Image Assessment
=> NIMRAD: novel technique for respiratory data treatment
=> Nine-point Algorithm for Estimating Para-Catadioptric Fundamental Matrices, A
=> Nine-Year Climatology of Arctic Sea Ice Lead Orientation and Frequency from AMSR-E, A
=> Nine Points of Light: Acquiring Subspaces for Face Recognition under Variable Lighting
=> Nine Points of Light: Acquiring Subspaces for Face Recognition under Variable Lighting
=> Nineteen Years of Trophic State Variation in Large Lakes of the Yangtze River Delta Region Derived from MODIS Images
=> NinjaDesc: Content-Concealing Visual Descriptors via Adversarial Learning
=> Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
=> NIPM-sWMF: Toward Efficient FPGA Design for High-Definition Large-Disparity Stereo Matching
=> NIQSV: A No-Reference Synthesized View Quality Assessment Metric
=> NIR-II/NIR-I Fluorescence Molecular Tomography of Heterogeneous Mice Based on Gaussian Weighted Neighborhood Fused Lasso Method
=> NIR-red algorithms-based model for chlorophyll-a retrieval in highly turbid Inland Densu River Basin in South-East Ghana, West Africa
=> NIR-Red Spectra-Based Disaggregation of SMAP Soil Moisture to 250 m Resolution Based on SMAPEx-4/5 in Southeastern Australia
=> NIR-Red Spectra-Based Disaggregation of SMAP Soil Moisture to 250 m Resolution Based on SMAPEx-4/5 in Southeastern Australia
=> NIR-VIS heterogeneous face recognition via cross-spectral joint dictionary learning and reconstruction
=> NIR and Visible Image Fusion for Improving Face Recognition at Long Distance
=> NIR and VW iris image recognition using ensemble of patch statistics features
=> NIR Image Colorization Using SPADE Generator and Grayscale Approximated Self-Reconstruction
=> NIR Image Colorization with Graph-Convolutional Neural Networks
=> NIRPed: A Novel Benchmark for Nighttime Pedestrian and Its Distance Joint Detection
=> NIRS-Aided Methodology to Elucidate the Nutrition of the Endangered Mountain Gazelle (Gazella gazella) Using Samples of Rumen Contents from Roadkills, A
=> NISP: Pruning Networks Using Neuron Importance Score Propagation
=> Nissan Developing Mind-Reading Cars That Anticipate Drivers' Next Moves and Act Accordingly
=> NIST Fingerprint Evaluations and Developments
=> Nist Form-Based Handprint Recognition System (Release 2.2)
=> NIST Guide to Available Mathematical Software
=> NIST HumanID Evaluation Framework, The
=> NIST ICE Iris Image Database
=> NIST IREX, Iris Exchange Datasets
=> NIST Mugshot Identification Database
=> NIST OCR Databases
=> NIST Scoring Package Certification Procedures in Conjunction with NIST Special Databases 2 and 6
=> NIST Special Database 4, Fingerprint Database
=> Nitrogen and Phosphorus Effect on Sun-Induced Fluorescence and Gross Primary Productivity in Mediterranean Grassland
=> Nitrogen and Phosphorus Retention Risk Assessment in a Drinking Water Source Area under Anthropogenic Activities
=> Nitrogen Balance Index Prediction of Winter Wheat by Canopy Hyperspectral Transformation and Machine Learning
=> Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Pollution Monitoring with Sentinel-5P Satellite Imagery over Europe during the Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak
=> Nitrogen Management Based on Visible/Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Pear Orchards
=> Nitrogen Status Assessment for Variable Rate Fertilization in Maize through Hyperspectral Imagery
=> Nitrous Oxide Profiling from Infrared Radiances (NOPIR): Algorithm Description, Application to 10 Years of IASI Observations and Quality Assessment
=> NJIT 6DOF VR Navigation Dataset
=> NL-CALIC Soft Decoding Using Strict Constrained Wide-Activated Recurrent Residual Network
=> NL-FCOS: Improving FCOS through Non-Local Modules for Object Detection
=> NL-FFC: Non-Local Fast Fourier Convolution for Image Super Resolution
=> NL-InSAR: Nonlocal Interferogram Estimation
=> NL-Means and aggregation procedures
=> NL-SAR: A Unified Nonlocal Framework for Resolution-Preserving (Pol)(In)SAR Denoising
=> NLCMAP: A Framework for the Efficient Mapping of Non-Linear Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGA Accelerators
=> NLH: A Blind Pixel-Level Non-Local Method for Real-World Image Denoising
=> NLME: a nonlinear motion estimation-based compression method for animated mesh sequence
=> NLMS Algorithm with Time-Variant Optimum Stepsize Derived from a Bayesian Network Perspective, The
=> NLMS is More Robust to Input-Correlation Than LMS: A Proof
=> NLMS Is Steady-State Schur-Convex, The
=> nLMVS-Net: Deep Non-Lambertian Multi-View Stereo
=> NLNL: Negative Learning for Noisy Labels
=> NLOS Identification- and Correction-Focused Fusion of UWB and LiDAR-SLAM Based on Factor Graph Optimization for High-Precision Positioning with Reduced Drift
=> NLOS Mitigation in Sparse Anchor Environments with the Misclosure Check Algorithm
=> NLP-inspired structural pattern recognition in chemical application
=> NLP EAC Recognition by Component Separation in the Eye Region
=> NLS Based Hierarchical Anti-Disturbance Controller for Vehicle Platoons With Time-Varying Parameter Uncertainties
=> NLTV-Gabor-based models for image decomposition and denoising
=> NLX-GPT: A Model for Natural Language Explanations in Vision and Vision-Language Tasks
=> NM-GAN: Noise-modulated generative adversarial network for video anomaly detection
=> NM-Net: Mining Reliable Neighbors for Robust Feature Correspondences
=> NMF-Based Comprehensive Latent Factor Learning with Multiview Data
=> NMF-based multimodal image indexing for querying by visual example
=> NMF-Based Spectral Reflectance Estimation From Image Pairs Including Near-Infrared Components
=> NMF-Based Speech Enhancement Using Bases Update
=> NMF-based Target Source Separation Using Deep Neural Network
=> NMF-KNN: Image Annotation Using Weighted Multi-view Non-negative Matrix Factorization
=> NMF-SVM Based CAD Tool Applied to Functional Brain Images for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease
=> NMF Perspective on Binary Hashing, An
=> NMF with feature relationship preservation penalty term for clustering problems
=> NMF with Log-Gabor Wavelets for Visualization
=> NMF with Sparse Regularizations in Transformed Domains
=> NMF, LNMF, and DNMF modeling of neural receptive fields involved in human facial expression perception
=> NMF, LNMF, and DNMF modeling of neural receptive fields involved in human facial expression perception
=> NMR signal enhancement via a new time-frequency transform
=> NMS-based blurred image sub-pixel registration
=> NMS by Representative Region: Towards Crowded Pedestrian Detection by Proposal Pairing
=> NN-based algorithm for estimation of water vapor content using AVHRR data over ocean, A
=> NN-based atmospheric correction algorithm for Landsat/TM thermal infrared data, An
=> NN Automated Defect Detection Based on Optimized Thresholding
=> NNetEn2D: Two-Dimensional Neural Network Entropy in Remote Sensing Imagery and Geophysical Mapping
=> NNEval: Neural Network Based Evaluation Metric for Image Captioning
=> nnFormer: Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation via a 3D Transformer
=> No-Frills Human-Object Interaction Detection: Factorization, Layout Encodings, and Training Techniques
=> No-inference image sharpness assessment based on wavelet transform and image saliency map
=> No-Reference 3D Mesh Quality Assessment Based on Dihedral Angles Model and Support Vector Regression
=> No-reference analysis of decoded MPEG images for PSNR estimation and post-processing
=> No-Reference and Robust Image Sharpness Evaluation Based on Multiscale Spatial and Spectral Features
=> No-reference artifacts measurements based video quality metric
=> No-reference assessment of blur and noise impacts on image quality
=> No-Reference Autoencoder Video Quality Metric, A
=> no-reference Blocking Artifacts Visibility Estimator in images, A
=> No-reference blur assessment based on edge modeling
=> No-reference blur assessment in natural images using Fourier transform and spatial pyramids
=> No-reference Blur Assessment of Dermatological Images Acquired via Mobile Devices
=> No-Reference Blur Assessment of Digital Pictures Based on Multifeature Classifiers
=> No-reference blur image quality measure based on multiplicative multiresolution decomposition
=> No-Reference Blur Strength Estimation Based on Spectral Analysis of Blurred Images
=> No-reference blurred image quality assessment
=> No-Reference CNN-Based Super-Resolution Method for KOMPSAT-3 Using Adaptive Image Quality Modification, A
=> No-reference cross-layer video quality estimation model over wireless networks
=> No-Reference Depth Assessment Based on Edge Misalignment Errors for T+D Images
=> No-Reference Document Image Quality Assessment Based on High Order Image Statistics
=> No-Reference Edge-Preservation Assessment Index for SAR Image Filters under a Bayesian Framework Based on the Ratio Gradient, A
=> No-reference Harmony-Guided Quality Assessment
=> No-Reference Hyperspectral Image Quality Assessment via Quality-Sensitive Features Learning
=> No-reference image and video quality assessment: A classification and review of recent approaches
=> No-reference image and video quality estimation: Applications and human-motivated design
=> No-Reference Image Blur Assessment Based on Discrete Orthogonal Moments
=> No-reference image blur assessment using multiscale gradient
=> No-reference image blur index based on singular value curve
=> No-Reference Image Blur Metric Based on the Cumulative Probability of Blur Detection (CPBD), A
=> no-reference image content metric and its application to denoising, A
=> no-reference image enhancement quality metric and fusion technique, A
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment and Blind Deblurring with Sharpness Metrics Exploiting Fourier Phase Information
=> No-reference image quality assessment based on global and local content perception
=> No-reference image quality assessment based on hybrid model
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Internal Generative Mechanism
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Local Region Statistics
=> No-reference image quality assessment based on multiscale feature representation
=> No-reference image quality assessment based on neighborhood co-occurrence matrix
=> No-reference image quality assessment based on spatial and spectral entropies
=> No-reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Structural and Luminance Information
=> No-reference image quality assessment based on visual codebook
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment by Hallucinating Pristine Features
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment by Wide-Perceptual-Domain Scorer Ensemble Method
=> No-reference image quality assessment focusing on human facial region
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment for Image Auto-Denoising
=> No-reference image quality assessment for removal of processed and unprocessed noise
=> No-reference Image Quality Assessment For Zy3 Imagery In Urban Areas Using Statistical Model
=> No-reference image quality assessment in complex-shearlet domain
=> No-reference image quality assessment in curvelet domain
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment in the Spatial Domain
=> No-reference image quality assessment of wavelet coded images
=> No-reference image quality assessment using Gabor-based smoothness and latent noise estimation
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Image Statistics and Robust Feature Descriptors
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Orthogonal Color Planes Patterns
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Prewitt Magnitude Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
=> No-reference image quality assessment using statistical characterization in the shearlet domain
=> No-reference image quality assessment using statistical wavelet-packet features
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Visual Codebooks
=> No-reference image quality assessment via structural information fluctuation
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment via Transformers, Relative Ranking, and Self-Consistency
=> No-reference image quality assessment with local features and high-order derivatives
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment with Orientation Selectivity Mechanism
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment: An Attention Driven Approach
=> No-Reference Image Quality Assessment: An Attention Driven Approach
=> No-Reference Image Quality Evaluation Based on Power Spectrum, A
=> No-reference image quality metric based on multiple deep belief networks
=> No-reference image sharpness assessment based on discrepancy measures of structural degradation
=> No-Reference Image Sharpness Assessment Based on Maximum Gradient and Variability of Gradients
=> No-Reference Image Sharpness Assessment Based on Rank Learning
=> No-Reference Image Sharpness Assessment in Autoregressive Parameter Space
=> no-reference image sharpness estimation based on expectation of wavelet transform coefficients, A
=> no-reference infrared image sharpness assessment based on singular value decomposition, A
=> No-Reference JPEG Image Quality Assessment Based on Blockiness and Luminance Change
=> No-Reference Learning-Based and Human Visual-Based Image Quality Assessment Metric
=> No-Reference Light Field Image Quality Assessment Based on Spatial-Angular Measurement
=> No-Reference Light Field Image Quality Assessment Using Four-Dimensional Sparse Transform
=> No-reference lightweight estimation of 3D video objective quality
=> No-Reference Measure for Uneven Illumination Assessment on Laparoscopic Images, A
=> No-reference measurement of perceptually significant blurriness in video frames
=> No-reference mesh visual quality assessment via ensemble of convolutional neural networks and compact multi-linear pooling
=> No-Reference Metric for Perceived Ringing Artifacts in Images, A
=> No-Reference model for Detecting Audio Artifacts using Pretrained Audio Neural Networks, A
=> No-reference modeling of the channel induced distortion at the decoder for H.264/AVC video coding
=> No-Reference Nonuniform Distorted Video Quality Assessment Based on Deep Multiple Instance Learning
=> No-reference noticeable blockiness estimation in images
=> no-reference objective image quality metric based on perceptually weighted local noise, A
=> No-Reference Objective Image Sharpness Metric Based on Just-Noticeable Blur and Probability Summation, A
=> No-Reference Objective Image Sharpness Metric Based on the Notion of Just Noticeable Blur (JNB), A
=> No-Reference Objective Quality Assessment for Video Communication Services Based on Feature Extraction
=> No-Reference Objective Quality Assessment Method of Display Products
=> No-Reference Objective Wavelet Based Noise Immune Image Sharpness Metric
=> no-reference panoramic image quality assessment with hierarchical perception and color features, A
=> No-Reference Perceptual Based Contrast Enhancement Metric for Ocean Scenes in Fog, A
=> No-reference perceptual blur metric for stereoscopic images
=> no-reference perceptual blur metric using histogram of gradient profile sharpness, A
=> no-reference perceptual blur metric, A
=> No-reference perceptual blur model based on inherent sharpness
=> no-reference perceptual image quality assessment database for learned image codecs, A
=> No-reference perceptual image quality metric using gradient profiles for JPEG2000
=> no-reference perceptual image sharpness metric based on saliency-weighted foveal pooling, A
=> No-reference perceptual quality assessment of JPEG compressed images
=> No-reference perceptual quality assessment of stereoscopic images based on binocular visual characteristics
=> No-reference perceptual sharpness assessment for ultra-high-definition images
=> No-Reference Physics-Based Quality Assessment of Polarization Images and Its Application to Demosaicking
=> No-reference pixel based video quality assessment for HEVC decoded video
=> No-Reference Pixel Video Quality Monitoring of Channel-Induced Distortion
=> No-Reference Point Cloud Quality Assessment via Domain Adaptation
=> No-Reference PSNR Estimation for Quality Monitoring of Motion JPEG2000 Video Over Lossy Packet Networks
=> No-Reference PSNR Identification of MPEG Video Using Spectral Regression and Reduced Model Polynomial Networks
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for 360-Degree Images by Analysis of Multifrequency Information and Local-Global Naturalness
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for 3D Colored Point Cloud and Mesh Models
=> No-reference quality assessment for contrast-distorted image
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for Contrast-Distorted Images Based on Multifaceted Statistical Representation of Structure
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for DCT-Based Compressed Image
=> No-reference quality assessment for jpeg2000 compressed images
=> No-reference quality assessment for live broadcasting videos in temporal and spatial domains
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for Multiply-Distorted Images in Gradient Domain
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for Networked Video via Primary Analysis of Bit Stream
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for Screen Content Images Based on Hybrid Region Features Fusion
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for Screen Content Images Using Visual Edge Model and AdaBoosting Neural Network
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for Stereoscopic Images Based on Binocular Quality Perception
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment for View Synthesis Using DoG-Based Edge Statistics and Texture Naturalness
=> No-reference quality assessment of 3D videos based on human visual perception
=> No-reference quality assessment of compressive sensing image recovery
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of Contrast-Distorted Images Based on Natural Scene Statistics
=> No-reference quality assessment of DIBR-synthesized videos by measuring temporal flickering
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of H.264/AVC Encoded Video
=> No-reference quality assessment of HEVC video streams based on visual memory modelling
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of JPEG Images via a Quality Relevance Map
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of Natural Stereopairs
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of Pan-Sharpening Images with Multi-Level Deep Image Representations
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of Screen Content Pictures
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Images Based on Binocular Combination of Local Features Statistics
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Videos With Inter-Frame Cross on a Content-Rich Database
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped HDR Pictures
=> No-Reference Quality Assessment Using Natural Scene Statistics: JPEG2000
=> No-Reference Quality Evaluation of Stereoscopic Video Based on Spatio-Temporal Texture
=> No-Reference Quality Evaluator of Transparently Encrypted Images
=> No-reference quality measure in brain MRI images using binary operations, texture and set analysis
=> No-reference quality metric for contrast-distorted image based on gradient domain and HSV space
=> No-reference quality metric for depth maps
=> No-reference quality metric for HEVC compression distortion estimation in depth maps
=> No-reference quality metric for watermarked images based on combining of objective metrics using neural network
=> No-Reference Quality Metric of Blocking Artifacts Based on Color Discontinuity Analysis
=> No-Reference Quality Metric of Contrast-Distorted Images Based on Information Maximization
=> No-reference Quality Metrics for Eye Fundus Imaging
=> No-reference real-time video transmission artifact detection for video signals
=> No-Reference Retargeted Image Quality Assessment Based on Pairwise Rank Learning
=> No-Reference Screen Content Image Quality Assessment With Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
=> No-Reference Sharpness Assessment of Camera-Shaken Images by Analysis of Spectral Structure
=> No-reference sharpness metric based on local edge kurtosis
=> no-reference sharpness metric based on the notion of relative blur for Gaussian blurred image, A
=> no-reference Spatial Aliasing Measure for digital image resizing, A
=> No-reference stereo image quality assessment based on joint wavelet decomposition and statistical models
=> No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Based on Convolutional Neural Network with A Long-Term Feature Fusion
=> No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment based on cyclopean image and enhanced image
=> No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Based On Visual Attention Mechanism
=> No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Considering Multi-loss Constraints
=> no-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Network Based on Binocular Interaction and Fusion Mechanisms, A
=> No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment on both complex contourlet and spatial domain via Kernel ELM
=> No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment using a multi-task CNN and registered distortion representation
=> No-reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Using Binocular Self-similarity and Deep Neural Network
=> No-reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Using Natural Scene Statistics
=> No-reference stereoscopic image quality evaluator based on human visual characteristics and relative gradient orientation
=> No-reference stereoscopic images quality assessment method based on monocular superpixel visual features and binocular visual features?
