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Unsal, E. Co Author Listing * Omni-directional vision system with fibre grating device for obstacle detection

Unsalan, C. Co Author Listing * Classifying land development in high resolution satellite images using straight line statistics
* Classifying Land Development in High-Resolution Panchromatic Satellite Images Using Straight-Line Statistics
* Color Invariant Based Binary Coded Structured Light Range Scanner for Shiny Objects, A
* Conversions between Parametric and Implicit Forms Using Polar/Spherical Coordinate Representations
* Measuring Land Development in Urban Regions Using Graph Theoretical and Conditional Statistical Features
* model based approach for pose estimation and rotation invariant object matching, A
* Multispectral Satellite Image Understanding: From Land Classification to Building and Road Detection
* N-Ary coded structured light-based range scanners using color invariants
* Probabilistic Framework to Detect Buildings in Aerial and Satellite Images, A
* Probabilistic object detection and shape extraction in remote sensing data
* RlSnake: a Hybrid Reinforcement Learning Approach for Road Detection
* Road Network Detection Using Probabilistic and Graph Theoretical Methods
* Road Network Extraction Using Edge Detection and Spatial Voting
* Shapes of Features and a Modified Measure for Linear Discriminant Analysis
* system to detect houses and residential street networks in multispectral satellite images, A
* Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Graph Theoretical Measures for Land Development in Satellite Imagery, A
* Two-Dimensional Change Detection Methods
* Urban-Area and Building Detection Using SIFT Keypoints and Graph Theory
* Using local features to measure land development in urban regions
Includes: Unsalan, C. Ünsalan, C.[Cem] (Maybe also Uensalan, C.)Unsalan, C.[Cem]
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