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Vuorenkoski, A.K.[Anni K.] Co Author Listing * Interpretation of Spectral LiDAR Backscattering off the Florida Coast

Vuori, T. Co Author Listing * CVD2014: A Database for Evaluating No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Algorithms

Vuori, T.A. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Imaging System with Structured Lighting and Practical Constraints

Vuori, V. Co Author Listing * Clustering writing styles with a self-organizing map
* comparison of techniques for automatic clustering of handwritten characters, A
* Controlling On-line Adaptation of a Prototype-based Classifier for Handwritten Characters
* Experiments with adaptation strategies for a prototype-based recognition system for isolated handwritten characters
* Influence of erroneous learning samples on adaptation in on-line handwriting recognition
* Speeding up on-line recognition of handwritten characters by pruning the prototype set
Includes: Vuori, V. Vuori, V.[Vuokko]

Vuorimaa, P. Co Author Listing * Computation of two texture features in hardware

Vuorinen, M. Co Author Listing * Using Multitemporal Hyper- and Multispectral UAV Imaging for Detecting Bark Beetle Infestation on Norway Spruce

Vuorinne, I.[Ilja] Co Author Listing * Assessing Leaf Biomass of Agave sisalana Using Sentinel-2 Vegetation Indices

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