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ICVISP17 * *Vision, Image and Signal Processing
* Aerial Base Stations for Enabling Cellular Communications during Emergency Situation
* Expediting Determination of Coding Unit Partition Based on Quantization Parameter and Frame Complexity
* Fast Compressed Domain JPEG Image Retrieval
* High Throughput Hardware Architecture of a MIMO-based Sea Land Segmentation for On-Orbit Remote Sensing Image Processing
* High-Resolution Image Inpainting through Multiple Deep Networks
* Image De-hazing Based on Polynomial Estimation and Steepest Descent Concept
* Image Denoising Based on the Wavelet Semi-soft Threshold and Total Variation
* Image Stitching Using Multiple Homographies Estimated by Segmented Regions for Different Parallaxes
* Improved Formula Extraction Method of Printed Chinese Layouts Based on Connected Component Run-Length Feature, An
* Improved Medical Image Registration Algorithm Based on Mutual Information, An
* Initial Study to Evaluate Fuzzy Logic on Diagnosis of Generic Atherosclerosis
* Kind of Effective Method for Interference Image Binarization, A
* Low Cost Target Design and Detection for Camera Calibration in Image Based Close Range Inspection Applications
* Method of Wind Velocity Estimation Using a Tethered, Spherical Balloon with Standard Aviation Sensors, A
* Multilevel Haar Wavelet Transform and Histogram Usage in Content Based Image Retrieval System
* New Formulation for Design of Digital IIR Band Stop Filters, A
* New LMS Adaptive Filtering Algorithm with Variable Step Size
* Panorama Stitching, Moving Object Detection and Tracking in UAV Videos
* Prediction of Probability of Crying of a Child and System Formation for Cry Detection and Financial Viability of the System
* Real-Time Nonlinear Complementary Filter on SO(3) for Attitude Estimation of Small-Scale Aerial Robot
* Real-World Non-NIR Illumination and Wavelength-Specific Acquisition Variants in Iris Recognition
* Research and Implementation on Face Detection Approach Based on Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks
* Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution with Dynamic Selecting Mutation Strategy, A
* Simplified and Efficient Gravitational Search Algorithm for Unconstrained Optimization Problems, A
* Speed Limit Sign Detection Based on Gaussian Color Model and Template Matching
* Utilizing a Greenhouse Activities Streamlining System Towards Accurate VPD Monitoring for Tropical Plants
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