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Taal, C.H. Co Author Listing * On Optimal Linear Filtering of Speech for Near-End Listening Enhancement

Taal, J.[Jacco] Co Author Listing * Let's Share a Story: Socially Enhanced Multimedia Storytelling

Taal, J.R. Co Author Listing * Subjective Quality Analysis of Bit Rate Exchange Between Temporal and SNR Scalability in the MPEG4 SVC Extension

Taalebinezhaad, M.A.[M. Ali] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Fixation
* Autonomous Motion Vision
* Direct Recovery of Motion and Shape in the General Case by Fixation
* FIXATION: A Direct Method for Recovery of Motion and Shape in the General Case
* Partial Implementation of the Fixation Method on Real Images: Direct Recovery of Motion and Shape in the General Case
* Robot Motion Vision by Fixation
* Towards Autonomous Motion Vision
* Visual Tracking
Includes: Taalebinezhaad, M.A.[M. Ali] Taalebinezhaad, M.A.
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Taalimi, A. Co Author Listing * Addressing ambiguity in multi-target tracking by hierarchical strategy
* Deep tree-structured face: A unified representation for multi-task facial biometrics
* Distributed object recognition in smart camera networks
* End-to-end binary representation learning via direct binary embedding
* Learning patch-dependent kernel forest for person re-identification
* Multi-view task-driven recognition in visual sensor networks
* Multimodal weighted dictionary learning
* Online multi-modal task-driven dictionary learning and robust joint sparse representation for visual tracking
* Person re-identification using visual attention
* Robust coupling in space of sparse codes for multi-view recognition
* Robust multi-object tracking using confident detections and safe tracklets
Includes: Taalimi, A. Taalimi, A.[Ali]
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Taaltin, R.[Ramazan] Co Author Listing * new dichotomization technique to multilevel thresholding devoted to inspection applications, A
Includes: Taaltin, R.[Ramazan] Taaltín, R.[Ramazan]

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