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LCI21 * *Learning for Computational Imaging
* Compressed Classification from Learned Measurements
* CryoPoseNet: End-to-End Simultaneous Learning of Single-particle Orientation and 3D Map Reconstruction from Cryo-electron Microscopy Data
* Fast Unsupervised MRI Reconstruction Without Fully-Sampled Ground Truth Data Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* How to cheat with metrics in single-image HDR reconstruction
* Joint Reconstruction and Calibration Using Regularization by Denoising with Application to Computed Tomography
* K-space refinement in deep learning MR reconstruction via regularizing scan specific SPIRiT-based self consistency
* Photon-Limited Object Detection using Non-local Feature Matching and Knowledge Distillation
* SS-JIRCS: Self-Supervised Joint Image Reconstruction and Coil Sensitivity Calibration in Parallel MRI without Ground Truth
* Thermal Image Processing via Physics-Inspired Deep Networks
* What Does Your Computational Imaging Algorithm Not Know?: A Plug-and-Play Model Quantifying Model Uncertainty
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