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Yela, M.[Margarita] Co Author Listing * Polar Stratospheric Clouds Detection at Belgrano II Antarctic Station with Visible Ground-Based Spectroscopic Measurements

Yelal, M.R. Co Author Listing * Color-Based Signal Light Tracking in Real-Time Video
* Human tracking in real-time video for varying illumination

Yelamarthi, K.[Kumar] Co Author Listing * AI-Enabled Fingerprinting and Crowdsource-Based Vehicle Localization for Resilient and Safe Transportation Systems

Yelamarthi, S.K.[Sasi Kiran] Co Author Listing * Zero-Shot Framework for Sketch Based Image Retrieval, A

Yelampalli, P.K.R.[Praveen Kumar Reddy] Co Author Listing * Daubechies wavelet-based local feature descriptor for multimodal medical image registration
* Medical image rigid registration using a novel binary feature descriptor and modified affine transform

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