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Tiulpin, A.[Aleksei] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Feature Pyramid Networks for Automatic Multi-label Segmentation of Chest X-rays and Assessment of Cardio-thoratic Ratio
* Breast Tumor Cellularity Assessment Using Deep Neural Networks
* Deep-learning for Tidemark Segmentation in Human Osteochondral Tissues Imaged with Micro-computed Tomography
* DGC-Net: Dense Geometric Correspondence Network
* Improving Robustness of Deep Learning Based Knee MRI Segmentation: Mixup and Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* KNEEL: Knee Anatomical Landmark Localization Using Hourglass Networks
* Novel Method for Automatic Localization of Joint Area on Knee Plain Radiographs, A
* Semixup: In- and Out-of-Manifold Regularization for Deep Semi-Supervised Knee Osteoarthritis Severity Grading From Plain Radiographs
Includes: Tiulpin, A.[Aleksei] Tiulpin, A.
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