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Zerr, B. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional reconstruction of underwater objects from a sequence of sonar images

Zerr, D. Co Author Listing * use of high-resolution imagery for identification of urban climax forest species using traditional and rule-based classification approach, The

Zerrad, M.[Myriam] Co Author Listing * Provable Phase Retrieval with Mirror Descent

Zerroug, A.[Aimen] Co Author Listing * How and What to Learn: Taxonomizing Self-Supervised Learning for 3D Action Recognition

Zerroug, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * email: Zerroug, M.[Mourad]: zerrougm AT webvision com
* challenge of generic object recognition, The
* From an Intensity Image to 3-D Segmented Descriptions
* Part-Based 3D Descriptions of Complex Objects from a Single Image
* Pose Estimation of Multi-Part Curved Objects
* Quasi-Invariant Properties and 3-D Shape Recovery of Non-Straight, Non-Constant Generalized Cylinders
* Recovery of Three-Dimensional Shape of Curved Objects from a Single Image
* Scene Segmentation and Volumetric Descriptions of SHGCs from a Single Intensity Image
* Segmentation and 3-D Recovery of Curved-Axis Generalized Cylinders from an Intensity Image
* Segmentation and Recovery of SHGCS from a Real Intensity Image
* Three-Dimensional Descriptions Based on the Analysis of the Invariant and Quasi-Invariant Properties of Some Curved-Axis Generalized Cylinders
* Three-Dimensional Part-Based Descriptions from a Real Intensity Image
* Volumetric Descriptions from a Single Intensity Image
Includes: Zerroug, M.[Mourad] Zerroug, M.
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Zerrouki, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Human Body Postures Based on Curvelet Transform

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