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Vemparala, M.R.[Manoj Rohit] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Robust Model Compression using In-Train Pruning
Includes: Vemparala, M.R.[Manoj Rohit] Vemparala, M.R.[Manoj-Rohit]

Vempati, A.S.[Anurag Sai] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Multiple Humans from High Bird's-Eye Views in the Visual and Infrared Spectrum
* Victim Detection from a Fixed-Wing UAV: Experimental Results

Vempati, S. Co Author Listing * Bag of Visual Words: A Soft Clustering Based Exposition
* Example based video filters
* Generalized Rbf feature maps for Efficient Detection
Includes: Vempati, S. Vempati, S.[Sreekanth]

Vempaty, A. Co Author Listing * Energy-Aware Sensor Selection in Field Reconstruction
* Received-Signal-Strength-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

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