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Tse, C.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Water Marking

Tse, C.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Characteristic of the Kalman Gain for 1-D Chaotic Maps in Cubature Kalman Filter
* Genetic Algorithm-Inspired UUV Path Planner Based on Dynamic Programming, A
* Kernel Least Mean Square with Single Feedback
* Multi-Objective Timetabling Optimization for a Two-Way Metro Line Under Dynamic Passenger Demand
* Spherical Simplex-Radial Cubature Kalman Filter
Includes: Tse, C.K. Tse, C.K.[Chi K.]

Tse, C.Y.[Chi Yin] Co Author Listing * Control-Theoretic Approach to Rate-Controlled Video Compression, A
Includes: Tse, C.Y.[Chi Yin] Tse, C.Y.[Chi-Yin]

Tse, D. Co Author Listing * Conserving Built Heritage for Posterity: a Conservation Approach In Bagan

Tse, F.K.[Francis K.] Co Author Listing * Electronic image registration for a scanner

Tse, F.W.[Fu Wing] Co Author Listing * DC coefficient restoration technique and its application to image coding
* DC coefficient restoration using nonlinear criterion and AC coefficients restoration
Includes: Tse, F.W.[Fu Wing] Tse, F.W.[Fu-Wing]

Tse, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Atlas of Digital Pathology: A Generalized Hierarchical Histological Tissue Type-Annotated Database for Deep Learning

Tse, K. Co Author Listing * Multirate Kalman Filtering Approach for Optimal Two-Dimensional Signal Reconstruction from Noisy Subband Systems

Tse, K.W.[Ka Wing] Co Author Listing * Framework for user behavioural biometric identification using a multimodal scheme with keystroke trajectory feature and recurrent neural network on a mobile platform
* Off-line signature verification by the tracking of feature and stroke positions
* Offline signature verification with generated training samples
* On the Minimax Design of Passband Linear-Phase Variable Digital Filters Using Semidefinite Programming
* Segmentation and recognition of Chinese bank check amounts
Includes: Tse, K.W.[Ka Wing] Tse, K.W.[Ka-Wing] Tse, K.W.

Tse, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * Challenges and opportunities in immersive vehicular sensing: Lessons from urban deployments
* Learning to Rank the Severity of Unrepaired Cleft Lip Nasal Deformity on 3D Mesh Data
Includes: Tse, R.[Rita] Tse, R.[Raymond]

Tse, S.H.[Siu Hong] Co Author Listing * Efficient face recognition with a large database
* Simplified Gabor wavelets for human face recognition
Includes: Tse, S.H.[Siu Hong] Tse, S.H.[Siu-Hong]

Tse, T.H.E.[Tze Ho Elden] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Learning for Hand and Object Reconstruction with Attention-guided Graph Convolution
* S 2 Contact: Graph-Based Network for 3D Hand-Object Contact Estimation with Semi-supervised Learning

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