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Ulupinar, F.[Fatih] Co Author Listing * Constraints for Interpretation of Line Drawings under Perspective Projection
* Constraints for Interpretation of Perspective Images
* Estimation and Accurate Localization of Edges
* Inferring Shape from Contour for Curved Surfaces
* Perception of 3-D Shape from 2-D Image of Contours
* Perception of 3-D Surfaces from 2-D Contours
* Recovering Shape from Contour for Constant Cross Section Generalized Cylinders
* Recovering Shape from Contour for SHGCs and CGCs
* Recovery of 3-D Objects with Multiple Curved Surfaces from 2-D Contours
* Recovery of Three-Dimensional Shape of Curved Objects from a Single Image
* Refining Edges Detected by a LoG Operator
* Shape from Contour: Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cones
* Shape From Contour: Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders and Constant Cross-Section Generalized Cylinders
* Using Symmetries for Analysis of Shape from Contour
Includes: Ulupinar, F.[Fatih] Ulupinar, F.
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