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RPCS( Vol No. ) * *Recent Patents on Computer Science

RPCS(1) * Automatically Annotating Images with Keywords: A Review of Image Annotation Systems
* Background Modeling using Mixture of Gaussians for Foreground Detection: A Survey
* Biometrics and Privacy
* Develop a Non-contact Automated Dimensional Inspection System for Automotive Manufacturing Industry
* Moving Object Detection in Spatial Domain using Background Removal Techniques: State-of-Art
* Recent Patents on Color Demosaicing

RPCS(2) * Implementations and Implications of Foveated Vision
* Motion Estimation in Video Coding: A Systematic Review, Classification and Evaluation
* Review on Recent Patents in Texture Synthesis
* Subspace Learning for Background Modeling: A Survey
* Three-Dimensional Spatial Information Systems: State of the Art Review
* Token-Based Fingerprint Authentication
* Vision Based Target Tracking for Autonomous Land Vehicle Navigation: A Brief Survey
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RPCS(3) * Image Restoration: Past, Present and Future

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