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Zetzsche, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Affordance-Based Object Recognition Using Interactions Obtained from a Utility Maximization Principle
* Deep Residual Temporal Convolutional Networks for Skeleton-based Human Action Recognition
* Direct Detection of Flow Discontinuities by 3D Curvature Operators
* Efficient Visual Representation and Reconstruction from Generalized Curvature Measures
* Exploitation of Natural Image Statistics by Biological Vision Systems: 1/f2 Power Spectra and Self-Similar Bandpass Decompositions
* Feature-Specific Vector Quantization of Images
* Global Topological Properties of Images Derived from Local Curvature Features
* Image Encoding, Labeling and Reconstruction from Differential Geometry
* Intrinsic Two Dimensional Features as Textons
* Invariant Pattern Recognition Using Multiple Filter Image Representations
* Is the user trained? Assessing performance and cognitive resource demands in the Virtusphere
* Nonlinear Image Operators for the Evaluation of Local Intrinsic Dimensionality
* Self-localization on texture statistics
Includes: Zetzsche, C.[Christoph] Zetzsche, C.
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