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Tageldin, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Examining pedestrian evasive actions as a potential indicator for traffic conflicts

Tagesson, H.T.[Hakan Torbern] Co Author Listing * global canopy water content product from AVHRR/Metop, A
Includes: Tagesson, H.T.[Hakan Torbern] Tagesson, H.T.[Håkan Torbern]

Tagesson, T.[Torbern] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Water Controls on Vegetation Growth in the Semi-Arid Sahel Using Field and Earth Observation Data
* Evaluation of the LSA-SAF gross primary production product derived from SEVIRI/MSG data (MGPP)
* Evaluation of the Plant Phenology Index (PPI), NDVI and EVI for Start-of-Season Trend Analysis of the Northern Hemisphere Boreal Zone
* Global-Scale Patterns and Trends in Tropospheric NO2 Concentrations, 2005-2018
* Optimized Estimation of Leaf Mass per Area with a 3D Matrix of Vegetation Indices
* Optimizing Observation Plans for Identifying Faxon Fir (Abies fargesii var. Faxoniana) Using Monthly Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
Includes: Tagesson, T.[Torbern] Tagesson, T.

Tagestad, J.[Jerry] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Image Products Acquired from Mid-Sized Uncrewed Aerial Systems for Land-Atmosphere Studies

Tagestad, J.D.[Jerry D.] Co Author Listing * Rapid Spaceborne Mapping of Wildfire Retardant Drops for Active Wildfire Management

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