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Utschick, W. Co Author Listing * Automated Vehicular Safety Systems: Robust Function and Sensor Design
* Bayesian Adaptation of Hidden Layers in Boolean Feedforward Neural Networks
* Covariance Matrix Estimation in Massive MIMO
* DoA Estimation Using Neural Network-Based Covariance Matrix Reconstruction
* On Dispersion and Multipath Effects in Harmonic Radar Imaging Applications
* QoS Feasibility in MIMO Broadcast Channels With Widely Linear Transceivers
* Robust MEG Source Localization of Event Related Potentials: Identifying Relevant Sources by Non-Gaussianity
Includes: Utschick, W. Utschick, W.[Wolfgang]
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Utschig, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Water Constituents from Hyperspectral In-Situ Measurements under Variable Cloud Cover: A Case Study at Lake Stechlin (Germany)

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