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Ziri, A.E.[Anna Elisabetta] Co Author Listing * Digital Cultural Heritage: Semantic Enrichment and Modelling in BIM Environment
* INCEPTION Standard for Heritage BIM Models
* Semantic Web Technologies Meet BIM for Accessing and Understanding Cultural Heritage
Includes: Ziri, A.E.[Anna Elisabetta] Ziri, A.E.

Zirilli, F. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Different Resolution SAR Images, The
* Tartaglia-Pascal's triangle: a historical perspective with applications

Zirizzotti, A. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Electromagnetic Absorption of Ice From Ice Core Measurements
* Multi-Temporal Investigation of the Boulder Clay Glacier and Northern Foothills (Victoria Land, Antarctica) by Integrated Surveying Techniques
* RES Signatures of Ice Bottom Near to Dome C (Antarctica)
Includes: Zirizzotti, A. Zirizzotti, A.[Achille]

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