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Unger, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * clDice: A Novel Topology-Preserving Loss Function for Tubular Structure Segmentation

Unger, B.[Bertram] Co Author Listing * Psychophysics of Virtual Texture Perception

Unger, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Robust Model Compression using In-Train Pruning
* Deep Temporal Fusion Framework for Scene Flow Using a Learnable Motion Model and Occlusions, A
* Efficient Disparity Computation without Maximum Disparity for Real-time Stereo Vision
* Efficient Stereo and Optical Flow with Robust Similarity Measures
* Framework for Generation of Synthetic Ground Truth Data for Driver Assistance Applications
* Geodesic pixel neighborhoods for 2D and 3D scene understanding
* Geodesic pixel neighborhoods for multi-class image segmentation
* Image based rendering for motion compensation in angiographic roadmapping
* Parking assistance using dense motion-stereo
* Resource-Aware Optimization of DNNs for Embedded Applications
* SceneFlowFields++: Multi-frame Matching, Visibility Prediction, and Robust Interpolation for Scene Flow Estimation
* SDC - Stacked Dilated Convolution: A Unified Descriptor Network for Dense Matching Tasks
* Semantic Segmentation Based Traffic Light Detection at Day and at Night
* SSGP: Sparse Spatial Guided Propagation for Robust and Generic Interpolation
* Stereo Fusion from Multiple Viewpoints
* Stochastic Cost Function for Stereo Vision, A
Includes: Unger, C.[Christian] Unger, C.
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Unger, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Radiometric Correction and 3D Integration of Long-Range Ground-Based Hyperspectral Imagery for Mineral Exploration of Vertical Outcrops

Unger, H.[Herwig] Co Author Listing * Correlating Words: Approaches and Applications

Unger, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Adaptive dualISO HDR reconstruction
* BriefMatch: Dense Binary Feature Matching for Real-Time Optical Flow Estimation
* Compact and intuitive data-driven BRDF models
* Efficient BRDF Sampling Using Projected Deviation Vector Parameterization
* high dynamic range video codec optimized by large-scale testing, A
* How to cheat with metrics in single-image HDR reconstruction
* Integration Of A Generalised Building Model Into The Pose Estimation Of UAS Images
* New Approach for an Incremental Orientation of Micro-UAV Image Sequences, A
* On nonlocal image completion using an ensemble of dictionaries
* On Probability of Support Recovery for Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Using Mutual Coherence
* Real-time noise-aware tone-mapping and its use in luminance retargeting
* Single-Frame Regularization for Temporally Stable CNNs
* Time-Offset Conversations on a Life-Sized Automultiscopic Projector Array
* UAV-based photogrammetry: monitoring of a building zone
* UAV-based Thermal Anomaly Detection for Distributed Heating Networks
* unified framework for multi-sensor HDR video reconstruction, A
Includes: Unger, J.[Jonas] Unger, J.
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Unger, K.D.[Kevin D.] Co Author Listing * Versatile inversion tool for phaseless optical diffraction tomography

Unger, K.W.[Kenneth W.] Co Author Listing * email: Unger, K.W.[Kenneth W.]: kwunger AT tasc com
* Integration of Model Supported Positioning Software into the NEL Infrastructure
* User Evaluation of the RADIUS Testbed System

Unger, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Convex Approach for Variational Super-Resolution, A
* Efficient Minimization of the Non-local Potts Model
* Enhanced background subtraction using global motion compensation and mosaicing
* Fast and exact solution of Total Variation models on the GPU
* Global Relabeling for Continuous Optimization in Binary Image Segmentation
* Interactive Texture Segmentation using Random Forests and Total Variation
* Joint motion estimation and segmentation of complex scenes with label costs and occlusion modeling
* Optical Flow Guided TV-L1 Video Interpolation and Restoration
* System architecture for semantic annotation and adaptation in content sharing environments
* Tracking as Segmentation of Spatial-Temporal Volumes by Anisotropic Weighted TV
* TVSeg: Interactive Total Variation Based Image Segmentation
* Ultramap V3: A Revolution In Aerial Photogrammetry
* Variational Approach to Semiautomatic Generation of Digital Terrain Models, A
* Variational Model for Interactive Shape Prior Segmentation and Real-Time Tracking, A
* Weighted Finite Automata for Video Compression
Includes: Unger, M.[Markus] Unger, M.[Michael] Unger, M.
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Unger, N. Co Author Listing * Hands Tracking from Frontal View for Vision-Based Gesture Recognition

Unger, S.H. Co Author Listing * Computer Oriented toward Spatial Problems, A
* Computer Oriented Towards Spatial Problems, A
* Pattern Detection and Recognition

Unger, W.[Walter] Co Author Listing * Elastic image matching is NP-complete

Ungermann, J.[Jorn] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Water Vapour Profiles from GLORIA Nadir Observations
Includes: Ungermann, J.[Jorn] Ungermann, J.[Jörn]

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