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Ueki, K.[Kazuya] Co Author Listing * Class Distance Weighted Locality Preserving Projection for Automatic Age Estimation
* Class-Distance-Based Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Supervised Automatic Age Estimation
* Fine-grained Video Retrieval using Query Phrases: Waseda_Meisei TRECVID 2017 AVS System
* Latent Concept Extraction for Zero-Shot Video Retrieval
* Lighting Condition Adaptation for Perceived Age Estimation
* method of gender classification by integrating facial, hairstyle, and clothing images, A
* Multi-layer feature extractions for image classification: Knowledge from deep CNNs
* Perceived Age Estimation under Lighting Condition Change by Covariate Shift Adaptation
* Semi-Supervised Approach to Perceived Age Prediction from Face Images, A
* Subspace-based Age-group Classification Using Facial Images under Various Lighting Conditions
* Survey on Deep Learning-based Kuzushiji Recognition
* Two-dimensional Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis for Age-group Classification
Includes: Ueki, K.[Kazuya] Ueki, K.
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