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ISIC20 * *Skin Image Analysis
* Agreement Between Saliency Maps and Human-Labeled Regions of Interest: Applications to Skin Disease Classification
* Debiasing Skin Lesion Datasets and Models? Not So Fast
* How Important Is Each Dermoscopy Image?
* Illumination-based Transformations Improve Skin Lesion Segmentation in Dermoscopic Images
* Interpreting mechanisms of prediction for skin cancer diagnosis using multi-task learning
* Learning A Meta-Ensemble Technique For Skin Lesion Classification And Novel Class Detection
* Less is More: Sample Selection and Label Conditioning Improve Skin Lesion Segmentation
* Meta-DermDiagnosis: Few-Shot Skin Disease Identification using Meta-Learning
* On Out-of-Distribution Detection Algorithms with Deep Neural Skin Cancer Classifiers
* Uncertainty Estimation in Deep Neural Networks for Dermoscopic Image Classification
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