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* Alteration-Locating Authentication Watermarking for Binary Images
* Better Use of Human Visual Model in Watermarking Based on Linear Prediction Synthesis Filter
* Counter-Geometric Distortions Data Hiding Scheme Using Double Channels in Color Images, A
* Cryptanalysis of a Wavelet Based Watermarking Scheme
* Fidelity-Controlled Robustness Enhancement of Blind Watermarking Schemes Using Evolutionary Computational Techniques
* Fingerprinting Curves
* Flaws in Generic Watermarking Protocols Based on Zero-Knowledge Proofs
* Generalization of an Anonymous Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocol and Its Application to Mobile Communications, A
* Generalized Method for Constructing and Proving Zero-Knowledge Watermark Proof Systems, A
* Informed Detection Revisited
* Multi-feature Based Invertible Authentication Watermarking for JPEG Images, A
* On Security Notions of Steganographic Systems
* Reversible Data Hiding
* Reversible Data Hiding Using Integer Wavelet Transform and Companding Technique
* Robust Estimation of Amplitude Modification for Scalar Costa Scheme Based Audio Watermark Detection
* Robust Frequency Domain Audio Watermarking: A Tuning Analysis
* Robust Watermarking on Polygonal Meshes Using Distribution of Vertex Norms
* Secure Internet-Based Personal Identity Verification System Using Lossless Watermarking and Fingerprint Recognition, A
* Steganographic Scheme Using a Block Cipher
* Towards the Public but Noninvertible Watermarking
* Video Watermarking Using the 3-D Wavelet Transform and Two Perceptual Watermarks, A
* Watermarking Attack: Security of WSS Techniques
* Watermarking System for QoS Aware Content Adaptation
* Watermarking Technique for Authentication of 3-D Polygonal Meshes
* Weighted Segmented Digital Watermarking
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