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Surya Prasath, V.B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Diffusion Scheme for Image Restoration and Selective Smoothing, An
* Blood Vessels Segmentation Method for Retinal Fundus Images Based On Adaptive Principal Curvature and Image Derivative Operators
* On a System of Adaptive Coupled PDEs for Image Restoration

Surya, G. Co Author Listing * Application of Spatial-Domain Convolution/Deconvolution Transform for Determining Distance from Image Defocus
* Depth from Defocus by Changing Camera Aperture: A Spatial Domain Approach
* Depth From Defocus: A Spatial Domain Approach
* Focused Image Recovery from Two Defocused Images Recorded with Different Camera Settings

Surya, R.[Ramakrishna] Co Author Listing * Self-supervised Orientation-guided Deep Network for Segmentation of Carbon Nanotubes in SEM Imagery

Surya, S. Co Author Listing * Pictionary-Style Word Guessing on Hand-Drawn Object Sketches: Dataset, Analysis and Deep Network Models
* ReStGAN: A step towards visually guided shopper experience via text-to-image synthesis
* Switching Convolutional Neural Network for Crowd Counting

Suryadevara, N.K.[Nagender K.] Co Author Listing * Determining Wellness through an Ambient Assisted Living Environment

Suryana, N. Co Author Listing * Hotine Oblique Mercator Map Projection in Proj4js Library
* Prediction Based Workload Performance Evaluation for Disaster Management Spatial Database

Suryanarayan, P.[Poonam] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Hand Pose Recognition Using Depth Data
* OSCAR: On-Site Composition and Aesthetics Feedback Through Exemplars for Photographers
* Towards Category-Based Aesthetic Models of Photographs

Suryanarayan, S.V.[Saran Vaitangarukav] Co Author Listing * SP-CIDS: Secure and Private Collaborative IDS for VANETs

Suryanarayana, A.H.[Amruth Hebbasuru] Co Author Listing * Keystroke Dynamics as Part of Lifelogging

Suryanarayana, G.[Gunnam] Co Author Listing * Single Image Super-Resolution Algorithm Possessing Edge and Contrast Preservation
* Super-Resolution Based on Residual Learning and Optimized Phase Stretch Transform

Suryaningsih, F. Co Author Listing * Documenting Living Monuments in Indonesia: Methodology for Sustainable Utility

Suryanto Co Author Listing * Fast human detection using selective block-based HOG-LBP
* Spatial color histogram based center voting method for subsequent object tracking and segmentation

Suryanto, C.H.[Chendra Hadi] Co Author Listing * Combination of Multiple Distance Measures for Protein Fold Classification
* Hand Shape Recognition Based on Kernel Orthogonal Mutual Subspace Method
* Image Set-Based Hand Shape Recognition Using Camera Selection Driven by Multi-class AdaBoosting
* Protein Fold Classification Using Large Margin Combination of Distance Metrics
* Protein structure similarity based on multi-view images generated from 3D molecular visualization
* Rotation Invariant Co-occurrence among Adjacent LBPs

Suryanto, N.[Naufal] Co Author Listing * DTA: Physical Camouflage Attacks using Differentiable Transformation Network

Suryanto, W.[Wiwit] Co Author Listing * Capability of GPM IMERG Products for Extreme Precipitation Analysis over the Indonesian Maritime Continent
* Evaluation of GPM IMERG Performance Using Gauge Data over Indonesian Maritime Continent at Different Time Scales
* LiDAR and UAV SfM-MVS of Merapi Volcanic Dome and Crater Rim Change from 2012 to 2014

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