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Wolberg, G. Co Author Listing * 3D and Moving Target Extraction from Dynamic Pushbroom Stereo Mosaics
* 3D Modeling Using Planar Segments and Mesh Elements
* Algorithm for the Segmentation of Bilevel Images, An
* Content-based 3D mosaic representation for video of dynamic 3D scenes
* Correcting Chromatic Aberrations Using Image Warping
* Digital Image Warping
* Dynamic 3D Urban Scene Modeling Using Multiple Pushbroom Mosaics
* Image registration using log-polar mappings for recovery of large-scale similarity and projective transformations
* Image warping for retargeting garments among arbitrary poses
* Integrating Automated Range Registration with Multiview Geometry for the Photorealistic Modeling of Large-Scale Scenes
* Integrating LDV Audio and IR Video for Remote Multimodal Surveillance
* Inverting input scanner vibration errors
* LDV Sensing and Processing for Remote Hearing in a Multimodal Surveillance System
* Lightweight 3D Modeling of Urban Buildings from Range Data
* Local Image Reconstruction and Subpixel Restoration Algorithms
* Multiscale 3D Feature Extraction and Matching
* Multiview Geometry for Texture Mapping 2D Images Onto 3D Range Data
* Nonuniform Image Reconstruction Using Multilevel Surface Interpolation
* PhotoSketch: a photocentric urban 3D modeling system
* Restoration of Binary Images Using Stochastic Relaxation with Annealing
* Restoration of Images Scanned in the Presence of Vibrations
* Robust Image Registration Using Log-polar Transform
* Scattered Data Interpolation with Multilevel B-Splines
* Separable Image Warping with Spatial Lookup Tables
* Skeleton-Based Image Warping
* Syntactic Omni-Font Character Recognition System, A
Includes: Wolberg, G. Wolberg, G.[George]
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