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Yakar, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Historical Doger Caravansaries by Digital Photogrammetry
* Digital Photogrammetry in Obtaining of 3D Model Data of Irregular Small Surfaces
* Evaluation Of Laser Scanner Performance In Documentation Of Historical And Architectural Ruins, A Case Study In Konya
* Investigating Land Surface Temperature Changes Using Landsat Data in Konya, Turkey
* Measurement Of Petroglyhps (rock Arts) Of Gobustan With Close Range Photogrammetry
* Multi-source Data Approach for the Investigation of Land Subsidence In the Konya Basin, Turkey, A
* Photogrammetric Evaluation Of Saint Theodoros Trion Church (Derinkuyu Kilisesi)
* Photogrammetric Evaluation of the Tiles on Turkish Traditional Buildings, an Example from Konya, The
* Photogrammetric Measurement Of The Meke Lake And Its Environment With Kite Photographs To Monitoring Of Water Level To Climate Change
* Using in Volume Computing of Digital Close Range Photogrammetry
Includes: Yakar, M. Yakar, M.[Murat]
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