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VRMI19 * *Visual Recognition for Medical Image
* Bi-Directional ConvLSTM U-Net with Densley Connected Convolutions
* Branding: Fusion of Meta Data and Musculoskeletal Radiographs for Multi-Modal Diagnostic Recognition
* Breast Tumor Cellularity Assessment Using Deep Neural Networks
* Building a Breast-Sentence Dataset: Its Usefulness for Computer-Aided Diagnosis
* CGC-Net: Cell Graph Convolutional Network for Grading of Colorectal Cancer Histology Images
* Deep Multiresolution Cellular Communities for Semantic Segmentation of Multi-Gigapixel Histology Images
* DeepLIMa: Deep Learning Based Lesion Identification in Mammograms
* Domain-Agnostic Learning With Anatomy-Consistent Embedding for Cross-Modality Liver Segmentation
* Improving Robustness of Deep Learning Based Knee MRI Segmentation: Mixup and Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* KNEEL: Knee Anatomical Landmark Localization Using Hourglass Networks
* Photometric Transformer Networks and Label Adjustment for Breast Density Prediction
* Prostate Cancer Inference via Weakly-Supervised Learning using a Large Collection of Negative MRI
* RethNet: Object-by-Object Learning for Detecting Facial Skin Problems
* Retinal Image Classification via Vasculature-Guided Sequential Attention
* Unimodal-Uniform Constrained Wasserstein Training for Medical Diagnosis
* UPI-Net: Semantic Contour Detection in Placental Ultrasound
* Using the Triplet Loss for Domain Adaptation in WCE
* WhiteNNer-Blind Image Denoising via Noise Whiteness Priors
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