=> No-Reference Stereoscopic Video Quality Assessment Algorithm Using Joint Motion and Depth Statistics
=> No-reference task performance prediction on distorted LWIR images
=> No-reference temporal quality metric for video impaired by frame freezing artefacts
=> No-Reference Texture Regularity Metric Based on Visual Saliency, A
=> No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Based on Artifact Measurement and Statistical Analysis
=> No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Based on Ensemble of Knowledge and Data-Driven Models
=> no-reference video quality assessment based on Laplacian pyramids, A
=> No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Based On Similarity Map Estimation
=> No-reference video quality assessment by HEVC codec analysis
=> No-reference video quality assessment method based on spatio-temporal features using the ELM algorithm
=> No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Using Codec Analysis
=> No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Using Natural Spatiotemporal Scene Statistics
=> No-Reference Video Quality Assessment using novel hybrid features and two-stage hybrid regression for score level fusion
=> No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Using Voxel-Wise fMRI Models of the Visual Cortex
=> No-reference video quality assessment via feature learning
=> No-reference video quality assessment via pretrained CNN and LSTM networks
=> No-Reference Video Quality Assessment With 3D Shearlet Transform and Convolutional Neural Networks
=> No-reference video quality evaluation by a deep transfer CNN architecture
=> No-Reference Video Quality Metric Based on Artifact Measurements
=> No-reference video quality metric for HDTV based on H.264/AVC bitstream features
=> No-Reference Video Quality Monitoring for H.264/AVC Coded Video
=> no-reference video quality predictor for compression and scaling artifacts, A
=> No-Reference Video Shakiness Quality Assessment
=> No-Reference View Synthesis Quality Prediction for 3-D Videos Based on Color-Depth Interactions
=> no-threshold histogram-based image segmentation method, A
=> No-Till Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Patterns as Affected by Climate and Soil Erosion in the Arable Land of Mediterranean Europe
=> No Bias Left behind: Covariate Shift Adaptation for Discriminative 3D Pose Estimation
=> No change over time is shown in Rankin et al. Iris recognition failure over time: The effects of texture
=> No difference in variability of unique hue selections and binary hue selections
=> No effects of surround complexity on brown induction
=> No embedding: A novel image cryptosystem for meaningful encryption
=> No Fear of the Dark: Image Retrieval Under Varying Illumination Conditions
=> No frame left behind: Full Video Action Recognition
=> No Free Lunch Theorems Applied to the Calibration of Traffic Simulation Models
=> No Fuss Distance Metric Learning Using Proxies
=> No fuss metric learning, a Hilbert space scenario
=> No Grouping Left Behind: From Edges to Curve Fragments
=> No Matter Where You Are: Flexible Graph-Guided Multi-task Learning for Multi-view Head Pose Classification under Target Motion
=> No More Discrimination: Cross City Adaptation of Road Scene Segmenters
=> No Need for Landmarks: An Embodied Neural Controller for Robust Insect-Like Navigation Behaviors
=> No Need for Speed: More Signal Processing Innovation Is Required Before Adopting Automated Vehicles
=> No One is Superman: 3-D Safety Margin Profiles When Using Head-Up Display (HUD) for Takeoff in Low Visibility and High Crosswind Conditions
=> No Pain, Big Gain: Classify Dynamic Point Cloud Sequences with Static Models by Fitting Feature-level Space-time Surfaces
=> No Panacea Theorem for classifier combination, A
=> No Panacea Theorem for Multiple Classifier Combination, A
=> No reference image quality assessment based on local binary pattern statistics
=> No Reference Image Quality Assessment by Information Decomposition
=> No reference image quality assessment for JPEG2000 based on spatial features
=> No reference image quality assessment metric via multi-domain structural information and piecewise regression
=> No reference image quality assessments based on edge-blur measure and its applications in printed sheet blurs classification
=> No reference measurement of contrast distortion and optimal contrast enhancement
=> No reference metric of video coding quality based on parametric analysis of video bitstream
=> No reference noise estimation in digital images using random conditional selection and sampling theory
=> No Reference Opinion Unaware Quality Assessment of Authentically Distorted Images
=> No reference PSNR estimation for compressed pictures
=> No reference PSNR estimation for compressed pictures
=> No Reference Quality Assessment for 3D Synthesized Views by Local Structure Variation and Global Naturalness Change
=> No reference quality assessment for MPEG video delivery over IP
=> No Reference Quality Assessment for Multiply-Distorted Images Based on an Improved Bag-of-Words Model
=> No Reference Quality Assessment for Screen Content Images Using Stacked Autoencoders in Pictorial and Textual Regions
=> No Reference Quality Assessment for Screen Content Images With Both Local and Global Feature Representation
=> No reference quality assessment for Thangka color image based on superpixel
=> No reference quality evaluation of medical image fusion
=> No reference stereo video quality assessment based on motion feature in tensor decomposition domain
=> no reference texture granularity index and application to visual media compression, A
=> No Reference Uneven Illumination Assessment for Dermoscopy Images
=> No Shadow Left Behind: Removing Objects and their Shadows using Approximate Lighting and Geometry
=> No Shifted Augmentations (NSA): Compact distributions for robust self-supervised Anomaly Detection
=> No spare parts: Sharing part detectors for image categorization
=> No Surprises: Training Robust Lung Nodule Detection for Low-Dose CT Scans by Augmenting With Adversarial Attacks
=> No Token Left Behind: Explainability-Aided Image Classification and Generation
=> No, That Never Happened!! Investigating Rumors on Twitter
=> NO2 Retrieval from the Environmental Trace Gases Monitoring Instrument (EMI): Preliminary Results and Intercomparison with OMI and TROPOMI
=> NOAA-20 and S-NPP VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands On-Orbit Calibration Algorithm Update and Long-Term Performance Inter-Comparison
=> NOAA-20 VIIRS Reflective Solar Band Postlaunch Calibration Updates Two Years In-Orbit
=> NOAA-AVHRR Orbital Drift Correction From Solar Zenithal Angle Data
=> NOAA-AVHRR Orbital Drift Correction: Validating Methods Using MSG-SEVIRI Data as a Benchmark Dataset
=> NOAA Operational Microwave Sounding Radiometer Data Quality Monitoring and Anomaly Assessment Using COSMIC GNSS Radio-Occultation Soundings
=> NOAA Satellite Soil Moisture Operational Product System (SMOPS) Version 3.0 Generates Higher Accuracy Blended Satellite Soil Moisture
=> Nobel Chile Jalapeno sorting using structured laser and neural network classifiers
=> Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2003, The
=> NOC-REK: Novel Object Captioning with Retrieved Vocabulary from External Knowledge
=> Nocal-Siam: Refining Visual Features and Response With Advanced Non-Local Blocks for Real-Time Siamese Tracking
=> nocaps: novel object captioning at scale
=> Nocturnal Boundary Layer Height Uncertainty in Particulate Matter Simulations during the KORUS-AQ Campaign
=> Nocturnal Surface Urban Heat Island over Greater Cairo: Spatial Morphology, Temporal Trends and Links to Land-Atmosphere Influences
=> Nodal Sampling: A New Image Reconstruction Algorithm for SMOS
=> Node-Adaptive Multi-Graph Fusion Using Extreme Value Theory
=> Node-aligned Graph Convolutional Network for Whole-slide Image Representation and Classification
=> Node-Based Gaussian Graphical Model for Identifying Discriminative Brain Regions from Connectivity Graphs
=> Node-Based Modeling Approach for the Continuous Dynamic Network Loading Problem, A
=> Node-Based Optimization of GNSS Tomography with a Minimum Bounding Box Algorithm
=> Node-Feature Convolution for Graph Convolutional Networks
=> Node-Sensitive Graph Fusion via Topo-Correlation for Image Retrieval
=> Node Capability Classification in Internet of Things, A
=> Node Centrality for Continuous-Time Quantum Walks
=> Node localization in unsynchronized time of arrival sensor networks
=> Node Matching Computation Between Two Large Graphs in Linear Computational Cost
=> Node Representation Learning in Graph via Node-to-Neighbourhood Mutual Information Maximization
=> Node Representation Learning in Graph via Node-to-Neighbourhood Mutual Information Maximization
=> Node2vec with weak supervision on community structures
=> NODEO: A Neural Ordinary Differential Equation Based Optimization Framework for Deformable Image Registration
=> NodeSLAM: Neural Object Descriptors for Multi-View Shape Reconstruction
=> Nodis: Neural Ordinary Differential Scene Understanding
=> Nodule Generation of Lung CT Images Using a 3d Convolutional LSTM Network
=> Noesis Vision
=> NoGAN approach for image and video restoration and compression artifact removal, A
=> Noise-Adaptive Discriminant Function and Its Application to Blurred Machine Printed Kanji Recognition, A
=> Noise-Adaptive LDA: A New Approach for Speech Recognition Under Observation Uncertainty
=> Noise-Added Texture Analysis
=> Noise-aided dynamic range compression using selective processing in a statistics-dependent stochastic resonance model
=> Noise-Aware Framework for Robust Visual Tracking
=> Noise-Aware Fully Webly Supervised Object Detection
=> Noise-Aware Super-Resolution of Depth Maps Via Graph-Based Plug-And-Play Framework
=> Noise-Aware Texture-Preserving Low-Light Enhancement
=> Noise-Aware Unsupervised Deep Lidar-Stereo Fusion
=> Noise-based Selection of Robust Inherited Model for Accurate Continual Learning
=> Noise-Blind Image Deblurring
=> Noise-bound method for detecting shadow-free scene changes in image sequences
=> Noise-Compensated, Bias-Corrected Diffusion Weighted Endorectal Magnetic Resonance Imaging via a Stochastically Fully-Connected Joint Conditional Random Field Model
=> noise-detection based AdaBoost algorithm for mislabeled data, A
=> Noise-Driven Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering of MRI
=> Noise-Filtered Under-Sampling Scheme for Imbalanced Classification, A
=> Noise-Filtering Method Using a Local Information Measure, A
=> noise-immune no-reference metric for estimating blurriness value of an image, A
=> Noise-induced contrast enhancement using stochastic resonance on singular values
=> Noise-Induced Improvement of the Parkinsonian State: A Computational Study
=> Noise-insensitive and edge-preserving resolution upconversion scheme for digital image based on the spatial general autoregressive model
=> Noise-Insensitive Contrast Enhancement for Rendering High-Dynamic-Range Images
=> Noise-Insensitive Object Tracking Algorithm, A
=> Noise-optimal capture for high dynamic range photography
=> Noise-Powered Disentangled Representation for Unsupervised Speckle Reduction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images
=> Noise-proofing the doubly SH-projected coefficients for synthesizing images under environment lighting
=> Noise-refined image enhancement using multi-objective optimisation
=> Noise-Related Radiometric Correction in the TerraSAR-X Multimode SAR Processor
=> Noise-Removal Markers to Improve PCA-Based Face Recognition
=> Noise-Residue Filtering Based on Unsupervised Clustering for Phase Unwrapping
=> Noise-Resilient Online Learning Algorithm for Scene Classification, A
=> Noise-Resistant Affine Skeletons of Planar Curves
=> noise-resistant algorithm for grid finding in microarray image analysis, A
=> Noise-resistant Deep Metric Learning with Ranking-based Instance Selection
=> Noise-resistant Digital Euclidean Connected Skeleton for graph-based shape matching
=> Noise-resistant hemispherical basis for image-based relighting
=> Noise-Resistant Image Retrieval
=> Noise-Resistant Local Binary Pattern With an Embedded Error-Correction Mechanism
=> Noise-Resistant Wavelet-Based Bayesian Fusion of Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images
=> Noise-Robust Adaptive Hybrid Pattern for Texture Classification, A
=> Noise-robust color edge detector using gradient matrix and anisotropic Gaussian directional derivative matrix
=> Noise-robust dictionary learning with slack block-Diagonal structure for face recognition
=> Noise-robust edge detector combining isotropic and anisotropic Gaussian kernels
=> Noise-Robust Estimation of Planar Roto-Translations with High Precision
=> Noise-Robust Framework for Automatic Segmentation of COVID-19 Pneumonia Lesions From CT Images, A
=> Noise-Robust ISAR Translational Motion Compensation via HLPT-GSCFT
=> Noise-Robust Iterative Back-Projection
=> Noise-Robust Method for Image Segmentation
=> Noise-Robust Motion Compensation for Aerial Maneuvering Target ISAR Imaging by Parametric Minimum Entropy Optimization
=> Noise-robust oversampling for imbalanced data classification
=> Noise-robust pitch detection method using wavelet transform with aliasing compensation
=> Noise-Robust Self-Adaptive Multitarget Speaker Detection System, A
=> Noise-robust semi-supervised learning via fast sparse coding
=> Noise-Robust Texture Description Using Local Contrast Patterns via Global Measures
=> Noise-robust transparent visualization of large-scale point clouds acquired by laser scanning
=> Noise-Robust Voice Activity Detector Based on Hidden Semi-Markov Models
=> Noise-Sampling Cross Entropy Loss: Improving Disparity Regression Via Cost Volume Aware Regularizer
=> Noise-Sensitive Adversarial Learning for Weakly Supervised Salient Object Detection
=> Noise-sensitivity Analysis and Improvement of Automatic Retrieval of Temperature and Emissivity Using Spectral Smoothness
=> Noise-Separated Adaptive Feature Distillation for Robust Speech Recognition
=> noise-suppressing and edge-preserving multiframe super-resolution image reconstruction method, A
=> Noise-Suppressing Deep Tracking
=> Noise-tolerant deep learning for histopathological image segmentation
=> Noise-tolerant Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Noise-Tolerant Paradigm for Training Face Recognition CNNs
=> Noise-tolerant texture feature extraction through directional thresholded local binary pattern
=> Noise Adaptation Generative Adversarial Network for Medical Image Analysis
=> Noise Adaptation Generative Adversarial Network for Medical Image Analysis
=> Noise Adaptive Fuzzy Equalization Method with Variable Neighborhood for Processing of High Dynamic Range Images in Solar Corona Research, A
=> Noise Adaptive Image Restoration: A Minimum Mean Square Error Approach
=> Noise adaptive rational filter
=> Noise adaptive soft-switching median filter
=> Noise Adaptive Stream Weighting in Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
=> Noise Analysis and Combination of Hydrology Loading-Induced Displacements
=> Noise Analysis and Removal in 3D Electron Microscopy
=> Noise Analysis for Depth Estimation
=> Noise analysis for lensless compressive imaging
=> Noise Analysis of a SFS Algorithm Formulated under Various Imaging Conditions
=> Noise and dynamic range optimal computational imaging
=> Noise and Signal Activity Maps for Better Imaging Algorithms
=> Noise and Signal Estimation in Magnitude MRI and Rician Distributed Images: A LMMSE Approach
=> Noise and Zero Excursion Elimination of Electrostatic Detection Signals Based on EMD and Wavelet Transform
=> Noise as a Resource for Learning in Knowledge Distillation
=> Noise Attenuation for Seismic Signal by Non-Linear Thresholding in Curvelet Domain
=> Noise attenuation performance of mura apertures in photographic cameras
=> noise attribute thresholding method for document image binarization, A
=> Noise Augmented Double-Stream Graph Convolutional Networks for Image Captioning
=> Noise bias compensation of tone mapped noisy image
=> Noise Characteristics Modeled Unsupervised Network for Robust CT Image Reconstruction
=> Noise Characterization and Performance of MODIS Thermal Emissive Bands
=> Noise characterization in ancient document images based on DCT coefficient distribution
=> Noise characterization of block-iterative reconstruction algorithms: I. Theory
=> Noise characterization of block-iterative reconstruction algorithms: II. Monte Carlo simulations
=> Noise characterization of weighting schemes for combination of multiple exposures
=> Noise Clinic: a Blind Image Denoising Algorithm, The
=> noise clinic: A universal blind denoising algorithm, The
=> Noise compensation in a person verification system using face and multiple speech features
=> Noise Conditional Flow Model for Learning the Super-Resolution Space
=> Noise Conscious Training of Non Local Neural Network Powered by Self Attentive Spectral Normalized Markovian Patch GAN for Low Dose CT Denoising
=> Noise correction of image labeling in crowdsourcing
=> Noise Correction on Rician Distributed Data for Fibre Orientation Estimators
=> Noise Correlation Effect on Detection: Signals in Equicorrelated or Autoregressive(1) Gaussian
=> Noise De-Correlation Based Sun Glint Correction Method and Its Effect on Shallow Bathymetry Inversion, A
=> Noise Decomposition Using Polynomial Approximation
=> Noise Detection Fuzzy (NDF) Filter for Removing Salt and Pepper Noise
=> Noise Distribution Adaptive Self-Supervised Image Denoising using Tweedie Distribution and Score Matching
=> Noise effects in statistical subpixel pattern recognition
=> Noise Equalization for Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Direct Digital Mammogram Images
=> Noise estimation and adaptive filtering during visual tracking
=> Noise Estimation and Filtering Using Block-Based Singular-Value Decomposition
=> Noise Estimation and Reduction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a New Multispectral Nonlocal Maximum-likelihood Filter
=> Noise Estimation for Blocking Artifacts Reduction in DCT Coded Images
=> Noise Estimation for Video Processing Based on Spatio-Temporal Gradients
=> Noise Estimation from a Single Image
=> Noise Estimation From Digital Step-Model Signal
=> Noise Estimation in Digital Images Using Fuzzy Processing
=> Noise Estimation in Magnitude MR Datasets
=> Noise Estimation of Natural Images via Statistical Analysis and Noise Injection
=> Noise Estimation of Remote Sensing Reflectance Using a Segmentation Approach Suitable for Optically Shallow Waters
=> Noise estimation using statistics of natural images
=> Noise Features for Image Tampering Detection and Steganalysis
=> Noise Filtering and Testing Illustrated Using a Multi-Dimensional Partial Volume Model of MR Data
=> Noise Filtering in Binary Pictures by Combinatorial Techniques
=> Noise Filtering in Digital Images and Approximation Theory
=> Noise filtering of periodic image sequences
=> Noise Filtering of Remotely Sensed Images using Iterative Thresholding of Wavelet and Curvelet Transforms
=> Noise Floor and Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Radio Occultation Observations: A Cross-Mission Statistical Comparison
=> Noise Flow: Noise Modeling With Conditional Normalizing Flows
=> Noise Folding in Compressed Sensing
=> Noise gradient reduction based on morphological dual operators
=> Noise histogram regularization for iterative image reconstruction algorithms
=> Noise impact on time-series forecasting using an intelligent pattern matching technique
=> Noise in Bilinear Problems
=> Noise in high dynamic range imaging
=> Noise in Imaging Chains: Correlations and Predictions
=> Noise in Remote Sensing Systems: Effect on Classification Accuracy
=> Noise Insensitive High Resolution Demosaicing Algorithm Considering Cross-Channel Correlation
=> Noise Interpolation for Unique Word OFDM
=> Noise Is Also Useful: Negative Correlation-Steered Latent Contrastive Learning
=> Noise is Inside Me! Generating Adversarial Perturbations with Noise Derived from Natural Filters
=> Noise Level Estimation for Natural Images Based on Scale-Invariant Kurtosis and Piecewise Stationarity
=> Noise level estimation using weak textured patches of a single noisy image
=> Noise Localization Method for Model Tests in a Large Cavitation Tunnel Using a Hydrophone Array
=> Noise modeling and depth calibration for Time-Of-Flight cameras
=> Noise Modeling, Synthesis and Classification for Generic Object Anti-Spoofing
=> Noise Modelling and Uncertainty Propagation for TOF Sensors
=> Noise modelling for denoising and three-dimensional face recognition algorithms performance evaluation
=> Noise Modelling in Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Variational Approach
=> Noise modelling in time-of-flight sensors with application to depth noise removal and uncertainty estimation in three-dimensional measurement
=> Noise models for linear feature detection in SAR images
=> Noise Parameter Estimation for Poisson Corrupted Images Using Variance Stabilization Transforms
=> Noise Parameter Estimation Two-Stage Network for Single Infrared Dim Small Target Image Destriping
=> Noise Parameter Mismatch in Variance Stabilization, With an Application to Poisson-Gaussian Noise Estimation
=> Noise Pattern Recognition of Airplanes Taking Off: Task for a Monitoring System
=> Noise Performance of a Precision Pulsed Electromagnet Power Supply for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
=> Noise performance of linear associative memories
=> Noise Power Spectrum Measurements in Digital Imaging With Gain Nonuniformity Correction
=> Noise Preserving Sharpening Filter for CT Image Enhancement, A
=> Noise Prior Knowledge Informed Bayesian Inference Network for Hyperspectral Super-Resolution
=> Noise Properties of Chord-Image Reconstruction
=> Noise Properties of Motion-Compensated Tomographic Image Reconstruction Methods
=> Noise Radar for Range/Doppler Processing and Digital Beamforming Using Low-Bit ADC
=> Noise reduction and edge detection via kernel anisotropic diffusion
=> Noise reduction and enhancement by means of adaptive residue-image processing
=> Noise Reduction and Gap Filling of fAPAR Time Series Using an Adapted Local Regression Filter
=> Noise reduction and interlaced-to-progressive conversion based on optimal adaptation
=> Noise Reduction and Interpretation of Ice-penetrating Radar Data In Antarctic Ice Sheet Based On Variational Mode Decomposition
=> Noise reduction and object enhancement in passive millimeter wave concealed weapon detection
=> Noise reduction and segmentation in time-varying ultrasound images
=> Noise reduction apparatus for reducing noise in decoding of moving picture sequence
=> Noise Reduction Based on Partial-Reference, Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Shrinkage
=> Noise reduction circuit for video signal having field memory
=> Noise Reduction for Image Sequences Using an Oriented Pyramid Thresholding Technique
=> Noise reduction for magnetic resonance images via adaptive multiscale products thresholding
=> Noise reduction for sonar images by statistical analysis and fields of experts
=> Noise Reduction in 3D Images Using Morphological Amoebas
=> Noise Reduction in CMOS Image Sensor Using Cellular Neural Networks with a Genetic Algorithm
=> Noise reduction in color video sequences using multichannel motion-compensated L-filter
=> Noise Reduction in Computed Tomography Scans Using 3-D Anisotropic Hybrid Diffusion With Continuous Switch
=> Noise Reduction in CT Using Learned Wavelet-Frame Shrinkage Networks
=> Noise reduction in high dynamic range images
=> Noise reduction in high dynamic range imaging
=> Noise Reduction in Hyperspectral Imagery: Overview and Application
=> Noise reduction in PET sinograms using non-local total variation regularization
=> Noise Reduction in Small-Animal PET Images Using a Multiresolution Transform
=> Noise Reduction in Surface Reconstruction from a Given Gradient Field
=> Noise Reduction in Thermal Images
=> Noise Reduction in Three-Dimensional Digital Images
=> Noise Reduction Method for Image Signal Processor Based on Unified Image Sensor Noise Model
=> Noise Reduction of cDNA Microarray Images Using Complex Wavelets
=> Noise reduction of continuous wave radar and pulse radar using matched filter and wavelets
=> Noise Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Hybrid Spatial-Spectral Derivative-Domain Wavelet Shrinkage
=> Noise reduction of image sequences using motion compensation and signal decomposition
=> Noise reduction of images with multiple subband transforms
=> Noise Reduction of VQ Encoded Images Through Anti-Gray Coding
=> Noise reduction on mammographic phantom images
=> Noise reduction system for video signals
=> Noise reduction system
=> Noise reduction using multiscale bilateral decomposition for digital color images
=> Noise reduction using wavelet cycle spinning: Analysis of useful periodicities in the z-transform domain
=> Noise reduction, smoothing and time interval segmentation of noisy signals using an energy optimisation method
=> Noise Removal and Feature Extraction in Airborne Radar Sounding Data of Ice Sheets
=> Noise removal and impainting model for IRIS image
=> Noise Removal and Restoration Using Voting-Based Analysis and Image Segmentation Based on Statistical Models
=> Noise Removal Based on Tensor Modelling for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Noise Removal Based on the Variation of Digitized Energy
=> Noise Removal From Hyperspectral Image With Joint Spectral-Spatial Distributed Sparse Representation
=> Noise Removal From Hyperspectral Images by Multidimensional Filtering
=> Noise Removal from Images by Projecting onto Bases of Principal Components
=> Noise removal from MR images via iterative regularization based on higher-order singular value decomposition
=> Noise Removal from Remote Sensed Images by NonLocal Means with OpenCL Algorithm
=> Noise Removal Using Edge-Preserving Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations
=> Noise removal using fourth-order partial differential equation with applications to medical magnetic resonance images in space and time
=> Noise Removal Using Smoothed Normals and Surface Fitting
=> Noise Removal via Bayesian Wavelet Coring
=> Noise Removal via Bayesian Wavelet Coring
=> Noise Removal via Bayesian Wavelet Coring
=> Noise Removal via Bayesian Wavelet Coring
=> Noise Removal With Gauss Curvature-Driven Diffusion
=> Noise Resistant Gradient Calculation and Edge Detection Using Local Binary Patterns
=> Noise resistant graph ranking for improved web image search
=> Noise Resistant Invariants of Curves
=> Noise Resistant Projective and Affine Invariants
=> Noise Robust Depth from Focus Using a Ring Difference Filter
=> Noise Robust Face Hallucination via Locality-Constrained Representation
=> Noise Robust Face Image Super-Resolution Through Smooth Sparse Representation
=> Noise Robust Front-end for Speech Recognition Using Hough Transform and Cumulative Distribution Mapping, A
=> Noise Robust Generative Adversarial Networks
=> Noise Robust Hard Example Mining for Human Detection with Efficient Depth-Thermal Fusion
=> Noise Robust High-Speed Motion Compensation for ISAR Imaging Based on Parametric Minimum Entropy Optimization
=> Noise robust image edge detection based upon the automatic anisotropic Gaussian kernels
=> Noise robust image matching using adjacent evaluation census transform and wavelet edge joint bilateral filter in stereo vision
=> Noise robust intuitionistic fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm incorporating local information
=> noise robust method for change detection, A
=> Noise Robust Micro-Range Estimation Method for Precession Cone-Shaped Targets, A
=> Noise Robust Motion Refinement for Motion Compensated Noise Reduction
=> Noise robust oversampled linear phase perfect reconstruction filter bank with a lattice structure
=> Noise robust rotation invariant features for texture classification
=> Noise Robust Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Multiscale Image Pyramid
=> Noise robust spatial gradient estimation for use in displacement estimation
=> Noise Robust Spectral Clustering
=> Noise Robust Training of Segmentation Model Using Knowledge Distillation
=> Noise robust voice detector for speaker recognition
=> Noise Robustness Analysis of Point Cloud Descriptors
=> Noise robustness of a combined phase retrieval and reconstruction method for phase-contrast tomography
=> Noise robustness of nonlinear filters for image recognition
=> Noise Robustness of Texture Features
=> Noise Sensitive Trajectory Planning for MR Guided TAVI
=> Noise sensitivity signatures for model selection
=> Noise Simulation and Correction in Synthetic Airborne TIR Data for Mineral Quantification
=> Noise smoothing by a fast K-nearest neighbour algorithm
=> Noise stable image registration using RANdom RESAmple Consensus
=> Noise suppression based on the fractal dimension estimates
=> Noise Suppression by Minima Controlled Recursive Averaging for SSVEP-Based BCIs With Single Channel
=> Noise Suppression for Dual-Energy CT Through Entropy Minimization
=> Noise Suppression for Dual-Energy CT Through Entropy Minimization
=> Noise suppression in low-light images through joint denoising and demosaicing
=> Noise Suppression Methods in Beam Hardening Correction for X-Ray Computed Tomography
=> Noise Suppression With Similarity-Based Self-Supervised Deep Learning
=> Noise tolerant local binary pattern operator for efficient texture analysis
=> Noise Tolerant Script Identification of Printed Oriental and English Documents Using a Downgraded Pixel Density Feature
=> Noise Tolerant Watershed Transformation with Viscous Force for Seeded Image Segmentation, A
=> Noise Variance Adaptive SEA for Motion Estimation: A Two-Stage Schema
=> Noise variance estimation in nonlocal transform domain
=> Noise Variance Estimation Through Joint Analysis of Intrinsic Dimension and Differential Entropy
=> Noise versus Facial Expression on 3D Face Recognition
=> Noise, histogram and cluster validity for Gaussian-mixtured data
=> Noise2NoiseFlow: Realistic Camera Noise Modeling without Clean Images
=> Noise2Void - Learning Denoising From Single Noisy Images
=> Noised Phase Unwrapping Based on the Adaptive Window of Wigner Distribution
=> NoiseFlow: Learning Optical Flow from Low SNR Cryo-EM Movie
=> Noiseless GPU rendering of isotropic BRDF surfaces
=> Noiseless no-flash photo creation by color transform of flash image
=> NoiseModelling: An Open Source GIS Based Tool to Produce Environmental Noise Maps
=> NoiseNet: Signal-Dependent Noise Variance Estimation with Convolutional Neural Network
=> Noiserank: Unsupervised Label Noise Reduction with Dependence Models
=> Noisetransfer: Image Noise Generation with Contrastive Embeddings
=> Noisier2Noise: Learning to Denoise From Unpaired Noisy Data
=> Noising-Denoising Framework for Point Cloud Upsampling via Normalizing Flows, A
=> Noising versus Smoothing for Vertex Identification in Unknown Shapes
=> Noisy-as-Clean: Learning Self-Supervised Denoising From Corrupted Image
=> Noisy and incomplete fingerprint classification using local ridge distribution models
=> Noisy Annotations Robust Consensual Collaborative Affect Expression Recognition
=> Noisy Boundaries: Lemon or Lemonade for Semi-supervised Instance Segmentation?
