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=> 1-Click Learning of Object Models for Recognition
=> 1-Color Problem and the Brylawski Model, The
=> 1-D and 2-D digital fractional-order Savitzky-Golay differentiator
=> 1-D chaincode pattern matching for compression of Bi-level printed farsi and arabic textual images
=> 1-D DCT Domain Analysis for JPEG Double Compression Detection
=> 1-D dictionary mode for screen content coding
=> 1-D Filter for Ring Artifact Suppression
=> 1-D Mosaics as a Tool for Structuring and Navigation in Digital Video Content
=> 1-D Transforms for the Motion Compensation Residual
=> 1-Dimensional and Pseudo 2-Dimensional HMMS for the Recognition of German Literal Amounts
=> 1-inch UniTouch System using Kinect
=> 1-NN Preclassifier for Fuzzy K-NN Rule, A
=> 1-Point-RANSAC Structure from Motion for Vehicle-Mounted Cameras by Exploiting Non-holonomic Constraints
=> 1-Point Rigid Motion Estimation and Segmentation with a RGB-D Camera
=> 1-Subcycle Parallel Thinning Algorithm for Producing Perfect 8-Curves and Obtaining Isotropic Skeleton of an L-Shape Pattern, A
=> 1 Logn Parallel Algorithm for Detecting Convex Hulls on Image Boards, A
=> 1.15 Mbit/s coding of video signals including global motion compensation
=> 1.2 billion operations per second video signal processing chip, A
=> 1.2 Gbit/s HDTV digital VTR
=> 1.5-D Multi-Channel EEG Compression Algorithm Based on NLSPIHT, A
=> 1.5D sieve algorithm, The
=> 1.7-Micron Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography for Characterization of Skin Lesions: A Feasibility Study
=> 1/f Noise in Diffuse Optical Imaging and Wavelet-Based Response Estimation
=> 1/f noise in human color vision: the role of S-cone signals
=> 10-bit CMOS DAC With Current Interpolated Gamma Correction for LCD Source Drivers, A
=> 10-m-resolution mangrove maps of China derived from multi-source and multi-temporal satellite observations
=> 10-Year Cloud Fraction Climatology of Liquid Water Clouds over Bern Observed by a Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer, A
=> 10 Pros and Cons Against Performance Characterisation of Vision Algorithms
=> 10 Pros and Cons Against Performance Characterisation of Vision Algorithms
=> 10 Scientific Problems in Virtual Reality
=> 10.4-Gs/s High-Resolution Wideband Radar Sampling System Based on TIADC Technique, A
=> 100-Driver: A Large-Scale, Diverse Dataset for Distracted Driver Classification
=> 100 lines of code for shape-based object localization
=> 100 MHz 1920X1080 HD-Photo 20 frames/sec JPEG XR encoder design, A
=> 100 MHz 2-D 8X8 DCT/IDCT processor for HDTV applications, A
=> 100 Years of Competition between Reduction in Channel Capacity and Streamflow during Floods in the Guadalquivir River (Southern Spain)
=> 100+ Times Faster Video Completion by Optical-Flow-Guided Variational Refinement
=> 100+ Times Faster Weighted Median Filter (WMF)
=> 1000 fps Visual Feedback Control of an Active Vision System over a High-Load Network
=> 1000 Pupil Segmentations in a Second using Haar Like Features and Statistical Learning
=> 1001 Acquisition viewpoints: efficient and versatile view-dependent modeling of real-world scenes
=> 100MHz hardware-efficient boost cascaded face detection design, A
=> 1080P 60HZ intra-frame CODEC based on RGB color space for wireless AV streaming
=> 1080p H.264/AVC Baseline Residual Encoder for a Fine-Grained Many-Core System, A
=> 10th International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery: Discrete topology and geometry for image and object representation
=> 117 Line 2D Digital Image Correlation Code Written in MATLAB, A
=> 117 Line 2D Digital Image Correlation Code Written in MATLAB, A
=> 12-in-1: Multi-Task Vision and Language Representation Learning
=> 120/140 Mbit/s portable HDTV codec and its transmission performance in a field trial via INTELSAT satellite
=> 124 Mpixels/s VLSI Design for Histogram-Based Joint Bilateral Filtering, A
=> 124 MSamples/s Pixel-Pipelined Motion-JPEG 2000 Codec Without Tile Memory
=> 1265: An Approach for Spot Matching in 2-D Electrophoresis Gels
=> 128X128 pixels image sensor for on-sensor-compression
=> 12th Asian conference on computer vision
=> 13 Years of changes in the extent and physiognomy of mangroves after shrimp farming abandonment, Bali
=> 135-frames/s 1080p 87.5-mW Binary-Descriptor-Based Image Feature Extraction Accelerator, A
=> 135 MHz 542 k Gates High Throughput H.264/AVC Scalable High Profile Decoder, A
=> 140-MHz 94 K Gates HD1080p 30-Frames/s Intra-Only Profile H.264 Encoder, A
=> 15-Year Analysis of Direct Effects of Total and Dust Aerosols in Solar Radiation/Energy over the Mediterranean Basin
=> 15 Keypoints Is All You Need
=> 15 Scene Dataset
=> 15 years of image processing and the fine arts
=> 15th Annual British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC 2004)
=> 182 mW 94.3 f/s in Full HD Pattern-Matching Based Image Recognition Accelerator for an Embedded Vision System in 0.13-mu-m CMOS Technology, A
=> 1982-2010 Trends of Light Use Efficiency and Inherent Water Use Efficiency in African vegetation: Sensitivity to Climate and Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations
=> 1D-3D Registration for Intra-Operative Nuclear Imaging in Radio-Guided Surgery
=> 1D-based defect detection in patterned TFT-LCD panels using characteristic fractal dimension and correlations
=> 1D-convolutional Autoencoder Based Hyperspectral Data Compression
=> 1D-HMM for face verification: model optimization using improved algorithm and intelligent selection of training images
=> 1D-LDA vs. 2D-LDA: When is vector-based linear discriminant analysis better than matrix-based?
=> 1D-PCA, 2D-PCA to nD-PCA
=> 1D approach to correlation-based stereo matching, A
=> 1D Barcode Region Detection Based on the Hough Transform and Support Vector Machine
=> 1D Camera Geometry and Its Application to Circular Motion Estimation
=> 1D Camera Geometry and Its Application to the Self-Calibration of Circular Motion Sequences
=> 1D correlation filter based class-dependence feature analysis for face recognition
=> 1D representation of Laplacian eigenmaps and dual k-nearest neighbours for unified video coding
=> 1D Stochastic Inversion of Airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic Data with Realistic Prior and Accounting for the Forward Modeling Error
=> 1D sweep-and-prune self-collision detection for deforming cables
=> 1kpixel CMOS camera chip for 25fps real-time terahertz imaging applications, A
=> 1Mb Mixed-Precision Quantized Encoder for Image Classification and Patch-Based Compression, A
=> 1ms VLSI Vision Chip System and Its Applications
=> 1Spatial
=> 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
=> 1st and 2nd order recursive operators for adaptive edge detection
=> 1st Challenge on Remote Physiological Signal Sensing (RePSS), The
=> 1st Workshop on Maritime Computer Vision (MaCVi) 2023: Challenge Results
=> 1xN Pattern for Pruning Convolutional Neural Networks

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