Journals starting with ai_8

AI(8) * Consistency in a Network of Relations
* Description and Recognition of Curved Objects
* Experiments in Interpretation Guided Segmentation
* Understanding Image Intensities

AI(80) * Topology of Boundaries, The

AI(83) * Active Surface Estimation: Integrating Coarse-to-Fine Image Acquisition and Estimation from Multiple Cues

AI(84) * Automatic Correlation and Calibration of Noisy Sensor Readings Using Elite Genetic Algorithms

AI(88) * Irrelevance and Parameter Learning in Bayesian Networks
* Possibilistic Reasoning: A Mini-Survey and Uniform Semantics
* Probabilistic Conflicts in a Search Algorithm for Estimating Posterior Probabilities in Bayesian Networks
* Propagating Imprecise Probabilities in Bayesian Networks
* Using Hidden Nodes in Bayesian Networks

AI(89) * Cognitive Architecture for Artificial Vision, A

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