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GPID15 * *2D and 3D Geometric Properties from Incomplete Data
* Detection of Surface Defects of Type orange skin in Furniture Elements with Conventional Image Processing Methods
* Heuristic Assessment of Parameters of the Local Ground Approximation from Terrestrial LIDAR Data
* Integrated Parallel 2D-Leap-Frog Algorithm for Noisy Three Image Photometric Stereo
* Iris Segmentation Using Geodesic Active Contours and GrabCut
* Measuring Convexity via Convex Polygons
* Moving Cast Shadow Detection Using Joint Color and Texture Features with Neighboring Information
* Optimal Knots Selection for Sparse Reduced Data
* Parallel Implementation for Computing the Region-Adjacency-Tree of a Segmentation of a 2D Digital Image, A
* Robust Segmentation of Aerial Image Data Recorded for Landscape Ecology Studies
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