=> noisy chaotic neural network approach to image denoising, A
=> Noisy Character Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Noisy Concurrent Training for Efficient Learning under Label Noise
=> Noisy Face Image Sets Refining Collaborated with Discriminant Feature Space Learning
=> Noisy Image Decomposition: A New Structure, Texture and Noise Model Based on Local Adaptivity
=> Noisy iris image matching by using multiple cues
=> Noisy Iris Recognition Integrated Scheme
=> Noisy iris segmentation with boundary regularization and reflections removal
=> Noisy Iris Verification: A Modified Version of Local Intensity Variation Method
=> Noisy Label Recovery for Shadow Detection in Unfamiliar Domains
=> Noisy Localization Annotation Refinement for Object Detection
=> Noisy Localization Annotation Refinement for Object Detection
=> Noisy logo recognition using line segment Hausdorff distance
=> Noisy manifold learning using neighborhood smoothing embedding
=> Noisy Motion Vector Elimination by Bi-directional Vector-Based Zero Comparison
=> Noisy MPEG Motion Vector Reduction for Motion Analysis
=> Noisy multi-label semi-supervised dimensionality reduction
=> Noisy Phase Unwrap for Fringe Techniques: Adaptive Local Polynomial Approximations
=> Noisy Softmax: Improving the Generalization Ability of DCNN via Postponing the Early Softmax Saturation
=> Noisy Text Categorization
=> Noisy Text Categorization
=> Noisy Texture Classification: A Higher Order Statistics Approach
=> NoisyOTNet: A Robust Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Model for Traffic Surveillance
=> NOKMeans: Non-Orthogonal K-means Hashing
=> Nom document digitalization by deep convolution neural networks
=> Nom historical document recognition system for digital archiving, A
=> NOMA-Based Uncoded Video Transmission With Optimization of Joint Resource Allocation
=> NOMA-Enabled Framework for Relay Deployment and Network Optimization in Double-Layer Airborne Access VANETs, A
=> NOMA-Enabled Optimization Framework for Next-Generation Small-Cell IoV Networks Under Imperfect SIC Decoding
=> Nomad 200 and the Nomad SuperScout: Reverse engineered and resurrected, The
=> Nominal 30-m Cropland Extent Map of Continental Africa by Integrating Pixel-Based and Object-Based Algorithms Using Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 Data on Google Earth Engine
=> Nominal Land Valuation with Best-Worst Method Using Geographic Information System: A Case of Atakum, Samsun
=> Nomination-favoured opinion pool for optical-SAR-synergistic rice mapping in face of weakened flooding signals
=> NomMer: Nominate Synergistic Context in Vision Transformer for Visual Recognition
=> Non-Abelian invariant feature detection
=> Non-Accidental Features for Gesture Spotting
=> Non-adaptive and Amoeba Quantile Filters for Colour Images
=> Non-Additive Approach for Gradient-Based Edge Detection
=> Non-additive Approach for Omnidirectional Image Gradient Estimation
=> Non-additive Bounded Sets of Uniqueness in Z_n
=> Non-Additive Imprecise Image Super-Resolution in a Semi-Blind Context
=> Non-additive imprecise image super-resolution
=> Non-additive noise and optimal correlation
=> Non-Adversarial Image Synthesis With Generative Latent Nearest Neighbors
=> Non-Adversarial Video Synthesis with Learned Priors
=> Non-aligned double JPEG compression detection based on refined Markov features in QDCT domain
=> non-alternating graph hashing algorithm for large-scale image search, A
=> Non-Antipodal Signaling Based Robust Detection for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks
=> Non-Archimedean normalized fields in texture analysis tasks
=> Non-associative Higher-Order Markov Networks for Point Cloud Classification
=> Non-associative Markov networks for 3D point cloud classification
=> Non-Autoregressive Transformer for Speech Recognition
=> Non-Bayesian Model for Tree Crown Extraction using Marked Point Processes, A
=> Non-Binary Snow Index for Multi-Component Surfaces
=> Non-Blind Deblurring for Fluorescence: A Deformable Latent Space Approach with Kernel Parameterization
=> Non-blind deblurring of structured images with geometric deformation
=> Non-blind Deblurring: Handling Kernel Uncertainty with CNNs
=> Non-blind image deconvolution using a regularization based on re-blurring process
=> Non-blind image restoration with symmetric generalized Pareto priors
=> Non-Blind Structure-Preserving Substitution Watermarking of H.264/CAVLC Inter-Frames
=> Non-cardinal color mechanism strength differs across color planes but not across subjects
=> Non-cardinal color perception across the retina: Easy for orange, hard for burgundy and sky blue
=> Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction With Automatic Regularization Via Monte-Carlo SURE
=> Non-causal encoding of predictively coded samples
=> Non-causal non-parametric multi-scale Markov Random Field synthesis of volumetric textures from a unique 2D sample
=> Non-causal Temporal Prior for Video Deblocking
=> Non-causal Tracking by Deblatting
=> Non-centered Voronoi Skeletons
=> Non-coherent accumulation algorithm of non-cooperative radiation source radar signals based on dynamic programming
=> Non-Coherent Direction of Arrival Estimation from Magnitude-Only Measurements
=> Non-Coherent DOA Estimation via Majorization-Minimization Using Sign Information
=> Non-Coherent Unambiguous Tracking Method for Cosine-BOC Signals Based on an S-Curve Shaping Technique
=> Non-Common Band SAR Interferometry Via Compressive Sensing
=> Non-common Field of View 2D Full-Field Digital Image Correlation Method Based on Space Conversion Calibration Method
=> Non-concept density estimation via kernel regression for concept ranking in weakly labelled data
=> Non-contact 3D acquisition system based on stereo vision and laser triangulation
=> Non-Contact Based Modeling of Enervation
=> non-contact device for tracking gaze in a human computer interface, A
=> Non-contact eye gaze tracking system by mapping of corneal reflections
=> Non-contact Full Field Vibration Measurement Based on Phase-Shifting
=> Non-Contact Heart Rate Estimation via Adaptive RGB/NIR Signal Fusion
=> Non-contact Heart Rate Monitoring by Combining Convolutional Neural Network Skin Detection and Remote Photoplethysmography via a Low-Cost Camera
=> Non-contact Heart Rate Monitoring Using Multiple RGB Cameras
=> Non-Contact In-Plane Movement Estimation of Floating Covers Using Finite Element Formulation on Field-Scale DEM
=> Non-contact measurement of surface profile
=> Non-contact measurement system for swallowing time using Fiber grating vision sensor
=> Non-contact Method for Extracting Heart and Respiration Rates, A
=> Non-Contact Monitoring of Respiration in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
=> non-contact monitoring system for investigating as-built membrane roof structures, A
=> Non-Contact Photogrammetric Methodology to Evaluate the Structural Health of Historical Constructions
=> Non-Contact Photoplethysmogram and Instantaneous Heart Rate Estimation from Infrared Face Video
=> Non-contact PPG signal and heart rate estimation with multi-hierarchical convolutional network
=> Non-contact pulse transit time measurement using imaging camera, and its relation to blood pressure
=> Non-Contact Reflectance Photoplethysmography: Progress, Limitations, and Myths
=> Non-contact signal detection and processing techniques for cardio-respiratory thoracic activity
=> Non-Contact Simultaneous Photoplethysmogram and Ballistocardiogram Video Recording towards Real-Time Blood Pressure and Abnormal Heart Rhythm Monitoring
=> Non-Contact Speech Recovery Technology Using a 24 GHz Portable Auditory Radar and Webcam
=> Non-contact velocity compensation system for handheld scanners
=> Non-Contact Vital Sign Monitoring in the Clinic
=> Non-contrast based edge descriptor for image segmentation
=> Non-Contrastive Nearest Neighbor Identity-Guided Method for Unsupervised Object Re-Identification
=> Non-Conventional Algorithm for Representing and Recognizing Complicated Two-Dimensional Objects
=> Non-conventional keystroke dynamics for user authentication
=> non-conventional procedure for the 3D modeling of WWI forts, A
=> Non-convex hybrid total variation for image denoising
=> Non-Convex Low-Rank Approximation for Image Denoising and Deblurring
=> Non-convex nonlocal adaptive tight frame image deblurring
=> Non-convex Nonseparable Approach to Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy, A
=> Non-convex onion-peeling using a shape hull algorithm
=> Non-convex online robust PCA: Enhance sparsity via lp-norm minimization
=> Non-Convex Optimization For Sparse Interferometric Phase Estimation
=> Non-convex P-Norm Projection for Robust Sparsity
=> Non-convex PDE Scale Space, A
=> Non-convex Rank/Sparsity Regularization and Local Minima
=> Non-convex regularized self-representation for unsupervised feature selection
=> non-convex relaxation approach to sparse dictionary learning, A
=> Non-convex Relaxation for Fixed-Rank Approximation, A
=> Non-convex sparse optimization through deterministic annealing and applications
=> Non-convex Total Variation Regularization for Convex Denoising of Signals
=> Non-convex Variational Approach to Photometric Stereo under Inaccurate Lighting, A
=> Non-Cooperative Beacon Power Control for VANETs
=> Non-Cooperative Bistatic SAR Clock Drift Compensation for Tomographic Acquisitions
=> Non-Cooperative Feedback Control Game for Secondary Transmitter in Cognitive Radio Network
=> Non-cooperative Game for 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes, A
=> non-cooperative long-range biometric system for maritime surveillance, A
=> Non-cooperative Object Detection in Sea Using Acoustic Sensors
=> Non-Cooperative Passive Direct Localization Based on Waveform Estimation
=> Non-Cooperative Persons Identification at a Distance with 3D Face Modeling
=> Non-cooperative Space Target High-Speed Tracking Measuring Method Based on FPGA
=> Non-crosstalk ultrasonic ranging system excited using chaotic sine frequency modulated sequences
=> non-deadlock reconfiguration strategy in cooperative module systems, A
=> Non-Degraded Adaptive HEVC Steganography by Advanced Motion Vector Prediction
=> Non-dermatoscopic Image Analysis for the Recognition of Malignant Skin Diseases with Convolutional Neural Network and Autoencoders
=> Non-destructive automatic leaf area measurements by combining stereo and time-of-flight images
=> Non-Destructive Biomass Estimation in Mediterranean Alpha Steppes: Improving Traditional Methods for Measuring Dry and Green Fractions by Combining Proximal Remote Sensing Tools
=> Non-destructive Detection of Hollow Heart in Potatoes Using Hyperspectral Imaging
=> Non-Destructive Diagnosis on the Masaccio Frescoes at the Brancacci Chapel, Church of Santa Maria del Carmine (Florence)
=> Non-Destructive Early Detection and Quantitative Severity Stage Classification of Tomato Chlorosis Virus (ToCV) Infection in Young Tomato Plants Using Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
=> Non-Destructive Monitoring of Maize Nitrogen Concentration Using a Hyperspectral LiDAR: An Evaluation from Leaf-Level to Plant-Level
=> Non-destructive Monitoring Of Rice By Hyperspectral In-field Spectrometry And Uav-based Remote Sensing: Case Study Of Field-grown Rice In North Rhine-westphalia, Germany
=> Non-destructive Soft Fruit Mass and Volume Estimation for Phenotyping in Horticulture
=> Non-destructive Survey Of Archaeological Sites Using Airborne Laser Scanning And Geophysical Applications
=> Non-destructively Prediction of Quality Parameters of Dry-Cured Iberian Ham by Applying Computer Vision and Low-Field MRI
=> Non-Deterministic Face Mask Removal Based on 3d Priors
=> Non-diagonal color correction
=> Non-dictionary Aided Sparse Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images via Weighted Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
=> Non-Discriminative Data or Weak Model? On the Relative Importance of Data and Model Resolution
=> Non-Dominated Immune-Endocrine Short Feedback Algorithm for Multi-Robot Maritime Patrolling
=> Non-dominated Sorting Evolution Strategy-based K-means clustering algorithm for accent classification
=> Non-dyadic fisheye lens correction model for image enhancement
=> Non-Ellipsoidal Infrared Group/Extended Target Tracking Based on Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mixture Filter and B-Spline
=> Non-Embedded Wavelet Image Coding Scheme
=> Non-Employment Activity Type Imputation from Points of Interest and Mobility Data at an Individual Level: How Accurate Can We Get?
