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Vuurpijl, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Architectures for Detecting and Solving Conflicts: Two-Stage Classification and Support Vector Classifiers
* Bayesian Network Approach to Mode Detection for Interactive Maps, A
* Dynamic time warping applied to Tamil character recognition
* Finding structure in diversity: a hierarchical clustering method for the categorization of allographs in handwriting
* Generating Copybooks from Consistent Handwriting Styles
* Iconic and multi-stroke gesture recognition
* Mode detection in on-line pen drawing and handwriting recognition
* overview and comparison of voting methods for pattern recognition, An
* UPX: a new XML representation for annotated datasets of online handwriting data
* Vind(x): using the user through cooperative annotation
* Writer identification using edge-based directional features
Includes: Vuurpijl, L.[Louis] Vuurpijl, L.
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Vuurpijl, L.G.[Louis G.] Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2009 Signature Verification Competition

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