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SDIA92 * Analysis of Scanned documents: A Syntactic Approach
* Analysis of Technical Documents: The REDRAW System
* ANASTASIL: A System for Low-Level and High-Level Geometric Analysis of Printed Documents
* Automatic Recognition of Printed Music
* Automatic Recognition of Several Types of Musical Notation
* Critical Survey of Music Image Analysis, A
* Difficult Cases in Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Document Image Analysis Using Logic-Grammar-Based Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Document Image Defect Models
* Experimental Implementation of a Document Recognition System for Papers Containing Mathematical Expressions, An
* High Quality Vectorization based on a Generic Object Model
* Off-line Identification with Handwritten Signature Images: Survey and Perspectives
* Overview of Techniques for Graphics Recognition, An
* Recognition of Hand-printed Chinese Characters and the Japanese Cursive Syllabary
* Recognition System for Printed Piano Music using Musical Knowledge and Constraints, A
* Recognizing Hand-Drawn Electrical Circuit Symbols with Attributed Graph Matching
* Regularities and Singularities in Line Pictures
* Resolving Ambiguity in Segmenting Touching Characters
* Self-Structural Syntax-Directed Pattern Recognition of Dimensioning Components in Engineering Drawings
* Structural Analysis and Description of Curves by Quasi-Topological Features and Singular Points
* Structured Document Image Analysis
* Syntactic Analysis of Context Free Plex Languages for Pattern Recognition
* Syntactic and Structural Methods in Document Image Analysis
* Top-Down Approach to the Analysis of Document Images, A
* Towards a Structured Document Image Utility
* Towards the Understanding of Printed Documents
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