=> Non-enumerative Cross Validation for the Determination of Structural Parameters in Feature-Selective SVMs
=> Non-Equal Spacing Division of HSV Components for Wood Image Retrieval
=> Non-Equispaced System Matrix Acquisition for Magnetic Particle Imaging Based on Lissajous Node Points
=> Non-essentiality of correlation between image and depth map in free viewpoint image coding: Accurate depth map case
=> Non-Euclidean image-adaptive Radial Basis Functions for 3D interactive segmentation
=> Non-Euclidean or Non-metric Measures Can Be Informative
=> Non-Exhaustive, Overlapping Clustering
=> non-expansive pyramidal morphological image coder, A
=> Non-Extra Pixel Interpolation
=> Non-fingerprint region indicator
=> Non-frontal Camera Calibration Using Focal Stack Imagery
=> non-fuzzy interferometric phase estimation algorithm based on modified Fully Convolutional Network, A
=> Non-Gaussian CFAR Techniques for Target Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images
=> Non-Gaussian methods in biomedical imaging
=> Non-Gaussian mixture image models prediction
=> Non-Gaussian model-based fusion of noisy images in the wavelet domain
=> Non-Gaussian smoothing of low-count transmission scans for PET whole-body studies
=> Non-generative Approach for Face Recognition Across Aging, A
=> Non-generative Generalized Zero-shot Learning via Task-correlated Disentanglement and Controllable Samples Synthesis
=> Non-Geometric Energy Formulation for Adaptive Image Compression
=> Non-Gibbsian Markov random field models for contextual labelling of structured scenes
=> Non-GPS Positioning Systems: A Survey
=> Non-Graph Data Clustering via O(n) Bipartite Graph Convolution
=> Non-Greedy Algorithm for L1-Norm LDA, A
=> Non-Greedy L21-Norm Maximization for Principal Component Analysis
=> Non-greedy Max-min Large Margin based on L1-norm
=> Non-heuristic Dominant Point Detection Based on Suppression of Break Points, A
=> Non-hierarchical clustering with MASLOC
=> Non-homogeneous Content-driven Video-retargeting
=> Non-homogeneous Haze Removal Through a Multiple Attention Module Architecture
=> Non-Homogeneous Haze Removal via Artificial Scene Prior and Bidimensional Graph Reasoning
=> Non-Homogeneous MRF Model for Multi-Resolution Bayesian Estimation, A
=> Non-homogeneous priors in a Bayesian latent class model for ocean color inversion
=> Non-homogeneous temporal Boolean models to study endocytosis
=> Non-homothetic granulometric mixing theory with application to blood cell counting
=> Non-ideal iris segmentation using anisotropic diffusion
=> Non-ideal iris segmentation using graph cuts
=> Non-ideal iris segmentation using Polar Spline RANSAC and illumination compensation
=> Non-Incremental Derivation of Scale and Pose from a Network of Relative Orientations
=> Non-instinct detection of cellphone usage from lane-keeping performance based on eXtreme gradient boosting and optimal sliding windows
=> Non-integer Expansion Embedding for Prediction-Based Reversible Watermarking
=> Non-integer image resolution conversion using statistically generated look-up tables
=> Non-integer scaling of raster images with image quality enhancement using an anamorphically scaled intermediate bitmap
=> Non-integer scaling of raster images with image quality enhancement
=> Non-integer scaling of raster images
=> Non-interferometric, non-iterative phase retrieval by Green's functions
=> Non-intrusive automated measurement of dairy cow body condition using 3D video
=> Non-Intrusive Binaural Speech Intelligibility Prediction From Discrete Latent Representations
=> Non-intrusive eye gaze estimation without knowledge of eye pose
=> Non-Intrusive Gaze Tracking Using Artificial Neural Networks
=> Non-intrusive Iris Image Capturing System Using Light Stripe Projection and Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
=> Non-intrusive liveness detection by face images
=> Non-intrusive Method for Copy-Move Forgery Detection, A
=> non-intrusive method for user focus of attention estimation in front of a computer monitor, A
=> Non-intrusive Physiological Monitoring for Automated Stress Detection in Human-Computer Interaction
=> Non-Intrusive Planning the Roadside Infrastructure for Vehicular Networks
=> non-invasive and adaptive CAD system to detect brain tumor from T2-weighted MRIs using customized Otsu's thresholding with prominent features and supervised learning, A
=> Non-Invasive Approach for Driving Virtual Talking Heads from Real Facial Movements, A
=> Non-invasive Brain-Actuated Interaction
=> Non-invasive detection of alcohol concentration based on photoplethysmogram signals
=> Non-invasive evaluation of carotid artery wall thickness using improved dynamic programming technique
=> Non-invasive Facial Visual-Infrared Stereo Vision Based Measurement as an Alternative for Physiological Measurement, A
=> Non-Invasive Forest Litter Characterization Using Full-Wave Inversion of Microwave Radar Data
=> Non-invasive imaging based on speckle pattern estimation and deconvolution
=> Non-invasive Investigation and Documentation in the Bielinski Palace in Otwock Wielki
=> Non-invasive Materials Analysis Using Portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) in the Examination of Two Mural Paintings in the Catacombs of San Giovanni, Syracuse
=> Non-invasive measurement study of human blood alcohol concentration based on NIR dynamic spectrum
=> Non-invasive Method for Measuring Blood Flow Rate in Superficial Veins from a Single Thermal Image, A
=> Non-Invasive Methodological Approach to Detect and Characterize High-Risk Sinkholes in Urban Cover Evaporite Karst: Integrated Reflection Seismics, PS-InSAR, Leveling, 3D-GPR and Ancillary Data. A NE Italian Case Study
=> Non-Invasive Monitoring of Respiratory Rate and Respiratory Status during Sleep Using a Passive Radio-Frequency Identification System
=> Non-Invasive Photothermal Strain Imaging of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Live Animals
=> Non-invasive prediction of overall survival time for glioblastoma multiforme patients based on multimodal MRI radiomics
=> Non-Invasive RF Technique for Detecting Different Stages of Alzheimer's Disease and Imaging Beta-Amyloid Plaques and Tau Tangles in the Brain
=> Non-invasive Soccer Goal Line Technology: A Real Case Study
=> non-invasive spectral reflectance method for mapping blood oxygen saturation in wounds, A
=> Non-Invasive Survey of Old Paintings Using VNIR Hyperspectral Sensor
=> Non-invasive technique of diabetes detection using iris images
=> Non-invasive Vision Based Approach to Velocity Measurement of Skeleton Training, A
=> non-invertible Randomized Graph-based Hamming Embedding for generating cancelable fingerprint template, A
=> Non-isotropic Probabilistic Take on Proxy-based Deep Metric Learning, A
=> Non-isotropic regularization of the correspondence space in stereo-vision
=> Non-isotropy Regularization for Proxy-based Deep Metric Learning
=> Non-iterative and spatial domain focus map estimation based on intentional re-blur from a single image (NasBirSi)
=> Non-iterative approach for fast and accurate vanishing point detection
=> Non-iterative approach to multiple 2D motion estimation
=> Non-iterative approach to multiple 2D motion estimation
=> Non-Iterative Approach to Reconstruct Face Templates from Match Scores, A
=> Non-iterative blind deconvolution algorithm based on power-law distribution
=> Non-Iterative Contextual Correspondence Matching
=> Non-iterative generalized low rank approximation of matrices
=> Non-iterative multiple data registration method based on the motion screw theory and trackable features
=> Non-Iterative Optimization of Pseudo-Labeling Thresholds for Training Object Detection Models from Multiple Datasets
=> Non-iterative post-processing technique for transform coded image sequence
=> Non-Iterative R-D Optimization Algorithm for Rate-Constraint Problems, A
=> Non-Iterative Rate-Constrained Motion Estimation for OBMC*
=> Non-iterative reconstruction with a prior for undersampled radial MRI data
=> Non-Iterative Recovery from Nonlinear Observations using Generative Models
=> Non-Iterative Rigid 2D/3D Point-Set Registration Using Semidefinite Programming
=> Non-iterative stippling of greyscale threedimensional polygon meshed models
=> Non-Iterative Subspace-Based DOA Estimation in the Presence of Nonuniform Noise
=> Non-iterative Symmetric Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis
=> Non-Iterative Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis
=> Non-iterative, feature-preserving mesh smoothing
=> Non-Lambertian Model-based Facial Shape Recovery from Single Image Under Unknown General Illumination
=> Non-Lambertian Photometric Stereo Network Based on Inverse Reflectance Model With Collocated Light
=> Non-Lambertian Reflectance Modeling and Shape Recovery of Faces Using Tensor Splines
=> non-Lambertian reflection in plenoptic sampling, The
=> Non-Least Square GNSS Positioning Algorithm for Densely Urbanized Areas
=> Non-line-of-Sight Imaging via Neural Transient Fields
=> Non-Line-of-Sight Moving Target Detection Method Based on Noise Suppression
=> Non-Line-of-Sight Surface Reconstruction Using the Directional Light-Cone Transform
=> Non-Line-of-Sight Target Detection Based on Dual-View Observation with Single-Channel UWB Radar
=> Non-Linear 3d Reconstruction For Compressive X-Ray Tomosynthesis
=> Non-linear 3D rendering workload prediction based on a combined fuzzy-neural network architecture for grid computing applications
=> Non-linear Algorithm for Contrast Enhancement for Image Using Wavelet Neural Network
=> Non-Linear Alignment of Neural Net Outputs for Partial Shape Classification
=> Non-Linear Analysis and Time Series Prediction of an Electrical Analogue of the Mechanical Double Pendulum
=> Non-linear and selective fusion of cross-modal images
=> Non-Linear Anisotropic Diffusion for Memory-Efficient Computed Tomography Super-Resolution Reconstruction
=> Non-Linear Approaches for the Classification of Facial Expressions at Varying Degrees of Intensity
=> Non-Linear Bayesian Image Modelling
=> Non-Linear Beam Model for Tracking Large Deformations
=> Non-linear calibration optimisation based on the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
=> Non-linear color image filtering by color to planar, shape mapping
=> Non-linear Convolution Filters for CNN-Based Learning
=> non-linear corresponder for 2D automated point distribution model construction, A
=> non-linear data-driven approach to reveal global vegetation sensitivity to climate, A
=> Non-linear dictionary learning with partially labeled data
=> Non-Linear Diffeomorphic Framework for Prostate Multimodal Registration, A
=> Non-linear diffusion of image noise with minimal iterativity
=> Non-linear dimensionality reduction using fuzzy lattices
=> Non-Linear Direct Multi-Scale Image Enhancement Based on the Luminance and Contrast Masking Characteristics of the Human Visual System
=> Non-Linear Distance Filter for Modeling Effect of a Large Pointer Used in a Gesture-Based Pointing Interface
=> Non-linear EEG Analysis of Idiopathic Hypersomnia
=> Non-Linear Extension of Generalized Hyperplane Approximation
=> Non-linear factorised dynamic shape and appearance models for facial expression analysis and tracking
=> Non-linear feature extraction by linear PCA using local kernel
=> Non-Linear Feature Selection for Classification
=> Non-Linear Filter for Gyroscope-Based Video Stabilization, A
=> Non-linear Filter Response Distributions of Natural Colour Images
=> Non-Linear Filtering Approach to Image Matching, A
=> Non-linear Filtering for Broadcast Television: a Real-time FPGA Implementation
=> Non-Linear Filtering for Precise Point Positioning GPS/INS integration
=> Non-linear fixed and multi-level random effects of origin-destination specific attributes on route choice behaviour
=> Non-linear fourth-order image interpolation for subpixel edge detection and localization
=> Non-linear fourth-order telegraph-diffusion equation for noise removal
=> Non-linear fusion of local matching scores for face verification
=> Non-Linear Gaussian Smoothing With Taylor Moment Expansion
=> Non-linear Generalisation of PDMs using Polynomial Regression, A
=> Non-linear generative embeddings for kernels on latent variable models
=> Non-linear Hypothesis Testing of Geometric Object Properties of Shapes Applied to Hippocampi
=> non-linear image denoising method for salt-and-pepper noise removal using Fuzzy-Based approach, A
=> Non-linear image processing in hardware
=> Non-linear independent component analysis using series reversion and Weierstrass network
=> Non-Linear Influence of Built Environment on the School Commuting Metro Ridership: The Case in Wuhan, China, The
=> Non-linear IR Scene Prediction for Range Video Surveillance
=> Non-linear local harmonic filters for edge-preserving image denoising
=> Non-linear matched filtering for object detection and tracking
=> Non-linear matrix completion
=> Non-linear metric learning using pairwise similarity and dissimilarity constraints and the geometrical structure of data
=> non-linear model of shape and motion for tracking finger spelt American sign language, A
=> Non-Linear Modeling of Detectability of Ship Wake Components in Dependency to Influencing Parameters Using Spaceborne X-Band SAR
=> Non-linear Motion Estimation for Video Frame Interpolation using Space-time Convolutions
=> Non-linear Normalization Model for Iris Recognition, A
=> Non-linear observation equation for motion estimation
=> Non-Linear Optimization Algorithm for the Estimation of Structure and Motion Parameters, A
=> Non-linear optimization for robust estimation of vanishing points
=> Non-linear parametric Bayesian regression for robust background subtraction
=> Non-linear partial least square regression increases the estimation accuracy of grass nitrogen and phosphorus using in situ hyperspectral and environmental data
=> Non-linear pattern recognition based on SVM and genetic algorithm
=> Non-linear perfect reconstruction filter banks for image coding
=> Non-Linear Point Distribution Modelling using a Multi-Layer Perceptron
=> Non-Linear Prediction Algorithm of Satellite Cloud Images
=> Non-linear predictors for facial feature tracking across pose and expression
=> non-linear projection method based on Kohonen's topology preserving maps, A
=> Non-linear rate control for H.264/AVC video encoder with multiple picture types using image-statistics and motion-based Macroblock Prioritization
=> Non-linear reflectance model for bidirectional texture function synthesis
=> Non-linear Registration using a Finite Element Method
=> Non-Linear Response of PM2.5 Pollution to Land Use Change in China
=> Non-linear scale-selection for image compression improvement obtained by perceptual distortion criteria
=> Non-Linear Scale-Spaces Isomorphic to the Linear Case with Applications to Scalar, Vector and Multispectral Images
=> Non-Linear Scale-Spaces Isomorphic to the Linear Case with Applications to Scalar, Vector and Multispectral Images
=> non-linear shape abstraction technique, A
=> Non-linear statistical models for the 3D reconstruction of human pose and motion from monocular image sequences
=> Non-Linear Techniques for Video De-Interlacing
=> Non-linear Temporal Subspace Representations for Activity Recognition
=> Non-linear unmixing of hyperspectral images using multiple-kernel self-organising maps
=> Non-linear voting in the space variant Hough transform
=> Non-linear warping and warp coding for content-adaptive prediction in advanced video coding applications
=> Non-Linear Warping Method for Face Hallucination Based-on Subdivision Mesh, A
=> Non-linear weighted averaging for multimodal information fusion by employing Analytical Network Process
=> Non-linear Wiener filter in reproducing kernel Hilbert space
=> Non-linearization of free Schrodinger equation and pseudo-morphological complex diffusion operators
=> Non-Lipschitz L_p-Regularization and Box Constrained Model for Image Restoration
=> Non-Lipschitz Models for Image Restoration with Impulse Noise Removal
=> Non-local Active Contours
=> Non-local adaptive structure tensors: Application to anisotropic diffusion and shock filtering
=> Non-Local Aggregation for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
=> Non-Local Algorithm for Image Denoising, A
=> Non-local Approach to Shape from Ambient Shading, A
=> Non-local attention association scheme for online multi-object tracking
=> Non-local Attention Improves Description Generation for Retinal Images
=> Non-Local Auto-Encoder With Collaborative Stabilization for Image Restoration
=> non-local Chan-Vese model for sparse, tubular object segmentation, A
=> Non-local Characterization of Scenery Images: Statistics, 3D Reasoning, and a Generative Model
=> Non-Local CNN for Video Denoising, A
=> Non-Local Color Compensation Network for Intrinsic Image Decomposition
=> Non-local Color Image Denoising with Convolutional Neural Networks
=> Non-local compressive sampling recovery
=> Non-Local ConvLSTM for Video Compression Artifact Reduction
=> non-local cost aggregation method for stereo matching, A
=> Non-local Deep Features for Salient Object Detection
=> Non-local Discrete INF-Poisson and Hamilton Jacobi Equations
=> Non-Local Dual-Domain Approach to Cartoon and Texture Decomposition, A
=> Non-local dual image denoising
=> Non-Local Euclidean Medians
=> Non-local Exposure Fusion
=> Non-local feature back-projection for image super-resolution
=> Non-Local Feature Search Network for Building and Road Segmentation of Remote Sensing Image
=> Non-Local Fuzzy Segmentation Method: Application to Brain MRI, A
=> Non-Local Fuzzy Segmentation Method: Application to Brain MRI, A
=> Non-Local Graph-Based Prediction for Reversible Data Hiding in Images
=> Non-Local Graph Neural Networks
=> Non-Local Hierarchical Residual Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
=> Non-local Image Dehazing
=> Non-Local Image Interpolation
=> Non-local image smoothing by applying anisotropic diffusion PDE's in the space of patches
=> Non-Local Intrinsic Decomposition With Near-Infrared Priors
=> Non-Local Kalman: A Recursive Video Denoising Algorithm
=> Non-Local Kernel Regression for Image and Video Restoration
=> Non-Local Low-Rank Algorithm for Sub-Bottom Profile Sonar Image Denoising, A
=> Non-Local Low-Rank Approach to Enforce Integrability, A
=> Non-Local Low-Rank Cube-Based Tensor Factorization for Spectral CT Reconstruction
=> Non-local Low-Rank Framework for Ultrasound Speckle Reduction, A
=> Non-local Mean Temporal Filter for Video Compression, A
=> Non-Local Means De-Speckling Based on Multi-Directional Local Plane Inclination Angle
=> Non-local means denoising based on SVD basis images
=> Non-local Means Denoising
=> Non-Local Means Filters for Full Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images with Stochastic Distances
=> Non-local Means for Stereo Image Denoising Using Structural Similarity
=> Non-Local Means Image Denoising With a Soft Threshold
=> Non-Local Means Image Denoising with Local Geometric Structures Matching Strategy
=> Non-Local Meets Global: An Integrated Paradigm for Hyperspectral Denoising
=> Non-Local Meets Global: An Iterative Paradigm for Hyperspectral Image Restoration
=> Non-local Method for Robust Noisy Image Completion, A
=> Non-local Methods with Shape-Adaptive Patches (NLM-SAP)
=> Non-local NetVLAD Encoding for Video Classification
=> Non-local neural networks combined with local importance-based pooling for space-time video super-resolution
=> Non-Local Neural Networks With Grouped Bilinear Attentional Transforms
=> Non-local Neural Networks
=> Non-Local Noise Estimation for Adaptive Image Denoising
=> Non-Local Operational Anisotropic Diffusion Filter
=> Non-Local Patch-Based Image Inpainting
=> Non-Local Patch-Based Regularization for Image Restoration
=> Non-local pose means for denoising motion capture data
=> non-local propagation filtering scheme for edge-preserving in variational optical flow computation, A
=> Non-Local Recurrent Neural Memory for Supervised Sequence Modeling
=> Non-local Regularization of Inverse Problems
=> non-local regularization strategy for image deconvolution, A
=> Non-Local Representation Based Mutual Affine-Transfer Network for Photorealistic Stylization
=> Non-Local Retinex: A Unifying Framework and Beyond
=> Non-Local Robust Quaternion Matrix Completion for Large-Scale Color Image and Video Inpainting
=> Non-local Sigma Filter
=> Non-local similarity based tensor decomposition for hyperspectral image denoising
=> Non-local Sparse Model for Intrinsic Images, A
=> Non-local sparse models for image restoration
=> Non-local sparse models for SAR image despeckling
=> Non-local sparse representation for hyperspectral image super-resolution
=> Non-local Spatial Propagation Network for Depth Completion
=> Non-local spatial redundancy reduction for bottom-up saliency estimation
=> Non-Local Superpatch-Based Algorithm Exploiting Low Rank Prior for Restoration of Hyperspectral Images, A
=> Non-Local Text Image Reconstruction
=> Non-Local Texture Optimization With Wasserstein Regularization Under Convolutional Neural Network
=> Non-local Topology-Preserving Segmentation-Guided Registration Model, A
=> Non-local Total Generalized Variation for Optical Flow Estimation
=> Non-local weighted fuzzy energy-based active contour model with level set evolution starting with a constant function
=> Non-local/local image filters using fast eigenvalue filtering
=> Non-locality Preserving Projection and Its Application to Palmprint Recognition
=> Non-locally Enhanced Feature Fusion Network for Aircraft Recognition in Remote Sensing Images
=> Non-malleable Schemes Resisting Adaptive Adversaries
=> Non-manifold Multi-tessellation: From Meshes to Iconic Representations of Objects
=> Non-manual grammatical marker recognition based on multi-scale, spatio-temporal analysis of head pose and facial expressions
=> Non-Markov Gibbs Texture Model with Multiple Pairwise Pixel Interactions
=> Non-Markovian dynamic time warping
=> Non-Markovian Globally Consistent Multi-object Tracking
=> Non-maximum suppression for object detection based on the chaotic whale optimization algorithm
=> Non-maximum Suppression for Object Detection by Passing Messages Between Windows
=> Non-maximum Suppression Using Fewer than Two Comparisons per Pixel
=> Non-Mercer Kernels for SVM Object Recognition
=> Non-metric affinity propagation for unsupervised image categorization
=> Non-metric Calibration of Camera Lens Distortion
=> Non-Metric Image-Based Rendering for Video Stabilization
=> Non-Metrical Navigation Through Visual Path Control
=> Non-metrical scene reconstruction using a quasi-calibrated prime lens based camera
=> Non-minutiae automatic fingerprint identification system and methods
=> Non-minutiae automatic fingerprint identification system and methods
=> Non-MLE Approach for Satellite Scatterometer Wind Vector Retrievals in Tropical Cyclones, A
=> Non-Model-Based approach for complete digitization by TLS or mobile scanner
=> Non-Model Based Method for an Automation of 3D Acquisition and Post-Processing
=> non-myopic approach to visual search, A
=> Non-myopic information theoretic sensor management of a single pan-tilt-zoom camera for multiple object detection and tracking
=> Non-Naive Bayesian Classifiers for Classification Problems With Continuous Attributes
=> Non-negative and sparse spectral clustering
=> Non-negative embedding for fully unsupervised domain adaptation
=> Non-negative graph embedding
=> Non-Negative Iterative Convex Refinement Approach for Accurate and Robust Reconstruction in Cerenkov Luminescence Tomography
=> Non-Negative Lighting and Specular Object Recognition
=> Non-negative local coordinate factorization for image representation
=> Non-negative low-rank adaptive preserving sparse matrix regression model for supervised image feature selection and classification
=> Non-negative Low-Rank and Group-Sparse Matrix Factorization
=> Non-Negative Low Rank and Sparse Graph for Semi-Supervised Learning
=> Non-negative matrix completion for action detection
=> Non-negative matrix factorisation based on fuzzy K nearest neighbour graph and its applications
=> Non-negative matrix factorization as a feature selection tool for maximum margin classifiers
=> Non-negative matrix factorization based methods for object recognition
=> Non-negative matrix factorization based methods for object recognition
=> Non-negative matrix factorization of partial track data for motion segmentation
