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CogCV17 * *Mutual Benefits of Cognitive and Computer Vision
* Can the Early Human Visual System Compete with Deep Neural Networks?
* Can We Speed up 3D Scanning? A Cognitive and Geometric Analysis
* Color Representation in CNNs: Parallelisms with Biological Vision
* Deep Gestalt Reasoning Model: Interpreting Electrophysiological Signals Related to Cognition
* Evaluation of Deep Learning on an Abstract Image Classification Dataset
* Exploring Inter-Observer Differences in First-Person Object Views Using Deep Learning Models
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Visual Saliency and Deep Learning
* Human Detection and Tracking for Video Surveillance: A Cognitive Science Approach
* Importance of Phase to Texture Similarity, The
* Learning RGB-D Salient Object Detection Using Background Enclosure, Depth Contrast, and Top-Down Features
* Local Depth Edge Detection in Humans and Deep Neural Networks
* Predicting the Category and Attributes of Visual Search Targets Using Deep Gaze Pooling
* Show and Recall: Learning What Makes Videos Memorable
* Spatial Attention Improves Object Localization: A Biologically Plausible Neuro-Computational Model for Use in Virtual Reality
* STNet: Selective Tuning of Convolutional Networks for Object Localization
* What are the Visual Features Underlying Human Versus Machine Vision?
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