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Utasi, A.[Akos] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Utasi, A.[Akos]: akos utasi AT sztaki mta hu
* 3-D marked point process model for multi-view people detection, A
* Analysis of Time-multiplexed Security Videos
* Bayesian Approach on People Localization in Multicamera Systems, A
* Behavioral cues help predict impact of advertising on future sales
* Digital Video Event Detector Framework for Surveillance Applications
* Entropic Selection of Histogram Features for Efficient Classification
* HMM-based unusual motion detection without tracking
* Multi-camera People Localization and Height Estimation Using Multiple Birth-and-Death Dynamics
* Multi-view people surveillance using 3D information
* PEA: Improving the Performance of ReLU Networks for Free by Using Progressive Ensemble Activations
* Recognizing Human Actions by Using Spatio-temporal Motion Descriptors
* VISRET: A Content Based Annotation, Retrieval and Visualization Toolchain
* Visual analysis of urban road traffic
* Weighted conditional mutual information based boosting for classification of imbalanced datasets
Includes: Utasi, A.[Akos] Utasi, ┴.[┴kos]
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