=> Non-negative matrix factorization via discriminative label embedding for pattern classification
=> Non-negative matrix factorization with alpha-divergence
=> Non-Negative Matrix Factorization With Locality Constrained Adaptive Graph
=> Non-negative matrix factorization: Ill-posedness and a geometric algorithm
=> Non-Negative Matrix Factorizations for Multiplex Network Analysis
=> Non-Negative Maximum Likelihood ICA for Blind Source Separation of Images and Signals with Application to Hyperspectral Image Subpixel Demixing
=> Non-negative multiple matrix factorization with Euclidean and Kullback-Leibler mixed divergences
=> Non-negative sparse coding for human action recognition
=> Non-negative sparse coding shrinkage for image denoising using normal inverse Gaussian density model
=> Non-negative Sparse Coding with Regularizer for Image Classification
=> Non-negative Sparse Modeling of Textures
=> Non-negative Sparse Semantic Coding for text categorization
=> Non-negative Subspace Representation Learning Scheme for Correlation Filter Based Tracking
=> Non-Negative Temporal Decomposition Regularization With an Augmented Lagrangian
=> Non-Negative Transfer Learning With Consistent Inter-Domain Distribution
=> Non-negativity and dependence constrained sparse coding for image classification
=> Non-negativity constraints on the pre-image for pattern recognition with kernel machines
=> Non-Neighboring Rectangular Feature selection using Particle Swarm Optimization
=> non-Newtonian gradient for contour detection in images with multiplicative noise, A
=> Non-obvious Performer Gestures in Instrumental Music
=> Non-orthogonal Binary Expansion of Gabor Filters with Applications in Object Tracking
=> Non-Orthogonal Binary Subspace and Its Applications in Computer Vision
=> Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Combined With Random Linear Network Coded Cooperation
=> Non-orthogonal Simultaneous Diagonalization of K-Order Complex Tensors for Source Separation
=> Non-Orthogonal View Iris Recognition System
=> Non-overlapping Distributed Tracking using Particle Filter
=> Non-Overlapping Multi-camera Detection and Tracking of Vehicles in Tunnel Surveillance
=> non-parameterized method for co-registration of panchromatic and multispectral images, A
=> Non-parametric 3D Shape Warping
=> Non-parametric 3D surface completion
=> Non-parametric Adaptive Approach for the Detection of Dominant Points on Boundary Curves Based on Non-symmetric Region of Support
=> Non-parametric adaptive region of support useful for corner detection: a novel approach
=> Non-parametric and light-field deformable models
=> Non-parametric and unsupervised Bayesian classification with Bootstrap sampling
=> non-parametric approach for independent component analysis using kernel density estimation, A
=> non-parametric approach for the estimation of intensity-frequency dependent noise, A
=> Non-parametric Approach to Detect Changes in Aerial Images, A
=> non-parametric approach to extending generic binary classifiers for multi-classification, A
=> Non-Parametric Approach to Linear Feature Extraction: Application to Classification of Binary Synthetic Textures, A
=> Non-parametric Background and Shadow Modeling for Object Detection
=> Non-parametric Bayesian Constrained Local Models
=> non-parametric Bayesian model for bounded data, A
=> Non-parametric Bayesian models of response function in dynamic image sequences
=> Non-parametric Bayesian Network Prior of Human Pose, A
=> Non-Parametric Bayesian Registration (NParBR) of Body Tumors in DCE-MRI Data
=> Non-Parametric Blur Map Regression for Depth of Field Extension
=> Non-parametric bootstrap ensembles for detection of tumor lesions
=> Non-parametric bounds on the nearest neighbor classification accuracy based on the Henze-Penrose metric
=> non-parametric CFAR detector based on SAR sea clutter statistical modeling, A
=> Non-Parametric Classification Algorithm with an Unknown Class
=> Non-parametric Classification of Pixels Under Varying Outdoor Illumination
=> Non-parametric classifier-independent feature selection
=> non-parametric clustering scheme for Landsat, A
=> Non-parametric Density Modeling and Outlier-Detection in Medical Imaging Datasets
=> Non-parametric depth calibration of a TOF camera
=> Non-parametric Depth Distribution Modelling based Depth Inference for Multi-view Stereo
=> Non-parametric Discrete Registration with Convex Optimisation
=> Non-parametric discretization for probabilistic labeled data
=> Non-Parametric Dominant Point Detection
=> Non-parametric Ensemble Kalman methods for the inpainting of noisy dynamic textures
=> Non-parametric Estimation of Mixture Model Order
=> non-parametric filter for digital image restoration, using cluster analysis, A
=> Non-parametric Filtering for Geometric Detail Extraction and Material Representation
=> Non-parametric Fisher's discriminant analysis with kernels for data classification
=> Non-parametric Framework for Document Bleed-through Removal, A
=> Non-parametric hand pose estimation with object context
=> Non-parametric Hierarchical Model to Discover Behavior Dynamics from Tracks, A
=> Non-parametric Higher-Order Random Fields for Image Segmentation
=> Non-Parametric HMM Learning Method for Shape Dynamics with Application to Human Motion Recognition, A
=> Non-Parametric Image Subtraction using Grey Level Scattergrams
=> Non-Parametric Image Subtraction using Grey Level Scattergrams
=> Non-Parametric Image Super-Resolution Using Multiple Images
=> Non-parametric image transforms for sparse disparity maps
=> Non-parametric kernel ranking approach for social image retrieval
=> Non-parametric local transforms for computing visual correspondence
=> non-parametric method for fast joint rate-distortion optimization of motion estimation and DFD coding, A
=> Non-Parametric Mixture Model Based Evolution of Level Sets and Application to Medical Images
=> Non-parametric mixture model with TV spatial regularisation and its dual expectation maximisation algorithm
=> Non-Parametric Model for Background Subtraction
=> Non-Parametric Model for Background Subtraction
=> non-parametric model for partial volume segmentation of MR images, A
=> Non-parametric modified histogram equalisation for contrast enhancement
=> Non-parametric motion-priors for flow understanding
=> Non-Parametric Motion Activity Analysis for Statistical Retrieval with Partial Query
=> Non-Parametric Motion Model for Foreground Detection in Camera Jitter Scenes, A
=> Non-Parametric Motion Recognition Using Temporal Multiscale Gibbs Models
=> Non-Parametric Multi-Scale Curve Smoothing
=> Non-parametric natural image matting
=> Non-parametric patch based video matting
=> Non-parametric Performance Comparison in Pictorial Query by Content Systems
=> Non-parametric planar shape representation based on adaptive curvature functions
=> Non-Parametric Probabilistic Image Segmentation
=> non-parametric scale-based corner detector, A
=> Non-parametric scene parsing: Label transfer methods and datasets
=> Non-parametric score normalization for biometric verification systems
=> Non-Parametric Self-Calibration
=> Non-Parametric Sequential Frame Decimation for Scene Reconstruction in Low-Memory Streaming Environments
=> Non-Parametric Similarity Measures for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation and Image Retrieval
=> Non-Parametric Similarity Measures for Unsupervised Texture Segmentation and Image Retrieval
=> Non-parametric single image super resolution
=> Non-parametric Single View Reconstruction of Curved Objects Using Convex Optimization
=> Non-parametric Source Reconstruction via Kernel Temporal Enhancement for EEG Data
=> Non-Parametric Statistical Approaches for Leaf Area Index Estimation from Sentinel-2 Data: A Multi-Crop Assessment
=> Non-parametric statistical background modeling for efficient foreground region detection
=> non-parametric statistics based method for generic curve partition and classification, A
=> Non-parametric Structure-Based Calibration of Radially Symmetric Cameras
=> Non-parametric Sub-pixel Local Point Spread Function Estimation Is a Well Posed Problem, The
=> Non-parametric sub-pixel local point spread function estimation
=> Non-Parametric Super-Resolution Using a Bi-Sensor Camera
=> Non-parametric synthesis of laminar volumetric textures from a 2D sample
=> Non-Parametric Tomographic SAR Reconstruction via Improved Regularized MUSIC
=> Non-parametric unsupervised learning with applications to image classification
=> Non-Periodic Translation Symmetry Detection Using Global Self Similarity
=> Non-perpendicular, equal frequency non-conventional screen patterns for electronic halftone generation
=> Non-perpendicular, unequal frequency non-conventional screen patterns for electronic halftone generation
=> Non-photorealistic rendering from multiple images
=> Non-photorealistic Rendering of Seurat's Pointillism, A
=> Non-planar Infrared-Visible Registration for Uncalibrated Stereo Pairs
=> Non-Planar Inside-Out Dense Light-Field Dataset and Reconstruction Pipeline
=> Non-Probability Sampling Network for Stochastic Human Trajectory Prediction
=> Non-purposive perceptual region grouping
=> non-random data sampling method for classification model assessment, A
=> Non-rectangular Part Discovery for Object Detection
=> Non-recursive paired tracking for vessel extraction from retinal images
=> Non-recursive thinning algorithms using chain codes
=> Non-redundant frame identification and keyframe selection in DWT-PCA domain for authentication of video
=> Non-redundant rendering for efficient multi-view scene discretization
=> Non-redundant, Directionally Selective, Complex Wavelets
=> Non-reference assessment of sharpness in blur/noise degraded images
=> Non-reference image quality assessment and natural scene statistics to counter biometric sensor spoofing
=> Non-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Deep Clustering
=> Non-reference Image Quality Assessment for Fingervein Presentation Attack Detection
=> Non-Reference Temperature Histogram Method for Determining Tc from Ground-Based Thermal Imagery of Orchard Tree Canopies, A
=> Non-referenced Quality Assessment of Image Processing Methods in Infrared Non-destructive Testing
=> Non-refractive modulators for encoding and capturing scene appearance and depth
=> Non-residual unrestricted pruned ultra-faster line detection for edge devices
=> Non-restrictive Visual Respiration Monitoring
=> Non-retrieval: Blocking Pornographic Images
=> Non-rigid 2D-3D pose estimation and 2D image segmentation
=> Non-rigid 3D Factorization for Projective Reconstruction
=> Non-Rigid 3D Multi-Modal Registration Algorithm Using Partial Volume Interpolation and the Sum of Conditional Variance, A
=> Non-rigid 3D object retrieval using topological information guided by conformal factors
=> Non-rigid 3D Shape Registration Using an Adaptive Template
=> Non-rigid 3D shape retrieval using Multidimensional Scaling and Bag-of-Features
=> Non-rigid 3D Shape Retrieval via Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Embedding
=> Non-rigid 3D shape tracking from multiview video
=> Non-Rigid Alignment and Real-Time Tracking Using the Geometric Algebra Framework
=> Non-rigid and Partial 3d Model Retrieval Using Hybrid Shape Descriptor and Meta Similarity
=> non-rigid appearance model for shape description and recognition, A
=> Non-rigid Articulated Point Set Registration for Human Pose Estimation
=> Non-rigid articulated point set registration with Local Structure Preservation
=> Non-rigid cardiac motion quantification from 2D image sequences based on wavelet synthesis
=> Non-rigid chest image registration with preservation of topology and rigid structures
=> Non-Rigid Contour-Based Registration of Cell Nuclei in 2-D Live Cell Microscopy Images Using a Dynamic Elasticity Model
=> Non-rigid dense bijective maps
=> Non-rigid Diffeomorphic Image Registration of Medical Images Using Polynomial Expansion
=> Non-Rigid Event-by-Event Continuous Respiratory Motion Compensated List-Mode Reconstruction for PET
=> Non-rigid Face Tracking Using Short Track-Life Features
=> Non-rigid face tracking with enforced convexity and local appearance consistency constraint
=> Non-rigid Feature Extraction Method for Shape Recognition, A
=> Non-rigid free-form 2D-3D registration using a B-spline-based statistical deformation model
=> Non-rigid Free-Form 2D-3D Registration Using Statistical Deformation Model
=> Non-rigid Geometric Distortions Correction: Application to atmospheric turbulence stabilization
=> Non-Rigid Graph Registration Using Active Testing Search
=> Non-rigid Groupwise Image Registration for Motion Compensation in Quantitative MRI
=> Non-Rigid Heart Wall Motion Using MR Tagging
=> Non-rigid image deformation algorithm based on MRLS-TPS
=> Non-Rigid Image Registration based on Parameterized Surfaces: Application to 3D Cardiac Motion Image Analysis
=> Non-rigid image registration based on the globally optimized correspondences
=> Non-rigid image registration by using graph-cuts with mutual information
=> Non-rigid Image Registration for Historical Manuscript Restoration
=> non-rigid image registration method based on multi-level B-spline and L2-regularization, A
=> Non-rigid image registration of brain magnetic resonance images using graph-cuts
=> Non-Rigid Image Registration using a Hierarchical Partition of Unity Finite Element Method
=> Non-rigid image registration using electric current flow
=> Non-rigid Image Registration Using Gaussian Mixture Models
=> Non-rigid Image Registration Using Geometric Features and Local Salient Region Features
=> Non-Rigid Image Registration With Dynamic Gaussian Component Density and Space Curvature Preservation
=> Non-rigid Image Registration with Equally Weighted Assimilated Surface Constraint
=> Non-rigid infrared and visible image registration by enhanced affine transformation
=> Non-Rigid Matching Using Demons
=> Non-rigid medical image registration using image field in Demons algorithm
=> Non-rigid metric reconstruction from perspective cameras
=> Non-Rigid Metric Shape and Motion Recovery from Uncalibrated Images Using Priors
=> Non-rigid morphological image registration and its practical issues
=> Non-rigid Motion Analysis: Isometric Motion
=> non-rigid motion estimation algorithm for yawn detection in human drivers, A
=> Non-Rigid Motion Estimation and Spatio-Temporal Realignment in FMRI
=> Non-Rigid Motion Estimation Using the Robust Tensor Method
=> Non-Rigid Multi-Modal Image Registration Using Cross-Cumulative Residual Entropy
=> Non-rigid Multi-modal Registration of Coronary Arteries Using SIFTflow
=> Non-rigid Multimodal Image Registration Based on the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
=> Non-rigid Multimodal Image Registration Method Based on Particle Filter and Optical Flow, A
=> Non-Rigid Multiple Point Set Registration Using Latent Gaussian Mixture
=> Non-Rigid Neural Radiance Fields: Reconstruction and Novel View Synthesis of a Dynamic Scene From Monocular Video
=> Non-Rigid Object Alignment with a Mismatch Template Based on Exhaustive Local Search
=> Non-Rigid Object Contour Tracking via a Novel Supervised Level Set Model
=> Non-Rigid Object Detection with Local Interleaved Sequential Alignment (LISA)
=> Non-rigid Object Localization and Segmentation Using Eigenspace Representation
=> Non-rigid object localization from color model using mean shift
=> Non-rigid object recognition using principal component analysis and geometric hashing
=> Non-rigid Object Segmentation Using Robust Active Shape Models
=> Non-rigid Object Tracking as Salient Region Segmentation and Association
=> Non-rigid object tracking by adaptive data-driven kernel
=> Non-rigid object tracking in complex scenes
=> Non-Rigid Object Tracking using Performance Evaluation Measures as Feedback
=> Non-rigid object tracking via deep multi-scale spatial-temporal discriminative saliency maps
=> Non-rigid Object Tracking via Deformable Patches Using Shape-Preserved KCF and Level Sets
=> Non-rigid object tracking with elastic structure of local patches and hierarchical sampling
=> Non-rigid Photometric Stereo with Colored Lights
=> Non-rigid Point Matching using Topology Preserving Constraints for Medical Computer Vision
=> Non-rigid point set registration based on DIS ANG descriptor and RANSAC
=> Non-rigid point set registration based on local neighborhood information support
=> Non-rigid point set registration by high-dimensional representation
=> Non-Rigid Point Set Registration by Preserving Global and Local Structures
=> Non-rigid point set registration for Chinese characters using structure-guided coherent point drift
=> Non-rigid point set registration using dual-feature finite mixture model and global-local structural preservation
=> Non-rigid Point Set Registration with Global-Local Topology Preservation
=> Non-Rigid Range-Scan Alignment Using Thin-Plate Splines
=> Non-rigid Reconstruction with a Single Moving RGB-D Camera
=> non-rigid registration algorithm for dynamic breast MR images, A
=> Non-rigid registration and geometric approach for tracking in neurosurgery
=> Non-rigid Registration and Restoration of Double-Sided Historical Manuscripts
=> Non-rigid registration based model-free 3D facial expression recognition
=> Non-rigid registration between color channels based on joint-histogram entropy in subspace
=> Non-rigid registration between histological and MR images of the prostate: A joint segmentation and registration framework
=> Non-Rigid Registration for Automatic Fracture Segmentation
=> Non-Rigid Registration for Building 3D Anatomical Atlases
=> Non-rigid Registration for Colorectal Cancer MR Images
=> Non-rigid Registration Framework That Accommodates Pathology Detection, A
=> non-rigid registration method for medical volume data using 3D Phase-Only Correlation, A
=> Non-rigid registration of 3D facial surfaces with robust outlier detection
=> Non-rigid registration of 3D point clouds under isometric deformation
=> Non-rigid registration of 3D surfaces by deformable 2D triangular meshes
=> Non-rigid Registration of 3D Ultrasound Images Using Model-Based Segmentation
=> Non-rigid registration of images with geometric and photometric deformation by using local affine Fourier-moment matching
=> Non-rigid registration of serial section images by blending transforms for 3D reconstruction
=> Non-rigid Registration of Vascular Structures for Aligning 2D X-ray Angiography with 3D CT Angiography
=> Non-rigid Registration of White Matter Tractography Using Coherent Point Drift Algorithm
=> Non-rigid registration using distance functions
=> Non-rigid registration using free-form deformations for recognition of facial actions and their temporal dynamics
=> Non-rigid registration using gradient of self-similarity response
=> Non-rigid Registration Using Morphons
=> Non-rigid Registration with Reliable Distance Field for Dynamic Shape Completion
=> Non-Rigid Respiratory Motion Estimation of Whole-Heart Coronary MR Images Using Unsupervised Deep Learning
=> Non-rigid Segmentation Using Sparse Low Dimensional Manifolds and Deep Belief Networks
=> Non-rigid Self-calibration of a Projective Camera
=> Non-Rigid Shape-from-Motion for Isometric Surfaces using Infinitesimal Planarity
=> Non-rigid shape and motion recovery: degenerate deformations
=> Non-rigid shape and motion recovery: degenerate deformations
=> Non-Rigid Shape Comparison of Plane Curves in Images
=> Non-Rigid Shape From Water
=> Non-rigid Shape Matching Using Geometry and Photometry
=> Non-rigid Shape Registration Using Similarity-Invariant Differential Coordinates
=> Non-rigid Shape Registration: A Single Linear Least Squares Framework
=> Non-Rigid Stereo Factorization
=> Non-Rigid Structure-From-Motion on Degenerate Deformations With Low-Rank Shape Deformation Model
=> Non-Rigid Structure-From-Motion With Uniqueness Constraint and Low Rank Matrix Fitting Factorization
=> Non-rigid structure from locally-rigid motion
=> Non-rigid structure from locally-rigid motion
=> Non-Rigid Structure from Motion through Estimation of Blend Shapes
=> Non-Rigid Structure from Motion using non-Parametric Tracking and Non-Linear Optimization
=> Non-rigid structure from motion using quadratic deformation models
=> Non-rigid structure from motion using ranklet-based tracking and non-linear optimization
=> NON-rigid structure from motion via sparse self-expressive representation
=> Non-rigid structure from motion with complementary rank-3 spaces
=> Non-rigid Structure from Motion with Diffusion Maps Prior
=> Non-rigid structure from motion with incremental shape prior
=> Non-Rigid Structure from Motion: Prior-Free Factorization Method Revisited
=> Non-rigid surface detection for gestural interaction with applicable surfaces
=> Non-rigid surface recovery with a robust local-rigidity prior
=> Non-rigid tracking of musk shrews in video for detection of emetic episodes
=> Non-Rigid Vehicle-Borne LiDAR-Assisted Aerotriangulation
=> Non-rigid visible and infrared face registration via regularized Gaussian fields criterion
=> Non-ring Filters for Robust Detection of Linear Structures
=> Non-Salient Region Object Mining for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
=> Non-Semantic Evaluation of Image Forensics Tools: Methodology and Database
=> Non-Separable Extensions of Quadrature Mirror Filters to Multiple Dimensions
=> Non-Separable Filtering with Side-Information and Contextually-Designed Filters for Next Generation Video Codecs
=> Non-separable four-dimensional integer wavelet transform with reduced rounding noise
=> Non-separable mode dependent transforms for intra coding in HEVC
=> Non-separable Non-linear Decompositions with Applications to Image Compression
=> Non-separable rotation moment invariants
=> Non-Separable Wavelet-Like Lifting Structure for Image and Video Compression with Aliasing Suppression
=> Non-sequential Multi-view Detection, Localization and Identification of People Using Multi-modal Feature Maps
=> Non-sequential structure from motion
=> Non-sequential Video Structuring Based on Video Object Linking: An Efficient Tool for Video Browsing and Indexing
=> Non-Shift Edge Based Ratio (NSER): An Image Quality Assessment Metric Based on Early Vision Features
=> Non-similar candidate removal method for off-line handwritten Korean character recognition
=> Non-Single Viewpoint Catadioptric Cameras: Geometry and Analysis
=> Non-Sinusoidal micro-Doppler Estimation Based on Dual-Branch Network
=> Non-Smooth Energy Dissipating Networks
=> Non-sparse linear representations for visual tracking with online reservoir metric learning
=> Non-spatial and Geospatial Semantic Query of Health Information
=> Non-Stationarity Characterization and Geometry-Cluster-Based Stochastic Model for High-Speed Train Radio Channels
=> Non-Stationarity Detection in Natural Images
=> Non-Stationary 1981-2012 AVHRR NDVI3g Time Series, A
=> Non-Stationary Approximate Bayesian Super-Resolution Using a Hierarchical Prior Model
=> Non-stationary content-adaptive projector resolution enhancement
=> Non-stationary correction of optical aberrations
=> Non-stationary data sequence classification using online class priors estimation
=> Non-stationary deep network for restoration of non-Stationary lens blur
=> non-stationary density model to separate overlapped texts in degraded documents, A
=> Non-stationary fuzzy Markov chain
=> Non-stationary Generalized Wishart Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
=> non-stationary Hidden Markov Model of multiview video traffic, A
=> Non-Stationary Hyperspectral Forward Model and High-Resolution
=> Non-Stationary Modeling of Microlevel Road-Curve Crash Frequency with Geographically Weighted Regression
=> Non-stationary Multi-output Gaussian Processes for Enhancing Resolution over Diffusion Tensor Fields
=> Non-Stationary Rician Noise Estimation in Parallel MRI Using a Single Image: A Variance-Stabilizing Approach
=> Non-stationary signal classification using the joint moments of time-frequency distributions
=> Non-stationary signal feature characterization using adaptive dictionaries and non-negative matrix factorization
=> Non-stationary texture synthesis from random field modeling
=> Non-stationary, online variational Bayesian learning, with circular variables
=> Non-strict heterogeneous Stacking
=> Non-subsampled contourlet transform based image Denoising in ultrasound thyroid images using adaptive binary morphological operations
