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Thebaud, L.R.[Lawrence R.] Co Author Listing * Systems and methods with identity verification by comparison and interpretation of skin patterns such as fingerprints

Thebault, B. Co Author Listing * DVFLEX: A Flexible MPEG Real Time Video Codec

Thebault, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * JUMPS: Joints Upsampling Method for Pose Sequences
* S2F2: Self-Supervised High Fidelity Face Reconstruction from Monocular Image
* Scratch detection supported by coherency analysis of motion vector fields
* Towards High Fidelity Monocular Face Reconstruction with Rich Reflectance using Self-supervised Learning and Ray Tracing
Includes: Thebault, C.[Cedric] Thébault, C.[Cédric]

Theberge, D.[Dustin] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Structure of Regenerating Vegetation Using Drone-Based Digital Aerial Photogrammetry

Theberge, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Comparing Graph Clusterings: Set Partition Measures vs. Graph-Aware Measures
Includes: Theberge, F.[Francois] Théberge, F.[François]

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