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CASI14 * *Workshop Computational Advances in Intelligent Processing of Multimode Remote Sensing Imagery
* 2D to 3D Conversion Based on Disparity Map Estimation
* Comparative Evaluation of Edge Linking Methods Using Markov Chain and Regression Applied Heuristic
* Data Fusion Approach for Employing Multiple Classifiers to Improve Lake Shoreline Analysis
* Descriptive Experiment Design Restructured MVDR Beamforming Technique for Enhanced Imaging with Unfocused SAR Systems
* Efficient GPU-Based Implementation of the R-MSF-Algorithm for Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Hybrid FPGA/ARM Co-design for Near Real Time of Remote Sensing Imagery
* Lifting Filters Adjustment for Lossless Image Compression Applications
* Morphological Change of a Scene Employing Synthetic Multispectral and Panchromatic Images
* Super Resolution Imaging via Sparse Interpolation in Wavelet Domain with Implementation in DSP and GPU
* Texture Analysis of Mean Shift Segmented Low-Resolution Speckle-Corrupted Fractional SAR Imagery through Neural Network Classification
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