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Tierney, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Clutter Demodulation for Non-Contrast Ultrasound Perfusion Imaging
* Independent Component-Based Spatiotemporal Clutter Filtering for Slow Flow Ultrasound
* Spatial Coherence Beamformer Design for Power Doppler Imaging, A
* Training Deep Network Ultrasound Beamformers With Unlabeled In Vivo Data
Includes: Tierney, J. Tierney, J.[Jaime]

Tierney, S. Co Author Listing * Affinity Pansharpening and Image Fusion
* Image Matting for Sparse User Input by Iterative Refinement
* Natural Image Matting with Total Variation Regularisation
* Selective Multi-Source Total Variation Image Restoration
* Subspace Clustering for Sequential Data
* W-Penalty and Its Application to Alpha Matting with Sparse Labels, The
Includes: Tierney, S. Tierney, S.[Stephen]

Tierny, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Enhancing 3D mesh topological skeletons with discrete contour constrictions
* Fast and precise kinematic skeleton extraction of 3D dynamic meshes
* Invariant High Level Reeb Graphs of 3D Polygonal Meshes
* Jacobians and Hessians of mean value coordinates for closed triangular meshes
* Quality evaluation of 3D city building Models with automatic error diagnosis
Includes: Tierny, J.[Julien] Tierny, J.

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