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Uruma, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive image inpainting algorithm based on generalized principal component analysis
* Colorization-based image coding using graph Fourier transform
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Manga Show-Through Cancellation
* High resolution depth image recovery algorithm based on the modeling of the sum of an average distance image and a surface image
* Image colorization based on the mixed L0/L1 norm minimization
* Local and Global Graph Approaches to Image Colorization
* Mixed L0/L1 Norm Minimization Approach to Image Colorization
* Mixed lp/l1 Norm Minimization Approach to Intra-Frame Super-Resolution
* Multiple Subspace Model and Image-Inpainting Algorithm Based on Multiple Matrix Rank Minimization
* Representative pixels compression algorithm using graph signal processing for colorization-based image coding
Includes: Uruma, K. Uruma, K.[Kazunori]
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