=> Non-subsampled shearlet transform based MRI and PET brain image fusion using simplified pulse coupled neural network and weight local features in YIQ colour space
=> non-supervised approach for repeated sequence detection in Tv broadcast streams, A
=> Non-supervised image segmentation based on multiobjective optimization
=> non-supervised method for shoreline extraction using high resolution SAR image, A
=> Non-supervised segmentation using multi-level Markov random fields
=> Non-synchronous control of bit-serial video signal processor array architectures
=> Non-Synchronous Measurements of a Microphone Array at Coprime Positions
=> Non-temporal Approach for Gesture Recognition Using Microsoft Kinect, A
=> Non-Temporal Point Cloud Analysis for Surface Damage in Civil Structures
=> non-temporal texture driven approach to real-time fire detection, A
=> Non-texture image inpainting using histogram of oriented gradients
=> Non-Tidal Mass Variations in the IGS Second Reprocessing Campaign: Interpretations and Noise Analysis from GRACE and Geophysical Models
=> Non-traditional 2D Grids in Combinatorial Imaging: Advances and Challenges
=> Non-Traditional Data Sources: Providing Insights into Sustainable Development
=> Non-trivial Feature Derivation For Intensifying Feature Detection Using Lidar Datasets Through Allometric Aggregation Data Analysis Applying Diffused Hierarchical Clustering For Discriminating Agricultural Land Cover In Portions Of Northern Mindanao, Philippines
=> Non-Ubiquitous Digital Watermarking for Record Indexing and Integrity Protection of Medical Images
=> Non-Uniform Attention Network for Multi-modal Sentiment Analysis
=> Non-uniform backlighting computation for high dynamic range displays
=> Non-uniform Blind Deblurring by Reblurring
=> Non-Uniform Circular Generalized Cylinders Reconstruction From Multiple Perspective Views
=> Non-uniform Deblurring for Shaken Images
=> Non-uniform Deblurring for Shaken Images
=> Non-uniform Deblurring for Shaken Images
=> Non-Uniform Deblurring in HDR Image Reconstruction
=> Non-Uniform Hierarchical Geo-consistency for Multi-baseline Stereo
=> Non-uniform Illumination Video Enhancement Based on Zone System and Fusion
=> Non-uniform image blind deblurring by two-stage fully convolution network
=> non-uniform image compression using genetic algorithm, A
=> Non-Uniform Interrupted-Sampling Repeater Jamming Method for Intra-Pulse Frequency Agile Radar, A
=> Non-uniform low-light image enhancement via non-local similarity decomposition model
=> Non-Uniform MIMO Array Design for Radar Systems Using Multi-Channel Transceivers
=> Non-uniform Motion Deblurring for Bilayer Scenes
=> Non-uniform motion deblurring with blurry component divided guidance
=> Non-uniform motion deblurring with Kernel grid regularization
=> Non-uniform patch based face recognition via 2D-DWT
=> Non-uniform Piecewise Linear Activation Functions in Deep Neural Networks
=> Non-uniform Quantization in Breaking HUGO
=> Non-uniform quantizer design for image data hiding
=> Non-uniform Resolution Recovery Using Median Priors in Tomographic Image Reconstruction Methods
=> Non-uniform sampling for improved appearance-based models
=> Non-uniform sampling of plenoptic signal based on the scene complexity variations for a free viewpoint video system
=> Non-Uniform Slant Correction for Handwritten Text Line Recognition
=> Non-uniform slant estimation and correction for Farsi/Arabic handwritten words
=> Non-uniform Step Size Quantization for Accurate Post-training Quantization
=> Non-uniform Subset Selection for Active Learning in Structured Data
=> Non-Uniform Synthetic Aperture Radiometer Image Reconstruction Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network
=> Non-uniform Watermark Sharing Based on Optimal Iterative BTC for Image Tampering Recovery
=> Non-uniformity correction for SLM microscopic images
=> Non-uniformity Correction of Infrared Images by Midway Equalization
=> Non-Uniformly Sampled Feature Extraction Method for Kanji Character Recognition
=> non-uniformly sampled Markov random field model for MAP reconstruction of magnetoencephalogram images, A
=> Non-Vegetated Playa Morphodynamics Using Multi-Temporal Landsat Imagery in a Semi-Arid Endorheic Basin: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
=> Non-verbal communication analysis in Victim-Offender Mediations
=> Non-visible deformations
=> Non-Visual Sensing of Metallic Pavement Markers From a Moving Vehicle
=> Non-volume preserving-based fusion to group-level emotion recognition on crowd videos
=> Non-Wildcard Matching Beats The Interpretation Tree
=> Non-Wildcard Matching Beats The Interpretation Tree
=> Non Bayesian Predictive Approach for Functional Calibration, A
=> Non Cartesian-FFT Approach to image Alignment, A
=> non causal bayesian framework for object tracking and occlusion handling for the synthesis of stereoscopic video, A
=> Non Contact 3D Measurement Scheme for Transparent Objects Using UV Structured light
=> Non Homogeneous Realistic Single Image Dehazing
=> Non linear hybrid watermarking for High Dynamic Range images
=> Non Linear Optimization Applied To Angle-of-arrival Satellite Based Geo-localization For Biased And Time-drifting Sensors
=> Non linear smoothing method based on the just-noticeable contrast
=> Non Linear Temporal Textures Synthesis: A Monte Carlo Approach
=> Non Local Image Denoising Using Image Adapted Neighborhoods
=> Non Local Means Image Filtering Using Clustering
=> Non Local Multifocus Image Fusion Scheme for Dynamic Scenes, A
=> Non Local Point Set Surfaces
=> Non Maximal Suppression in Cascaded Ranking Models
=> Non Orthogonal Component Analysis: Application to Anomaly Detection
=> non parametric approach for modeling interferometric SAR imagery and applications, A
=> Non Parametric Classification of Human Interaction
=> Non Parametric Distortion Correction in Endoscopic Medical Images
=> Non Parametric Statistical Analysis of Scene Activity for Motion-Based Video Indexing and Retrieval
=> Non rigid image registration by modeling deformations as elastic waves
=> Non Rigid Registration of 3D Images to Laparoscopic Video for Image Guided Surgery
=> Non rigid registration of shapes via diffeomorphic point matching and clustering
=> Non separable 2D factorization of separable 2D DWT for lossless image coding
=> Non stationary Bayesian image restoration
=> Non Uniform Multiresolution Method for Optical Flow and Phase Portrait Models: Environmental Applications
=> Non Zero Mean Adaptive Cosine Estimator and Application to Hyperspectral Imaging
=> Nonactive antenna compensation for fixed-array microwave imaging: I. Model development
=> Nonactive antenna compensation for fixed-array microwave imaging: II. Imaging results
=> Nonadditive gaussian watermarking and its application to wavelet-based image watermarking
=> Nonambiguous Image Formation for Low-Earth-Orbit SAR With Geosynchronous Illumination Based on Multireceiving and CAMP
=> Nonambiguous SAR Image Formation of Maritime Targets Using Weighted Sparse Approach
=> Nonblind Image Deconvolution via Leveraging Model Uncertainty in An Untrained Deep Neural Network
=> Noncausal directional intra prediction: Theoretical analysis and simulation
=> Noncausal Predictive Image Codec
=> Noncentral and Non-Gaussian Probability Model for SAR Data, A
=> Nonchronological Video Synopsis and Indexing
=> Noncolocated Time-Reversal MUSIC: High-SNR Distribution of Null Spectrum
=> Noncombinatorial detection of regular repetitions under perspective skew
=> Nonconformal FEM-DDM With Tree-Cotree Splitting and Improved Transmission Condition for Modeling Subsurface Detection Problems, A
=> NonConformity Problem in 3D Grid Decompositions
=> Nonconservative Flow Field for Robust Variational Image Segmentation, A
=> Nonconservative Lagrangian Framework for Statistical Fluid Registration: SAFIRA, A
=> Noncontact 3-D Speckle Contrast Diffuse Correlation Tomography of Tissue Blood Flow Distribution
=> Noncontact Electrical Permittivity Mapping and pH-Sensitive Films for Osseointegrated Prosthesis and Infection Monitoring
=> Noncontact Measurement of River Surface Velocity and Discharge Estimation With a Low-Cost Doppler Radar Sensor
=> Noncontact Vital Sign Detection based on Stepwise Atomic Norm Minimization
=> Noncontact, depth-detailed 3D fingerprinting
=> Nonconvex-Sparsity and Nonlocal-Smoothness-Based Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing
=> Nonconvex-TV Based Image Restoration with Impulse Noise Removal
=> Nonconvex 3D array image data recovery and pattern recognition under tensor framework
=> Nonconvex Bayesian Restoration of Blurred Foreground Images
=> Nonconvex clustering via L0 fusion penalized regression
=> Nonconvex Compressed Sensing by Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms
=> Nonconvex compressive sensing and reconstruction of gradient-sparse images: Random vs. tomographic Fourier sampling
=> nonconvex fractional order variational model for multi-frame image super-resolution, A
=> Nonconvex higher-order regularization based Rician noise removal with spatially adaptive parameters
=> Nonconvex Mixed TV/Cahn-Hilliard Functional for Super-Resolution/Segmentation of 3D Trabecular Bone Images
=> Nonconvex Model to Remove Multiplicative Noise, A
=> Nonconvex Nonsmooth Low Rank Minimization via Iteratively Reweighted Nuclear Norm
=> nonconvex nonsmooth regularization method with structure tensor total variation, A
=> Nonconvex Online Support Vector Machines
=> Nonconvex Optimization for 3-Dimensional Point Source Localization Using a Rotating Point Spread Function
=> Nonconvex reconstruction for low-dimensional fluorescence molecular tomographic poisson observations
=> Nonconvex Regularization for Network Slimming: Compressing CNNS Even More
=> Nonconvex Regularization for Shape Preservation
=> Nonconvex Regularization in Remote Sensing
=> nonconvex regularized approach for phase retrieval, A
=> Nonconvex sparse regularizer based speckle noise removal
=> Nonconvex Structured Phase Retrieval: A Focus on Provably Correct Approaches
=> Nonconvex Truncated Nuclear Norm Minimization Based on Adaptive Bisection Method
=> Nonconvex TVq-Models in Image Restoration: Analysis and a Trust-Region Regularization-Based Superlinearly Convergent Solver
=> Nonconvex Weighted L_p Minimization Based Group Sparse Representation Framework for Image Denoising
=> Nonconvex, Fully Distributed Optimization Based CAV Platooning Control Under Nonlinear Vehicle Dynamics
=> Noncooperative Target Detection of Spacecraft Objects Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
=> Noncoverage Field Model for Improving the Rendering Quality of Virtual Views, A
=> nondestructive automated defect detection system for silicon carbide wafers, A
=> Nondestructive Conductivity Estimating Method for Saline-Alkali Land Based on Ground Penetrating Radar, A
=> Nondestructive Detection of Targeted Microbubbles Using Dual-Mode Data and Deep Learning for Real-Time Ultrasound Molecular Imaging
=> Nondestructive dynamic process monitoring using electrical capacitance tomography
=> Nondestructive Evaluation of Civil Structures and Materials Using Stereo Camera Measurements
=> Nondestructive Evaluation of Localized Rebar Corrosion in Concrete Using Vibro-Radar Based on Pulse Doppler Imaging
=> Nondeterministic Deformation Analysis Using Quasiconformal Geometry
=> Nondimensionalized Univariate Equation Characterizing Optimal State Feedback Control for Collision Avoidance
=> Nondistorting flattening maps and the 3-D visualization of colon CT images
=> None
=> None
=> None
=> None
=> None
=> None
=> None
=> None
8 for None => Nonedge-Specific Adaptive Scheme for Highly Robust Blind Motion Deblurring of Natural Images
=> Nonexpansive Pyramid for Image-Coding Using a Nonlinear Filterbank
=> Nonextensive Entropic Image Registration
=> Nongeometric Distortion Smoothing Approach for Depth Map Preprocessing
=> Nonhomogeneous scaling optimization for realtime image resizing
=> Nonideal Iris Recognition Using Level Set Approach and Coalitional Game Theory
=> Noninformation-preserving shape features at multiple resolution
=> Noninteger View Multiplexing for 3D Lenticular Display
=> Noninterferometric topography measurements of fast moving surfaces
=> Nonintrusive Depth Estimation of Buried Radioactive Wastes Using Ground Penetrating Radar and a Gamma Ray Detector
=> Nonintrusive heart rate measurement using ballistocardiogram signals: A comparative study
=> nonintrusive method for generating all-focused projection, A
=> nonintrusive system for behavioral analysis of children using multiple RGB+depth sensors, A
=> Noninvasive Activation Imaging of Ventricular Arrhythmias by Spatial Gradient Sparse in Frequency Domain: Application to Mapping Reentrant Ventricular Tachycardia
=> Noninvasive and Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring Using Wearable Body Sensor Networks
=> Noninvasive assessment of bone architecture by magnetic resonance micro-imaging-based virtual bone biopsy
=> Noninvasive Brain-Computer Interfaces Based on Sensorimotor Rhythms
=> Noninvasive Carotid Strain Imaging Using Angular Compounding at Large Beam Steered Angles: Validation in Vessel Phantoms
=> Noninvasive Electroardiographic Imaging: Application of Hybrid Methods for Solving the Electrocardiography Inverse Problem
=> Noninvasive electrocardiographic imaging with low-rank and non-local total variation regularization
=> Noninvasive estimation of the aorta input function for measurement of tumor blood flow with O15 water
=> Noninvasive Imaging of Three-Dimensional Micro and Nanostructures by Topological Methods
=> Noninvasive Mapping of Transmural Potentials During Activation in Swine Hearts From Body Surface Electrocardiograms
=> Noninvasive methods of classification and staging of chronic hepatic diseases
=> Noninvasive Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Ventricular Activation Sequence From the Inverse Solution of Distributed Equivalent Current Density
=> Noninvasive Reconstruction of Transmural Transmembrane Potential With Simultaneous Estimation of Prior Model Error
=> Noninvasive System for Evaluating Driver Vigilance Level Examining Both Physiological and Mechanical Data, A
=> Noninvasive Three-Dimensional Cardiac Activation Imaging From Body Surface Potential Maps: A Computational and Experimental Study on a Rabbit Model
=> Noninvasive Transmural Electrophysiological Imaging Based on Minimization of Total-Variation Functional
=> Noninvasive Vascular Elastography With Plane Strain Incompressibility Assumption Using Ultrafast Coherent Compound Plane Wave Imaging
=> Noninvasive Vascular Elastography: Theoretical Framework
=> Noninvasive volumetric imaging of cardiac electrophysiology
=> noninvasive, multimodality approach based on MRS and MRI techniques for monitoring intracranial brain tumor angiogenesis, A
=> Noniterative Coordinated Beamforming for Multiuser MIMO Systems With Limited Feedforward
=> Noniterative Greedy Algorithm for Multiframe Point Correspondence, A
=> Noniterative Greedy Algorithm for Multiframe Point Correspondence, A
=> Noniterative Interpolation-Based Super-Resolution Minimizing Aliasing in the Reconstructed Image
=> Noniterative manipulation of discrete energy-based models for image analysis
=> Noniterative MAP Reconstruction Using Sparse Matrix Representations
=> Noniterative Probabilistic Method for Contextual Correspondence Matching, A
=> Noniterative Procedure for Rapid and Precise Camera Calibration, A
=> Nonlane-Discipline-Based Car-Following Model for Electric Vehicles in Transportation-Cyber-Physical Systems
=> Nonlinear-Shift Approach to Object Tracking Based on Shape Information, A
=> Nonlinear 3-D trajectory guidance for unmanned aerial vehicles
=> Nonlinear 3D and 2D Transforms for Image Processing and Surveillance
=> Nonlinear 3D Face Morphable Model
=> Nonlinear acoustic concealed weapons detection
=> Nonlinear active handwriting models and their applications to handwritten Chinese radical recognition
=> Nonlinear Adaptive Convergence Index Filters and Their Characteristics
=> Nonlinear Adaptive Level Set for Image Segmentation, A
=> nonlinear algorithm for enhancing low bit-rate coded motion video sequence, A
=> Nonlinear Alignment of Whole Tractograms with the Linear Assignment Problem
=> Nonlinear analysis of GMSK carrier phase recovery loop
=> Nonlinear Analysis of Stability and Safety of Optimal Velocity Model Vehicle Groups on Ring Roads
=> Nonlinear analysis of video images using deep recurrent auto-associative neural networks for facial understanding
=> Nonlinear and Nonseparable Bidimensional Multiscale Representation Based on Cell-Average Representation
=> Nonlinear Appraisal Modeling: An Application of Machine Learning to the Study of Emotion Production
=> Nonlinear Approach for Enhancement of Image Focus Volume in Shape From Focus
=> Nonlinear Approach for Face Sketch Synthesis and Recognition, A
=> Nonlinear Approach to the Motion Correspondence Problem, A
=> Nonlinear Approximation Based Image Recovery Using Adaptive Sparse Reconstructions and Iterated Denoising-Part I: Theory
=> Nonlinear Approximation Based Image Recovery Using Adaptive Sparse Reconstructions and Iterated Denoising-Part II: Adaptive Algorithms
=> Nonlinear approximation based image recovery using adaptive sparse reconstructions
=> Nonlinear Approximation of Spatiotemporal Data Using Diffusion Wavelets
=> Nonlinear Asymmetric Multi-Valued Hashing
=> Nonlinear Background Filter to Improve Pedestrian Detection
=> Nonlinear barycentric dimensionality reduction
=> Nonlinear bias compensation of ZiYuan-3 satellite imagery with cubic splines
=> Nonlinear Bias Correction of the FY-4A AGRI Infrared Radiance Data Based on the Random Forest
=> Nonlinear binary wavelet transforms and their application to binary image compression
=> Nonlinear Biomechanical Model Based Registration Method for Aligning Prone and Supine MR Breast Images, A
=> Nonlinear Blind Compressed Sensing Under Signal-Dependent Noise
=> Nonlinear blind signal separation with intelligent controlled learning
=> Nonlinear Blind Source Separation Applied to a Simple Bijective Model
=> Nonlinear blind source separation using a hybrid RBF-FMLP network
=> Nonlinear Blind Source Separation Using Slow Feature Analysis with Random Features
=> Nonlinear Body Pose Estimation from Depth Images
=> Nonlinear camera response functions and image deblurring
=> Nonlinear Camera Response Functions and Image Deblurring: Theoretical Analysis and Practice
=> Nonlinear cardiac deformation recovery from medical images
=> Nonlinear Causal Link Estimation Under Hidden Confounding with an Application to Time Series Anomaly Detection
=> Nonlinear Characteristics of NPP Based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition from 1982 to 2015-A Case Study of Six Coastal Provinces in Southeast China
=> Nonlinear Classification of Multispectral Imagery Using Representation-Based Classifiers
=> Nonlinear Color Space and Spatiotemporal MRF for Hierarchical Segmentation of Face Features in Video
=> Nonlinear combination method of forecasters applied to PM time series
=> Nonlinear Combination of Multiple Kernels for Support Vector Machines
=> Nonlinear Compressed Sensing for Multi-emitter X-Ray Imaging
=> Nonlinear Conflict Resolution and Flow Management Using Particle Swarm Optimization
=> Nonlinear Consensus-Based Connected Vehicle Platoon Control Incorporating Car-Following Interactions and Heterogeneous Time Delays
=> Nonlinear constrained least squares estimation to reduce artifacts in block transform-coded images
=> Nonlinear Constraint Network Optimization for Efficient Map Learning
=> Nonlinear Contour Preserving Transform for Geometrical Image Compression, A
=> Nonlinear Control for Dual Objective Active Suspension Systems
=> Nonlinear Controller of Quadcopters for Agricultural Monitoring
=> Nonlinear Coordinated Steering and Braking Control of Vision-Based Autonomous Vehicles in Emergency Obstacle Avoidance
=> Nonlinear Cross-View Sample Enrichment for Action Recognition
=> Nonlinear curvelet diffusion for noisy image enhancement
=> Nonlinear Cylindrical Markers Using Metamaterials
=> Nonlinear Data-Driven Towed Array Shape Estimation Method Using Passive Underwater Acoustic Data, A
=> Nonlinear Decision-Based Algorithm for Removal of Strip Lines, Drop Lines, Blotches, Band Missing and Impulses in Images and Videos
=> Nonlinear Deconvolution of Hyperspectral Data With MCMC for Studying the Kinematics of Galaxies
=> Nonlinear Deep Kernel Learning for Image Annotation
=> Nonlinear Depth Map Resampling for Depth-Enhanced 3-D Video Coding
=> Nonlinear depth representation for 3D video coding
=> Nonlinear Derivative Scheme Applied to Edge Detection, A
=> Nonlinear dictionary learning with application to image classification
=> nonlinear diffusion-based three-band filter bank, A
=> Nonlinear Diffusion Filters without Parameters for Image Segmentation
=> Nonlinear Diffusion for Early Vision
=> Nonlinear Diffusion in Laplacian Pyramid Domain for Ultrasonic Speckle Reduction
=> Nonlinear Diffusion Model for Discontinuous Disparity and Half-Occlusions in Stereo, A
=> Nonlinear Diffusion of Scalar Images using Well-Posed Differential Operators with Applications in Medical Imaging
=> Nonlinear Diffusion on the 2D Euclidean Motion Group
=> Nonlinear Diffusion with Multiple Edginess Thresholds
=> Nonlinear diffusion: A probabilistic view
=> Nonlinear Dimension Reduction and Activation Detection for fMRI Dataset
=> Nonlinear Dimension Reduction and Visualization of Labeled Data
=> Nonlinear dimensionality reduction by curvature minimization
=> Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Locally Linear Embedding
=> Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Topologically Constrained Isometric Embedding
=> Nonlinear dimensionality reduction for clustering
=> Nonlinear dimensionality reduction for structural discovery in image processing
=> nonlinear dimensionality reduction framework using smooth geodesics, A
=> Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Using Circuit Models
=> Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction via Path-Based Isometric Mapping
=> Nonlinear Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing for Visual-Textual Data
=> Nonlinear Discrete Hashing
=> Nonlinear Discrete Wavelet Transforms over Finite Sets and an Application to Binary Image Compression
=> Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis Based on Probability Estimation by Gaussian Mixture Model
=> Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis on Embedded Manifold
=> Nonlinear discriminant analysis using K nearest neighbor estimation
=> Nonlinear Discriminant Graph Embeddings for Detecting White Matter Lesions in FLAIR MRI
=> Nonlinear discriminant mapping using the Laplacian of a graph
=> Nonlinear Discriminative Approach to AAM Fitting, A
=> Nonlinear Distortion Correction in Endoscopic Video Images
=> Nonlinear Distribution Regression for Remote Sensing Applications
=> Nonlinear Distribution Regression for Remote Sensing Applications
=> Nonlinear Driver Parameter Estimation and Driver Steering Behavior Analysis for ADAS Using Field Test Data
=> Nonlinear Dynamic Model for Visual Object Tracking on Grassmann Manifolds With Partial Occlusion Handling
=> Nonlinear Dynamic Projection for Noise Reduction of Dispersed Manifolds
=> Nonlinear dynamic range transformation in visual communication channels
=> Nonlinear Dynamic Shape and Appearance Models for Facial Motion Tracking
=> Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data
=> Nonlinear Dynamical Shape Priors for Level Set Segmentation
=> Nonlinear Dynamical Shape Priors for Level Set Segmentation
=> Nonlinear edge enhancement
=> Nonlinear Effects of Landscape Patterns on Ecosystem Services at Multiple Scales Based on Gradient Boosting Decision Tree Models
=> Nonlinear elastic registration of brain images with tumor pathology using a biomechanical model [MRI]
=> Nonlinear Elastic Shape Averaging Approach, A
=> Nonlinear Elastic Spline Registration: Evaluation with Longitudinal Huntington's Disease Data
=> Nonlinear Elasticity Registration and Sobolev Gradients
=> Nonlinear Embedded Map Projection for Dimensionality Reduction
=> Nonlinear embedding preserving multiple local-linearities
=> Nonlinear Embedding Transform for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
=> Nonlinear Enhancement and Segmentation Algorithm for the Detection of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) in Human Eye's Retina
