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Zimba, P.V.[Paul V.] Co Author Listing * Extracting Impervious Surface from Aerial Imagery Using Semi-Automatic Sampling and Spectral Stability
* New Pseudoinvariant Near-Infrared Threshold Method for Relative Radiometric Correction of Aerial Imagery, A

Zimback, C.R.L. Co Author Listing * Toward Satellite-Based Land Cover Classification Through Optimum-Path Forest

Zimbardo, G. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Zimbrao, G.[Geraldo] Co Author Listing * Buzzword detection in the scientific scenario
* Polyline Spatial Join Evaluation Using Raster Approximation
Includes: Zimbrao, G.[Geraldo] Zimbrão, G.[Geraldo]

Zimbres, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Mapping Three Decades of Changes in the Brazilian Savanna Native Vegetation Using Landsat Data Processed in the Google Earth Engine Platform
* Woody Aboveground Biomass Mapping of the Brazilian Savanna with a Multi-Sensor and Machine Learning Approach
Includes: Zimbres, B.[Barbara] Zimbres, B.[Bárbara]

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