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Suveer, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * Brightness preserving contrast enhancement in digital pathology
* Convolutional Neural Networks for False Positive Reduction of Automatically Detected Cilia in Low Magnification TEM Images
* Enhancement of Cilia Sub-structures by Multiple Instance Registration and Super-Resolution Reconstruction

Suveg, I.[Ildiko] Co Author Listing * 3D Building Reconstruction by Map Based Generation and Evaluation of Hypotheses
* Knowledge based reconstruction of buildings
* Localization and Generation of Building Models
* Map Based Building Reconstruction from Laser Data and Images
* Mutual information based evaluation of 3D building models
* Reconstruction of 3D building models from aerial images and maps
Includes: Suveg, I.[Ildiko] Suveg, I.

Suveges, T.[Tamas] Co Author Listing * Cam-softmax for discriminative deep feature learning
* Egomap: Hierarchical First-person Semantic Mapping

Suvei, S.D.[Stefan Daniel] Co Author Listing * Stereo and Active-Sensor Data Fusion for Improved Stereo Block Matching
Includes: Suvei, S.D.[Stefan Daniel] Suvei, S.D.[Stefan-Daniel]

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