=> Nonlinear Enhancement of Extremely High Contrast Images for Visibility Improvement
=> Nonlinear Estimation of Chromophore Concentrations and Shading from Hyperspectral Images
=> Nonlinear Estimation of Material Abundances in Hyperspectral Images With L_1-Norm Spatial Regularization
=> Nonlinear Estimation of the Fundamental Matrix with Minimal Parameters
=> Nonlinear Eye Gaze Mapping Function Estimation via Support Vector Regression
=> Nonlinear Face Recognition Based on Maximum Average Margin Criterion
=> Nonlinear feature extraction based on centroids and kernel functions
=> Nonlinear Feature Extraction with Radial Basis Functions Using a Weighted Multidimensional Scaling Stress Measure
=> Nonlinear Feature Extractor for Texture Segmentation, A
=> Nonlinear Feature Normalization for Hyperspectral Domain Adaptation and Mitigation of Nonlinear Effects
=> Nonlinear Feature Transformation and Deep Fusion for Alzheimer's Disease Staging Analysis
=> Nonlinear Feature Transformation and Deep Fusion for Alzheimer's Disease Staging Analysis
=> Nonlinear Feature Transformation and Deep Fusion for Alzheimer's Disease Staging Analysis
=> Nonlinear Filter Coupled With Hospitability and Synthetic Inclination Maps for In-Surveillance and Out-of-Surveillance Tracking, A
=> Nonlinear Filter Design Using Envelopes
=> Nonlinear Filter for Film Restoration and Other Problems in Image Processing, A
=> Nonlinear filtering approach to 3-D gray-scale image interpolation
=> Nonlinear Filtering by Threshold Decomposition
=> Nonlinear filtering for phase image denoising
=> Nonlinear Filtering Impulse Noise Removal from Corrupted Images
=> Nonlinear Filtering in the Wavelet Transform Domain
=> Nonlinear Filtering of Magnetic Resonance Tomograms by Geometry Driven Diffusion
=> Nonlinear Filtering of Multivariate Images Under Robust Error Criterion
=> Nonlinear Filtering of Noisy Images Using Neuro-Fuzzy Operators
=> Nonlinear filtering using generalized subband decomposition
=> Nonlinear filtering with multiple packet dropouts
=> Nonlinear Filters for Image Processing
=> Nonlinear Filters for Multimedia Applications
=> Nonlinear finite-element analysis and biomechanical evaluation of the lumbar spine
=> Nonlinear Flicker Compensation for Archived Film Sequences Using Motion-Compensated Graylevel Tracing
=> Nonlinear Flows for Displacement Correction and Applications in Tomography
=> nonlinear fourth-order PDE-based image denoising technique, A
=> Nonlinear Functionals in the Construction of Multiscale Affine Invariants
=> Nonlinear Gauss-Seidel Algorithm for Noncoplanar and Coplanar Camera Calibration with Convergence Analysis, A
=> Nonlinear Generalization of Point Distribution Models Using Polynomial Regression
=> Nonlinear Generative Models for Dynamic Shape and Dynamic Appearance
=> Nonlinear Graph Fusion for Multi-modal Classification of Alzheimer's Disease
=> Nonlinear Grid Transformation Method for Extrapolating and Predicting the Convective Echo of Weather Radar, A
=> Nonlinear Guided Filter for Polarimetric SAR Image Despeckling, A
=> Nonlinear Harmonic Model for Fitting Satellite Image Time Series: Analysis and Prediction of Land Cover Dynamics, A
=> Nonlinear Hybrid Impedance Control for Steering Control of Rack-Mounted Electric Power Steering in Autonomous Vehicles
=> Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing Based on Geometric Characteristics of Bilinear Mixture Models
=> Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing With Graphical Models
=> Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing With Robust Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
=> Nonlinear image analysis for fuzzy classification of breast cancer
=> nonlinear image contrast sharpening approach based on Munsell's scale, A
=> Nonlinear Image Estimation Using Piecewise and Local Image Models
=> Nonlinear Image Filtering with Edge and Corner Enhancement
=> Nonlinear Image Filtering: Trade-off Between Optimality and Practicality
=> Nonlinear Image Interpolation Through Extended Permutation Filters
=> Nonlinear Image Labeling for Multivalued Segmentation
=> Nonlinear Image Operators for the Evaluation of Local Intrinsic Dimensionality
=> Nonlinear Image Processing II
=> Nonlinear Image Processing III
=> Nonlinear Image Processing IV
=> Nonlinear Image Processing IX
=> Nonlinear Image Processing V
=> Nonlinear Image Processing VI
=> Nonlinear Image Processing VII
=> Nonlinear Image Processing VIII
=> Nonlinear Image Processing X
=> Nonlinear Image Processing
=> Nonlinear image processing: modeling and fast algorithm for regularization with edge detection
=> Nonlinear image recovery with half-quadratic regularization
=> Nonlinear Image Representation for Efficient Perceptual Coding
=> Nonlinear image representation using divisive normalization
=> Nonlinear image restoration by radial basis function networks
=> Nonlinear image restoration using FFT-based conjugate gradient methods
=> Nonlinear Image Upsampling Method Based on Radial Basis Function Interpolation
=> Nonlinear Interaction of on and off Data Streams for the Detection of Visual Structure
=> Nonlinear Interpolation in the Fourier Domain Guided by Morphologic Filters
=> Nonlinear interpolators for old movie restoration
=> Nonlinear Inverse Problem Inspired by Three-Dimensional Diffuse Tomography: Explicit Formulas, A
=> Nonlinear Inverse Scale Space Method For A Convex Multiplicative Noise Model, A
=> Nonlinear Inverse Scale Space Methods For Total Variation Blind Deconvolution
=> Nonlinear Inversion for Multiple Objects in Transient Electromagnetic Induction Sensing of Unexploded Ordnance: Technique and Applications
=> Nonlinear Inversion MR Elastography With Low-Frequency Actuation
=> Nonlinear Iris Deformation Correction Based on Gaussian Model
=> Nonlinear Iterative Hard Thresholding for Inverse Scattering
=> Nonlinear Iterative Reconstruction and Analysis Approach to Shape-Based Approximate Electromagnetic Tomography, A
=> Nonlinear Joint Transform Correlators
=> Nonlinear Kalman Filter-Based Robust Channel Estimation for High Mobility OFDM Systems
=> Nonlinear Kalman Filtering Algorithms for On-Line Calibration of Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models
=> nonlinear kernel-based joint fusion/detection of anomalies using Hyperspectral and SAR imagery, A
=> Nonlinear kernel based feature maps for blur-sensitive unsharp masking of JPEG images
=> Nonlinear L_1-Norm Approach for Joint Image Registration and Super-Resolution, A
=> Nonlinear L1-norm minimization learning for human detection
=> Nonlinear Laplace Operator As Edge Detector In Noisy Images, A
=> Nonlinear Latent Variable Models for Video Sequences
=> Nonlinear Least Square Technique for Simultaneous Image Registration and Super-Resolution, A
=> Nonlinear Least Squares Optimisation of Unit Quaternion Functions for Pose Estimation from Corresponding Features
=> nonlinear level set model for image deblurring and denoising, A
=> Nonlinear Low-Rank Matrix Completion for Human Motion Recovery
=> Nonlinear Manifold Clustering By Dimensionality
=> Nonlinear Manifold Learning for Dynamic Shape and Dynamic Appearance
=> Nonlinear Manifold Learning for Visual Speech Recognition
=> nonlinear manifold learning framework for real-time motion estimation using low-cost sensors, A
=> Nonlinear Manifold Learning Integrated with Fully Convolutional Networks for PolSAR Image Classification
=> nonlinear mapping algorithm for large data sets, A
=> Nonlinear Mapping Based on Spectral Angle Preserving Principle for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
=> Nonlinear Mappings for Generative Kernels on Latent Variable Models
=> Nonlinear Matrix Diffusion for Optic Flow Estimation
=> Nonlinear Mean Shift for Clustering over Analytic Manifolds
=> Nonlinear Mean Shift for Robust Pose Estimation
=> Nonlinear Mean Shift over Riemannian Manifolds
=> Nonlinear Method for Estimating the Projective Geometry of Three Views, A
=> Nonlinear Method for Imaging with Acoustic Waves Via Reduced Order Model Backprojection, A
=> Nonlinear Metric Learning for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis with Integration of Longitudinal Neuroimaging Features
=> Nonlinear Metric Learning through Geodesic Interpolation within Lie Groups
=> Nonlinear Metric Learning with Deep Independent Subspace Analysis Network for Face Verification
=> nonlinear mixed-effects model for simultaneous smoothing and registration of functional data, A
=> Nonlinear MMSE Equalizer for Impulsive Noise Mitigation in OFDM-Based Communications
=> Nonlinear Model-Predictive Contouring Controller for Shared Control Driving Assistance in High-Performance Scenarios, A
=> Nonlinear model and constrained ML for removing back-to-front interferences from recto-verso documents
=> Nonlinear Model for Fractal Image-Coding, A
=> Nonlinear Model for InSAR Baseline Error
=> Nonlinear model identification and see-through cancelation from recto-verso data
=> Nonlinear Model Predictive Lateral Stability Control of Active Chassis for Intelligent Vehicles and Its FPGA Implementation
=> Nonlinear Modeling of Scattered Multivariate Data and Its Application to Shape Change
=> Nonlinear modeling of wavelet coefficients around edges
=> Nonlinear Motion Correction of Respiratory-Gated Lung SPECT Images
=> Nonlinear Motion Detection
=> Nonlinear Motion Estimation Using The Supercoupling Approach
=> Nonlinear Moving Horizon Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks
=> Nonlinear multi-scale contrast enhancement for chest radiograph
=> Nonlinear multicriteria clustering based on multiple dissimilarity matrices
=> Nonlinear multigrid algorithms for bayesian optical diffusion tomography
=> Nonlinear Multigrid Diffusion Model for Efficient Dense Optical Flow estimation, A
=> Nonlinear multigrid inversion
=> Nonlinear Multigrid Optimization for Bayesian Diffusion Tomography
=> Nonlinear Multilayered Representation of Graph-Signals
=> Nonlinear Multiple Kernel Learning With Multiple-Structure-Element Extended Morphological Profiles for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Nonlinear multiresolution image analysis via convex projections
=> Nonlinear Multiresolution Signal Decomposition Schemes--Part I: Morphological Pyramids
=> Nonlinear Multiresolution Signal Decomposition Schemes--Part II: Morphological Wavelets
=> Nonlinear Multiresolution: A Shape-from-Shading Example
=> Nonlinear Multiscale Analysis of Motion Trajectories
=> Nonlinear multiscale filtering using mathematical morphology
=> Nonlinear Multiscale Graph Theory based Segmentation of Color Images
=> Nonlinear Multiscale Representations for Image Segmentation
=> Nonlinear multiscale wavelet diffusion for speckle suppression and edge enhancement in ultrasound images
=> Nonlinear multivariate image filtering techniques
=> nonlinear neural network model of mixture of local principal component analysis: application to handwritten digits recognition, A
=> Nonlinear Non-Negative Component Analysis Algorithms
=> Nonlinear Nonnegative Component Analysis
=> Nonlinear nonnegative matrix factorization based on Mercer kernel construction
=> Nonlinear Normalization Method for Handprinted Kanji Character Recognition-Line Density Equalization, A
=> Nonlinear Normalization Method for Handprinted Kanji Character Recognition-Line Density Equalization, A
=> Nonlinear Observation Models With Additive Gaussian Noises and Efficient MLEs
=> Nonlinear Ocean Wave Reconstruction Algorithms Based on Simulated Spatiotemporal Data Acquired by a Flash LIDAR Camera
=> Nonlinear Operator for Oriented Texture
=> Nonlinear Operator for Oriented Texture
=> Nonlinear Operators in Image Restoration
=> Nonlinear Operators in Image Restoration
=> Nonlinear optimisation method for image segmentation and noise reduction using geometrical intrinsic properties
=> Nonlinear Orientation Model for Global Description of Fingerprints, A
=> Nonlinear Orthogonal NMF on the Stiefel Manifold With Graph-Based Total Variation Regularization
=> nonlinear orthogonal non-negative matrix factorization approach to subspace clustering, A
=> Nonlinear PCA for Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Earth Observation Data
=> Nonlinear PDE Operators with Memory Terms for Image Processing
=> Nonlinear Phase Correction With an Extended Statistical Algorithm
=> Nonlinear phase portrait modeling of fingerprint orientation
=> Nonlinear Phase Portrait Models for Oriented Textures
=> Nonlinear PHMMs for the Interpretation of Parameterized Gesture
=> Nonlinear PHMMs for the Interpretation of Parameterized Gesture
=> Nonlinear PHMMs for the Interpretation of Parameterized Gesture
=> Nonlinear Point Distribution Modeling Using a Multilayer Perceptron
=> Nonlinear Poisson Image Completion using Color Manifold
=> Nonlinear post-beamforming filtering of pulse-echo ultrasound for contrast enhancement
=> Nonlinear Power Method for Computing Eigenvectors of Proximal Operators and Neural Networks
=> Nonlinear Pre-filtering Technique for Set-Theoretic Linear Blind Deconvolution Scheme, A
=> Nonlinear Precoding for Multipair Relay Networks With One-Bit ADCs and DACs
=> Nonlinear prediction for Gaussian mixture image models
=> Nonlinear Prediction in the 2d Wold Decomposition for Texture Modeling
=> Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis of Image Data, A
=> Nonlinear Probabilistic Curvature Motion Filter for Positron Emission Tomography Images, A
=> Nonlinear Processing for Correlation Detection in Symmetric Alpha-Stable Noise
=> Nonlinear Projection Recovery in Digital Inpainting for Color Image Restoration
=> nonlinear quantization scheme for two-layer HDR image encoding, A
=> Nonlinear Radiometric Normalization Model for Satellite Imgaes Time Series Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Greedy Algroithm, A
=> Nonlinear Ranking Loss on Riemannian Potato Embedding
=> Nonlinear Reduction of Data
=> NonLinear refinement of structure from motion reconstruction by taking advantage of a partial knowledge of the environment
=> Nonlinear registration of binary shapes
=> Nonlinear registration using variational principle for mutual information
=> Nonlinear Regression-Based GNSS Multipath Dynamic Map Construction and Its Application in Deep Urban Areas
=> Nonlinear regression analysis of the hemodynamic response in functional MRI
=> Nonlinear Regression Application via Machine Learning Techniques for Geomagnetic Data Reconstruction Processing, A
=> Nonlinear Regression of Saliency Guided Proposals for Unsupervised Segmentation of Dynamic Scenes
=> Nonlinear Regression Technique for Manifold Valued Data with Applications to Medical Image Analysis, A
=> Nonlinear Regression via Deep Negative Correlation Learning
=> Nonlinear Regression via Deep Negative Correlation Learning
=> Nonlinear regression via incremental decision trees
=> Nonlinear Regression with Logistic Product Basis Networks
=> Nonlinear Regularization for Per Voxel Estimation of Magnetic Susceptibility Distributions From MRI Field Maps
=> Nonlinear Regularization Using Constrained Edges in Image Reconstruction
=> Nonlinear Regularized Reaction-Diffusion Filters for Denoising of Images With Textures
=> Nonlinear Relationship Between the Yield of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Photosynthetic Efficiency in Senescent Crops
=> Nonlinear relaxation labeling as growth transformation
=> Nonlinear Response in a Field Portable Spectroradiometer: Characterization and Effects on Output Reflectance
=> Nonlinear Robust Composite Levitation Control for High-Speed EMS Trains With Input Saturation and Track Irregularities
=> Nonlinear robust state feedback control of uncertain polynomial discrete-time systems: An integral action approach
=> Nonlinear robust velocity estimation of vehicles from a snowfall traffic scene
=> Nonlinear scale-space filtering and multiresolution system
=> Nonlinear scale-space from n-dimensional sieves
=> Nonlinear Scale-Space
=> Nonlinear Scale Space Theory in Texture Classification Using Multiple Classifier Systems
=> Nonlinear Scale Space with Spatially Varying Stopping Time
=> Nonlinear scrambling-based reversible watermarking for 2D-vector maps
=> Nonlinear Shape-Texture Manifold Learning
=> Nonlinear Shape and Appearance Models for Facial Expression Analysis and Synthesis
=> Nonlinear shape manifolds as shape priors in level set segmentation and tracking
=> Nonlinear Shape Normalization Methods for Gray-Scale Handwritten Character Recognition
=> Nonlinear Shape Normalization Methods for the Recognition of Large-Set Handwritten Characters
=> Nonlinear Shape Registration without Correspondences
=> Nonlinear Shape Regression for Filtering Segmentation Results from Calcium Imaging
=> Nonlinear shape restoration by transformation models
=> Nonlinear Shape Restoration for Document Images
=> Nonlinear Shape Restoration of Distorted Images with Coons Transformation
=> Nonlinear Shape Statistics in Mumford-Shah Based Segmentation
=> Nonlinear Shape Statistics in Mumford-Shah Based Segmentation
=> Nonlinear Ship Wake Detection in SAR Images Based on Electromagnetic Scattering Model and YOLOv5
=> Nonlinear Signal-Filtering Technique With Real-Time Gain Booster for Feedback System Applications
=> Nonlinear single layer neural network training algorithm for incremental, nonstationary and distributed learning scenarios
=> Nonlinear smoothing of N-dimensional data using successive over-relaxation method
=> Nonlinear smoothing of pictures
=> Nonlinear Sparse Hashing
=> Nonlinear Spatially Variant Object-Dependent System Model for Prediction of Partial Volume Effects and Scatter in PET, A
=> nonlinear spatio-temporal diffusion and its application to prefiltering in MPEG-4 video coding, A
=> Nonlinear Spectral Analysis via One-Homogeneous Functionals: Overview and Future Prospects
=> Nonlinear Spectral Image Fusion
=> Nonlinear Spectral Processing of Shapes via Zero-homogeneous Flows
=> Nonlinear Split-Window Algorithms for Estimating Land and Sea Surface Temperatures From Simulated Chinese Gaofen-5 Satellite Data
=> Nonlinear Statistics of High-Contrast Patches in Natural Images, The
=> Nonlinear Structural Hashing for Scalable Video Search
=> Nonlinear Structure Tensor with the Diffusivity Matrix Composed of the Image Gradient, A
=> Nonlinear structure tensors
=> Nonlinear Subsidence Rate Estimation Using Permanent Scatterers in Differential SAR Interferometry
=> Nonlinear subspace clustering for image clustering
=> Nonlinear subspace clustering using curvature constrained distances
=> Nonlinear subspace clustering
=> Nonlinear Subspace Feature Enhancement for Image Set Classification
=> Nonlinear supervised dimensionality reduction via smooth regular embeddings
=> Nonlinear Supervised Locality Preserving Projections for Visual Pattern Discrimination
=> nonlinear technique for enhancement of color images: An architectural perspective for real-time applications, A
=> Nonlinear Temporal Correlation Based Network for Action Recognition
=> Nonlinear Tensor Diffusion in Segmentation of Meaningful Biological Structures from Image Sequences of Zebrafish Embryogenesis, The
=> Nonlinear Texture Operator Specialized in the Analysis of Dot-patterns, A
=> Nonlinear Thermoacoustic Imaging Based on Temperature-Dependent Thermoelastic Response
=> Nonlinear total variation based noise removal algorithms
=> Nonlinear Transfer Function-Based Image Detail Preserving Dynamic Range Compression for Color Image Enhancement
=> Nonlinear Transform for Robust Dense Block-Based Motion Estimation
=> Nonlinear Transformation of the Distance Function in the Nearest Neighbor Image Recognition
=> Nonlinear transformations of digitized patterns
=> Nonlinear Transforms in Learned Image Compression From a Communication Perspective
=> Nonlinear two-stage model for color discrimination
=> Nonlinear Ultrafast Focal-Point Optics for Microscopic Imaging, Manipulation, and Machining
=> Nonlinear ultrasonic image processing based on signal-adaptive filters and self-organizing neural networks
=> Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data Using Semi-Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
=> Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data With Vector-Valued Kernel Functions
=> Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images Using a Generalized Bilinear Model
=> Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images: Models and Algorithms
=> Nonlinear Unmixing via Deep Autoencoder Networks for Generalized Bilinear Model
=> Nonlinear variants of biased discriminants for interactive image retrieval
=> nonlinear variation regularization algorithm for the magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography, The
=> Nonlinear Variational Model for PET Reconstruction, A
=> Nonlinear vector error tolerant interpolation of intermediate video images by weighted medians
=> Nonlinear Vector Prediction Using Feedforward Neural Networks
=> Nonlinear Visual Mapping Model for 3-D Visual Tracking With Uncalibrated Eye-in-Hand Robotic System
=> Nonlinear warping function recovery by scan-line search using dynamic programming
=> Nonlinear Wavelet Image-Processing: Variational-Problems, Compression, and Noise Removal Through Wavelet Shrinkage
=> Nonlinear wavelet transforms for image coding via lifting
=> Nonlinear, Noniterative Bayesian Tomographic Image reconstruction
=> Nonlinearities and Noise Reduction in 3-Source Photometric Stereo
=> Nonlinearities in Stereoscopic Phase-Differencing
=> Nonlinearity Detection in Hyperspectral Images Using a Polynomial Post-Nonlinear Mixing Model
=> Nonlinearity in Simple and Complex Cells in Early Biological Visual Systems
=> Nonlinearly Constrained MRFs: Exploring the Intrinsic Dimensions of Higher-Order Cliques
=> nonlocal-means approach to exemplar-based inpainting, A
=> Nonlocal Active Contours
=> Nonlocal Active Contours
=> Nonlocal Adaptive Biharmonic Regularizer for Image Restoration
=> Nonlocal and multivariate mathematical morphology
=> Nonlocal back-projection for adaptive image enlargement
=> Nonlocal Band-Weighted Iterative Spectral Mixture Model for Hyperspectral Imagery Denoising
=> Nonlocal Bayesian Image Denoising Algorithm, A
=> Nonlocal Center-Surround Reconstruction-Based Bottom-Up Saliency Estimation
=> Nonlocal Center-Surround Reconstruction-Based Bottom-Up Saliency Estimation
=> NonLocal Channel Attention for NonHomogeneous Image Dehazing
=> Nonlocal CNN SAR Image Despeckling
=> Nonlocal Compressive Sensing-Based SAR Tomography
=> Nonlocal convolutional block attention module VNet for gliomas automatic segmentation
=> Nonlocal Coupled Tensor CP Decomposition for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion
=> Nonlocal Denoising Algorithm for Manifold-Valued Images Using Second Order Statistics, A
=> Nonlocal Difference Operators on Graphs for Interpolation on Point Clouds
=> Nonlocal Discrete Regularization on Weighted Graphs: A Framework for Image and Manifold Processing
=> Nonlocal Elastica Model for Sparse Reconstruction
=> nonlocal energy minimization approach to brain image segmentation with simultaneous bias field estimation and denoising, A
=> Nonlocal Feature-Driven Exemplar-Based Approach for Image Inpainting, A
=> Nonlocal feature learning based on a variational graph auto-encoder network for small area change detection using SAR imagery
=> Nonlocal Feature Selection Encoder-Decoder Network for Accurate InSAR Phase Filtering
=> Nonlocal Filter-Based Hybrid Strategy for Depth Map Enhancement, A
=> Nonlocal Filtering Applied to 3-D Reconstruction of Tomographic SAR Data
=> Nonlocal Filtering for Polarimetric SAR Data: A Pretest Approach
=> Nonlocal Gradient Sparsity Regularization for Image Restoration
=> Nonlocal Graph-PDE and Higher-Order Geometric Integration for Image Labeling, A
=> Nonlocal Graph Convolutional Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
=> Nonlocal graph regularization for image colorization
=> Nonlocal graph theory based transductive learning for hyperspectral image classification
=> Nonlocal Hierarchical Dictionary Learning Using Wavelets for Image Denoising
=> Nonlocal Image and Movie Denoising
=> Nonlocal image deblurring: Variational formulation with nonlocal collaborative L0-norm prior
=> Nonlocal image denoising via collaborative spatial-domain LMMSE estimation
=> Nonlocal Image Editing
=> Nonlocal Image Restoration With Bilateral Variance Estimation: A Low-Rank Approach
=> Nonlocal In-Loop Filter: The Way Toward Next-Generation Video Coding?
