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Uz, K.M.[K. Metin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization
* Combined multiresolution source coding and modulation for digital broadcast of HDTV
* Comments on Interpolative multiresolution coding of advanced television with compatible subchannels
* Fade detection
* Interpolative multiresolution coding of advance television with compatible subchannels
Includes: Uz, K.M.[K. Metin] Uz, K.M.

Uz, S.S.[Stephanie Schollaert] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Water-Related Ecosystems with Earth Observation Data in Support of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 Reporting

Uz, T.[Tamer] Co Author Listing * Minutiae-based template synthesis and matching for fingerprint authentication
* Minutiae-Based Template Synthesis and Matching Using Hierarchical Delaunay Triangulations

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