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Turra, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Identification of Hyperspectral Bacterial Signatures for Digital Microbiology
* Combining the use of CNN classification and strength-driven compression for the robust identification of bacterial species on hyperspectral culture plate images

Turri, W.F.[William F.] Co Author Listing * High-throughput CAVLC architecture for real-time H.264 coding using reconfigurable devices
* Implementation and Analysis of Jpeg2000 System on a Chip
* Integer Computation of Lossy JPEG2000 Compression
* no-reference image enhancement quality metric and fusion technique, A
* Post-compression Rate-distortion Development For Embedded Block Coding With Optimal Truncation In Jpeg2000 Imagery
Includes: Turri, W.F.[William F.] Turri, W.F.

Turrin, M.[Michela] Co Author Listing * Computational Workflow for Generating A Voxel-Based Design Approach Based on Subtractive Shading Envelopes and Attribute Information of Point Cloud Data, A

Turrina, A. Co Author Listing * HBIM Analysis of The Geometry to Understand The Constructive Technique: The Use of The Trompe Volume in a Brick Vault, The
* HBIM Feeding Open Access Vault Inventory Through GeoDB HUB
Includes: Turrina, A. Turrina, A.[Anna]

Turrini, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Camera re-calibration after zooming based on sets of conics
* Conic Based Camera Re-calibration after Zooming
* Critical Configurations for 1-View in Projections from Pk -> P2
* Critical Loci for Two Views Reconstruction as Quadratic Transformations Between Images
* Instability of Projective Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes near Critical Configurations
* Linear pose estimate from corresponding conics
* Reconstruction of Some Segmented and Dynamic Scenes: Trifocal Tensors in P4 Theoretical Set Up for Critical Loci, and Instability
* Tracking 3D Orientation through Corresponding Conics
Includes: Turrini, C.[Cristina] Turrini, C.
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Turrisi da Costa, V.G.[Victor G.] Co Author Listing * Dual-Head Contrastive Domain Adaptation for Video Action Recognition
* Strict Very Fast Decision Tree: A memory conservative algorithm for data stream mining
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Video Transformers in Action Recognition
Includes: Turrisi da Costa, V.G.[Victor G.] Turrisi-da Costa, V.G.[Victor G.] Turrisi da Costa, V.G.[Victor Guilherme]

Turroni, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Local Orientation Extraction in Fingerprint Recognition
* Spatio-temporal Keypoints for Video-Based Face Recognition
Includes: Turroni, F.[Francesco] Turroni, F.

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