=> Nonlocal InSAR Filter for High-Resolution DEM Generation From TanDEM-X Interferograms, A
=> Nonlocal Joint Segmentation Registration Model
=> nonlocal L0 model with regression predictor for saliency detection and extension, A
=> Nonlocal Laplacian-Based Model for Bituminous Surfacing Crack Recovery and its MPI Implementation, A
=> Nonlocal Low-Rank Abundance Prior for Compressive Spectral Image Fusion
=> Nonlocal Low-Rank and Total Variation Constrained PET Image Reconstruction
=> Nonlocal low-rank matrix completion for image interpolation using edge detection and neural network
=> Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularized Tensor Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
=> Nonlocal Low-Rank Tensor Factor Analysis for Image Restoration
=> Nonlocal mathematical morphology and spatially-variant connected operators
=> Nonlocal matting
=> nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for enhancing magnetic resonance phase maps, A
=> Nonlocal Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method for Rician Noise Reduction in MR Images, A
=> Nonlocal Means-Based Speckle Filtering for Ultrasound Images
=> Nonlocal Means and Optimal Weights for Noise Removal
=> nonlocal means based adaptive denoising framework for mixed image noise removal, A
=> Nonlocal Means Regularized Sketched Reweighted Sparse and Low-Rank Subspace Clustering for Large Hyperspectral Images
=> Nonlocal Means With Dimensionality Reduction and SURE-Based Parameter Selection
=> Nonlocal morphological levelings by partial difference equations over weighted graphs
=> Nonlocal Multiscale Hierarchical Decomposition on Graphs
=> Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Regularizers for Color Image Restoration
=> Nonlocal Myriad Filters for Cauchy Noise Removal
=> nonlocal operator model for morphological image processing, A
=> Nonlocal patch similarity based heterogeneous remote sensing change detection
=> Nonlocal Patch Tensor Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
=> Nonlocal PDE morphology: a generalized shock operator on graph
=> Nonlocal PDEs-Based Morphology on Weighted Graphs for Image and Data Processing
=> Nonlocal PDEs Morphology on Graph: A Generalized Shock Operators on Graph
=> Nonlocal PDEs on Graphs: From Tug-of-War Games to Unified Interpolation on Images and Point Clouds
=> Nonlocal Perimeters and Curvature Flows on Graphs with Applications in Image Processing and High-Dimensional Data Classification
=> Nonlocal Pixel Selection for Multisurface Fitting-Based Super-Resolution
=> Nonlocal Poisson Denoising Algorithm Based on Stochastic Distances, A
=> Nonlocal Prior Bayesian Tomographic Reconstruction
=> Nonlocal processing of 3D colored point clouds
=> Nonlocal Random Walks Algorithm for Semi-Automatic 2D-to-3D Image Conversion
=> Nonlocal Regularization of Inverse Problems: A Unified Variational Framework
=> Nonlocal SAR Image Denoising Algorithm Based on LLMMSE Wavelet Shrinkage, A
=> Nonlocal similarity based DEM super resolution
=> Nonlocal Similarity Image Filtering
=> Nonlocal Similarity Modeling and Deep CNN Gradient Prior for Super Resolution
=> Nonlocal Sparse and Low-Rank Regularization for Optical Flow Estimation
=> Nonlocal Sparse Tensor Factorization for Semiblind Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion
=> Nonlocal Spectral Prior Model for Low-Level Vision
=> Nonlocal Structure Tensor-Based Approach for Multicomponent Image Recovery Problems, A
=> Nonlocal Surface Fairing
=> Nonlocal Tensor-Based Sparse Hyperspectral Unmixing
=> Nonlocal Tensor-Ring Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
=> Nonlocal Tensor Completion for Multitemporal Remotely Sensed Images: Inpainting
=> Nonlocal Tensor Sparse Representation and Low-Rank Regularization for Hyperspectral Image Compressive Sensing Reconstruction
=> Nonlocal Total Variation Subpixel Mapping for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
=> Nonlocal Transform-Domain Filter for Volumetric Data Denoising and Reconstruction
=> Nonlocal TV-Based Variational Method for PolSAR Data Speckle Reduction, A
=> Nonlocal Variational Formulation for the Improvement of Tone Mapped Images, A
=> Nonlocal Variational Image Deblurring Models in the Presence of Gaussian or Impulse Noise
=> Nonlocal Variational Model for Pansharpening Image Fusion, A
=> Nonlocal Version of the Osher-Solé-Vese Model, A
=> NonLocal via Local-NonLinear via Linear: A New Part-coding Distance Field via Screened Poisson Equation
=> Nonlocal Weighted Robust Principal Component Analysis for Seismic Noise Attenuation
=> Nonlocality-Reinforced Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Denoising
=> Nonlocally Centralized Sparse Representation for Image Restoration
=> Nonlocaly Multi-Morphological Representation for Image Reconstruction From Compressive Measurements
=> Nonmetric calibration of camera lens distortion: Differential methods and robust estimation
=> Nonmetric Calibration of Wide-Angle Lenses and Polycameras
=> Nonmetric Calibration of Wide-Angle Lenses and Polycameras
=> Nonmetric lens distortion calibration: Closed-form solutions, robust estimation and model selection
=> Nonmetric Priors for Continuous Multilabel Optimization
=> Nonmonotone projected Barzilai-Borwein method for compressed sensing
=> Nonnegative-Matrix-Factorization-Based Hyperspectral Unmixing With Partially Known Endmembers
=> Nonnegative and Adaptive Multi-view Clustering
=> Nonnegative and Nonlocal Sparse Tensor Factorization-Based Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
=> Nonnegative coding based ensemble tracking
=> Nonnegative color spectrum analysis filters from principal component analysis characteristic spectra
=> Nonnegative Component Representation with Hierarchical Dictionary Learning Strategy for Action Recognition
=> Nonnegative Decompositions for Dynamic Visual Data Analysis
=> Nonnegative Diffusion Orientation Distribution Function
=> Nonnegative Discriminant Matrix Factorization
=> Nonnegative Embeddings and Projections for Dimensionality Reduction and Information Visualization
=> Nonnegative features of spectro-temporal sounds for classification
=> Nonnegative Joint Diagonalization by Congruence Based on LU Matrix Factorization
=> Nonnegative Laplacian embedding guided subspace learning for unsupervised feature selection
=> Nonnegative Least-Correlated Component Analysis for Separation of Dependent Sources by Volume Maximization
=> Nonnegative Local Coordinate Factorization for Image Representation
=> Nonnegative Locally Linear KNN model for image recognition, A
=> Nonnegative Low-Rank Tensor Completion via Dual Formulation with Applications to Image and Video Completion
=> Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorizations: An algorithmic perspective
=> Nonnegative Matrix Cofactorization for Weakly Supervised Image Parsing
=> Nonnegative matrix factorization algorithms for link prediction in temporal networks using graph communicability
=> Nonnegative matrix factorization based on projected hybrid conjugate gradient algorithm
=> Nonnegative matrix factorization for rapid recovery of constituent spectra in magnetic resonance chemical shift imaging of the brain
=> Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Signal and Data Analytics: Identifiability, Algorithms, and Applications
=> Nonnegative Matrix Factorization on Orthogonal Subspace
=> Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Using Nonnegative Polynomial Approximations
=> Nonnegative matrix factorization with bounded total variational regularization for face recognition
=> Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With Data-Guided Constraints For Hyperspectral Unmixing
=> Nonnegative matrix factorization with deterministic annealing for unsupervised unmixing of hyperspectral imagery
=> Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Earth Mover's Distance Metric for Image Analysis
=> Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Earth Mover's Distance metric
=> Nonnegative matrix factorization with endmember sparse graph learning for hyperspectral unmixing
=> Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Gibbs Random Field modeling
=> Nonnegative Matrix Underapproximation for Robust Multiple Model Fitting
=> Nonnegative OPLS for Supervised Design of Filter Banks: Application to Image and Audio Feature Extraction
=> Nonnegative Sparse Blind Source Separation for NMR Spectroscopy by Data Clustering, Model Reduction, and L_1 Minimization
=> Nonnegative sparse coding for discriminative semi-supervised learning
=> Nonnegative Tensor Cofactorization and Its Unified Solution
=> Nonnegative Tensor CP Decomposition of Hyperspectral Data
=> Nonnegative Tensor Patch Dictionary Approaches for Image Compression and Deblurring Applications
=> Nonnegative Tucker Decomposition
=> Nonoptimality of the Maximum-Weight Dependence Tree in Classification
=> Nonorthogonal Representation of Signals by Gaussians and Gabor Functions
=> Nonpairwise-Trained Cycle Convolutional Neural Network for Single Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution
=> Nonparallel support vector machine with large margin distribution for pattern classification
=> Nonparallel Support Vector Machines for Pattern Classification
=> Nonparametric Algorithm for Edge Localization, A
=> Nonparametric Algorithm for Local Frequency Estimation of Multidimensional Signals
=> Nonparametric analysis of fingerprint data on large data sets
=> Nonparametric Approach for Camera Calibration, The
=> Nonparametric Approach for Detecting Lines and Curves, A
=> Nonparametric Approach for Estimating Three-Dimensional Fiber Orientation Distribution Functions (ODFs) in Fibrous Materials, A
=> Nonparametric Approach for Histogram Segmentation, A
=> Nonparametric Approach to Face Detection Using Ranklets, A
=> nonparametric approach to pattern recognition, A
=> nonparametric approach to region-of-interest detection in wide-angle views, A
=> Nonparametric Approach to Signal Detection in Non-Gaussian Noise, A
=> Nonparametric background generation
=> Nonparametric background generation
=> Nonparametric Background Model-Based LiDAR SLAM in Highly Dynamic Urban Environments
=> Nonparametric background model based clutter map for X-band marine radar
=> Nonparametric Background Modeling Using the CONDENSATION Algorithm
=> nonparametric Bayesian approach for enhanced pedestrian detection and foreground segmentation, A
=> Nonparametric Bayesian Approach toward Stacked Convolutional Independent Component Analysis, A
=> Nonparametric Bayesian attentive video analysis
=> Nonparametric Bayesian Dictionary Learning for Analysis of Noisy and Incomplete Images
=> Nonparametric Bayesian Image Segmentation
=> nonparametric Bayesian Poisson gamma model for count data, A
=> Nonparametric Bayesian Regression and Classification on Manifolds, With Applications to 3D Cochlear Shapes
=> Nonparametric Belief Propagation and Facial Appearance Estimation
=> Nonparametric belief propagation
=> Nonparametric blind SAR image super resolution based on combination of the compressive sensing and sparse priors
=> Nonparametric Blind Super-Resolution Using Adaptive Heavy-Tailed Priors
=> Nonparametric Blind Super-resolution
=> Nonparametric bottom-up saliency detection by self-resemblance
=> Nonparametric Bound for the Bayes Error, A
=> Nonparametric Change Detection in Multitemporal SAR Images Based on Mean-Shift Clustering
=> nonparametric classification scheme with mean squared error criterion, A
=> Nonparametric classification using radial basis function nets and empirical risk minimization
=> Nonparametric Clustering Using Quantum Mechanics
=> Nonparametric Context Modeling of Local Appearance for Pose- and Expression-Robust Facial Landmark Localization
=> Nonparametric Correction of Distortion
=> Nonparametric Correction of Distortion
=> nonparametric defocus-based approach to reconstructing thin 3D structures in optical sectioning microscopy, A
=> Nonparametric Density Estimation for Human Pose Tracking
=> Nonparametric density estimation on a graph: Learning framework, fast approximation and application in image segmentation
=> Nonparametric Density Estimation with Adaptive, Anisotropic Kernels for Human Motion Tracking
=> Nonparametric Density Model for Classification in a High Dimensional Space, A
=> Nonparametric Detection of Nonlinearly Mixed Pixels and Endmember Estimation in Hyperspectral Images
=> Nonparametric discovery of activity patterns from video collections
=> Nonparametric Discovery of Learning Patterns and Autism Subgroups from Therapeutic Data
=> Nonparametric discovery of movement patterns from accelerometer signals
=> Nonparametric discriminant analysis and nearest neighbor classification
=> Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
=> Nonparametric discriminant analysis in relevance feedback for content-based image retrieval
=> Nonparametric discriminant HMM and application to facial expression recognition
=> Nonparametric Distribution Prior Model for Image Segmentation
=> Nonparametric empirical Bayes estimation for multiplicative multiscale innovation in photon-limited imaging
=> Nonparametric Estimation of DEM Error in Multitemporal InSAR
=> Nonparametric Estimation of Fisher Vectors to Aggregate Image Descriptors
=> Nonparametric Estimation of Multiple Structures with Outliers
=> Nonparametric Extraction of Transient Changes in Neurotransmitter Concentration From Dynamic PET Data
=> Nonparametric Facial Feature Localization
=> Nonparametric Feature Extraction and Its Application to Nearest Neighbor Classification for Hyperspectral Image Data, A
=> Nonparametric feature extraction for classification of hyperspectral images with limited training samples
=> Nonparametric Feature Matching Based Conditional Random Fields for Gesture Recognition from Multi-Modal Video
=> Nonparametric feature selection for multiple class processes
=> Nonparametric Fingerprint Deformation Modelling
=> Nonparametric genetic clustering: comparison of validity indices
=> Nonparametric Gesture Labeling from Multi-modal Data
=> Nonparametric Hemodynamic Deconvolution of fMRI Using Homomorphic Filtering
=> Nonparametric Hierarchical Bayesian Model and Its Application on Multimodal Person Identity Verification, A
=> Nonparametric hierarchical Bayesian model for functional brain parcellation
=> Nonparametric Hierarchical Hidden Semi-Markov Model for Brain Fatigue Behavior Detection of Pilots During Flight
=> Nonparametric higher-order learning for interactive segmentation
=> Nonparametric Illumination Correction for Scanned Document Images via Convex Hulls
=> Nonparametric image interpolation and dictionary learning using spatially-dependent Dirichlet and beta process priors
=> Nonparametric image parsing using adaptive neighbor sets
=> Nonparametric Image Registration of Airborne LiDAR, Hyperspectral and Photographic Imagery of Wooded Landscapes
=> Nonparametric Image Segmentation Using Rényi's Statistical Dependence Measure
=> Nonparametric imaging tracker
=> Nonparametric Impulsive Noise Removal
=> Nonparametric information fusion for motion estimation
=> Nonparametric Joint Shape and Feature Priors for Image Segmentation
=> Nonparametric kernel estimators for image classification
=> Nonparametric kernel sparse representation-based classifier
=> Nonparametric Label-to-Region by search
=> Nonparametric label propagation using mutual local similarity in nearest neighbors
=> Nonparametric learning approach based on infinite flexible mixture model and its application to medical data analysis
=> Nonparametric learning for layered segmentation of natural images
=> Nonparametric Learning Via Successive Subspace Modeling (SSM)
=> Nonparametric Level-Set Segmentation Based on the Minimization of the Stochastic Complexity
=> Nonparametric log spectrum estimation using disconnected regression splines and genetic algorithms
=> Nonparametric Markov Random Field Model Analysis of the MeasTex Test Suite
=> Nonparametric Markov Random Field Model Analysis of the MeasTex Test Suite
=> Nonparametric Markov random field order estimation and its application in texture synthesis
=> Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation using neural networks
=> Nonparametric Maximum Margin Criterion for Face Recognition
=> Nonparametric MDL segmentation of inhomogeneous images based on Quadratic Local Binary Fitting
=> Nonparametric Method for Automatic Correction of Intensity Nonuniformity in MRI Data, A
=> Nonparametric Method for Fitting a Straight Line to a Noisy Image, A
=> nonparametric method for intensity inhomogeneity correction in MRI brain images by fusion of Gaussian surfaces, A
=> Nonparametric methods for image segmentation using information theory and curve evolution
=> Nonparametric Modelling and Tracking with Active-GNG
=> Nonparametric motion characterization using causal probabilistic models for video indexing and retrieval
=> Nonparametric Multichannel Texture Description with Simple Spatial Operators
=> Nonparametric Multiscale Blind Estimation of Intensity-Frequency-Dependent Noise
=> Nonparametric multiscale energy-based model and its application in some imagery problems
=> Nonparametric Neural Network Model Based on Rough-Fuzzy Membership Function for Classification of Remotely Sensed Images
=> Nonparametric noise estimation method for raw images
=> Nonparametric Object and Parts Modeling With Lie Group Dynamics
=> Nonparametric on-line background generation for surveillance video
=> Nonparametric Optimal Binarization
=> Nonparametric Part Transfer for Fine-Grained Recognition
=> Nonparametric polygonal and multimodel approximation of digital curves with Rate-Distortion curve modeling
=> Nonparametric Priors on the Space of Joint Intensity Distributions for Non-Rigid Multi-Modal Image Registration
=> Nonparametric Procedure for Comparing the Areas Under Correlated LROC Curves, A
=> Nonparametric Quality Assessment of Natural Images
=> Nonparametric Regression Analysis of Cyclist Waiting Times across Three Behavioral Typologies
=> Nonparametric Regression Between General Riemannian Manifolds
=> Nonparametric Regression for Estimation of Spatiotemporal Mountain Glacier Retreat From Satellite Images
=> nonparametric Riemannian framework for processing high angular resolution diffusion images (HARDI), A
=> nonparametric Riemannian framework on tensor field with application to foreground segmentation, A
=> nonparametric Riemannian framework on tensor field with application to foreground segmentation, A
=> Nonparametric saliency detection using kernel density estimation
=> Nonparametric Scene Parsing via Label Transfer
=> Nonparametric Scene Parsing with Adaptive Feature Relevance and Semantic Context
=> Nonparametric scene parsing with deep convolutional features and dense alignment
=> Nonparametric scene parsing: Label transfer via dense scene alignment
=> Nonparametric Segmentation of Curves into Various Representations
=> Nonparametric Segmentation of Curves into Various Representations
=> Nonparametric Segmentation of Curves into Various Representations: Comment
=> Nonparametric Segmentation of Curves into Various Representations: Response
=> Nonparametric shape priors for active contour-based image segmentation
=> Nonparametric Snakes
=> Nonparametric Sparse Matrix Decomposition for Cross-View Dimensionality Reduction
=> Nonparametric state machine with multiple features for abnormal object classification
=> Nonparametric Statistical Comparison of Principal Component and Linear Discriminant Subspaces for Face Recognition, A
=> nonparametric statistical method for image segmentation using information theory and curve evolution, A
=> Nonparametric Statistical Snake Based on the Minimum Stochastic Complexity
=> Nonparametric Statistical Snake Model Using the Gradient Flow of Minimum Probability Density Integration, A
=> Nonparametric Structure Regularization Machine for 2D Hand Pose Estimation
=> Nonparametric Subspace Analysis for Face Recognition
=> Nonparametric Supervised Learning by Linear Interpolation with Maximum Entropy
=> Nonparametric Technique Based High-Speed Road Surface Detection
=> Nonparametric Temperature Controller With Nonlinear Negative Reaction for Multi-Point Rapid MR-Guided HIFU Ablation, A
=> Nonparametric Testing Under Randomized Sketching
=> Nonparametric Tests for Edge Detection in Noise
=> Nonparametric Treatment for Location/Segmentation Based Visual Tracking, A
=> Nonparametric Variational Auto-Encoders for Hierarchical Representation Learning
=> Nonparametric variational learning of multivariate beta mixture models in medical applications
=> Nonparametric Weighted Feature Extraction for Classification
=> Nonparaxial vector-field modeling of optical coherence tomography and interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy
=> Nonquadratic Algorithm Based on the Extended Recursive Least-Squares Algorithm, A
=> Nonrandom Microwave Ghost Imaging
=> Nonrecursive Approach for Zero Crossing Based Sp