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RobPerc11 * *Challenges and Opportunities in Robot Perception
* Deformable part models revisited: A performance evaluation for object category pose estimation
* Detecting and tracking people using an RGB-D camera via multiple detector fusion
* Driving me around the bend: Learning to drive from visual gist
* Efficient object detection and segmentation with a cascaded Hough Forest ISM
* Evaluation of stereo algorithms for 3D object recognition
* High resolution visual terrain classification for outdoor robots
* More accurate pinhole camera calibration with imperfect planar target
* novel stereoscopic cue for figure-ground segregation of semi-transparent objects, A
* Real-time multi-person tracking with detector assisted structure propagation
* Real-time plane extraction from depth images with the Randomized Hough Transform
* Robot localization using 3D-models and an off-board monocular camera
* Semantic structure from motion with object and point interactions
* Topological localization using optical flow descriptors
* Unsupervised discovery of object classes in 3D outdoor scenarios
* Visual control of a multi-robot coupled system: Application to collision avoidance in human-robot interaction
* Visual estimation of pointed targets for robot guidance via fusion of face pose and hand orientation
* Visual grasp affordances from appearance-based cues
* Visual object classification by robots, using on-line, self-supervised learning
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